is it bad that i hate showering? (ahem, don't worry, i shower. i just, you know, hate it.))

Hello bluebirds and sunshine teapots! Oh, look at me! I'm being so jolly and dandy! And oh! I wonder why this is! Am I in looooove? NO. Am I prancing outdoors? NO. Gosh, I guess it's merely because it's a BEAUTIFUL DAY TODAY. Yippee! The weather has been utterly glorious and I feeling like being in love and prancing outdoors and calling human beings "bluebirds" and "sunshine teapots" but, you know, I am doing none of that. Instead, I get the fantastical privileged of being indoors, all day, getting my werrrk' on. In the mall. All day. Hooray? Whatever, the weather is pretty and I'll just act all cheery and obnoxious and yeahhh because nobody likes a gloomy cloud to pounce on their sunny parade.

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In other news, adventuring and exploring Toronto is working out nicely. I have discovered that my fan-base lie in are-they-homeless-esque-old-bearded-men. Seriously. In the past month, I have had half-a-dozen conversations with this demographic. It's okay. Despite the initial doubt and subtle inching away, they turn out to be interesting and harmless creatures. (You know, until the end, when they give me their number with the prospect of showing me the "good bars around town" or kiss my hand when I am saying goodbye but, you know, pffft.)
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I've also attended my first POETRY SLAM because I am so ~poetic~ and ~artsy~ and yeah, just wanted to check it out. It ended up being lots of fun; the atmosphere and vibe is very honest and passionate and beautiful and connected and all that good stuff. Therefore, I'm totally sold. While I wish I could become all ~wow, I am a poet and I didn't even know it~, the reality is, you know, ~I'm not a poet and I did even know it~. I really admire all the poets out there. SLAM. (See what I did there? That added ambiance is a play on SLAM Poetry? Damn, maybe I do have a talented way with words! Check itttt!) I've also made this, ahem ~profound~ connection that some people use poetry and words to express themselves while I use clothing to express myself. Look at us! We're all just human beings trying to find ways to be honest and expressive and connected and things.
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Oh, by the way, we interrupt this program briefly to introduce you to the BEST SHOES EVER. They make my feet happy. I've taken to wearing them to all the grand events I'm so often invited to (read: dance parties... with myself... alone... in front of my... mirror. JEALOUS?!).
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In other not-as-grand news, lately, I've been feeling a little uncomfortable and guilty for loving fashion. Sometimes, it feels as though I am living in a perpetual paradox where loving fashion and aspiring to be part of the industry and dreaming fashion dreams converge with hating fashion and recognizing its frivolity and insignificance and questioning how involved I should really be with it. It's hard to articulate because, obviously, I love it. I have aspired to be apart of the creative/ fashion industry since I was a wee little one. It makes me cry, it makes my heart pound, it makes me dream. On the other hand, it makes me want to hurt things. We attach words like "art" to it and strive to search for meaning in it and put it on a high pedestal but... is it really all that?

I guess I find myself very uncomfortable when people ask me what I want to do. I feel like I'm searching for justification for my passion. I feel like there are other things I could lend my heart and time and talent to. Who knows what the future holds? I guess I just want to die knowing I made the world a better place than it was before I left it. I know that creating things makes the world lighter and more beautiful and full of dreams... but I can't help thinking about the kids around the world that would give anything for a basic education and basic health and the basic needs we fucking take for granted. Maybe I should lend my heart and time to that instead. Until they have the opportunity to dream and create and enjoy the lighter side of life to. My heart seems to stretch out a lot... #confusedteenager

Do you ever feel guilty for loving fashion? How do you deal with those feelings? (I know it's not good to assume but, yeah, I am totally assuming you kids are all fashion lovahhhz az diz is a fashion blawggg, ya dig?)
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(Shirt - Value Village $3, Shorts - Vintage/ Iceland, Socks - H&M $2, Shoes - Consignment Shop $12, Lipstick - Revlon 038)

xoxoox, have a beautiful week, darlings.


rainbow fish

Just so you know, my parents are pretty kewl. (Yes, cool with a k. And an e. And a w. DATZ RIGHT HOMESLICE.) I mean, my dad spends all his free time doing math puzzles, watching mandarin movies, and/ or attempting to play basketball with university kids approximately a quarter of his age. My mom, on the other hand, enjoys fascinating subjects like childhood obesity statistics, adult ballet classes, and being incredibly anal about tidiness. IF THAT DOESN'T SAY "KEWL," THAN I DON'T KNOW WHAT DOES.

However, perhaps THE kewlest thing about my parentals lie in their birthdays. I.e. THEIR BIRTHDAYS ARE ONE DAY APART! BAM! I know what you're thinking: ZOMG Wayyy kewl. I know. Please, calm down. STOP JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND FREAKING OUT!!! Don't worry, kid. I understand. Not only does that make them the kewlest parental crew, but it's also, well, beneficiary for me. I mean, what's a better pick-up line/ ice-breaker than, "Heyyyy youuu, so, uh, my parents' birthdays are one day apart. (optional winking involved)"?! Yeah. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! WAY KEWL! Oh, and also the fact that I can give them a combined birthday present doesn't hurt much either. You know. Side note.

Speaking of their present... oh, what do you know? Here it is!

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(watercolour & pencil; by me)

I'm not great at rocking portraits and, consequently, I enjoy blasting to the past instead. But you know. Facing fears and things. My parents are the best. Really, I love my family so much and I would be no where without them. Xoxooxox.

Also, on the note of facing fears and things, I have faced my fear... and things... as in BAM! Video! As you may be aware, I suck at making videos. It's okay. I'm not emotionally unstable or wildly insecure about said predicament. It is merely a fact of life. You know, classified with the likes of E=mc2, Lexy sucks at videos, etc. In conclusion, yeah. Hi. Here's a video of me being awkward and, as I note in the video (multiple times), I have just completed an 8.5 hour shift of work and returned home around midnight. While I could have cacooned myself into my sleeping bag and called it a night (as my heartstrings were telling me), I SUCKED it UP and made a video because I CARE about YOU. I'm basically a saint. You're welcome.

i'm wearing clothes and you get to see it! from quirky explosion on Vimeo.

Yeah. Sorry this post was a mish-mash of randomness. I promise that future outfit posts will involve two-dimensional images that do not talk and make awkward blabbing. Yay. We all breathe a sigh of relief.

Have a beautiful day, sugar plumz!
Describe your fam-jam (family) to me! Your current one. And the future one your brain cells envision.


i just want to watch modern family

Good news: Woke up really early (read: 9:30 am. it's relative, folks.) with the intention to walk around and look at people and attempt to be social and do things.

Bad news: It is now almost 1:00 pm and the only time I've left the room is to pee and eat raisin bran.

This is a problem. The good news that comes out of this bad news is that I'm finally posting! I'm informing you all of my life! You get a dose of my sparkling goodness! In short, yeah. Hiiii guys.

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I wore this outfit sometime in the past history of my life. I remember a customer came up to me and said something along the lines of, "I love your look! So colourful! You should have, like, a photo shoot and take pictures of, like, your outfits. It'd be so cool!" I was all *awkward giggles* "Hahah, yeah, like, maybe lolzlialdkadaldsajd" *iamsoawkward*. When, really, I was mentally thinking: D00D IF ONLY YOU KNEW HOW MANY PICTURES I HAVE OF MYSELF STORED ON MY COMPUTER'S MEMORY LIKE THE GOOD NARCISSIST I AM DOT DOT DOT... Yeah. 'Twas a perfect exemplar of a real life blog plug-in/ self promotion. Like, "Oh? You want to see this as a picture? You like my style? You like pictures? You like ME? (awww!) If so, then check out QUIRKY EXPLOSION." But I thought it would all just get too awkward, so this infomercial-esque plug-in will merely be a blimp of my imagination. An idea that will never be real-ified. A mere dream in Lexyland. How sad. The end.

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But really. I always feel so happy when someone's complimentary and smiley in real life. Albeit my awkward acknowledgement ("Oh, ahhahaha, yeah. Um. I really like colours! Yeah. Rainbows are fun! Hahahah. Yeah! Yeah..."), it makes me happy when people are happy when they see me all obnoxiously bright and damaging to ones' eye sockets. If I can make someone smile, then it makes me happy too. In conclusion, HAPPINESS IS A CIRCLE OF LIFE AND CAN WE ALL JUST SMILE AND MAKE IT GO ROUND AND ROUND AND SPREAD THE JOY AND YEAH.

I also get a lot of, "I could never pull that off" comments. I really don't understand those. I mean... I just put on clothes. There's no magic or formula or rocket science behind it. I just wear things so I'm not, you know, naked. We all do. I don't believe that style has a shape or a size or a gender or a trend... It's not calculated. It's not hard. Just rock clothes that make you happy, regardless of whether you see it in fashion magazines or if you think you "can't pull it off." YOU CAN. My usual response to this comment is an "If you can dream it, you can do it!" We (the complimenter and myself) both share a (fake) laugh at my lameness. Little do they know that I'm actually being serious... In short, just smile and have fun and be confident and spread love and joy and wear whatever you want! Smiley face!

Anyways. That was my *preach.* I'm now going to proceed to leave my room to pee and maybe eat some cheesecake and then perhaps I'll shower/ read/ draw and continue to spend my day as a hermit in this house. Because we all need in-house hermit days that are filled with too much Internet and anti-social hobbies and the likes? Right? RIGHT? Right! (That series of inquisitions were all directed at myself to make me feel better. I'm encouraging and supportive like that.)

xoxoxo. Have a beautiful day, bluebirds.
What kind of styles are you drawn to?

P.S. Just as an irrelevant side note that I feel is completely unnecessary to this post, but I will include anyways... Have you guys ever observe old people answer the phone? Maybe it's just my azn (asian) grandma, but it's hilarious. I know it's a product-seller (what are their names?!) that is calling when I hear the usual "WHAT? HELLO? ... NO! DON'T NEED IT!!!! *phone slam*" Check out those rebellious genes I originate from! You're all so lucky that I'm as polite and charming and lovely and classy as I am...
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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - Value Village $3, Pants - Consignment Shop, Socks - Dollarama $0.50, Shoes - Salvation Army $7, Bangles - H&M, Ring - TheEx $5, Broaches and Hat that I wear way too freaking much - Nepal, Lipstick - Revlon 038)


that ain't no etch and sketch. this is one doodle that can't be un-did, homeskillet

Hello friends. Remember me? Yeah? Hi? My name is Lexy and I run this little thing called a "blog" on this little nook of the world wide web. Now, now. I know it's been awhile, but I have a perfectly adequate excuse: I've been too busy PARTYING IT HARD OVER HERE. Like, you know, really hard. With, like, illegal substances. And nudity. And stuff. I am actually really hungover right now, so if I'm not making sense then, you know, ha! there.

Just kidding. That was a joke. Oh, well, gosh. It looks like I am using humor to mask the reality of my life (like a band-aid, if you will). The reality lies in the simple equation of Lexy + Toronto = No sibling = No pictures = No outfit posts = No posts = Lexy pretends she's off partaying in the clubs with dem cool kids because she's cool like that. Really, it's basic math.

I've become alarmingly aware of how my cuh-razy partaying antics (read: none) is seemingly strange and unique and perhaps even un-normal. Because Hi, I'm Lexy. I'm 17 years old. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs. Apparently this is weird. I've never tried it. Well, just a bit of Crystal Meth and -- no, I'm totally kidding! But I've never been drunk or high or pregant or whatever. Sometimes I wonder whether I should subscribe to these things, or at least give them a try. Because, you know, everyone else is doing it! It's fun! It's normal! It's no big deal! Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out. But then it's like, d000d, I'm just a kid still!11!11 I can have fun other wayz !11!! I just want to make art and follow the law and not grow up too fast!11! But it feels like there's no one here to enjoy life in this simple manner with me!!! Aw, boooo!1!! :(!!! In short, I guess I'll just spend my teenage years s0b3r and al0n3 f0r3v3rz. AM I ALONE IN THIS PLEA? Please tell me I'm not. PLEASEEE.

Ahem, now that I've shared that desperate cry for... sobriety (?), here are some more things I'd like to share. (Ah, smooth transition. Good work, Lexinator.) (I just called myself "Lexinator." This is embarrassing.) I've literally had the idea of doing a "drawing a day" for about the past 365 days of my existence. Alas, both my senior year and summer have passed. HOWEVER, September 2011 is still calling my name! Woot woot! Thus, I am determined to doing a drawing each day for this dainty month. Here is a handful of them goodies.

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(Doodles by me, Pen&Ink)

Yeah. So there's a dose of my recent doodlin'. Yippee! I've been really into drawing conventionally "ugly" things in beautiful situations. I don't know. It's fun, I guess. And for the 0.03% of you (read: my one formspring question) that cares, I WILL be posting more. (so I say.) I went home yesterday and lugged home the clothing items and accessories that I've recently worn for the sole purpose of the presence of my sister and thus the ability to photograph them so I can post them on the blog and entertain/ blind you all DON'T SAY I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU. xoxox. In other words, yeah. Outfit posts will occur soon. AW YAY.

Stay safe, stay in school, have a beautiful day!

Do you party hard-y or are you mellow... like a cello? (#becauseitrhymes #iamsolame #sorrybrah)


this is currently my most favourite thing in the world wide web

Resurrecting the Kessler - Lacey Roop

I've watched this an abnormal amount of times. It is perfection. I could say more but, really, I think the video says it all. Sosososobeautiful.

(Oh yeah. Real post with actual content and pictures and words and excuses and monsters will occur tomorrow. I pinky promise.)