painting the streets

Yeah. I'm taking a Writer's Craft course. We write poems and stuff. It's new. It's good. It's fun. I hope you enjoy. This is a little daunting.
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Poem and Illustration by Me.
(Illustration - Pen & Ink, Coloured Pencil)


I hope the weather is fabulous wherever you are. I hope you're wearing bright colours. Or something that makes you stand out. Or, you know, something different. I hope you're breathing in the fresh air. I hope you're making things with your bare hands. I hope you're smiling a lot. To strangers. And old folks. Don't forget about either.

Basically, I hope you're happy!!!!!!!!! Can we just be obnoxious and not worry about perfect punctuation and looking cool and send out some virtual luvin' and some "YEAH JUST BE HAPPYYYYY :) :D!!!!!!!!!" for once?!

Or, you know, ahem. Resume nonchalance.

Describe your perfect world. Or maybe even just the last time you smiled?
P.S. I'm home from Washington. 'Twas a blast. Outfit post soon. Replyin' to comments soon.


free food samples make everything so much better

I like to reminisce a lot. About childhood, about youthhood, about freshmanhood, about summerhood, about robinhood (lolz, see how I just threw that in thar?!). So, my friends, let us all join hands and reminisce about something that is dear to us both. Something that we both treasure in our hearts. Something by the name of "LEXY'S OLD POSTS." (tee-hee.)

SHBAM! *Cue the gray swirly flashback effect* Enter April 11, 2011. Lexy buys new winter coats. Lexy says (and I quote), "I thought I’d share these jackets because, well, quite frankly, I hope that you DON’T see them in outfits soon."

Well, guess what? Yup, you got it! You're seeing one in an outfit! Why? Because the weather here is silly, of course! I always thought the whole "April showers" thing was a goofy myth, like Santa Clause and vegetables becoming good when you grow up. Nope. It's been cold and gray and rainy for 92.18% of April thus far. Oh, goodie. So in came this jacket. Also, a lot of primary colours. And a sunhat. This was my ode to nice weather. (Which did, by the way, grant us its presence halfway through the day! I'm the weather god! Duh! The end.)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yippee! Wore this outfit whilst shopping at the Kensington Market in Toronto. Basically an accumulation of attractively dressed people and attractive vintage clothing and the likes alongside. It's a win. (My sister took all these stalker shots of me. I mean, no... I had paparazzi following me! It's ridiculous! I try to go to an inconspicuous place! And they still find me! Pfftttt. I just want to be a normal girrrllll! Why me? Whyyyy? Britney shares my soul.)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Found my sister's style in vintage form. She tried it on. She refused. Bummer.
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I love the atmosphere of Vintage shopping. It's so fun discovering new goods. And I feel like there's this sense of togetherness amongst people. Like, "Oh? You like smelly, tattered gems, too?" INSTANT BFFS. It's a rather joyous time. But I must be completely honest: I'm fairly reluctant to buy things unless 1) They're from the $5 rack or 2) I absolutely won't find it at Value Village/ Salvation Army/ Goodwill, and thus I can splurge and venture into the double digits. (GAH I BOUGHT A DRESS FOR $30 THIS WEEKEND!&@#$ SUCH A RARITY OF SPENDING.) Sometimes I think "Vintage" is just a fancy term for tattered clothes. Seriously. Some of that shiz I can find at Value Village for a third of the price. But, you know, overall = I enjoy the process.
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I matched the graffiti. So, naturally, I had my sister - ahem, paparazzi - stalk me there. I feel like I undercelebrated the coolness of this fact... I MATCH THE GRAFFITI THEREFORE I ROCK!!!!! Seriously. I ROCK!!!! I get way too overexcited about things.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Trench - Value Village $10, Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - Thrifted $1, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Value Village $7, Hat - Nepal, AwesomeFurryBagThatLooksLikeMyDog- Gift)

Anyways. I hope you all enjoyed this post and what not. It was a fun day. I like being in big cities. I like being in Vintage markets. I like the atmosphere of being with other people who, you know, kind of just get it. I feel like when I'm in malls or at schools or walking my dog or whatever you can do in suburbia, people are very, "WTF? SHE'S WEARING A FELT HAT IN APRIL?!" Then there are people who are like, "nice hat" or *gasp* don't even take notice! It's actually lovely.

Also, I just watched Arthur's It's Only Rock n' Roll. I really thought you should all know that because, well, it's only the greatest film of all time.

I liked the comments formulating in the post below, so I'm going to be a repeat offender (SAY WHAT?! I AM SO REBEL.) (Yes, "Rebel," just became an adjective. I'M JUST THAT REBEL.)
1) How do people react to your outfits on the streets?
Also, fill in the blank:
2) I feel most confident when ___________________.

P.S. I'm heading off to Washington D.C. tomorrow for my Senior Trip (53 more dayzzz till I graduate!!!!! pft, not that I've been counting for the last three months or anything...). I'm really proud to be graduating and jazz. But I'm more proud that I fit A WEEK'S WORTH OF STUFF INTO ONE TINY CARRY-ON SIZE BAG. Seriously. I'm feelin' so boss right now. I'm da champ. Bro. (The bro was burped out. Like "buhrooooo." This emphasizes my bossness/champness.) Um, basically. I'll see you all in a handful of days. Smooches!

the limit does not exist

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(Ginormous felt hat from Nepal)

I love this hat. It's so big and felt-y and uncomfortable and, thus, awesome. Just awesome. JUST SO AWESOME. Yeah. Wore it to Easter Dinner with the extended famjam. This resulted in very "hilarious" comments:
- "OOOh, you've got your EASTER BONNET on!!!"
- "We're fashionably late... but I can see you're very fashionable!"
My uncle got really attached to a running joke of the evening:
- "Oh, so you're attending the Royal Wedding..."
- "Whenever I see you, all I see is QUEEN."
- "Can I get anything special for the Royalty? No special needs?"

So, kids, throw on your fancy, schmancy hats and toast to the Easter Weekend! Or, if you don't celebrate Easter, then celebrate Sunday! The last day of the weekend! Or just wear your fancy shmancies err'day! Why not? Life's too short to save your hats for only Sunday Best.

How do people react to your outfits on the streets?
P.S. Actual outfit post soon. Very soon. Like, maybe tonight. Like, woooooah dude.


rice krispies and sticky fingers

Things I've done today: bumming around. The gray weather is making me dreary and blah and d00000d, I just want to ride my bike and stare at cute, old couples! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?!

Side note: I've recently been obsessed with making collages. Well, by "recently," I mean today. And by "obsessed," I mean three. Enjoy?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(collages by me)

It's fun to snip out pictures to make new pictures. I'm such a hoarder when it comes to magazines - I basically worship them all and perform rituals and tribal dances before chopping them up. Okay, not actually... but only because I don't chop my own up. All these photos were snipped from National Geographics I stole from my school that were already fallin' apart. Boo yeah. It's a legitimately fun process. Easy, mindless, and it at least makes me feel like I'm being "creative." Yay for manipulating my mind?

But, really. It's so much fun encountering new creative endeavors. It keeps me sane and happy and bubbly and at ease. I'm excited to print of my own pictures and slash and dash and snip and clip 'em up. Werrrrrd.

What do you do to get out your creative bubbles?


the teacher said, that's no fair, give him back his underwear!

So *pretend that we were previously conversing so this interrogative introduction seems natural* when you lovely children get dressed in the morning (or afternoon, whatever your fancy), what do you envision? Do you dress according to mood? According to time? According to character? According to wildlife creatures?

Me? (Oh, look at you, friendly butterfly, reciprocating my inquisitions and jazz...) I'm not sure. I usually find something I want to wear and incorporate it into my outfit. Vrrrm - it acts like an "engine", if you will. You know, like check out this awesome BULL NECKLACE (refer to last outfit post) or et cetera et cetera. I also keep in mind where I'm going and how I want to portray myself. I know that sounds dumb. But it's true. If I'm going to school, I'll refrain from wearing my sparkly blazer (for now...). If I'm going to the mall, I always throw on skinny jeans and Uggs. Kidding. The latter was a (poor) joke. I will never do that. NEVER. (I know it's all about the "never say never." But screw that. NEVER. EVER EVER WAH WAH.)

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Anyhow, that lengthy and aw-you're-pretending-it-was-interesting introduction was to feed you with more uninteresting news - which is, BAM, you guessed it! The origins of my outfit! Cool beans? Not really. But for some reason, I had this whole character stemmed up in my mind. Like, I rarely wear long skirts. So I felt rather sophisticated. Maybe a little too sophisticated. So BAM. In came the weird key chain in the hair. And multiple bows. And cat eye glasses with no frames (yup, I'm a fraud.) And leather gloves. And yeah.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicBasically, at the end of this process, I decidedly created a new character for myself. Perhaps a product of a Tim Burton illustration, if you will. If anyone asked me what my profession was, I would cackle out a, "I'm a teacher... for the garten of kinders (kindergartens)." And from there, I would proceed into a sly smile that would suggest that maybe, just maybe, I'm not quite what I seem. Which is true. For I am not any kindergarten teacher, but I'm one that feeds children delicious rodents and gremlins that shrinks them to minis in my ploy to conquer the world! MWAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!
(Sadly, no one asked my what I did for a living. I think we all missed out.) (Not that I can cackle... Obviously the only thing holding me back from executing this brilliant vision of mine...)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
MUSES (you have permission to fast forward, friends):

It was a fun day (in my head). I like how fashion is about dressing up. I like how it's about creating a persona. Okay, not necessarily a kooky gremlin-infested teacher every time. But I think there's always something. Outfits that have some thought behind it have a subconscious representation of an element of you, an element you want to personify for the day. (Me thinks.) Maybe a more happy, or more rocker, or more creative, or, gosh, more confident version of yourself. I like that daily transformation. It's a secret power to control. Kapow!

And I know that we shouldn't judge people for what they wear. But let's face it. We do. I love people. I believe in people. I believe in inner beauty. Yadda, yadda. But, hey, if I see you for twenty seconds, I'm not looking into your personality and see your angelic interior radiate. I'm looking at your exterior: what you look like, what you're wearing, how you carry yourself. We all do. Bam! You just passed me. I judged you! Bam! There's another! I judged you, too! I sound like such a turd face. But don't lie to me, you do that, too. Maybe in the pits of your mind where all the badness lies... But you judge. Maybe something as innocent as, "Oh, she must take really good care of her health" to something as low as, "I would never talk to that person." You judge. Hey, me too. (shh, we're all well-trained angelcakes, so know one should no this)

I think clothes have a life of their own. It sounds ridiculous. But they have a personality. And, somehow, this personality becomes a part of you - or at least the day you're wearing it. I'm intrigued about how clothes play into your personality and how your personality plays into your clothes. For me, I find that they kind of feed off each other. It's neat.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to get at with these scattered muses or what point I'm trying to make or if I'm just infested with the Monday-blahs. I guess maybe it's that I don't mind being judged for my clothes, because I think they accurately represent who I am. At least for that day.

I guess I was feeling a little kooky and creative this day.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Skirt - Vintage $5, Blazer - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Belt - Pacific Mall, Bow in Hair - Unknown, Keychain - CNE, Glasses with sunglasses lens popped out - F21)

1. What rumbles through your mind when you get ready in the morning?
2. Clothing + Judgment + Personality...? Thoughts? (I don't know how to word this question, so I turned to my good ole' friend, arithmetic! Refer to the long blurb above and share your thoughts if you desire to be lured into my blah bubbles of thinking.)


my stomach is grumbling

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Most recent moleskin page. This is me as a grandma. I'm obviously super fierce. And I'm have tea with frogs. Because, well, duh, I'm the best.
(water colour, pen & ink)

It's not that I'm scared to grow up. But, um, yeah, I kind of am. Not necessarily physically growing up - I'm all for silver streaks and saggy boobs! (Okay, maybe not...) But mentally growing up. There's something so beautiful about being young: feeling that the world is yours, feeling young and free and alive.

I'm scared that I'll grow up and mold into the society around me. I'm scared that I'll settle down for mediocrity. I'm scared that I'll fall into routine because that's "responsible." I'm scared I'm going to stop being a dreamer; I'm scared I'm going to become a realist. I'm scared that I'll stop seeing the beauty in little things.

I'm scared I'm going to be like a lot of adults I know.

Can I just have a squeal fest right here already? I don't wannna groww upppp!

What are your fears?


corn on the cob

Remember what I told you guys? What? You forget? Oh, you’re just kidding with me? OH YOU KIDDERS, YOU. Of course you remembered that I’d post my mediocre shopping outfit. You probably marked it on your calendar and everything. I am uncertain as to why I’m so narcissistic right now. So I should probably stop. Um, anyways. Yeah. Here it is. I say “mediocre” because it’s a winter rip-off of this outfit. But SHH... only my super stalkers were supposed to know that.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I don’t know why, but these leopard tights are suddenly looking very neutral to me. I experienced a moment of, “Should I wear black tights? Or should I wear leopard tights? Well, whatever. They’re basically the same thing.” (I so wish I could get away with this notion at school. Black Tights vs. Leopard tights + grey/ navy uniform = psh same thing/ golden.)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’m seriously obsessed with this necklace. I have to warn you all: I kind of went overboard during the whole “shopping” thing in Nepal. I came home with four bags of stuff. FOUR BAGS! Can someone please react with me?! FOUR BAGS AH WUT GURL. (That's what I'm looking for.) But some of the goods were gifts! (By “some,” I mean one bag. Out of four. Meaning three bags are for me. AH I'M A SELFISH BRAT THAT CAN’T BE TAMED.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But this necklace was seriously love at first site. We were walking around the market. I was my friends. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. Everything stopped. My worlds blurred. Suddenly, I heard my voice yell, “STOOOOP.” Every turned around, mouths slowly dropping. There I was, running in slow motion towards this display, the bull’s face glistening in the sunlight. There. Love, kids. Love. (Why do I always exaggerate my shopping experiences? Are you guys all like “this chick’s obsessed with shopping,” she’s therefore cool? Maybe that's what I'm going for? I need friendships?)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shirt dress - Salvation Army $3, Blazer - Salvation Army $8, Shoes - Salvation Army $7, Leopard Tights - Pacific Mall $5, Necklace - Nepal, Jewelry - Assorted)

I actually chatted today with my old math teacher about my trip to Nepal (she went a few years ago) (aw, bonding moment with ex-math teachers, I’m so social). We were talking about the Everest flight which, to be honest, was a little, “Blah, well, I guess I can say I’ve been to Everest. Boo yeah.” But she said she loved the atmosphere: the quiet excitement/ anticipation from all the passengers. You know what? It's true. That feeling is magic. Magic. When everybody seems to be on the same page, in spite of who they are or where they came from or how they got there. Everyone seems to be feeling the same. Connected by this feeling. There are those moments when it's like, you know what, we really are all the same.

A specific moment I remember is at a Leadership Conference I went to last year. It was fun times. I met lots of cool peoples from around the crib (by "crib," I mean Canada. Aw gangstah swagga, lexdawg.) It was only four days, but I felt like I forged many relationships and it was certainly sad to say "good bye." We had a final dance (you know it's high school when...). There was one specific moment where I suddenly felt so alive. Here I was, in a big circle, jumping up and down with people I'd only known for a few days. We were basically strangers, but it was so amazing. Just jumping up and down in tune to a beat. Connected by music? The past four days? I'm not sure. Just something.

That's another thing that amazes me about fashion and art. I've never been to a fashion show, but I certainly picture many in my head, as I scroll down runways on style.com, mouth agape. I feel like there's a sense of purpose. Everyone is joined together by beauty and passion and love and belief. Isn't that what makes life worth living? Purpose, beauty, passion, love, and belief? I think so. I think that's why art is so beautiful: all these characteristics are apparent - amongst the creators, the viewers...

The world is certainly different and people are certainly vast and all over the place. But I do believe that the core of people are essentially the same. I think that everybody is compatible with everybody: it's simply a matter of trying, rather than judging. Unfortunately, many people stick to the latter. It's easy. We are lazy.

My blog is filled of thought bubbles these days. Sorry, friends. Let's eat some apple pie and chat.

What is your most favourite "atmosphere" in the entire world?


yesterday, i slept with my nails wet. they have funny marks. oh silly days!

So, last week, I received an email. It made my day. My life, perhaps. What was this email? you ask. Oh, I say modestly, sporting a smug smile on my face, Well, it’s nothing really... just TYRA BANKS ASKING ME TO BE A TOP MODEL. We both holler in hysterical screams, for I am the next TyTyBaby.


Except for, you know, this story is possibly a itsy bit stretched. For I did receive the email, but it wasn’t quite Tyra Banks. But still in the same league. Probably even better. What could this mysterious email be? you ask. Well, no big deal or anything, but VALUE VILLAGE HOLLAR AT BEING A DEDICATED FAN AND SUBSCRIBING TO NEWSLETTERS. (Value Village send me free stuff and I will endorse you for ma lyfe!!!!)

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So, there you have it, folks. This is what opportunity looks like. I had a choice to make: Do I just let this slide, pretend it’s not there? Or do I GRASP onto it and take advantage of the opportunity given to me? While I could have gone either way, I decided to be a role model (an “opportunity-grasper,” that is) and go for the latter. Therefore, on Sunday, I made my way to Value Village. Not sure what to expect. But ready. Ready for the challenges I had to face. Pushing all the old ladies out of the way, I declared, “I AM HERE. And I am ready for VICTORY.” And that’s what I got. Victory. Victory in the form of THREE winter jackets. (AH I CANT BELIEVE I BOUGHT THREE WINTER JACKETS)

Jacket 1: “Wut is that a blueberry? No, it’s Lexy in a blue jacket!”
I snagged this in the xL sections. I mean, you can’t tell though. It’s rather snug. HAH! I'm just kidding! It's ginormous. And I adore it. The sleeves are so voluptuous. Perfection.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jacket 2: “Pheobe Buffet? Is that you? No, it’s Lexy in a Pheobe-esque jacket!”
I love this jacket. It’s seriously so heinous - the interiors are filled with this burgundy faux fur and the outside is pleather with details. I love it. It makes me want to hibernate. If I were a bear, I would BE this jacket. Am I saying that this jacket is a bear? I don’t quite know what I’m saying, so perhaps I’ll just shush...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jacket 3: “Aw, Lexy thinks she’s a 5’9 model, shhh don’t say anything to her.”
I’m pretty sure “trench coats” are supposed to be one of those basics that EVERYONE has. Well, guess what? I didn’t have one! Guess what? I got one! Yeah, it’s a little, um, not neutral. And a little long. This is why we’re buddies.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So there you have it, kids. I thought I’d share these jackets because, well, quite frankly, I hope that you DON’T see them in outfits soon. (Although, miraculously, I found myself musing... Hmm, maybe we’ll still get snow? I take that muse back. It’s okay. THESE JACKETS CAN WAIT.) Anyways, I know I went a little crazy, but I have justifications built up in my head drum: 1) I have had the same jacket for three years (and it was $15 - so that’s only $5 each year) 2) It was only $35 for three jackets! So boo yeah. I'm a winner. Everyone's a winner at Value Village! (SERIOUSLY SEND ME FREE STUFF ALREADY)

Talk to you friends later. I’ll soon post my "shopping" outfit. It’s a win. Kidding, it was mediocre. But I’ll still post it. Hah.

Did you enjoy these “purchase posts”? What else would you like to see on the blog? What was your last purchase?
(deep stuff, folks, deep stuff.)


every day, when you're walking down the street...

Mom: Are you sure you don't want to, um, change? Are you sure it's not a little... too much?
Me: NO MUM GO AWAY LET ME WEAR WHAT I WANT. (bursts into a fit of hysteria) (except not) (but the essence of this conversation did occur)

You really can't go wrong with sequins. Or cheetah. Or balloons. Or colours. Or, yeah, whatever. I'm basically a melting pot of amazingness, pfffftttt. Enjoy, kiddos. (Also, I muse about nostalgia and memories and jazz. So I don't know, if you feel like musing with me, then read my rambles. Else wise, I highly recommend that you don't. I am not liable for your boredom.)

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I've recently been feeling very... nostalgic. I'm sure that this is the nature of graduating (OH HI 10 WEEKS BABY), but it freaks me out. Yesterday, my childhood friend and her family came up to see me (we live five hours apart). Initially, I sided with the perspective of, "Oh well, hello, awkward reunion icky poop," but it was actually really fun and brought back a lot of childhood GTs (translation: good times!).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It's weird, though. Thinking back on childhood and all that lovely jazz. When I think of it, the MOST RANDOM, INSIGNIFICANT memories come up. Like (warning: boring/insignificant/random childhood memory coming right up), the time when I brought my purple, plastic film camera to school. My friend brought hers as well. We were taking pictures of teachers/peers. I asked my teacher, Ms. Lynn, for a picture. She didn't believe my camera was real. I told her it was. She stuck her tongue for the picture. After she said, "Oh, it is real!!! I saw the flash!!!!" I still have a picture of Ms. Lynn sticking her tongue out. Yeah. The end of the best story you've probably ever heard. I could probably spew some random interpretation for why this came to mind, but I won't. It really is just a random memory.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I guess that I've just been questioning the nature of memory and, you know, WHAT MOMENTS OF OUR LIFE DO WE REMEMBER? There's so much that happens in a day that it's simply impossible to remember EVERY SINGLE DETAIL - what we said, what we learned, who we conversed with, the order of events, etc. I mean, what made my average joe saturday special? What will I remember from it next week? Probably nothing out of the ordinary. Is this a bad thing? Will Saturday, April 9, 2011 go in my memory book as simply "forgotten"? Yes.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The amount of time that passes - and the speed of it - sincerely freaks me out. It scares me how all these mundane memories - simply because they are a part of routine - pass over me. Even when I'm experiencing amazingness, it's like BAM!, I still forget so many details and moments and memories. I would NOT be able to tell you thorough details about my trip to Nepal, or the time I spent with my cousins when they visited, or my experiences working with the play and et cetera et cetera. They were special times, times I cherished. Yet, still. SO MUCH FORGOTTEN. I guess I'm realizing just how much of life is a bluuuurrrrrrr. (See what I did there? I made blur actually look like a blur. hah.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I don't know. I suppose I'm just intrigued with the idea of memory and what we remember and what we forget. And ARE we supposed to remember our life in its entirety? I've considered writing it all down, but that's a little mundane. I guess, there are all those *special days* that, you know, just stick. But what about the rest? Just forgotten? A blur? Yeah, basically. Maybe life isn't about holding onto these memories, but learning from them. Or maybe it's about finding ways to CREATE these memories that stick.

As I continue to funnel through life (hah, that's sounds so ouber depressing, yowzaaa!), I wonder what memories will percolate to the top. What will I cherish from my good ole' high school days? I'm excited at the prospect of accumulating so many more wondrous memories in my life time - but I'm also scared about all the ones that will inevitably fade. I know it's not something really to fret about. I know it's just life. But... still. I don't know. It's something I've been thinking about as I struggle to pull more memories from when I was a young chum.

Sorry about the "ah, here my life story" nature of this post. I think that this is just one of those whenyoureallythinkaboutit things. And I'm just, yeah, thinkingaboutit...
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(Blazer - Vintage $15, Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Skirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Tights - Unknown, Shoes - Vintage $30, Balloon Bib - DIY, Belt - Pacific Mall $10)

^Diva smooches to go with my ridiculous - ahem, AMAZING - sparkle-infested blazaaah. Bitchezzz.

Your thoughts? On the nature of memory? How blurry life is? How we live and we forget?
(Vague questions... er, room for interpretation.)

P.S. A few days ago, I decided to eat my lunch with this boy in grade 9. I wasn't engrossed in the conversation around me. Sooo, I left. He was eating all alone. So, I figured I'd be friendly and pop by and chat. He's a nice kid. I got, like, 14 dirty stares from kids in other grades. I just think it's interesting. High school...


cheers to my papa, who forgot to pick me up from school!

Disclaimer: Do not be fooled by the sunshine leaving its speckles in these photos. Rest assured that IT IS MERELY A TEASE. Did it snow after these pictures were taken? Pfft... why would you say that? YES IT DID. AM I BITTER? PFFT NOT AT ALL. (But seriously. It has sunshined, snowed, rained, snowed, sunshined, in the past 72 hours. Hello Canada, thank you for fulfilling your stereotype. Like, we all appreciate your indecisiveness. Like, just send us a freaking snow storm while you're at it. OH WAIT YOU ALREADY DID.) But you know, life is good and lalala wonderful words here. :)

And... outfit time. Hollla. I actually LOVE this dress. It's so voluminous and puffy and it makes me want to spin instead of walk and sing and instead of talk and yeah. You know. Spread joy and jumps and stuff. Er, anyways. I usually style it like this , but I was thinking, "Yo, let's change 'er up." And so I did. So , I'm basically full of surprises and great stories and depth, yeah?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nothing significant happened in this outfit: first bike ride of the seasons (!!! highlight of the day. i lead an exciting lifestyle), chilled in a coffee shop for a few hours (by "chill"," I mean pretending to read Hamlet while simultaneously eavesdropping on some chick yapping about her sex life. love you strangers) and yeah. That's it. Oh, goodie - a guy told me I had "awesome style!!!" so cheers bro.

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Felt is my new best friend. It reminds me of playing with felt dollies and make believe and things of that matter, which is sufficiently nostalgic and wonderful and thus I am content wearing it. I've also started making a bib from felt and yeah, this is fun news.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Dress - Thrifted $30, Tights - Unknown, Shoes - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Felt Broaches - Nepal, Ring - F21)

Despite the gray skies (literally. hah. that's not even remotely witty?), I am feeling sunny and joyous. I am feeling very inspired out of late, which is a nice change of pace. I'm not even sure what it is particularly, but I have huge urges to wear voluminous skirts and bright tights and patterned attire and oh hey what's new? Also, to just smile a lot and laugh at unfunny jokes and stuff of that matter? Maybe it's the sign of the sunshine and summer and graduation drawing near...

I think that that is one of the fun things about being inside my head: I am easily inspired. Like, extremely easily. (With the exception of school and/or when I am tired. Which is 90% of my life, so "easily" may be a weeeee bit of a stretch.) I love looking at things and imagining how it could be or how things might be or how things will be. I encounter a lot of "oohhhh, that's so beautiful, I could cry moments" and it's so, so great. I love living and being able to smile about living.

What inspires you, my friend? A person? A place? A parrot? (Alliteration, yo. I'm curious. Do spill.)

P.S. Thank you for all your comments in the past few weeks. I forgot how much I adore you all. Kidding. I show no emotions. Stoic face. (I feel like I should reference Angela from the Office right now. So hi. Reference.) I don't know why these words are being sputtered from my lips. er. Fingers...




Hello (translation) friends! Long time, long time. Here's a fun fact for you all: I decided to screw high school and stay in Nepal!!!! Hahahahahh - I wish. Happy belated April Fool's! (Terrible joke can be justified because it's belated and that's just how it goes) (mad props to all the witty bloggers that April fooled their readers. You're mad witty. Yeah.)

So now that you guys got your much-needed dose of my hilarity (haha, oh Lexy), let's move onto more productive things, like celebrating the fact that I'm home. Oh yeah. Hi, I'm home. (And by “celebrating,” I mean, auuuuuughhhh.)

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I've been home since Monday, actually, but it's kind of been about easing back into the schedule (by "easing," I mean, getting thrown into the school schedule and speed catching up on boring missed work). It's unfortunate. It really is. My trip to Nepal was AMAZING.

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I had such an incredible, incredible time. The atmosphere there is really indescribable. There were so, so, so many magical moments that consumed my days: from trekking in the Himalayas, to seeing shooting stars, to being accused of being Nepali, to living out of a pack, to rocking minimal showers, to speed shopping in the cheap markets, to getting to meet the most adorable/friendly/intelligent children, to AH I MISS IT SO MUCH.
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Nepalis are really incredible and beautiful and HAPPY people. I am so lucky. I got to meet all these children in far away villages (took hours and hours and hours and hours to trek there! AH I AM AN ATHLETE/ ROCKED THE BACK OF THE PACK). They are incredible. Seriously. So open. So happy. They have so little. I am dumbfounded. They made my heart grow and my mouth smile continuously. I really miss them. I really think we could learn a lot from them. You don’t need a lot to be happy. Just be happy. I hope to meet them again.

I could honestly go on for paragraphs and pages and stories on my experience, but I will spare you all. It was an incredible, seeing the world, what could the future be? experience.

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Right now, I am in the "sinking in" process. I have been asked many times if this was a "life-changing" trip (as it is advertised). I think it was. I mean, isn’t everything? Everything you do, in some way, contributes to who you are as a person, or how you see things, or how you evolve – and this was definitely one of those experiences.

It really gave me time to evaluate my life and my values and my hopes and my dreams. I am sufficiently confused. It ignited my wanderlust. It made all my dreams explode a million more times. It made me assess what I want in life. Ah, IT'S A LOT. I am happy/confused/scared/hopeful. It’s a melting pot of emotions. It makes my heart pound in excitement and fear. I honestly have NO idea what might happen in the next year, five years, ten years. Not a clue. It’s wonderful.

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And now, here I am. At home. It’s weird. I’m getting back in the swing of things. But it’s like AUGH I DON’T WANT TO AND I DON’T NEED TO. As I study for insignificant tests or memorize things I don’t care about, I just can’t help but wonder why? As I type on this laptop or tap my fashion-y feet, it’s like why? I easily went three weeks without Facebook and then BAM, I’m on it several times each day. Why? There’s something about this lifestyle that sucks you into all of these realms and paths that are just there for you to latch on. I think there’s a secret in life. I think that we’re all missing it. (I will proudly note that I have yet to charge my phone. It's been four weeks, ho hum, I am so not popular enough to have a phone!)

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It’s interesting adjusting back to the Western society. It scares me, actually, because it’s been so easy and speedy. While the ease of Nepal is consistently drumming at the back of my mind, I can’t help but be sucked in. I’m at a coffee shop right now. I look around. Everyone is engrossed in their own problems or work or conversations. Is this how we live? What are we missing?

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Evidently, a lot of thoughts are brewing in my mind. They’re not supremely deep or profound or anything. Just thoughts, just life.

I’m a dreamer. I want to see the world. I want to live the world. I think the most valuable thing I gained from this trip is confirmation. The world is fucking great.

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As human beings, I find that we complicate things. We make our lives tougher than they need to be. We create problems that don’t exist, we exaggerate things that don’t matter. Maybe it gives us a sense of significance or purpose. Maybe our “problems” make us feel worthy or necessary. But, really, it’s not like that. Our lives don’t need to be complicated. I don’t think that that’s what life is supposed to be. Life is complicated. But, then again, it’s really, really not. Life is about love, happiness, creation, meaning. Maybe it’s just that extra smile you give to that stranger. Maybe if we all just smiled more.

Right now, I’m riding the wave. It’s a journey. I wonder what will happen in the next year...

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Dhanyabaad! Thank you for reading if anyone read all of that. If you didn’t, that’s okay. It’s worth writing out thoughts bubbling in the head. xxx

(I took 2000+ photos. It's impossible to encompass the trip in only these few, but I hope you enjoy them. To be honest, it's hard to capture the essence of the trip without being there. I may post more soon if it suits your fancy or however that lovely saying goes.)

P.S. Despite living in unwashed trekking gear for the last few weeks, I promise that outfit posts will be here shortly. (In Nepal, I couldn’t care less about fashion and outfits and BAM, here I am. Sucked back into it. Not an insult to anything or anyone, by any means. Just an observation. What matters here and what matters there is so different. I don’t know which is right or which is wrong or does that even exist? Is there a happy medium? The world is a big, big place.)