Once upon a time the sun shone and the neglectful princess was happy, so she shared the sunshine and they all lived happily ever after. The end.**

Okay, so I know that story may not be a witty or a cute or an even remotely deserving of any adjective except for maybe "extraordinarily lame," but I'm no writer (point: I should be working on my English creative WRITING assignment but, at last, I have given up because it's just too difficult) so HAH. But, the point of the above "story" was to say 1) Sorry, I've been a blogger fail but 2) Look at the gorgeous sunshine and I HOPE YOU FEEL HAPPY NOW. Happy? Good.

**Disclaimer: the above story is based on the true story of this blog where I am the "princess" and you are the "they." Just substitute the words until it makes sense. And, yes, I made myself the princess. Because I'm the writer with the artistic license and creative freedom and THAT'S WHAT I WANTED. Shbam!

Oh, look guys, I even put on my smoldering princess face for you. Slash I don't do smoldering and the sun was in my eyes. But you know, whatever... *wink wink Insert pick-up line or whatever people use these days to be "smoldering"*
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These new tights are so 70s dripped off the over sized shirts and fell onto the tights and I LOVE it. I'll probably get sick of them because they're slightly obnoxious, but I'll cherish them until that moment comes.
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If you're observant and thought to yourself "oh hey, that necklace looks like it's broken.." then 500 points; YOU ARE RIGHT. It broke. Darnnn. Also, I rarely wear this dress (which is worn as a shirt). It's made from this material that I'm pretttty sure makes my sister's basketball shorts, but that's kind of what's cool about it.
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Now, if I didn't feel the need to ramble between every picture I post as if you guys are idiots and needs explanations for broken necklaces and stuff, I would continue on with my story and say something like and then the princess cuddled with her beloved puppy and thought about her prince charming, while sniffing her long lost paper flowers. (Not based on a true story). But the fluidity of the story just won't work so HEY GUYS HERE'S MY PUPPY AND MY PAPER FLOWERS.
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I told my sister to grab my dog. She did. And some paper flowers. I'm organizing the Green Fashion Show event at my school and I somehow got my sister to VOLUNTEER (I didn't even bribe her!) to make these flowers. Chyeaaah. Slash she hasn't made them in a few weeks so fingers crossed she doesn't ditch this sitch.

And hi there, Daisy. Are you my prince(ss) charming or something?!
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(Blue Dress - H&M, Skirt - DIY, Necklace - Aldo, Tights - H&M, Belt - Thrifted, Shoes - KEDS)

Oh man, I feel like it's been awhile since I've had a real post that I'm high on one of those giddy "ohmygodhowareyou?itsbeenforeverrrrr" highs. (Which, P.S. I rarely EVER get on). So feel special?

And they all lived happily ever after...
(Remember: "they" = YOU. So have a happy week!)

(P.S. I specifically named my post "Paper Flowers" to say that it reminds me "Paper Heart" which reminds me of "Plastic Hearts" which is a great song. SO CHECK IT OUT. Dirty Pretty Things = Amazing.)


today is tomorrow's yesterday (trippayy.)

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Doodles by me.

I think a lot of people have warped perceptions of themselves. There's always that kid that you want to shake up and say "um, I know you think you're cool but, um, you're realllyyyy NOT." Then, of course, there's the opposite, "hey now, you rock, things'll look up for ya, bud" kind of person.

I've always been curious as to what my life might be perceived by by an outside person. What do I look like to them? How do they see me? What are my strengths and weaknesses? But I guess that if you start worrying about outsiders and their perception of who you are, you might start to change yourself to match their thoughts...

I guess this all relates back to growing up and trying to figure who you are and who matters to you most. Fashion helps me get by.

(P.S. I need to start adding a new "rambles" tag!)
(P.P.S. And I promise I WILL have an outfit post STAT. Sigh missing school and double tests and assignments and meetings and distractions and things and procrastination and stuff but I swear. On my PINKY. post to come. yeahhh.)


i used to play a video game called casper the ghost.

I love art and everything about it, but I must admit that I do not follow photography all that strongly. So excuse me if what I'm about to say invokes a thought of "you dont know what you're talking about." No, I don't really, but when I stumbled across these two photographers I got this kind of spooky eerie chill and I just love these photos. There's something about it that's totally intriguing...

Pamela Klaffke

She has pictures of, um, non-children too (I was going to say "real people" but then I realized that sounded bad... KIDS ARE REAL TOO. Yes, I know!) among other rad things (like "minitures" - those tiny plastic animal toys you potentially used to play with). There's this haunting innocence about these pictures. And the film she uses totally reminds me of growing up as a ninties kid and taking blurry photos on my purple film camera. Check out more of her amazing work here

Kate Benauer

I love these. There's that similar haunting mood to it and I find them SO intriguing. Like, "what's going on? What's happening? What's the story?" It's all so seemingly random, but that's what I find so intriguing. All her photographs are at night and, you know what they say (do they say?), night is when it all happens... I love its je-ne-sais-quoi. Check out more of this amazingness.

Just wanted to share!

PS I'm away atm. So spiratic, random posts are, well, for that reason.. Thanks for all the last comments - super interesting to read ! :) Will respond ASAP.


yes i eat marshmallows by itself. pffft to unhealthiness.

Hiiii friends. Good news: the weather is back in business. Why is this good? Well, not only does it benefit me and my fellow Southern Ontario-anzzz because who likes bad weather anyways? But also all of YOU guys. Why? Because nadda ranting on the weather today. (and trust me, I had this huge, why did it start SNOWING after a few days of nice weather and um OH YEAH it's APRIL grrrrr you, Canada rant planned. Because YES that really did happen. SNOW, that is.) But amen, for sun today!

Oh and here's an outfit from last week because I know you don't want to hear me be all Canadian weather ranty, but unless your weather changes more than um ______ (insert something clever that changes. I actually thought about this but NOTHING came up.) than HAH. I win. Um, so where were we now? Ah, yes. Outfit from awhile back. It was one of those dress down days at school, so score for no uniform!

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Dress down days are funny days. Because even though people don't have to wear a uniform, it appears that there's this underlying high school student uniform of leggings/ skinny jeans/ tees/ scarfs/ uggs/ slouchy boots/ simple flats etc, etc, that's been adopted by everyone. But the funny thing is, I don't mind it that much. It used to drive me insane, but it's kind of fun to look all SHBAM in a sea of conformity.

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High school, and I guess life in general, is a funny place. There's so much conformity that it drives me insane. But it's so much easier to follow than to lead, is it not? And by "lead," I mean, go against the grain?

I don't know, I used to be all "blah blah blah I'm up on my high horse, you little high school people, because I know what I want and I have dreams and morals and heart and blah blah" (wow, I was an internally annoying grade niner (because we don't so freshman here (though I think it sounds better in this given sentence))) but I think that if you have time to learn from other people, everyone really IS very different. It's just harder for people to express they're differences. Because sometimes being different = being alone and GOD FORBID IN HIGH SCHOOL.

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Anyways, not to imply that I'm a super weirdo or loner or anything, just some high school thoughts I've noticed. And, ultimately, I'm ecstatic to leave in a year or so...

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(Grey Dress, Fuscia Vest - Hong Kong; Mosaic like shirt - Value Village $5; Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Value Village $10; Hair band - Ophelie Hats)

How did you guys like / how are you guys enjoying high school?

(By the way, I realize I sound like some super antsy, drama queen teen but, um, I guess I can use the excuse of "mwaha but I'm onlyyyy in high school" *insert squeaky voice and whine and annoying text message to friend of omggggfml*)

Don't worry, I love my life, I really do. But sometimes it's just frustrating to want to do things, but you feel restrictions because of school, and like, other things, like, you know, yeahhh...

(I needed to add a happy face because MAN I feel like a whiny teenager and that is simply unfortunate. I'm naaawwwwwwwtttt, guyyyyyss.)


hoppy easter.

(ain't my title so BUNNY?! Ha-ha. Okay, I can't take credit for its dorkaliarity (dorky + hilarity) - props to my math teacher who dismissed us by saying such words. I laughed. Yes, I was the only one that genuinely found it funny. Yes, IT REALLY IS FUNNY. There's this certain level of intellect that, obviously, my lowly classmates failed to grasp. Oh, but the play on "bunny" and "funny"? Yeah, that's entirely me. I CANT HELP THAT I'M SO INTELLECTUALLY CLEVER. shBAM, peers...)

I believe Easter is one of those holidays where you can just wear pastels and no one cares. Kind of like Christmas and dorky holiday sweaters. But only with pastels. Except for no one actually wheres dorky holiday sweaters. Unless they have a super fly group of friends who host dorky holiday sweater parties (wishlist!). Um, so basically I've rounded about so, urm, GO PASTELS and that's all.

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Dogs are the new bunnies. Like, in relation to Easter, I mean..
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And right after this photo, I realized I lost my dog. Oh BAM APRIL FOOLS. My sister was holding her. Ha-ha, scared yaaaa.
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Lilac is my new favourite colour.
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Got this amazingly crafted head band in Singapore. The ridiculous (as in ridiculously LOW) prices did not help my new found obsession - scccratttchhh - INFATUATION with head bands and head pieces and feathers and mini hats and stuff you put in your hair that look like an explosion type of things. Love.
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Kind of passed the pendant stage. But this girl is a cutie patutie...
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SUBWAY SHOT. (oh hi, I'm in Toronto. My real town isn't cool enough to have subways. Or, well, anything cool except for maybe Value Village which doesn't really count unless your over the age of 70. Or just insanely awesome. Or me.) White tights are proving to be a challenge to find but I believe these trump such tights so HAH i don't even like you.
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(Dress - Singapore $20 :|, Pink Skirt, underneath - Pacific Mall $7.50, Blazer - Value Village $7, Tights - Forever 21, Lady Necklace - Pacific Mall, Shoes - NYC, Headband - Singapore)

So, at last, I hope you all have a joyous Easter. Or at least a break. Or at least I hope you have a break. For me, it's been a party of holidays with Spring Break, and then April Fools, and then Easter so Yay! (Slash April Fools didn't even count because no one did anything cool so like WASTE. I miss the days when we were so naive and teachers would be like "popquiz" and we'd be like "what?" and they'd be like "aprilfools" and we'd be like "omg" and they'd be like "yeah. yeahimcoolnow" and we'd be like "yeahyeahhh...").

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I send you all virtual Kinder Surprise eggs (because those are the BEST eggs and I hope they go on post-Easter sale tomorrow at Walmart where I can buy them in bulk because then PERHAPS one of those eggs' surprise will be cool and not, say, a lame four piece puzzle like last year's. stillbitter?notatall.)
How's your holidays? Specifically, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE tell me an April's Fool story - bold, it's getting SERIOUS - that I can perhaps live through to compenstate for the lack of foolish spirit on the first of April at my household and bleh.