yearbook bios are sew not a big deal, but it totally feels like it

Sorry for the lack of updates. I know that this is a terribly unoriginal way to start a post, but I have a legitimate excuse: I’ve been too busy being social!* And then recovering from being social!**

*By “being social,” I mean to say that I’ve spent a Friday night NOT, you know, listening to Wiretap online (any other Canadian fans? I love Howard zomg) whilst doing collages and the likes. This is shocking. I am, like, Lindsay Lohan on the PARTAY scale. That’s right. Partayyyyy. ONE WHOLE FRIDAY OF THE ENTIRE 2011 SPENT WITH PEOPLE. The sad thing is, I'm totally not being sarcastic lolz #ihavenolife.
**Recovering isn't code for "hungover" or anything. It's simply stating that a whole week + 5 hours of social activities = phew! Lexy needs an entire weekend of hermit-esque living styles to balance out her extreme social life. lolz #ireallyhavenolife

Wore this outfit sometime last week for my school’s “Civvies” day, i.e. “Dress down day”. (Yes, we’re weirdos.) It was my last EVER “Civvies” day at school, which was kind of, well... whatever. I was going to muster something up about being a cold-hearted bitch, but then I realized that that would make me sound like 1) a cold-hearted bitch and 2) a total and utter freak. Thus, I will leave you with a “whatever.” Because, really, that’s what it was.
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It’s interesting to think about how my confidence regarding my style has increased. In grade 9, I was terribly awkward (nothing’s changed) and always wore eccentric colours (nothing's changed). However, I would go through the day with my head bent down and my feet tiptoeing about and becoming invisible and just kidding, I was never invisible. But still. You get it: scrawny child in bright colours mousing around, exuding awkward "I'mInBrightColoursAndLookDifferentFromYouAllButPleaseDontStareAtMeeeeIWantMyUniformBack."
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Now? Now, I’m pleased to say that I’m totally happy to be wearing my granny clothes at a brand-whoring school, stompin' down the hallways like I PWN it. That’s right. Pwn. It's a blast. I want a disco party.
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To me, that’s all that fashion/style is about. Having fun, wearing what you want, and wearing it like you’re a SUPERSTAR. It always strikes me as utterly ridiculous when people come up to me and they’re all like, “Woah! I could never pull that off.” Kids, YES YOU CAN. All you have to do is feel freaking awesome and BAMM! You will exude that freaking awesomeness. Am I calling myself awesome? Not going to lie, yeah, I’m reaching that level of awesomeness when I consider my own self awesome. Boo yeah for narcissism/ thinking I'm way cooler than I actually am.
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It’s actually fun to stand out in clothes at my school. Personally, I don’t understand why you WOULDN’T want to. Like, 1) you can be totally boring and blend in with the crew or 2) you can have fun and be different and WE ARE ALL SPECIAL SO WHY NOT SHOW IT WAHHH.
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It was fun wearing this outfit. I felt very 60s, like I should be protesting for girl power or something. KABAMPOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING. People have gotten used to be coloruful antics to the point where comments have just gotten really sarcastic/ completely subsided. Or not. But now, I just find them way hilarious, rather than awkward/what will this person think/ why hasn't anyone said anything/ i feel stupid/ that's rude. It's fantastic to reach a point of wearing clothes just for the sake of my own pleasure. Because, really, it's FUN. Anyways. I diverted. Here’s one of my favourite comments from the day: “You look like a cartoon version of yourself. Like Lexy, BUT LARGER THAN NICE.” It was neat. I really wanted to become a Power Puff girl at that very moment.
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(Blazer - Thrifted $1, Dress - Mum's (WTF, so random. She always wears black. She never wears this dress. Officially stealing it, boooom.), Tights - H&M, Shoes - Value Village $7, Bracelet - Gift, Ring - Thailand, Belts - Thrifted $1 each, Earrings - Thrifted $1)

I will only wear my uniform approximately 11 more times in my entire life OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THIS. That sentence was intended to smoothy transition me from talking about clothing to me freaking out about how I'm almost graduated. Yup, that's right. It's so surreal that I could go on for six point two paragraphs about how surreal it is. But, you know, I won't. AHHHHH.

In conclusion,
1) Stay beautiful and unique and funky fresh
2) I'm almost done school and let's freak out together, boo yeahhhh.
(3) this is going in brackets because I talk too much about the weather. But weather, if you're reading this, PLEASEEEE, anything besides 16 days of grey clouds/rain with one extremely hot and humid day intertwined would be appreciated. Just saying. xoxo)

How has your style/ style confidence/ confidence evolved?
(aw yeah, check out that evolution of thought.)

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Have a beyond superb week, my pretties!


i wish i had a mango tree in my backyard

My approach to rainy and down days? Aw, well thanks for asking. It really is a rather basic remedy: WEAR BRIGHT COLOURS. And patterns. And basically pretend it's spring in your head. Seriously. I wish everyone had bright rain jackets and patterned umbrellas. Instead of waiting for the rainbow on rainy days, we could BE the rainbow. AWWWW.

This outfit was composed of lots of patterns and colours and the mentality that it was spring. It reminded me of being a kid and getting excited to whip out my pink and purple rainboots and splash in all the puddles. When did we stop splashing in puddles? And why? I like puddles. (People that know me would fully support the thesis that I never really grew up.)

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Also... Hi, my name is Lexy and I’m socially awkward! People? What’s a “people”? (Kidding. I obviously know what people are. I’m socially awkward, not st00pid. REMEMBER?)

Seriously. You know that person who, when you’re around, you just feel… uncomfortable? It recently dawned upon me... I AM TOTALLY THAT PERSON.
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Socially awkward situations that I just can’t deal with:
1) Big groups. I just can’t do it. I really can’t. There are a few exceptions. But when people are being all jolly and chatty in a giant group, my mouth refuses to speak. I don’t like big groups. I really don’t. I can’t even imagine being at a proper high school party. With dozens of people in a confined space? Um, no thank you.
2) Strangers. I like the idea of spontaneous conversations with strangers. It’s… charming. But, um, I have to be, like, mentally prepared to meet a new person. Like, “Okay, Lexy. You are meeting someone new. You have to savage your dignity and learn to, you know, converse and talk and stuff. YOU HAVE TO TALK AND STUFF BUT WAIT… STOP SPUTTERING OUT GARBAGE WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU AWKWARD BEING?!”

Consequently, the equation shouldn’t be hard to picture:
Lexy + Strangers + Big Group = HiThereMyNameIsAwkwardIMeanLexyHahhahahahIWillNotSpeakNow.
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Anyways, I fully support my hermit lifestyle and I’m okay with just watching people and imagining our interactions rather than, you know, actually interacting with them. That being said, I think it would be beneficiary if I learned to, you know, be less awkward and things.
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At one of my favourite parks, there’s always a group of monkeys. And by monkeys, I mean university-students-doing-these-way-cool-balancing-trick-things-on-trees-and-stuff. Picture this: There are several trees. They have seat-belt-esque straps that they connect them with. They spend hours walking on them. All the time. IT’S SO COOL. Obviously, way out of my league.

I decided to suck it up and you know, be a man and be all cool smoooooth (like I am). So biked in that area. And stared at them for, like, ten minutes. (Literally. Sat there on my bike. Staring. Smoooooth, I tell ya!) One of them invited my to try it – it was a lot of fun. I AM A NINJA. Just kidding. I almost literally disjointed the guy’s fingers I was relentlessly clinging onto with all the strength of my life. He was nice about it.

I think that this could have been one of those, “See, Lexy? You’re not really socially awkward” experiences. But it was more like, “Woah, Lexy, you haven’t voluntarily interacted with strangers in so long that you’ve forgotten how awkward you are! Hahaha, sucker.” You know. Baby steps.
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(Sweater - Value Village $4, Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - Homemade, Scarf - Nepal, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Winners, Ring - Gift, Belts- Thrifted $1 Each)

Anyways. I am fully aware of my social awkwardness. My sister, father and myself enjoy sitting in corners of Christmas parties, continuously stuffing our faces with food. This gives the essence of, “Oh hey. It’s not that we don’t want to socialize, but MMM we’re just supporting the chef over here and bonding (with each other. Even though we live in the same household) and stuff.” (Partygoers probably think that we’re freaks.) I also have this problem that, when I’m in big groups (for example, at lunchtime), I’m like, “Damn. Would it be weird if I just, like, sat in the corner and drew a picture of a unicorn?” (“Yes,” often comes to mind. So I just pretend I’m really engrossed in creeping grade 9s.) (I really AM engrossed. They’re actually quite fascinating to watch. I am so ridiculously glad that I’m not in grade 9. Mediocre times, ehhhh.)

Anyways. I am awkward. I’m okay with it. I’m sure it’s one of those things that I have to just “grow into.” (Haha. Sounds like I’m a 13 year old girl receiving my first training bra. Also mediocre times.) But if you have any suggestions as to how to speed up the process, that would be helpful. (Of being less awkward. Not the training bra thing. Just clarifying.) It’s not like I want a billion friends or desire to be with people all the time because, quite frankly, that’s unhealthy. I enjoy being alone.

It’s just that I encounter so many strangers in a day. And it’s like, what if I’m missing out on something? With our laptops in front of us, our phones in our hands, we have these screens. They shield us from existing and interacting with one another. It feels disconnected. It feels like I’m maybe missing out on awesome people. I think we all are. I think people aren't as bad as a lot of us like to make them out to be. I think we all, if we really tried, really could get along. But that’s just a whole other post.

How would you rank yourself on the social scale? Tips for chatting with/ befriending strangers?
(ex. Compliments? Asking for the time? Spilling coffee over them? Pick up lines? Plucking their boogers? SO MANY OPTIONS. All great. Obviously.)

Edit: Just in case you were wondering, I totally just had the most glorious walk in the rain. (Alone. Yeah. 2 kewl.) I discovered a few things: 1) my rainboots are not waterproof, as puddles + wet feet showcased and 2) once you start looking for earth worms to play with, sticks look surprisingly similar to your new favourite creatures. I just thought these observations could redeem me and showcase my utmost coolness. Werrrd.


disco dance party hardy

Inspiration for this outfit: Oh, hey. It's raining. AGAIN?!?!?! GrrZomgWtffff. Rather than succumbing to wearing blacks and greys that parallel to the dark clouds, I REBELLED. That's right. And I didn't wear just one colour. Or two colours. Or six colours. I wore, like, EVERY colour. Bad ass? Pretty much as BAD AS THEY COME. Beeeyotchezzzz. I will no longer EAT MY VEGETABLES just to emphasize how BAD I AM. That'll show them, mom!
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I had no idea what tights to wear with this dress. Should I go for the hot pink? The purple? The two tone? PSH, WHY NOT THE OBNOXIOUS TIE-DYE ONES TO GO WITH THE ALREADY OBNOXIOUS DRESS? And so, I reached for it. Fingers wobbling in nervous anticipation. My heart was pounding through my chest. My legs shaking as the tights rose up my thighs. My mind blank. The only route it dared to venture to was: Will it work? (in a whisper, of course). My eyes looked up (in a mirror, but that breaks the flow of my eloquent writing). I smiled. It worked. (So my brain likes to pretend... so tell your dizzy eyeballs to SUCK IT UP AND PRETEND TO LIKE IT TOO.) Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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SO. MANY. GREEN. ANIMAL. JOKES. CANNOT. HANDLE. Seriously. I dare you guys to try to make fun of this awesome creature of a bag. I DARE YOU TO SAY SOMETHING. To my FACE. (You can be anonymous; c'est the beauty of the internet and yadda yadda.) Seriously. I've gotten IT ALL. (Or, more accurately, my lover/ bag. Poor guy is a victim of bullying.)
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(Dress - Vintage $5, Blazer - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Shoes - Salvation Army $7, Tights - H&M, Gloves - Gift, Bag - Gift, Hat - Nepal)

And this is where Lexy's daily ramble continues. Enjoy your stay?
Words that aren’t fun for a high school-er to hear: Guest Speaker. For me, these two words are synonymous with the likes of Boring, WasteOfTime, and UghTheyMovedTheEntireScheduleAroundSoWeDontMissBoringClassesAndOnlyOurLunchHour. (I’m normally not this pessimistic. But twenty-thousand mandatory “Guest Speakers” AKA UniversityRepsFromScienceSchoolsThatI’llNeverGoTo later...) I was seriously plotting my great escape: Can I hide in the basement? The art room? With the horses? (I’m not going on a weird tangent - my school really does have horses and farms as its backdrop. We so country, y’all!)

In conclusion, I’m really glad I sucked up my ShortTeenageAttentionSpan and went. Drew Dudley. (That was the speaker. Not some, like, new abbreviation or something.) It was really amazing. It was one of those presentations where I was like, “Lexy, remember everything this dude is saying. REMEMBER IT.” He is literally the most quote-able person. Ever.

One thing that really resonated with me is what he was saying about Lists. How everyone has this mental checklist in our head. And it is this list that holds us back.

It’s so true. I definitely carry a mental list. Things I want to do. Things that, after I do them, “I will be happy.” I think that THAT’S a huge part of our problem. I think those words are so dangerous... “Then I will be happy.” I think our lives are too conditional. We get in these traps where, after we achieve the next thing on our list, “then we will be happy.” (So we tell ourselves.) We’re rarely happy with what we have, right now. We’re always looking for more. Something better. Something that will make us MORE happy. That’s not healthy. I think that true happiness is simple: don’t be okay with what you have - be happy with what you have. Now.

Happiness is all in our head. Happiness comes from how we see the world. How we choose to respond to situations. We blame happiness on others, events... never us. “Gosh, I would have been so happy if that didn’t happen.” I’ve posted this quote before, and I’ll post it again. If you want to be my twin, you can even copy it on a sticky note and post it on your mirror! And we can recite it together, every morning, like a cult of happiness! Or, you know, something.

“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it" - Groucho Marx.

I’ve kind of diverted from the Drew’s words. But I guess that this is my response. It’s been raining cats and dogs here! (Literally.) (Kidding. Not literally.) (Pet peeve: when literally is incorrectly used. IT WILL NEVER BE LITERALLY RAINING CATS AND DOGS FOOL.) Um. Yes. But despite the bullets of raindrops, I’ve been happy. Maybe it’s the fact that the end is almost here. Everything seems more irrelevant than ever. But that’s okay. I’ll do it. That’s another thing Drew was talking about: we measure ‘success’ by the grades we get, the bills in our pockets. It's BS.

I’m a goal-oriented person, for sure. But to be honest, the only thing that I REALLY want in my life is to be happy and to be self-sufficient. As long as I’m working toward something I love, as long as I can pay for a roof over my head... that’s all.

I’m going to try to live my life with as much laughter and positive energy as possible. My newest goal is to smile to strangers(and random kids in hallways) as much as possible. Why not? Everyone loves smiles! I’ve also decided that that’s a great reason to wear colours: colours make me happy, colours make others happy (or they stare at me and giggle “wtf is she wearing?” but HEY, giggles are better than frowns.)

I think we all just have to let life be. And be happy in it.

So cheers to Lexy talking too much! I actually have a billion more thought bubbles in my head, but I will spare you the details.
What do you think the key to happiness is? How do you go about each day?
xx sorry, my comment responding has been lackluster. Pop an email over at lexyht@hotmail.com if you want to chat a bit more.


may flowers

This title - and outfit for the matter - boasts a fun sort of irony to it. You know? The kind of thing that you silently smile at? Thinking to yourself, Oh, well that’s not hilarious or laughing out loud or anything. But it's something. Something deserving of a smirk. Because it’s oh so ironic. Becaaaaause, contrary to the “May flowers” of May, there have, in fact, not been many “May flowers.” Rather, there have been many MAY SHOWERS. Isn’t that hilarious?! No. It sucks.

(Note: I did not photoshop the sun into these photos or anything. They were taken last weekend. When there was sun. DO NOT BE DECEIVED.)

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I go through blazer phases. I’ve been wearing this floral blazer for about a week straight now. (well, on top of my uniform. So not really “wearing”... but that’s besides the point). It just screams SPRING. Which is a good thing, because the weather isn’t! (Screaming Spring, that is.) (Hah? Did you all check out my good-nature stab at weather? We’re so flirtatious.) Thought I’d pair Mr. Floral Blazer with attire other than the blues and greys of my uniform. Diversity, baby.
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Actually, that’s one thing that may interest your brain (probably not): I have an uncanny obsession with blazers. It’s not a matter of wants. Nor is it a matter of needs. It’s simply a matter of I CAN'T BE TAMED. Also, Value Village is having a 50% off sale on Monday. This is both an exciting and nerve-racking prospect for both my money bag and my blazer collectionthatiscompressedinanincreasinglyconfinedspace. (See what I did there? Made all those wordsCONFINED. To EMPHASIZE my point. Sew sneaky.)
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Ooh, what do we have here? New friend? YUP. He shoots arrows at nerdy boys that deserve luuuuuuuv.
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Continuation of the flower motif. I feel like you kids should be sending me flowers, or something. With love notes that will make my cheeks flush pink because, hey, I enjoy feeding my ego.
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OPI, if you ever read this, do you want to send me some of your "cracked" nailpolish? I borrowed it from my friend, and it's seriously beyond rad. I will endorse you forever and wear you forever and maybe even write you a haiku while whispering sweet nothings into your ear drums. It will be beautiful. (Like you! D'oohhhhh!)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Thrifted $1, Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Skirt - Value Village/ Thrifed $5, Socks - Vintage Store $5, Shoes - Urban Outfitters $10, Cupid Friend - Cne PRICELESS, Bangles and Red Bow - Gift)

In other news, I have about a month to decide what I’m DOING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Well, by “rest of my life,” I mean next year. (We pre-graduating highschoolers are so dramatic.) It’s one of those decisions that I’ve got to make on my own terms, so I will be vague and mysterious and what not (because, you know, I obviously am. Imagine me with red lipstick and a puff of smoke exhaling from my mouth. Also, I'm in Sepia/ dim lighting.). They’re both total dreams come true. I will keep you posted.

I'm feeling a little lost. But probably in the best way possible. I really want to ride my bike. Sun, come out?

Describe a tough decision you've had to make?
(In 500 words or less. Include proper sentence structure. Spelling and Grammar will count.) (Sorry. Those words in the previous parentheses are a lie. I was just trying to be, ahem, witty as my question is very essay-like. Thus, I was structuring it as though it was an essay. But it is not. It was simply a strategic move to prove that I am witty. Get it?)

Also, just for funzies... based on ma 'lil blawg,
What do YOU see me doing next year? Or in the next five years?

This will be FUN STUFF.
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and sunday comes afterwards

Irrelevant story time. Ready folks? Of course you are! You're always ready for my irrelevant stories. (In my books, irrelevant is very synonymous with it's-okay-you-can-continue-skipping-ahead-and-I-won't-be-offended. Just saying.) My bed is situated high - like a bunk bed, but without the bottom bunk. Yup, it's trippy. So, being the brilliant genius that I am (duh), I place my alarm clock way in the other side of the room. What does this mean? Well, thank you for showing interest in my irrelevant story. It means that when I hear beep beep beep (i.e. my alarm clock), I am forced to jump of my bed - risking serious injuries or possible mutations to the body- and sprint at cheetah-esque speeds to stop this irritable noise, whilst waking up. Fool proof genius plan?

WRONG. Don't worry. I was like you. Thinking to myself, "Wow, Lexy. You're so brilliant. All these kids constantly pressing that darn "snooze" button. Sleeping in. But YOU don't conform to that. It's like BAM. Beep beep beep. You're up." But, you know. Life doesn't go as planned. And, consequently, I end up popping back up into my bed, constantly repeating the whole plausible injury thing. Or, you know, just sleeping on the floor curled into the freezing cement floor with my rat. (*I don't actually have a cement floor. Or a rat.)

Um. This is literally the worst story ever. So if you read all that, just say "rats rock" or something in your comment. Because, you know, if rats rock then YOU ROCK TOO. Anyways, the moral of the story is... I set my alarm for 9:00 AM-ish on Sunday. But I woke up BEFORE then. I.e. Not by alarm, but by SUNSHINE. This is a sign for a great day.

Therefore, if you don't risk plausible injuries or sleeping with rats whilst waking up (i.e. you wake up before the alarm), then it will be a GREAT day.

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I wore an easy outfit today. Aw, look at me all grown' up. Snipping scissors and hoisted dresses and pinned hems used to be my long skirts' best friend. But not any more. I love them for who they are! Long! Babezzz.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I went on a rather lengthy bike ride whilst in the skirt. It kept grazing my ankle. Consequently, this lead to multiple - yes, multiple - "ZOMG MY SKIRT IS FALLING DOWN AH AH AH." Literally, would screech my bike. Spazz in the biggest way possible, like I was swatting imaginary swarms of bees attacking my ankles. And then realizing that, hey, that's what a long skirt does! Um, obviously I remained, you know, chill and nonchalant during the duration of these, ahem, momentary spazzims.
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Below is the most AMAZING BELT EVER. I bought in Nepal. You guys know how I'm really cheap? Yup. Of course you do. Well, for some reason, my cheapness amplified whilst in Nepal. The guy gave the price for this belt - it translated to be something like $15. I said no. The guy started following me. It's so annoying when they do it, but I'm secretly super grateful! Thank you, my new friend! Your persistence was both annoying and successful, leaving us both with smiles on our faces. Win.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sister: "Um, why do you have a ribbon on your foot?" I really couldn't answer that. Maybe because I'm a gift to the world? (lolz, I kidz.)
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Anyways, I certainly treated this Sunday - er, entire weekend - like the summer time. Waking up to sunshine. Going on long bike rides. Drawing and painting. Not doing any work. Epitome of a solid LAZY DAY. (The only unfortunate side effect to this lifestyle is, um, when you have work! Gah.)
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(Skirt - Vintage $5, Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $5, Belt - Nepal, Shoes - Aldo, Jewelry - Assorted, Hat F21)

So, I don't know about you guys... but SUMMER PLEASE COME SOONER. I have zero motivation. I can't seem to work in class. I can't seem to work outside of class. Whenever I'm in class, I say, "Oh, I'll do my work outside of class." Whenever I'm outside of class, I say, "Oh, I'll do my work in class." Booger. Everything I'm doing right now JUST SEEMS SO IRRELEVANT. I'm literally accidentally rolling my eyes to everything. It's a mad workout.

LEXY PULL THROUGH. STOP BLOGGING AND OPEN YOUR BOOKS. MAKE YOURSELF SEE THE IMPORTANCE IN LOGARITHMS BECAUSE IT IS IM.. IM... IMPORT- ah. I can't do this. I am taking a shower and eating some sympathy chocolate and then studying for my stupid APExamThatIShouldHaveNeverSignedUpForButICantGetADamnRefundPoo.

How do you spend your "lazy days"?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^ Daisy is looking dirty. Did you see her in the picture above this one? It's like a WHERE IS WALDO. Yup. Way cool.


hahpee mutherz dai

Hello friends and pals and mothers! Mothers? Oh, wait! LOL. Silly me. You're not my mother! I only have ONE mother! So, um, awkward enough introduction to simply say: Happy mother's day! I know that it's not technically mother's day right at this very moment in this very place... but it is in some parts of the world, so hollllla for some international reader cred. AMIRIGHT?!

Spent some time this afternoon making some little goodies for my mom. I always feel bad because I tend to combine my parents' gifts: Christmas, birthdays (they're born a day apart) and, er, mother/father's day. But not this year! Aw, I'm a golden child.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anywhoo. I hope you're doing special things for your mumsies and/or famjam. New outfit post. SOON.
What's the nicest thing you've ever done for your mom?

P.S. I don't know when I got so passé and blassé and oh so pft. But I've gotten - ahem, as the big shots say - some "press." You know. Whatever. You know me. I'm just so passé and blassé and oh so pft. GAH SCREW IT. Insert ginormous scream here! I'm like so totally famous!!!!! Check me out over at: 1) Soft Spoken - Rachael is so sweet and her blog is way like a wonderful fairyland and 2) The Fashion Turd - Holly is a serious EXPLOSION of delicious awesomeness that you'll adore instantenously. Thank you so much, ladies! Definitely check out their blogs, buds. Tataaa.


giggle. giggle. giggle. say it. more. giggle. weird word. giggle.

Hello friends! I have exciting news. It comes in the form of OH MY LORD I AM WEARING BARE LEGS WHAT IS THIS HUH?! Oh, yeah. Hi, bare legs. Long time, no see. Care to stay? Hi, sunshine. Care to stay? My mood is a direct correlation to the weather, as my bitter-winter and happy-summer posts can testify. (That being said... a joy of tights? Hairy legs, of course! Welcome back, razor. I will use you more.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I liked wearing this outfit. Someone commented, “Oh, you look very spring!” I enjoy Spring, so I said “Thank you.” Don’t you love ambiguous comments? Where you’re all, “Oh, hey, you’re complimenting me? OR ARE YOU?” Dun dun dun. People have a way with words and wording things to mean things differently from what they're really thinking without being obvious. I just call it "fake."
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Um, so did something maybe catch your eye? Did you maybe scroll back again? Did you need to DOUBLE CHECK? (Or did you just quickly skim over, not reading my words? Pftttt. Sucker.) YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. It's a SKORT. Serious luvin' goes to this one. It's particularly amazing because it's SO deceiving. From the front? 100% skirt. From the back? 100% shorts. PUT IT ALL TOGETHER? SKORT. I'm in awe of this marvelous creature. (Side note: it reminds me of my dog. Her name is Daisy. She is white. Her birthday is tomorrow. Wish her a happy birthday? Go for it. Let me warn you: She's a dog. She won't get it.)
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I'm not usually very "matchy-matchy" with my clothing. You know? My thought process isn't very "Oh, so I had a tint of blue here, so I need it to match the glint in my teeth, and the button on my shoe and yadda yadda blahh." HOWEVER, I was really feelin' all those principles of design. Like, REPETITION? In colours? Check. In motives? Check. Pft, I'm like art y'allll! (Kidding.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Also... This bag is amazing. Seriously. It's so swooshy, swooshy. I think I'll have to make a video of it. It will be me spinning around with it for 10.3 minutes. With a yellow backdrop. We'll call it "conceptual." Utter love. Also, it's the perfect hot dog shape. Seriously. It make me want to go to an Amusement Park and smuggle my own foot-long hot dog that isn't over-priced because it'd be a very I HAVE A HOT DOG-ESQUE PURSE AND I CAN SMUGGLE ALL THE NOT-AS-OVERLY-PRICED-HOT-DOGS THAT I PLEASE. Kind of thing. Yup. Power, folks. Power.
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(Blazer - Thrifted/ Value Village $7, Top - Salvation Army $3, Shorts - Vintage $5, Hat - Nepal, Gloves - Skirt $7, Shoes - Vintage $15, Hot Dog-esque Swooshy Bag - Thrifted $50 brought down to $10ish. BOO YEAH.)

Other thoughts that don't have to do with the clothes that I'm wearing, but still equally unexciting and sleep-inducing are about to be articulated. I talk about high school. This is a warning. Enjoy?

It’s currently the “What are you wearing/ Who are you taking to Prom?” time of year. My answer is “I don’t know” to both of them. I’m jokingly trying to set myself up with the most adorable foreign exchange student. But I think he’s a little scared of me. Pft, it's not like I'm crazy or overly enthusiastic or anything PFT... Anyways, it’s more fun setting other people up. I have come up with a billion different Prom Proposals. It makes me want to be a boy. A player boy. A player boy that asks out a billion different girls to prom in a billion different proposals. It would be fun. I've also decided that my future husband better have one hell of a proposal. Preferably involving terrible puns and hot air balloons. Recipe for an instant marriage? I'd say so.

It’s funny talking about Prom. I remember being in grade 9 and stalking all the Prom pictures on Facebook. It was a very, “omg they r like soooo kewl” moment. Now? Eh, not so much the same feeling. Prom feels so high school. And, to be honest, I kind of like it. I go to a teensy tiny school - there’s about 40 people in my graduating grade - and I feel like I’m missing out on quintessential high school moments. Seriously. I categorize “football rallies” and “cheerleaders” with the likes of Santa Clause and witches. This happens in real life? Um. Sure. If you want to believe that...

In fact, there are a lot of things about high school that makes me think, “Hm? Am I missing out?” I’ve never had that “high school sweetheart.” I’ve never been to those “crazy dope partayyyyz.” Gosh, I've never even had some intensive "frenemy i h8 u beeyawtch" moments. And you know what? I think I'm okay with that. I'm not particularly fond of online cruelty or short-lived flings, anyhow. But I suppose there's that sense of, What will I think in 5 years? 10 years? Have I experienced all that I need to? Will I regret not subscribing to any of these things?

I'm not sure. Thinking about the future is freaking me out. Majorly. The next year is scary to think about. Today, we had to fill out all these grad forms preaching why we're the best and all of that good stuff. One of the filler-inners was along the lines of "Career aspiration? Where will you be next year?" Um, GAH I DON'T KNOW. At this point, my yearbook bio will be along the lines of, "Oh, Lexy has done this and this and this and this. And next year she will be doing, um, it's a surprise... Let's just stick with "she's a hobo."" FUN STUFF.

As much as I think I may have missed out on some quintessential high school stuff... Coupled with the fact that I have NO idea what I'm doing next year... I feel ready. I feel really ready. I say this with a heavy sigh. But not one of the "blechhhh" sighs. But that sigh of satisfaction, excitement, anticipation. What will happen in the next year? Who will I meet? What will I learn? See? Experience? Become? OH MY LAWRD I DON'T KNOW.

But, hey. I'm ready. I feel like I have experienced all that I've needed to in High School. I've done many extra-curriculars, and I've bonded with people I've come to love, and I've accomplished academically, and I've gone through weird stints (um, hello 2 weeks in wrestling and broken collar bone. I forgot about yaaa)... and I'm DONE. I love my school. I love my class. I love my teachers. Buuut... I'm ready to let go. I really don't know who the hell I am or what I really want or need or what the purpose of life is and if the chicken came before the egg and jazz. I'm not going to sit on any high horse. I'm just another confused teenage chick.

But I think I've become all that I can and I've learned all that I can and I've experienced all that I can in this location, with these people, in this place called "high school." I've outgrown my surroundings. I'm ready. I have no idea what da hellll imma be doin'. But, I'm excited for it. I'm commmmiiiin'. (I have this desire to suddenly break into a "You better not shout, you better not cry.... Santa Clause is coming to towwwwwn!") (But I am not Santa Clause and this is irrelevant. Thus, I made the intentional decision to place these words in brackets. Yup.) (Also, if you read all that, YOU ROCK/ PLEASE GET A LIFE. Kidding. We can bathe in our rockstar internet lonerdome together, m'love.)

I have 46 more days of high school!

P.S. The news/ internetsphere has been flooding with information that I feel like bullet pointing. So IT'S MY BLOG AND I WILL.
- The Royal Wedding. IT HAPPENED EEEEK. Finally. I am so sick of hearing about this. Could we let the happy couple just get freaking married without spending hours dissecting the colour of the Queen's hat or *ooh, gasp!* will Kate wear her hair down? Seriously. So glad that's over.
- BIN LADEN IS DEAD. There's a lot of political stigma surrounding this. I don't feel informed enough to comment right now. Maybe because I'm Canadian, but all that "USA USA! PARTY IT'S SAFE NOW!" stuff? Yeah. That.
- In tabloids... why are these poor Teen Moms plastered all over the covers? Let the children raise their children in peace and quiet.
- Election night in Canada! A lot of my classmates voted today. AW LOOK AT US ALL GROWN UP. If you're a young and eligible Canadian adult, 1) you're awesome 2) I hope you voted.