yesterday, i slept with my nails wet. they have funny marks. oh silly days!

So, last week, I received an email. It made my day. My life, perhaps. What was this email? you ask. Oh, I say modestly, sporting a smug smile on my face, Well, it’s nothing really... just TYRA BANKS ASKING ME TO BE A TOP MODEL. We both holler in hysterical screams, for I am the next TyTyBaby.


Except for, you know, this story is possibly a itsy bit stretched. For I did receive the email, but it wasn’t quite Tyra Banks. But still in the same league. Probably even better. What could this mysterious email be? you ask. Well, no big deal or anything, but VALUE VILLAGE HOLLAR AT BEING A DEDICATED FAN AND SUBSCRIBING TO NEWSLETTERS. (Value Village send me free stuff and I will endorse you for ma lyfe!!!!)

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So, there you have it, folks. This is what opportunity looks like. I had a choice to make: Do I just let this slide, pretend it’s not there? Or do I GRASP onto it and take advantage of the opportunity given to me? While I could have gone either way, I decided to be a role model (an “opportunity-grasper,” that is) and go for the latter. Therefore, on Sunday, I made my way to Value Village. Not sure what to expect. But ready. Ready for the challenges I had to face. Pushing all the old ladies out of the way, I declared, “I AM HERE. And I am ready for VICTORY.” And that’s what I got. Victory. Victory in the form of THREE winter jackets. (AH I CANT BELIEVE I BOUGHT THREE WINTER JACKETS)

Jacket 1: “Wut is that a blueberry? No, it’s Lexy in a blue jacket!”
I snagged this in the xL sections. I mean, you can’t tell though. It’s rather snug. HAH! I'm just kidding! It's ginormous. And I adore it. The sleeves are so voluptuous. Perfection.
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Jacket 2: “Pheobe Buffet? Is that you? No, it’s Lexy in a Pheobe-esque jacket!”
I love this jacket. It’s seriously so heinous - the interiors are filled with this burgundy faux fur and the outside is pleather with details. I love it. It makes me want to hibernate. If I were a bear, I would BE this jacket. Am I saying that this jacket is a bear? I don’t quite know what I’m saying, so perhaps I’ll just shush...
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Jacket 3: “Aw, Lexy thinks she’s a 5’9 model, shhh don’t say anything to her.”
I’m pretty sure “trench coats” are supposed to be one of those basics that EVERYONE has. Well, guess what? I didn’t have one! Guess what? I got one! Yeah, it’s a little, um, not neutral. And a little long. This is why we’re buddies.
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So there you have it, kids. I thought I’d share these jackets because, well, quite frankly, I hope that you DON’T see them in outfits soon. (Although, miraculously, I found myself musing... Hmm, maybe we’ll still get snow? I take that muse back. It’s okay. THESE JACKETS CAN WAIT.) Anyways, I know I went a little crazy, but I have justifications built up in my head drum: 1) I have had the same jacket for three years (and it was $15 - so that’s only $5 each year) 2) It was only $35 for three jackets! So boo yeah. I'm a winner. Everyone's a winner at Value Village! (SERIOUSLY SEND ME FREE STUFF ALREADY)

Talk to you friends later. I’ll soon post my "shopping" outfit. It’s a win. Kidding, it was mediocre. But I’ll still post it. Hah.

Did you enjoy these “purchase posts”? What else would you like to see on the blog? What was your last purchase?
(deep stuff, folks, deep stuff.)


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh i could so see you walking through the door that way, what a howl! i can't believe how just about any place you go, you always scope out the most colorful, fun pieces in the bunch! these new coats are no exception, they rock total. the blue one and your leopard tights create harmonious eye batting of appreciation and awe!

i do enjoy this post very much and lovin' your Rapunzel like locks...i want my hair to grow longer so bad! the comment you left me deserves a real high five but *tear* we aren't able to do that so please know i'm sending you a virtual one. ♥

Clare said...

Hahaha i LOVE the title of this post. I am glad to know I am not alone in my nail antics. And I LOOOVE this look so much. You look adorable.

Hanna said...

wow those jackets are so amazing! you are so lucky girl!:)
the blue one is probably my favouriete!
my last purchases were 2 fluo colors nailpolish and a big floppy hat! And I still need to buy myself some cute sandals!

Hello Naka said...

i thought u were emailed by her for a sec XD and i lvoe the cooast the 2nd on e is my favourite! and wow i love phoebe shes so cute and quirky :p

sojourned in style said...

as soon as you said VICTORY i just envisioned you diving in front of an old lady and getting the jacket. good thrift shopping times... you are honestly the bestest shopper, $35 for 3 jackets is incredible. the blue one is a gorgeous hue and size!

Angelica Ng said...

HAHA! Ok, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyra Banks asked you. You got the stuff! Anyway, 50% off Value Village??!! That's like literally a steal. Omg. Love the trench, fantastic purchase. And yes, more more more of these purchase posts!


Happy Wife said...

You're amazing! 50% off Value Village is also amazing! Your outfits are amazing!... okay... You're are most amazing, the outfits you put together come from your amazingness, and Value Village is an amazing shopping experience!

now for the deep stuff conversations should be made up of... ;)
I really like your "purchase posts". they are inspiring.
For me, each outfit I wear has a special feeling to it, and you do a great job describing how your clothes make you feel... I really like that too. It's all a part of painting the picture. {you are such an artist!}
not sure what else you should add to the blog?

And my last purchase, were tank tops from Target.
They have the best tank tops! I buy them in every size, S M L XL! They're stretchy so as the size goes up they get longer... which then work well with different outfits and layering :)

hope you have a fabulous Wednesday
Happy Wife

Britty said...

ok first thing first i'm little jealous ( tyra banks thing first because i'm loser and believe anything haha) you look in these coats. the last one is my favorite it's soo you! (the lexi trench) the blue jacket is so 80 cool!

Hello Naka said...

thanks for the comment. I think u need to do a craft meet! it would be awesome :3 or u could totally hitchike to the Uk and have a craft meet with me!

The Suburb Experiment said...

All the coats are pretty awesome but I want to steal coat #2. LOVE IT.


yiqin; said...

Those coats are AMAZING.

Reckless Rekha. said...

your so adorable! Your jacket collections are amazing! Love the colour blocking going on <3

Eli said...

Glad you were able to find these for such a great price, thrift stores are starting to charge an arm and a leg too now. What would be the point if you could go buy a brand new coat at like H&m for less?!

I really like the Phoebe coat :)

Ali said...

ooh I like the trench. your tights & shoes are pretty amazing too!
my last purchase was some long sleeved t-shirts and a scarf in new zealand because it was so freakin freezing there! now I'm back in sydney and warm but ridiculously poor so no purchases for awhile..

OH OH before I went to NZ I got some awesome vintage Mary Quant sunglasses. they're pretty amazing

Style, She Wrote said...

Gorgeous! Love your red furry one especially. I want! xo style, she wrote

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

your purchases are great, I have'nt been to VV for 6 months now...just tryng to avoid temptation...but i found a nice vintage shop on ebay wc starts at 99cents auction..its crazy! I think you show a lot fo colors and brave fashion, its funn!!!!!You're fun!
my last purchase were shoes (JS Dany and Lucky brand boots)...
and yes I do keep scrapboooks, I got 3 now..try it..its addicting but needs more more time!=(p.s im following!