painting the streets

Yeah. I'm taking a Writer's Craft course. We write poems and stuff. It's new. It's good. It's fun. I hope you enjoy. This is a little daunting.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Poem and Illustration by Me.
(Illustration - Pen & Ink, Coloured Pencil)


I hope the weather is fabulous wherever you are. I hope you're wearing bright colours. Or something that makes you stand out. Or, you know, something different. I hope you're breathing in the fresh air. I hope you're making things with your bare hands. I hope you're smiling a lot. To strangers. And old folks. Don't forget about either.

Basically, I hope you're happy!!!!!!!!! Can we just be obnoxious and not worry about perfect punctuation and looking cool and send out some virtual luvin' and some "YEAH JUST BE HAPPYYYYY :) :D!!!!!!!!!" for once?!

Or, you know, ahem. Resume nonchalance.

Describe your perfect world. Or maybe even just the last time you smiled?
P.S. I'm home from Washington. 'Twas a blast. Outfit post soon. Replyin' to comments soon.


Eli said...

this reminds me of the Realms of the Unreal!


Melody said...

This post instantly made me smile and I absolutely love the illustration <3 You're heaps talented girlll!

AND I AM GONNA ROCK THOSE TWO COLOUR TIGHTS TO UNI TMR YEYYYY. Hopefully it won't feel too awkward with those bunched up stuff looool.

Lyosha said...

oh I love this post more than anything I went through today! I love both poem and illustration.

I'm smiling to strangers, and constnly smile to any couple I meet. I walking on the streets I barely know and it's making me happy. well, you asked, you just got it! I hope you are happy too.


A said...

Hm, my perfect world? A place of bright colors, like something out of a Dr.Seuss book with yummy food and carnivals every weekend. And of course a closet full of my designs come to life. Your illustration and poem are beautiful, they really made me think about why i like pretty things! Thanks for another great post!

Sasssquatch said...

Thank you for writing such sweet things on myblog, I'm so happy we've found each other

your blog is so sweet and this post is wonderful

my perfect world would be simple

a place where I can play with my sisters
covered in pastel colors
and no people to make me sad

oh and an infinte number of calorie free donuts.

Keepitrockkinn said...

Last time I smiled? I watched Jane Eyre tonight with a few friends and one of the people in the theatre openly mocked one of the characters after they said something insufferable. I diiieddd.

The Cat Hag said...

Your illustration is mad gorgeous, and so is your prose!!! ♥♥

I am so in awe!! :)

I love this:

"I want to paint the streets with color,
It'd make things more carefree.
Inspiring people to sing,
To dance,
And not take the world too seriously."

The Cat Hag

Mrs. April said...

This was an awesome entry! Super inspiring. You're so talented. :)

Reckless Rekha. said...

This is beautiful <3

Stevia said...

last time I smile? when I read your poem ;)
it is adorable
let's live more and complain less!

welcome home!


One of the boys. said...

It would be great if the world would be so colourful, but it isn't!
So sad.


Jen Eat World said...

Whoa!! You are an amazing artist/poet!! I love the second stanza!!

Hello Naka said...

the poem describes u so wonderfully a bright colourful girl wanting to spread the happiness :3 and i love the drawing. WHY SO TALENTED?!?! ahem, ur amazing :p

my perfect world would be everyone was open minded with no hate :D but thats not gonna happen boo:(

duckalicious said...

wow. you are incredibly talented!

I actually can't remember when I last smiled. I'll smile a little now, thanks to you.

Jeannee said...

I LOVE! your style! And now, when I saw your artwork, and read your poem that goes with it - I know of whom you remind me: SARK! Have you seen her books///artwork??? If not, that's your "summer homework"!

Jenniferulws said...

This is beautiful <3

Anonymous said...

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