Oh la la! I see you've stumbled on this little nook in the World Wide Web. Please - do make yourself comfortable. Adjust your eyes to the obnoxious colours, your brain to the incoherent musings... Most of all: WELCOME. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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Well, by "we," I mean "I." I, Lexy, the 17-year-old dreamer from small-town Canada and owner of QUIRKY EXPLOSION. I began this internet endeavor in June of 2009 in hopes of becoming internet famous and maybe securing a show on MTV or even VH1. Kidding! (No, really, I'm totally kidding.) I thought it'd be a good way to regurgitate my allegedly "eccentric" outfits and to document my teen "zomgz conformity suxxx" angst. I was right. This blog has been a spectacular tool for the whole "growing up" thing these past two years.
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Now? Now, I'm all grown up! I'm a nonchalant and sophisticated young woman. I hold my head up high and clack my heels when I walk and drink cocktails and - Ha! Fooled ya! (I'm funny like that. Get used to it.) I'm a totally awkward dork that wears too many colours and prints just because why not? I paint polka dots on my nails and wear bows in my hair. I laugh at my own jokes and fail at social interaction. I like to crack my back and ride my bike. I drink a lot of milk. I dance when I'm getting dressed and get wayyy too excited when I see ugly clothes that I desire to purchase. I'm really attached to all my virtualz frendz. And my blog. It's a problem.

I guess you could say that my head is usually up in the clouds. But that's okay. I like it there.
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