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I OPENED UP AN ETSY STORE!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!! How obnoxious, ahem, ENTHUSIASTIC was that?! Don’t you see that I’m bursting with EXCITEMENT? And now, AREN’T YOU EXCITED TOO?! Yes, yes, YES! To all those questions! Give me an E! a T! a S! a Y! What does that spell?! [LEXY HAS] ETSY!!!! WOOOHOOOO!

I’m sorry if reading that hurt your eyeballs. Here is my marketing theory. You are now super excited and will immediately proceed to check out my new ETSY STORE. Please confirm this theory? Thanks. You’re a doll face. ☺

It was a lot of fun making these goodies and even more fun to photograph them. Enjoy!


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...

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Inspired by the whims of imagination and the beauty of life, why not sprout some flowers in your hair? Channel your inner little girl – the little girl that loves to dress up, to look pretty, and to imagine. Imagine you are a dancing flower, a dainty fairy… or maybe just yourself, with an extra, pretty accessory.

These headbands are 100% unique – just like you! (awww.) Created from fingers of love and care, it can be ensured that no one in the entire universe has a headband like this one. Elements are hand-sewn with careful attention to design, execution, and love (of course).

This is a versatile accessory that can be worn with anything – from jeans to princess dresses! From grocery shopping to tea parties (oh, don’t we wish…)! Be weary: side effects include sparkling individuality and glowing smiles.

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(I’m really tempted to add some marketing jargon. Limited time only! Act fast while offer still applies!)

Do you like pretty headbands? Do you like to save money? If so, then this offer is perfect for you! Get 10% off your first purchase just by blogging about QUIRKY EXPLOSION’S new etsy store!

1. Must include at least three pictures from this post.
2. Must include a link to my etsy and a link to my blog.
3. Email me (lexyht[at]hotmail[dot]com) a link of your post so I can take note of your kindness!
4. Get 10% off your first purchase from this line of headbands! (not including shipping)

I would really appreciate it if you could spread the word! Tweet! Text! Facebook! Tumblr! Formspring! Blog! Xanga! Myspace! Livejournal! Netflix! (Ah, don’t you love modern technology?) Thanks so much for all your support.
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I’m really excited and nervous about this new endeavor. I have my fingers and my toes and my intestines all crossed for good luck. I would be intensely grateful if you could check out my shop. And even better, please make a purchase! If all goes well, then I will have oodles of new things up. xxx smooches!

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(I’m not fishing for compliments. If you have any ideas of how I can improve my store, what I should add, etc. please gobble it out!)

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for...
Visit my shop!


sponsor quirky explosion

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Hello friends, followers, and future sponsors! (Hah, see what I did there?)

I'm a classy girl. So classy, in fact, that I'm going try my best to be super discrete when I ask you for your money. (Hah, see what I did there?) I put hours and hours into this blog each week. It's becoming a little job of mine. But a cool job. Because it's fun! The only thing is, oh gosh, darn, I'm not making any money. Consequently, I've decided to start looking for sponsors.

If you are interested in sponsoring QUIRKY EXPLOSION please send an email over to lexyht[at]hotmail[dot]com or click here for more details!

Have a stupendous day, folks!
- Lexy

P.S. I'm legitimately stoked for my next post. AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO. Dun, dun, dunnn...


Vee Vee

Today I went to Value Village. And spent freaking $120!!! Ahhh, can you believe it? Dropping that much money? During one little shopping stint? On granny attire? Ahhh! Money woes! Woe is me! OH WAIT. I just remembered! Oh, silly me! I didn't spend $120. My clothes were valued at $120. BUT, I only spent $60! Yup, that's right - Value Village has decided that I should be their model citizen and they're giving me free clothes!!!! Hah. How I wish... But still. Pretty much the next best thing AKA it was the Value Village 50% everything sale!!! AKA one-of-the-best-day-in-the-entire-duration-of-summertime-thus-far (the only other day that rivals today's awesomeness would be a Canada's Wonderland trip with the friends).

I'm so completely giddy that I've TWEETED and FACEBOOKED about how giddy I am! Yup. The whole world wide web just needed to know that my mannerisms have dropped any level of sophistication and have been replaced with the likes of a five year old child. Holla! I am now going to proceed to brag about the joys of consumerism.

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My personal process for thrifting involves:
1. Grabbing anything that catches my eyes. ANYTHING. As my personal chauffeur sibling demonstrates in the picture below, I am a fan of quantity. Hey, you never know what looks good until you try it on! I tend to gravitate towards anything with bright colours or funky prints (surprise!). I usually start with the blazer section. I don't know why, exactly, but it's my absolute favourite section and I wish it were named after me (or vice versa. as in, hi, my name is blazer. okay. maybe not...)
2. Trying things on. I try things on in bundles. I.e. skirts, then dresses, then shorts, etc. I keep piles of "nos" and "maybes". It's also a complete bonus if 1) I snag the giant dressing room for wheelchairs (i.e. eager shoppers like me who lug their whole ridiculous cart into room nevermind the crying babies and hunched elderly) or 2) I manage to convince my sister that shopping at smelly Value Village will be fun for her and she becomes extremely bored of clothing she abhors and she sorts my things out for me because it's more appealing than watching old men try on fedoras.
3. Elimination. Apparently I'm not very decisive. Somehow my maybe pile is continuously monstrous in comparison to the measly no pile. This is a problem. It helps to set up a budget (mine was $50). I always start with definite "yeses" and work from there. I know that I really love something if 1) I pretend that I already own it when I'm trying it on and imagine the many ways that I can rock it or 2) I start jumping up and down like a child and forget about a little thing some people call "dignity."
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Success? I'd say so! After a few hours of extreme grabbing, speedy trying things on and life-shattering decision making, I left the store skipping along, bellowing to all passerbyers, "VICTORY IS MINE MWAHAHA." Except for not really. But just for the record, yes, VICTORY IS MINE. Evil lolz.
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I know the suspense of "Eeeek, what's in the TWO GIANT BAGS?!?!" is tearing your heart into a billion pieces. I could let the blood ooze and hurt your intestines. But I am a nice person. Therefore, hey! Wanna see what I got? (I did this solely for the purpose of the blog. Psh. I never try things on a billion times and prance around the house in my new clothes immediately after I buy them. Psssh.)

1. The bottoms. Debating whether I want to hem up those wacky floral pants into shorts. Ho hum. (That's another thing I keep in mind when thrifting: how can this be altered? A bit of snipping and hemming can go a looooong way. All those os emphasize the loooooongness.)
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2. Tops. I decided I wanted to pick out a few tops for the summer. Five tops later... Oopsies! You should have seen my original pile of "maybe" tops. Actually. Maybe you shouldn't have. It was rather frightening. It could have exploded in your face.
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3. Blazers! AH I KNOW. I feel like I should back this picture up with a "forgive me father for I have sinned." For the record, YES, I am aware that it is the middle of the summer and my face basically melts off when I go outside. For the record, YES, I am aware that I have 20+ blazers already and my wardrobe legitimately cannot deal with more. But you. Yes, YOU. Are you aware of this? Blazers. 50% off. $3.50 each. (I CANT BE TAMED.) Please keep your fingers crossed for semi-chilly weather. There's a good chance that my over-eager self won't be able to resist not wearing these and, consequently, the probability of me toasting into a piece of coal is highly likely.
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Pheeeew! My dad asked me what I did this afternoon. My reply went along the lines of, "YAY VALUE -- ahem, doctors." He figured it out. "Why can't you be like your father? You don't need much! You don't get much! Ahh!" sighed my exasperated father. I pretended I needed to go pee.

Also, in case you were all, "So, Lexy... What were you WEARING?" do know that I've got you covered! As in, here are some photos. Cool beans. Shopping in separates is usually a good call, otherwise you might run into the unfortunate, "Hey sibling, look at this top I've tried on but, um, I was in a dress, so, like, um, I'm in my underwear and this top right now and uh..." It could get awkward.
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My mom kindly complimented me with a: "You look nice! I like your combination today. Sometimes it can be very, um... different." I'm not sure what to think of this, but I'll pretend that I don't know that it's mom-code for "you normally look like your spewing heinous colourful barf." Thanks, mom!
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(Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Skirt - Homemade, Belt - Thrifted $1, Shoes - Vintage $15, Hat - Nepal, Bag - Nepal, Jewelry - Gifted, Two VV Shopping Bags Filled to the Brim - PRICELESS (unless you really had to put a number on it. then it would be $120. Kidding! $60. I love today.))

I hope you've all started your week smashingly! I, obviously, have. Have a sunny, warm week! Or a mildly chilly week if you have seven new blazers and desperately want to wear them! (Hypothetically, of course.)

Do you like to thrift? What has been your favourite thrifting experience/ find?
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ooh la la

Eeek. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. This is problematic. Not only for you guys (hullohhh, how do you go days without seeing my beautiful face? my melodic writing? pshhh...), but also for me. I have a billion things I've been meaning to post but OH SHEESH I HAVEN'T. Consequently, I have an accumulation of drafts eating at my computer screen and seeping into my brain and it will come and HAUNT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP. Mwahaha. (Sorry. This is symbolic of how I should get to sleep. I've been staring at the pixels on this screen for far too long.)

ANYWAYS. Apologies. I've been busy revamping my entire blog! Like it?! Just kidding. I know that there are hardly any changes. There are many things that could be put to blame for the changes - or lack thereof- but, ultimately, they point to the fact that I can't deal with technology for my life. Screw the tech era. I WANT TO DRAW MY BLOG LAYOUT AND MAKE IT POOF INTO REAL (tech) LIFE. Awshuckz.

So instead of revamping my entire blog (pft, makeover are, like, sewww overrated) (this is code for: HELP ME FOLKS!!!), I decided to revamp my header! Yay! Because I can deal with cutting and pasting and gluing and taking a picture of it and then posting it! And not only a picture of it, but also a video of it! As in, OH. Cool! A video of me making the header! How fun! (slight sarcasm, shh.) Enjoy! (P.S. Remember when I said I suck at technology? Hahhaah. The angle is awkward. And part of it is cut off. But it's the thought process that counts. Right...?)

oh HEY, new header! from quirky explosion on Vimeo.

I know what you're all thinking: "Lexy [your blog is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and oh, gosh, why would you want to revamp it?]" Well, to answer your question... I thought it'd be fun because QUIRKY EXPLOSION'S 2 year bloggerversary just passed! Eeek! We're growing old! See those wrinkles?! See them?! Of course you don't! It's a computer screen! It's flat! Oh, gosh. I almost tricked you there! I'm a kidder! (Seriously. Bed time. I should not even publish this post.)

All kidding aside (how awkward-teacher-speech-transition is that?), YOU GUYS ARE ALL THE BEST. Seriously. I'm trying to find the least generic way to tell you all that I started this blog with little expectations and I can't believe it's gotten this far... Hey, how was that? Hah.

I started blogging as an awkward, fashion-loving 15-year-old and now... well, now I'm just an awkward, fashion-loving, 17-year-old. But with 520+ of my CLOSEST FRIENDS JOINING THE RIDE. (seriously? where did you all come from? why are you all so awesome?) My blog has become my little love child. Which sounds a little silly, but I'd say it's true. I don't even want to calculate the number of hours I spend on this little thing each week. But hey, that's what you do for your [virtual] love children! ...Right?

I feel like QUIRKY EXPLOSION really has been instrumental in the growing up process. Blogging has undoubtedly helped me find and cherish and enjoy my wack-a-doodle style. In real life, I'm constantly inundated with raised eyebrows, eye rolls, and whispers. In virtual land, I'm fed enthusiastic compliments. Consequently, virtual world pplz .> real life pplz. i.e. I love you guys.

Blogging has pushed me to be more crazy with what I wear and, consequently, how I act, what choices I make, etc. It's given me an avenue to express myself. To write my thoughts (even though they can be really incoherent/ jumbled. exhibition RIGHT NOW). To share my creative doings. To prance in my kooky clothes. I'm the kind of girl that will spend an hour getting ready... just to walk the dog. Because it's FUN! And it's nice to meet other people who don't think it's that ludicrous!

It's also oodles of embarrassment FUN to go through old blog posts. Yes, they're cringe-worthy. Yes, it's there for the whole WORLD to see. But hey, it's life! We evolve, we grow, we change. And I think that I can, personally, look through my blog as a testament to all the growth that I've endured these past few years!

Blogging has been an awesome ride. And I certainly couldn't have done it WITH OUT YOU ALL. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. (Awwwww!) Seriously. You know how celebrities are like, "My fans are the best out there"? But they always say it with a fake smile and forced publicity? I am completely, totally, utterly genuine when I say that YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. I want personally crawl through my computer and hug all of you in real life and then take pictures and then blog about it. But. You know. Technology can be a bit restrictive, so can we please just have a \virtual hug\.

Thank you for scrolling through pictures. Thank you for actually reading what I write (maybe? do people actually read what I write? Anyone? ANYONE?) Thank you silent lurkers. Thank you COMMENTERS! I'm a total dork with comments. You'd think that you'd get used to comments after two years. Nope! I still have a huge grin and the desire to smooch all your cheeks after reading your comments. THANK YOU. Mwahhhh! *pull out the tissue, emotional sobs, etc* Anyways. I think I'm reaching Oscar-speech territory. This is a dangerous territory. So I'll just STOP.

(I intended to end the post there. You know SUDDENLY to emphasize the STOP. But I figured I could just tell you about my initial plans and then proceed to say: You all rock. Don't ever change.)

And to end this gushing post, here's some generic blogging questions that I've always been curious about:
1. How long do you spend on your blog each day/ week?
2. Favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?

P.S. If you're good at technology/ know how to resize the picture gadget in the sidebar then PLEASE DON'T BE SHY. Let me know! Legitimately! Message boards are not my friend. But you are!

P.P.S I'm a fail at social networking. That being said, HAI JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK! For exclusive videos and secret giveaways and gossip sessions and hot boyzzz! And, and, and! Okay. Possibly none of that. POSSIBLY ALL OF THAT. All I really know? It will be a good time (GT, if you will). So I'd really LIKE you if you could LIKE that page. Hah.
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so back when I was in high school...

LAUGHING OUT LOUD. So do you guys, like, remember when we were in high school? And we had that one thing... What was it? We thought it was a big deal? "P"-something? Oh, yeah... PROM! Hah. Ohhhh [insert melodramatic sigh] hiiiigh schoool.

So that was last week. It feels like forever ago! (I find myself thinking, "haha, remember high school, Lexy?" It's quite humorous/bizarre.) I was mentally musing about how cool it would be if my blog was a movie. And posts had trailers. And this post had a trailer. Just so I could insert a crapload of fabulous jargon to make me feel like a big deal and what not. In a really deep, manly voice. (That I obviously don't possess. But for the purpose of my happiness, please imagine that I do.) "The much anticipated PROM POST!" or "The wait is now OVER!" or simply "Dun, dun, dun...."

But, you know. I'm just some ex-high school student and here's some pictures and words from that prom thing...

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I sketched out the design and then my fabulous mother sewed it for me. It was a really idealistic process. I picked out the fabric, the design, etc... and then like a FAIRY MOTHER (haha, get it? Because she's my mother?) (awkward/unfunny joke) BAM! Out it came out! (hah. that also sounds like I'm describing an idealistic birth of a child. weird.) Just kidding. It was actually a long process of back and forth and titter and tatter...

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But BAM! The day before the big event (literally) out popped the dress! Ta-daaa... #mumsiesareawesome
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See the lavender exploding from my legs? BEST. THING. EVER. This is the only part of the dress that wasn't made by mum. I bought this crinoline at the Kensington Market the weekend before and OH MY EEEEK. I feel like doctors should prescribe crinoline for patients in need of a dose of happiness. Seriously. You cannot be sad if you are wearing that. Point: I had exams that week. Ew. But then! Genius! I wore this around the house whilst reciting study notes! IT WAS AMAZING. (Except for the fact that I got a little distracted by excessive spinning. So yeah, it had to go. But the point is: HAPPY. Me. While STUDYING. This is an unknown combination. Unless, of course, you have CRINOLINE. Wahhh!)

Also, it's 60 yards of fabric. 60 YARDS. You could look up my skirt (in theory, of course) and all the goods would be hidden. Heck, I could stuff an entire WATERMELON up my skirt and no one would know. I'm feeling very passionate about this crinoline business and maybe that's a problem/ weird so maybe I'll stop, yeah...
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i really love milk

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Fictional high school lovers
Ballpoint black pen

Say Yes to the Dress taught me that High School Sweethearts actually do exist. (Yes, I watch Say Yes to the Dress! I'm not ashamed! Randy is way charming and I love him.) I totally didn't know that. About the High School Sweetheart thing, I mean. And actually existing. And all that fictional jazz... is not fictional? (That being said, I totally didn't know that the whole football/cheerleader thing actually happened in real life. Oh heyyy, small town small school!!!)

I'm actually quite cynical of young love. I have fond humorous memories of boys asking me to go to the daytime Middle School dances via MSN and I would be all, "um no thanx lol srry." I was totally on a high horse. Very, "ZOMG. Like, I'm nawt going to, like, MARRY him. Why would I want to go to a dance with him? Like, he might think I want marry him, like, zomg." My mindset hasn't changed all that much, but I'd like to think that my eloquence has, at very least, developed. We're young! We're free! We should all just be bestiezzzz and not worry about bfdramz! (Remember what I said about eloquence? ...Yeah. Maybe not.)

Consequently, it strikes me as wack when people have been together forever. By "forever," I mean since HIGH SCHOOL. (Basically the same thing.) It just seems ludicrous. People, surely, aren't the same during and post high school! People, surely, can't be in love with the same person for all that time! But it's also a very sweet. I never had a high school sweetheart. Boys these days are smelly and boring. Aw shucks!

Therefore, make me love love? Spill the beans about your high school sweetheart/ first love/ current love, YAY GO LOVE!!! LUV U ALL. xxooxoxoox

P.S. Prom post scheduled for tomorrow! Virtual pinky promise.


and they all lived happily ever after

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Hi friends! How are you all? Anything new? Nothing? Meh, everything's the same over here, too... Oh wait... there is one thing. I totally just remembered. I mean, it's not a big deal or anything. Nothing to freak out about or anything. It's only that, you know...

I'M DONE HIGH SCHOOL 43V3R, SUCKERZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! (Mature non-high school student right here!)

So yeah. That's all. And how are you? *Now, imagine us talking in a relaxed pace. We'd exchange stories back and forth, sharing little anecdotes and giggles along the way. People would look at us with a knowing smile and nod in approval, silently thinking, "Ohhh, friendship."* (But since this Blog Post is currently a one-way street (hah, suckers) you just get me rambling about. This is a warning.)

So, yes. I officially graduated on Friday. We had a solid ceremony. We got to wear big, black gowns (BUT NO FLAT HATS, WHAT IS THIS?!) (another reason why my high school experience felt nothing like the movies, wah!). It was hot. Very hot. I think I was sweating. Yup. Despite my shiny face and soaking wet hair (kidding. kind of.), it was an awesome way to end the year/ years/ HIGH SCHOOL. I actually ended up winning a handful awards, which was funny: Geography Award, Visual Art Award, Spirit Award and Head of School Award. I got some books and a cool plaque out of it, so I guess I feel nice and legit and what not.

I think I'm most excited about getting the Spirit Award because I allegedly "spread positive energy in the school" or some equally awkward description like that. I entered high school as a totally shy human being. Like, I have no recollections of interacting with anyone outside of my grade. Ever. (Oh, except for there was a grade 12 who tried to ask me to prom. It's actually a really long/ hilarious story that I've generally mentally blocked and won't go into. It involved slide shows with his face photoshopped onto my Facebook pictures. And lots of flowers...) I don't think I talked to boys, either. Or girls, really. Bahahha. Now? I've had a totally rad senior year. I mean, you know, for someone who's socially awkward at heart, I think I've done well. I've chatted with a lot of people and I feel happy that I've at least I've had conversations with people I'll probably never see or talk to again. Plus, I've totally lost my dignity legitimately rapping in front of the school for an Arts' night promo (LHIZZLE WASSUP), so I'm obviously a social queen or whatever. I think this growth is symbolic of just that: growth. I like it.

My friend put it best when she said, "I'm scared I'm going miss all this." Pumped with the adrenaline of graduation, I confusedly responded, "This?" Then, I realized she meant this. This - the people I've surprisingly grown close to and, hey, might even miss! I'm scared that relationships I've forged over 4+ years will soon deteriorate to, "Happy birthday! Miss you!" on Facebook. From eruptions of laughter at lunchtimes to annual virtual happy birthdays? It seems plausible and that, too, scares me.

But, I've realized that I can't live life in fear. And I don't want to live in the past. Gosh, despite the hundreds of exclamation marks I've attached to sentences in these past weeks regarding FINISHING HIGH SCHOOL!!11!!1!!, there are parts of it that I certainly will miss. However, I've made the conscious decision to not perceive it as such. It isn't about the end of an experience. It's about the start of a new experience. (Aw, cheeseballs!)
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As for a new experience, this begs the golden question: What will I be doing next year? This is the question that has been on everyone's mind, blasted on covers of tabloids, and even featured on ET! yesterday. Jokes. I think I've had about three people virtually ask me about this, which is a refreshing change of pace from the continuous, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?" that I've been with inundated with in real life over the past few weeks. To which I've responded awkward variations of, "I've decided to defer from Parsons the New School of Design to take a year off to work for a few months and then travel/ work/ volunteer abroad for a few months." Oh, hey! That came out fast!


More of my life story? Throughout the entirety of high school, New York City + Fashion was (and still is) the ultimate dream. I would sit in the corners of classes, staring out the window, awkwardly feeling alone, thinking to myself, "I can do it. I'll show them." (I actually found my Careers "portfolio" from grade 10. It's shocking and amazing how things don't change over the years. Same dream...) The years whipped by faster and faster. Soon, it was Senior Year. My Senior Year!

This year has been a whirlwind. In retrospect, I have no idea how I did so much. (With the exception of third term. I bummed around while Science students were up to their noses with culminating labs and stuff. I only felt a little bad.) I was basically working on four very different portfolios with little overlap (SERIOUSLY), along with practicing on an intense field hockey schedule, creating costumes for the school play, working on student council initiatives, maintaining a 92% average and a bunch of other random things that my keen self actually enjoys doing. PHEWWW. (Seriously. Now you guys know how keen/ nerdy I am. I really had an awesome senior year. Albeit exhausting, I love the feeling of busy-ness and accomplishments.)

I think that most seniors would agree that there's this null between final marks (or, in my case, portfolios being sent in), when you 1) have zero motivation to do any work and 2) are waiting in desperate anticipation for that letter (or email - hollla, modern day technology!) to arrive deciding your fate. It was awful/ I was in denial. I finally got them and, yay, got into all my programs! Awesome feeling.
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^ we jump in our school's pond when we graduate. it's thrilling. swimming in the pond was legitimately the only thing about gym that i enjoyed. (before i quit it. in grade 10. the earliest year you can quit gym. hated it!)

For the longest time (i.e. all of high school), I had a vision. Graduation. Then BAM! New York City! Fashion Design! Time to make dreams come true! In fact, getting the acceptance was a dream come true in itself. However, to my surprise, there was this new, unanticipated complication. After coming home from Nepal, I had an inkling: I should take the year off. In fact, I remember thinking to myself, while trekking up the gorgeous Himalayas, "Lexy. If you get into Parsons, take the year off. Do it. It's the right thing. I know you'll really want to pursue your life long dream and you'll be uber excited and what not, but this feels right. It feels right."

And then it happened! I got into Parsons! Literally the most exciting feelings ever! I'm probably one of the most easily-excited people EVER (literally, my sister gets so embarrassed; it's hysterical), so you can just imagined all that AMPLIFIED. It was amazing. I couldn't wait. A DREAM COME TRUE. Seriously.

But there was that gut feeling. That feeling turned into a lot of humming and hawing. Should I take the year off? A lot of different opinions were given to me, a lot of pros and cons charts were written by me. In the end, I went with my gut: taking the year off. Deferment form set. Dream isn't over - just diverted for a year.

So I sit here (well, actually, I'm lying on my bed, but that's besides the point) - a newly graduated high school student with a whole year, future ahead of me. It's a little daunting. Besides the knowledge that I'll spend the next year making money and then using it to travel (my other passion, along with fashion, of course), I have NO IDEA what's in store. I keep on telling people that I want to go to a french speaking country in Africa for a few months, but nothing's even remotely close to being set in stone.

Oh, Lexy. What will happen in the next year? What will you do? Who will you become?

A lot of my friends are pursuing their interests in relatively local universities, which I think is fantastic. But it's not for me. I've considered studying, say, psychology at a university an hour or two away. But that path? It's just not me. All along, I knew I would have to pursue my NYC + Fashion dream because that's what it is: a DREAM. And dreams are so beautiful because they keep you going. And even more so, they can become REALITY.

But then, a new dream came into play. A gut feeling. Something I couldn't ignore. So I'm going for it. I'm taking the year off. In a keen school, this is essentially unheard of. But still. It feels right, it feels like it's what I need to do. This isn't to say that I'm not going to pursue Fashion in NYC. It's to say that I'm putting it on hold to go with my gut. Because, for me, that's what's important. Being authentic. Being a dreamer. Maybe a little crazy, a little unconventional, a little unheard of... It's okay. For me, I crave FULL EXPERIENCES. I want to live honest to my heart. I want to live 100%. I'm so against mediocrity, it's both a strength and a crutch.
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I guess the moral of the story is if you see me on the streets of NYC as a starving artist in debt from traveling, please remember I used to be really lively, young dreamer and maybe give me a dollar or a Happy Meal or something. Kidding (kind of).

I guess the moral of the story is BE AUTHENTIC. Follow your heart. Do what your gut tells you, even if society tells you it's "unstable" or it's "unconventional." Hell, that's even better - prove 'em wrong! Life is so short. I know that there's probably "smarter" or "steadier" options ahead. But hey. I don't want to be smart or steady or normal or safe or mediocre. I don't want to live thinking, "If only I did this..."

Seriously. Please, please, pleaseeee. I beg you. Live your life true to who YOU are and what YOU want. I've seen people push away their dreams because it feels "impossible," or they conform to mediocrity because it's "safe" or it's what their parents want or whatever. For me, I don't see it any other way. If there's something you love and something you want, why not go for it? It seems so simple: do what your heart wants. Be HAPPY.

Yes, I know that I'm freaking young and naive. Yes, I see those stares of, "Oh? You're not going to school?" or "Oh? You want to go into... fashion?" (this is coupled with a fake smile and eyes that read, "You're a failure!"). YES. I know that the future is unclear and life is complicated and I'm overly optimistic and blah blah blahhh.

But fuck it. I'm young. I'm going to dream. And actually FOLLOW those dreams. And be poor and broke and happy.

Anyways. So yeah... does that answer your question? ;)

(I know I say this for every long ramble I do, but it doesn't make it any less true... if you read all that, YOU'RE A SUPER STAR. I really don't know what power my words have, but hey, I'm being 100% genuine in what I'm saying. #dreamer4ever)

Thoughts? Dreamers out there?


papa bearo

There's no way that I can beat my mother's day awesome awkward introduction, so I won't even try. Therefore, pretend I just said something super witty (though "awkward" may be a more accurate adjective but shh...) and now we're giggling together, having a moment, you know, and I discreetly transition on to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. Because, you know, today is father's day.

So yeah. I know that I don't have a lot of male readership (y dnt n e boiz lyk meee?), let alone any fathers reading this. But, nonetheless. Let this blog post be a sort of telepathic message to all the daddys out there. Dads? I'm telepathically telling ya'll: you go, dude! Or. You know. Something.

Anyways. Here's what a made for my dad.

1. My dad has the weirdest antics out there and you REALLY can't appreciate it unless you live in my house hold. Literally. All he does is: watch Mandarin movies (F), do math puzzles (A), "pump iron" (T) (legit. it's quite disturbing/ hilarious), play basketball with his "chinesey" friends (H), nap (E), and work (R) (xray). Obviously, I get a lot of genes from him... (sarcasmlolz.) He's legitimately the weirdest human being I know, and I say that with utmost love and respect... He's the best! :)
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2. Rip off of my mom's gift? Errr, not at all... But aren't we cute? And more importantly AREN'T HIS GLASSES CUTE? (while I'm being sarcastic, I actually do love Grandma style glasses, so augh, gosh, I don't know! I am just oh, so torn! How do I really feel? What am I do with my liiiife? melodramz wailing ensues.)
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So yeah. I hope you all had a marvelous Weekend, and an especially splendid Sunday with "the old man." (I put that in quotations in case my dad ever reads this. (he won't. I definitely get my "I fail at technology wahhh" genes from him.) HI DAD, YOU ARE NOT AN OLD MAN. That is merely an expression!)

How was your weekend? What were you up to?


lickity split lime

Grr, I'm beyond exhausted, so I'll keep this short and sweet. (Pft, who am I kidding? I never keep it short and I ain't sweet.) (Ye boi, datz to sai i am a bad ASS.) (But that's so far from being relevant to anything right now/ true.) Anyways. Grr, I'm beyond exhausted. Yet, I have oodles left to do! It's quite pathetic, actually. I was bumming around all afternoon. I'm trying to think of anything significant that I accomplished, or even did. The only thing that comes to mind is buying a bike lock. (Yup, life of a PARTY.) Then, at 11pm, it occurred to me: OH GOSH, NO, I HAVE TO MAKE 20 TEACHER CARDS FOR TOMORROW. With heartfelt messages inside! EEEK. Insert mini-freakout and stuff. So that's what I've been doing. Because I'm a sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda caring student like that! (Also, amidst what SHOULD BE a rapid fire of card creating and filling, I'm getting really distracted by PROM PICTURES on Facebook. This is a problem. I have a back story to this. Maybe I'll share it later.)

Basically. Um, here is an outfit post, no profound thoughts attached.
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(Jacket/ Blazer - Thrifted/ Value Village $7, Shirt - Singapore, Skirt - Value Village $3, Hat - Nepal, Bag - Mom's, Flower Ring - Gifted, Shoes - Vintage $15, Belt - Thrifted $1)

And oh gosh. I am officially GRADUATING tomorrow. These past few weeks have been a series of lasts. Like, oh hollaaa "Last high school classes EVER!" or "Last set of high school exams EVER!" (which you've all joyously read about if you haven't stopped reading my nostalgic/bitter-sweet musings) (don't blame you if you have.) (stopped reading my nostalgic/bitter-sweet musings that is). But tomorrow is when it's officially over. When I'm officially done high school. DONE HIGH SCHOOL. This is so wild.

My thoughts I currently up in the air. I spent a really, really long time writing about them in my journal. (Yes, I write a thorough journal. And I write a blog. Seriously, folks. We've gone over this before: I have no life.) I think bitter-sweet would be the word(s) best associated with graduating. Except for maybe in a different order. I'm feeling very sweet-bitter. (i.e. sweet. and bitter. but more sweet than bitter.) I want to elaborate more. But I know that, once I commence, I will not stop. And this is not good for my eyeballs, beauty sleep, or cards that I'm desperately trying to write in for my teachers.

Therefore. Tomorrow. I will be DONE HIGH SCHOOL. This is so wild. The end. (My thoughts towards this will remain UNHEARD OF. because I'm mysterious and stuff and stuff like that.)
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How did you feel after YOU graduated high school?

Unless, you haven't. (OOOH AWKWARD!)(not really) In which case, How are you enjoying high school?

P.S. Prom was really fun. Excited to share pictures soon. Are you excited to see them? Is that desperate to ask? Totally is. It's like me asking, "Am I fat?" Speaking of which, Am I fat? LOLZ JUST KIDDING NOT ASKING ANY OF THOSE QUESTIONS. Sorry. Please excuse me. I sometimes pretend I'm funny. (Also, this confirms that I need to sleep. Like. Now.)
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tonight was my last athletic banquet. ever. why do i go every year? the opposite of "lexy" is "athletic." ooh, AWKZ.

My mum is black's number one fan. Yes, black. This isn't code for some sort of rodent or sporty figure or ninja or anything. Simply black. The colour. BLACK. You know how they say it's best to lead by example? To inspire others through actions? Her utmost support of black - i.e. SHE WEARS IT ALL THE TIME - is exemplary of these notions. Whattta leader!

The point of this pointless story is to place you in my shoes. Picture this: Mum always wears black. Mum buys awesome bag. Bag has COLOUR. Lexy is shocked. Lexy wants to steal bag. Lexy uses bag (and therefore plans to steal the bag, duhhh). COOL BEANS. Basically, I just wanted to brag about this awesome bag that is practically my own. I enjoy it's shape and circular pattern. YUPPERZ.
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ALSO WOAH DUDE CHECK OUT THE CLASP? (okay, admittedly, the clasp isn't on properly. the clasp on the zipper is supposed to attach to the clasp on the bag, so it acts as a kind of "lock" and all that fancy jazz but, oh gosh, sheesh, i forgot to clasp it. um, I MEAN, i wanted to stimulate your minds and provide you with intellectual inquiries. like a puzzle. figure it out. BAM.)
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(Bag - Mum's (aka soon-to-be-mine-as-I-will-steal-it)/ Vintage)

Anything else? Um, not really. Actually, quite a bit. Like PROM tomorrow. I'm actually really giddy and excited. My dress is possibly the most ridiculous thing I've worn up to date. Seriously. I erupt into a fit of giggles every time I wear it. I'm excited. It's wack that 24 hours from now, it'll all be done. I hope I have oodles of fun. OH WHO AM I KIDDING. I will be spinning the entire night away, so of course it'll be fun. Even if I'm a lone spinner on the dance floor. *Oh, giggle giggle, as I'm sharing an inside joke with, er, myself....*

But enough about me. It's more about YOU. Why? Because it's the much-anticipated vlog, OF COURSE! (Gosh, I know you were just kidding with me! You've been counting down the days!) (Kidding, but this is to stimulate some sort of "ooh la laaa" and "let's watch this oooh" et cetera et cetera.)

Apologies for 1) extreme awkwardness and 2) potentially wasting your precious time.

Untitled from quirky explosion on Vimeo.

so friends. see you on the flipside.
Response to the content of the video?
(If you saw that video than consider yourself a part of the ELITE group.) (i.e. me and my dog - the two only human beings creatures that witnessed such glory awkward embarrassment.)


personification, yo.

Lexy is wearing three colours. Lexy is wearing THREE COLOURS. Wut iz diz?! LEXY IS ONLY WEARING THREE COLOURS. Someone call the papers! We have a sighting! Lexy is only wearing THREE COLOURS!* (See how I think I'm a big deal? Hiiiiii.)

*Edit: by "three colours," I mean that I'm slightly under-exaggerating/ apparently blind.

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I really want to add more hair ribbons into my life. They're such a fun, playful accessory. I wore one with my uniform the other day. My teacher asked me if it was a special occasion. His exact words, "Lexy, so what's with the uhh... [awkward gesture towards ribbon]. I'm not going to get mad at you for your uniform infraction... I'm just wondering... is there, like, a special occasion? Some kind of protest or a statement for something?" I laughed. Oh, golly. Nope. Just for fun. (I don't protest. But if I DID, I would totally be getting naked for the environment. Kidding. I wouldn't. No, really. I wouldn't. I just linked that to show you that I saw that. With my own eyes. My poor, virgin eyes... R.I.P.)
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See how my foot is bulging out of that shoe? Kind of like how Pillsbury dough just bulges out of the can? (OMG HOW MUCH DO YOU GUYS LOVE THAT? Seriously. I just want to squish Pillsbury's lil cheeks. Cutest. Dough. Boy. EVER.) Anyways. The story about my bulging foot is pretty lame. I had a bruise that was literally purple and covered approximately 80% of my foot's surface area. I know I tend to exaggerate, but rest assured - I totally am not. It was disgusting. DISGUSTING I TELL YOU. On a brighter note, these shoes are way awesome.
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(Dress - Vintage $12, Shirt - Thrifted/ Value Village $3, Shoes - Vintage $15, Socks - Thrifted $5, Belt - Thrifted $5, Hair Ribbon - Easter Bunny wrapped a gift with it. Or something. Magic.)

We're there. We’re reaching that time of “misses.” Like, “aw, gee, I’m really going to miss _____.” Just in case you needed clarification. I’m CONSTANTLY getting the, “Lexy [you’re the best person I’ve ever met and let’s fly to pluto together on a rocket ship of your awesomeness and] I’ll miss you next year.” To which I’m forced to respond, “[aw, really? You think I’m the best? Pft, I’ve been told that a lot this year, it’s so weird but] yeah, I’ll miss you too.” (Even though we all know that I won’t. Kidding, friends-that-don’t-read-my-blog, I’ll miss you.)

This whole graduating thing is really starting to trip me out. Five more days. WHAT FIVE MORE DAYS!&%!$!!!11!! Here's the low down: LAST high school exam EVER >> LAST athletic banquet (slash anything related to athleticism, for that matter) EVER >> First and LAST high school prom EVER >> First and LAST TIME GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL EVER.

Goshhh. Everything has happened so fast. It feel so surreal. I haven't even had time to process my feelings. I was going to talk about all my good times and what not, but I think I'll save that for a diary so I don't bore you all. (By "save that for a diary," I really mean that I'm super exhausted and it's time to sleep. So I will get onto my droopy eyelids' desires. Because I RESPECT my eyelids like that. Brah.)

Life is freaking crazy.
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What are you currently missing?

P.S. Sorry for the lacklustre updates but BOO, I TOLD YOU. So, really, I'm just saying "sorry" out of courtesy because I'm lady-like and have swell etiquette like that. But seriously... SWANKY posts in store, so it's totez werth it: vlogging is back in the his-houuuuse, inevitable prom post and an awesome project that I'm peeing-my-pants excited about! 'Till then. Next time you hear from me, I'll be DONE ALL MY EXAMS AND THEREFORE BASICALLY DONE HIGH SCHOOL WHATTTT. (That obnoxious enthusiasm really doesn't get old.)