I'm one of those people whom wears new articles of clothing immediately after I buy them. Like, I'll buy something one day and - the next day - I'll just have to wear it. In fact, I find that when I'm trying to go to sleep, I seem to be mustering up ways to wear my new clothes. Is that normal?! Anyways, I bought this pink shirt a few days ago and I had to wear it today. Cranberry dress from last post? Yeah, I bought it the day before. What can I say? I'm an eager beaver! While I'm on my little confession, I will also admit that after a successful shopping day, I will lay out all my clothes on my bed/floor and take a picture. I will also (if I found good deals) calculate the total to determine the average cost for each piece.. Anyone have any weird shopping quirks? Or am I just plain weird? Um..

(Denim Shirt - Dress up box, Pink Lace Top - H&M $15, Denim Shorts - Value Village $3, Tights - Mum's, Jewelry - Assortment)

Oh yeah, I got bangs.. Like them? Yes, No? Hmm... well I already got them, so if you say "no", there's not much I can do! So, um, just pretend you like them... Deal?

(Black Belt - Thrifted $1, Pink Bow Belt - H&M $Gift)

Okay, so "denim-on-denim" is supposed to be a major "no-no." But my style rule is that there are no style rules! C'mon people... Be rebellious.. Be courageous.. Don't follow them rules!*

*Obviously, I mean fashion rules... I don't want to be held responsible for any other breakage of rules.. But fashion? Let's not take fashion too seriously, okay now?

Today I did a bit of shopping with my mum and sister in a nearby small-town. It's really quaint and lovely, with a lot of fun vintage/antique shops! I totally lucked out and found myself at this great thrift shop with a "bag sale." What does this mean? I got to stuff clothing in a plastic bag and get it all for... *drum roll* ... $7! Needless to say, I'm kind of really ecstatic to have a bag full of clothing, in which each piece of clothing equals to less than $1!! Yay! I haven't had this many successful deals since I found those $1 belts!

Anyways, weather's finally nice here so I've been outside a lot! *cringe, and I just jinxed it and tomorrow's weather's going to suck* .. Have a good day! :)

P.S. I haven't posted my "Thanks for all the comments" in, like, three whole posts so I will use this opportunity to say "Thanks!" Honestly, I'm so excited to be in the double digits for comments! So thanks so much to everyone whose been leaving nice comments, really! :) Okay, I'm off to check out all your wonderful blogs..


The Breakfast Club is such a great film.

It's not supposed to rain in the summer. Especially not everyday. It goes in this weird pattern where it'll pour for 10 minutes and then stop for 10 minutes. And then repeats itself. Again and again. All day. Like the cycle of life, or something. Gosh, my posts have been pessimistic! I blame the weather.. as you can tell.

Anyways, yesterday's outfit! (NOTE: Pictures taken at 1AM, so please excuse, well, everything.. especially the haiir)

(Sequin Dress - Value Village/ Vintage $12, Electric Blazer - Value Village $7, Belt - Thrifted $1, Pants - UB $30ish?, Jewelry - Assortment)

Today's outfit. I kind of resemble a cowgirl. That was barfed up by Courtney Love..

(Dress - H&M $20, Vest - Peru $17, Slip - Mum's, Tights - Mum's, Belt - Dad's)
Yeah, I know these action shots suck! My professional photographer (*cough* my 13-year-old-sister *cough*) was unable to make my photo shoot, and I was therefore left to my backup photographer (*cough* my technological-handicapped-mum *cough*), so that is why my action shots are not very good.. at all.. You know, the life of the model isn't all that glamorous.. My people are always leaving me stranded!

(Jewelry - Assortment, mostly I can't remember.. Some Le Chateau, H&M, vintage..)

Yet another black-vest-purchase-from-Peru. This one's not as dressy, but still really fun! I love spinning around and watching the fringe at the bottom move around. And the details of it are so cool - it didn't photography well in the pictures above.

Thanks for all your nice comments - I've been feeling a lot better, almost 100%. Yippee!

How's the weather where you live? Hoping it's sunshine and no clouds! :)


All Dressed Up and No Where to Go

Bad weather + Fever + Cold + Cough = A very sick/ unhappy me. I pretty much decided to try the well-known mantra of "If you look [/dress] good, you feel good." You know what? I think it works! Even though my cough has progressed to mimic the throaty heaves of my grandpa on a bad day (sorry grandpa).. Even though I had these disgusting cherry-flavoured-but-really-tasted-like-bad-medicine-cough-candies in my mouth at nearly all times... I think that putting on a nice outfit really does make you feel better. Moral of the story: when you're feeling down, dress up :)

(Sequin dress - vintage/ Value Village $12, Furry vest - Peru $35, Skirt - Value Village $6, Tights - H&M $6, Belt - Dad's, Jewellry - Assortment)

I picked up this lovely vest in Peru - it was my very last purchase there, as I got it at the airport. (Side Note: I'm so excited to show you guys some of my stuff I got there - I have a lot of colourful accessories from the markets that are so much fun!) Anyways, it's made of baby Alpaca (which, very important, are NOT harmed in the process of the making - I am, in fact, anti-fur when the animals are hurt!). This vest is so much fun and feels so soft and luxurious. Although the $35 is more than I usually spend on clothes, I reasoned it was okay as it is 1) not sold anywhere in Canada, 2) a good souvenior (Alpaca wool/ Alpacas are everywhere in Peru!), and 3) 70% off the original price!

This headband also has a luxurious feel. Tres Gossip Girl. Except from Forever 21. But, you know, close. Ish.

(Headband - F21 $6)

This shot is kind of hilarious. I don't even know what I look like, but it's funny. Any suggestions? Maybe a burgurlar trying to feign innocence.. But failing. Miserably.

(Rings: Black Stone - Peru $15, Pink beads - Vintage $gift)

Hope you guys have a good weekend! :) Don't forget to put on some lovely clothes and get all dressed up with no where to go! *Sigh* Story of my life. (Actually, despite the bad weather, I went on an extensive bike ride. Definitely felt out of place, but it was awesome! SO many weird looks!)

Okay, I'm off to grab *yet another* cough candy...


Whoop-de-do, I look like Nancy Drew (Oh yeah, I'm Baaaaacckk!)

Guess whose back? Back again? I am back. Check out my blog... again. (Yeah... I think I'm rhythmic, please pretend?)

Um, okay. More importantly:
1) My trip to Peru was amazing! If you want to find out more about what I did, please check out Peru's Challenge here.
2) Back to business... Here's my outfit of today. This dress always, always, always reminds me of Nancy Drew. I don't know why? (Confession: when I saw that movie, like when I was 13 years old, I was super scared. Kind of embarrassing. Shh... That's only between you and me.)

(Google Images)

(Floral Blazer - Vintage $5, Dress - Vintage $15, Tights - Mum's)

When I put the tights on, I heard a "rrrrriiiiiipppp." And I noticed a rip at the back that eventually made itself extremely noticeable. Score! I'm loving the look of ripped tights.

(Shoes - Vintage $34, Socks - AEO $?)

Yes, my $1 belt! (First of the nine!)

(Belt - Thrifted $1)

(Rings - L to R: Suzy Sheer - $2, Le Chateau - $4, Bitter:Sweet - $18)
(Bracelets - L to R: H&M - $4, Argentina - $Gift)

Hmm, it's good to be back! Still have some things to adjust to (ex. blogging again!), but I'm happy to be home. Thanks for all the nice comments! I will reply very soon! If you have any "trip" questions, feel free to ask.

Okey, ciao! (My Peruvian lingo I picked up. Bet you can't guess what it means? ;))