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My sister's a seemingly hot topic for this blog now isn't she? (*Insert imaginary link to last-last two posts*) Well here she is, yet again, milking on to her 15 minutes of fame, via my blog. (I don't even know if I'm trying to find some sneaky insult, but I'm going to say I'm not, because that phrase lacked anything even remote to "wittiness.")

Spent a few days working on a project for Media. You could essentially do anything so, naturally, I decided to do a fashion spread. Words associated with this shoot would be: Wanderer, Forest Nymph, Alice minus the acid, Enchanted... It was actually so much fun styling and editing these photos - hope y'aaaall enjoy! (Hey know, just because I'm a big stylist and photographer now doesn't mean that I'm losing my Southern roots. Awkward pause. Oh yeah. You're right. I'm not a big stylist or photographer now. Nor am I from the south... Um, anyhow...) Here's a few shots of the few hundred from day one. Literally.

Model - Sibling (Mimi), Photography & Styling - Me (Lexy)
Outfit One: I actually love this outfit a rather lot. I will likely wear it in the future. And I will likely post it. And in my post, I will likely refer back to this post. And I will likely say something like "I'm psychic." So yeah. BEWARE.
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Numero 2:
Was getting dark. Therefore, it was just a "beauty" shot. Huh. I love this headband. Um, enjoy my sister's face?
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Many more to come! I have a few outfit posts and other jazz but we have now entered the era of EXAMINATIONS. (Please picture some dry ice steaming from that word and maybe some red light for effect. And a brewing stew.) But once this era passes by, more to post. Pinky promise.



tell me all the things that I want to hear

'Cause it's true. It's what I like about youuuuu!
DISCLAIMER: This song has nada to do with this post, minus the word "hear," which relates to "music," which relates to "playlist," which relates to "playlist post," which means "nada" was, in fact, inaccurate. Phew!

Weird obsession with this. YES I'M (a little) EMBARRASSED. But it's beautiful, so I don't even care. Spread the love.

Where did this come from?! Sigh, I don't know. But it's also a beaut.

Since this is all beautiful but, you know, I don't want you to live under the impression that I'm obsessed with the angsty-teenaged-let's-all-be-fairytale lovers (but, hey, props to you T-swizzle-lovahz, too!), so here's some rad tunes that have been playing on my ipod mini. Remember those things?! Yeah. They'll be big again, pfft. And then I can say that cool quote I've always wanted to say, "I was uncool before uncool was cool. YEAH."

The Clash - Should I Stay or Should I Go
The Clash - Bankrobber
The Modern Lovers - Roadrunner
Florence + The Machine - Kiss With a Fist
British India - Run the Red Light
Dirty Pretty Things - Bang Bang You're Dead
The Pigeon Detectives - Romantic Type
The Last Shadow Puppets - Only the Truth
Glasvegas - Geraldine
Sixx: AM - Life is Beautiful
The Kills - Sour Cherry
The Replacements - Skyway
Spoon - The Underdog
Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It
The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes
White Lies - To Lose My Life

The notion of music very much parallels fashion. The genres and styles are so broad and each person is, often times, very in favor of one. Similarly to fashion, it's an art form that often gets pushed to the side. And, similarly, it can definitely depict or influence a mood at any given point. My music tastes, as with my style, are continuously evolving.

Now, ain't that cool, frieendzzzz?

Anyways, enough about me, what tunes are YOU listening to? (I know these questions usually fail to get answers, but I'm genuinely curious!) Describe your music. Slash GIVE ME A SONG TO DOWNLOAD. NOW.

Please, of course. :)


we are still ripe young things

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WARNING: Image heavy post. I COULDN'T HELP IT. Took 216 pictures this day and I would've POST THEM ALL IF I COULD HAVE. But my computer gets all freezy and resizing is a pain, not to mention I don't think it would've been appreciated by you all. So we're all winners. Yay. You can just use your imaginations for the rest of the pictures, I suppose..

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Sister and I at the park with our dog. We were forced to go, it wasn't, like, bonding time. But I love these pictures. So thank god for forced bonding?

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"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." - AA Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

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For the record, Winnie, I've always counted dandelions of flowers.
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I love sunsets. I want to see more sunrises.
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I want to see the world. I want to catch my dreams.
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(On me: Blazer - Value Village $7, Dress [worn as top] - Vintage $5, Skirt - Homemade, Shoes - Vintage/ Value Village $7)

Do you ever have those days when you're like, "Why am I so lucky?!" I certainly do. I'm almost ashamed. I feel like I'm breezing through life seamlessly. My life obviously has imperfections. But I think it's best just to ignore those little things. My friends get so worked up on the little things. It drives me crazy. We're so, so, so, so lucky to be where we are and have what we have. I think we forget about it.

It might be the weather. Warm weather makes me cheesy. But god, life is so beautiful. I was to press pause on time and just savor it all. Time scares me.

I want to be forever young.
Do you?

(Epic cheese ball post, yeehaw.)



"Often times, fashion can be viewed as “frivolous” and “materialistic” and “arrogant.” Many hold the belief that fashion invokes too much self-absorption and excess and, at times, yes this belief can be proven true. However, fashion is beyond that. Fashion is an art form; it’s the singular way in which humans can simply express themselves without so much as speaking a single word. From what you choose to put on the morning to how you hold your head up, fashion is an inevitable part of you. No matter what your view is on such a matter, fashion cannot be escaped. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

Fashion is everywhere. Fashion can have a great effect on you, even if you do not know it. And, consequently, it is exciting to see what good fashion can produce."

An excerpt from my opening speech.

I specifically said that because "excerpt" and "opening speech" kind of invokes an image of "oh, hey, I guess you're kind of a big deal," thus increasing my self-esteem, thus making me happy, thus JUST GO WITH IT.

As you possibly recall, I took a bloggin' break. A large reason for that is I was organizing a Green Fashion Show! I don't want to brag, so I'm going to find the least conceited way to say that it went really well. (HAH. How was that?!)

I'd love to post a million pictures but 1) I don't have a million pictures and 2) I feel awkward posting pictures of people involved without their consensus (similar to taking pictures of young children for media class because even though I had their permission, it feels JUST AWKWARD. so kind of like that.)

Um. Yeah. So here's a photo of me.
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(Hairclip - DIY Coffee Filters, Skirt - homemade, Shirt - Design by me, Blazer - Value Village, Tights H&M)

Here's the only non-me photo I feel comfortable posting. Primarily because it's my sister. She's wearing my design, made out of a billion or so coffee filters!
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Love to post more detailed shots, but such will come once I, um, well fix the entire dress. (Coffee Filters + Garbage bag + windy day = BAD IDEA.) Sibling is a bit of a diva model, but I guess she looks fierce. I guess..

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Like I attempted to unconceitedly allude towards, the show DID go very well. Looking at all the photos, I feel really proud and insert more cheesy self-praise for having everything come together. Organizing it was hard work, but very rewarding. It was so exciting to see everyone's reactions to all the garments: there was so much awe and I thought to myself "Fashion really is art and it really does have an affect on people, even if they don't fully understand it."

^COINCIDENCE. Wearing the Green Fashion Show shirt just AS I'M TYPING THIS.
(Yeah, these photos don't really illustrate the event well. But, such is life and the internet and privacy issues.)

And, in the end, I thought "Oh, I really wish I could spend my whole life doing this."


P.S. More projects and outfits and jazz to post.


oh hey day, you decided to pass by quickly. huh.

Hello children and birdies!

(That was weird.)

How art thou? Thou art fantastic. Hope thou arst as welleth. Thou willst stop trying to sound Shakespearian on the basis of just completing the non-real version of King Lear.

Yeah. I'll just stop talking in general. (BUT HEY. DON'T HATE. AT LAST. AN OUTFIT POST. Holllaaaa.)

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Don't know if you noticed (possibly - scratch - PROBABLY not, as my paint/ contrast + brightness adjustment skills = killer) buuuut, OH HEY THERE, I'm kickin' these pictures old school. YES. Yes it is THAT. What's that? you ponder. THAT OLD BEIGE WALL. Magic of Paint skillzz. (Note the double z.) Oh sigh. How far we've come my friends. (It really is the same wall. I really am a wizard with Paint. Really, sillys.)
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oh holllla, shameless-self promotion. Yet to debut this skirt a la blog but it, indeed, is my newest addition to homemade stuff. AND THAT IS FROM A LOOONG TIME AGO. Um, tears for having no time to sew? (Get it? Huh? Tears? Like "cheers"? Yeah. Yeah, I'm good like that.)

Kisses. New Twitter picture? I think yes. Yes when I have time. But, yes, nonetheless. No?
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(Blouses - Value Village, Skirt - DIY**, Shoes - Value Village, Tights - H&M, Headband - NYC Vendor)

And guys. I'm almost literally bouncing up and down because 1) I'm half asleep and I'm trying to stay up but we'll shush about that one and 2) I have LOTS of cool jazz to post.

The bad news with the latter is that it's a triple whammy this week (as in three tests/ exams in a row) but, as I like to say, teachers understand if you fail. Um. I've never actually said that (which, is a really testament to 1) in that I'm a little exhausted). The moral of the story is I WILL TRY MY HARDEST to post. I'm excited. You're excited. We're all excited.


P.S. Don't forget to check out my Guest Post below. I will check out your blogs soon because, yes, I'm aware that I'm two weeks behind s'yea. But, really, refer to the above paragraph.
I need time.

Smiley face.


just because it's snowing in may.

And the cow jumped over the moon...

OH HAI GUYS. Didn't see ya there? (Aren't I a silly goose?) I guess it's maybe because you ALL HAVEN'T SEEN ME IN SO LONG. Wowza! Time has been speeding by and, well, since you last saw me I'm a changed person. No, not really. But I did venture off west, write the SATs, host a Green Fashion Show, and fail an AP exam. Huh. Fun stuff? Yes, actually, because they're all related to the FUTURE and that just makes me ridiculously ECSTATIC.

What better way to welcome me back than by not me? (Okay. That question didn't make sense, but I'm high on long week exhaustion so shhh.) I got an email sometime ago (to be honest, days and weeks are kind of a blur. Maybe because they're WHIZZING by. ha-ha?), but, ANYWAYS, I got a lovely email asking about guest blogging. Let me say that I'm not usually the most easily smitten person (okay, that's a lie), but I really was quite a lot smitten, as blog-related emails kind of make me feel like I'm a big deal, so of course I said yes!

So here it is! A lovely contribution from Pammy Rosen from Luello. Check it out and enjoy the change of post-ery. (Get it? Like, scenary? But posts? Hah? No? No.)

William Rast: Hip, Cultural Clothing

William Rast is turning out to be one of the hottest and hippest fashion lines around the world. Inspired by the edgiest biker fashion and grounded in America's rich denim heritage, the fashion line provides a truly unique viewpoint on fashion. The fashion line, created by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, has expanded from fashion grounded in denim to contemporary fashion including leather, outerwear, and knits.

Based in Los Angeles, California, William Rast contains a fascinating history and reveals a true partnership between Timberlake and Ayala. Take the name, "William Rast," for instance. The name is actually a combination of Justin Timberlake's grandfather's own first name and Trace Ayala's grandfather's last name. Talk about mixing American cultural history with the latest in fashion!

Don't miss out on your chance to see what William Rast is all about this upcoming summer. The label has some truly exciting fashion to offer that will leave you feeling invigorated, confidant, and ready to conquer the world.

My top five picks for this upcoming summer from William Rast include the following:
1. The Sienna Legging in Azure
The Sienna Legging is sure to turn heads this summer. This hot pair of jeans is fitted to perfection for women. The color of these jeans is striking. Not too bright, but just bright enough. These are the sort of skinny jeans that float "under the radar" while becoming the next hot item for summer. Keep an eye out for Sienna Legging William Rast jeans on sale, and you’ll be a hit wearing them out to clubs or bonfires on the beach.

2. Leather Jacket-Butter
This is truly one of my favorite items from William Rast. This jacket is sexy, yet highly sophisticated. Want to wow your interviewer for a future job? Wear this jacket, and then head out to celebrate with friends after. You'll surely get the job with this no-holds jacket for a woman who means business.

3. The Dixie Mini
Summer is meant for denim miniskirts. Why not get your denim mini from the brainchild of hip fashion for this upcoming summer? Rast's dixie mini is pure genius and will make your boyfriend jealous of your attention-grabbing sex appeal.

4. Graphic RAST Crew Tee
For guys, the graphic RAST crew tee is great for going out with the guys for a night on the town. The tee is awesome, and even greater to snag for only $55.00. Going out with your girlfriend for a night on the town? Wear this shirt, and your fashion credo will go up in her book. For women looking to amp up a guy's wardrobe, this shirt will totally do the trick. Edgy and hip, this shirt is sure to be a pleaser this summer.

5. Jake Regular Straight Upland Jeans
Another great pair of jeans for the guys. These dark denim jeans are the essence of cool confidence. You can head over to the streets to play a round of basketball, and then head out to dinner with the girlfriend in these jeans. The jeans are versatile just for you this summer.

Thanks again for contributing! Make sure you check out Luello.

I must admit that "hottest" and "hippest" aren't usually words that I'd associate my personal style to, but that's the beauty of fashion and its ability to be so diversely spread amongst so many people. These clothes definitely have that air of oh la la to them and I'm kind of envisioning the cool biker couple on their rad vespa rocking these outfits. Or maybe, you know, YOU. Hope you enjoy! Thanks again!

P.S. Regular posting SHOULD resume soon. (Not going to make promises due to busy schedules and jazz but, as a lady in a french accent would say, ve vill zeeee.)

Adorbz. Hearts for y'all. Can I get an awwww?