giggle. giggle. giggle. say it. more. giggle. weird word. giggle.

Hello friends! I have exciting news. It comes in the form of OH MY LORD I AM WEARING BARE LEGS WHAT IS THIS HUH?! Oh, yeah. Hi, bare legs. Long time, no see. Care to stay? Hi, sunshine. Care to stay? My mood is a direct correlation to the weather, as my bitter-winter and happy-summer posts can testify. (That being said... a joy of tights? Hairy legs, of course! Welcome back, razor. I will use you more.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I liked wearing this outfit. Someone commented, “Oh, you look very spring!” I enjoy Spring, so I said “Thank you.” Don’t you love ambiguous comments? Where you’re all, “Oh, hey, you’re complimenting me? OR ARE YOU?” Dun dun dun. People have a way with words and wording things to mean things differently from what they're really thinking without being obvious. I just call it "fake."
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Um, so did something maybe catch your eye? Did you maybe scroll back again? Did you need to DOUBLE CHECK? (Or did you just quickly skim over, not reading my words? Pftttt. Sucker.) YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. It's a SKORT. Serious luvin' goes to this one. It's particularly amazing because it's SO deceiving. From the front? 100% skirt. From the back? 100% shorts. PUT IT ALL TOGETHER? SKORT. I'm in awe of this marvelous creature. (Side note: it reminds me of my dog. Her name is Daisy. She is white. Her birthday is tomorrow. Wish her a happy birthday? Go for it. Let me warn you: She's a dog. She won't get it.)
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I'm not usually very "matchy-matchy" with my clothing. You know? My thought process isn't very "Oh, so I had a tint of blue here, so I need it to match the glint in my teeth, and the button on my shoe and yadda yadda blahh." HOWEVER, I was really feelin' all those principles of design. Like, REPETITION? In colours? Check. In motives? Check. Pft, I'm like art y'allll! (Kidding.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Also... This bag is amazing. Seriously. It's so swooshy, swooshy. I think I'll have to make a video of it. It will be me spinning around with it for 10.3 minutes. With a yellow backdrop. We'll call it "conceptual." Utter love. Also, it's the perfect hot dog shape. Seriously. It make me want to go to an Amusement Park and smuggle my own foot-long hot dog that isn't over-priced because it'd be a very I HAVE A HOT DOG-ESQUE PURSE AND I CAN SMUGGLE ALL THE NOT-AS-OVERLY-PRICED-HOT-DOGS THAT I PLEASE. Kind of thing. Yup. Power, folks. Power.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Thrifted/ Value Village $7, Top - Salvation Army $3, Shorts - Vintage $5, Hat - Nepal, Gloves - Skirt $7, Shoes - Vintage $15, Hot Dog-esque Swooshy Bag - Thrifted $50 brought down to $10ish. BOO YEAH.)

Other thoughts that don't have to do with the clothes that I'm wearing, but still equally unexciting and sleep-inducing are about to be articulated. I talk about high school. This is a warning. Enjoy?

It’s currently the “What are you wearing/ Who are you taking to Prom?” time of year. My answer is “I don’t know” to both of them. I’m jokingly trying to set myself up with the most adorable foreign exchange student. But I think he’s a little scared of me. Pft, it's not like I'm crazy or overly enthusiastic or anything PFT... Anyways, it’s more fun setting other people up. I have come up with a billion different Prom Proposals. It makes me want to be a boy. A player boy. A player boy that asks out a billion different girls to prom in a billion different proposals. It would be fun. I've also decided that my future husband better have one hell of a proposal. Preferably involving terrible puns and hot air balloons. Recipe for an instant marriage? I'd say so.

It’s funny talking about Prom. I remember being in grade 9 and stalking all the Prom pictures on Facebook. It was a very, “omg they r like soooo kewl” moment. Now? Eh, not so much the same feeling. Prom feels so high school. And, to be honest, I kind of like it. I go to a teensy tiny school - there’s about 40 people in my graduating grade - and I feel like I’m missing out on quintessential high school moments. Seriously. I categorize “football rallies” and “cheerleaders” with the likes of Santa Clause and witches. This happens in real life? Um. Sure. If you want to believe that...

In fact, there are a lot of things about high school that makes me think, “Hm? Am I missing out?” I’ve never had that “high school sweetheart.” I’ve never been to those “crazy dope partayyyyz.” Gosh, I've never even had some intensive "frenemy i h8 u beeyawtch" moments. And you know what? I think I'm okay with that. I'm not particularly fond of online cruelty or short-lived flings, anyhow. But I suppose there's that sense of, What will I think in 5 years? 10 years? Have I experienced all that I need to? Will I regret not subscribing to any of these things?

I'm not sure. Thinking about the future is freaking me out. Majorly. The next year is scary to think about. Today, we had to fill out all these grad forms preaching why we're the best and all of that good stuff. One of the filler-inners was along the lines of "Career aspiration? Where will you be next year?" Um, GAH I DON'T KNOW. At this point, my yearbook bio will be along the lines of, "Oh, Lexy has done this and this and this and this. And next year she will be doing, um, it's a surprise... Let's just stick with "she's a hobo."" FUN STUFF.

As much as I think I may have missed out on some quintessential high school stuff... Coupled with the fact that I have NO idea what I'm doing next year... I feel ready. I feel really ready. I say this with a heavy sigh. But not one of the "blechhhh" sighs. But that sigh of satisfaction, excitement, anticipation. What will happen in the next year? Who will I meet? What will I learn? See? Experience? Become? OH MY LAWRD I DON'T KNOW.

But, hey. I'm ready. I feel like I have experienced all that I've needed to in High School. I've done many extra-curriculars, and I've bonded with people I've come to love, and I've accomplished academically, and I've gone through weird stints (um, hello 2 weeks in wrestling and broken collar bone. I forgot about yaaa)... and I'm DONE. I love my school. I love my class. I love my teachers. Buuut... I'm ready to let go. I really don't know who the hell I am or what I really want or need or what the purpose of life is and if the chicken came before the egg and jazz. I'm not going to sit on any high horse. I'm just another confused teenage chick.

But I think I've become all that I can and I've learned all that I can and I've experienced all that I can in this location, with these people, in this place called "high school." I've outgrown my surroundings. I'm ready. I have no idea what da hellll imma be doin'. But, I'm excited for it. I'm commmmiiiin'. (I have this desire to suddenly break into a "You better not shout, you better not cry.... Santa Clause is coming to towwwwwn!") (But I am not Santa Clause and this is irrelevant. Thus, I made the intentional decision to place these words in brackets. Yup.) (Also, if you read all that, YOU ROCK/ PLEASE GET A LIFE. Kidding. We can bathe in our rockstar internet lonerdome together, m'love.)

I have 46 more days of high school!

P.S. The news/ internetsphere has been flooding with information that I feel like bullet pointing. So IT'S MY BLOG AND I WILL.
- The Royal Wedding. IT HAPPENED EEEEK. Finally. I am so sick of hearing about this. Could we let the happy couple just get freaking married without spending hours dissecting the colour of the Queen's hat or *ooh, gasp!* will Kate wear her hair down? Seriously. So glad that's over.
- BIN LADEN IS DEAD. There's a lot of political stigma surrounding this. I don't feel informed enough to comment right now. Maybe because I'm Canadian, but all that "USA USA! PARTY IT'S SAFE NOW!" stuff? Yeah. That.
- In tabloids... why are these poor Teen Moms plastered all over the covers? Let the children raise their children in peace and quiet.
- Election night in Canada! A lot of my classmates voted today. AW LOOK AT US ALL GROWN UP. If you're a young and eligible Canadian adult, 1) you're awesome 2) I hope you voted.



Gazel M. said...

You look great. I love the colour blocking and eccentricity!
Anyway, advice... work very hard. Your entrance scholarships will work out, when you get good grades. :) Hm. Have fun, too!

Mrs. April said...

Advice for the future? Don't overthink it. If you put up too many expectations you only end up disappointed. Go out. Have fun. Don't let anything bring you down. OWN IT!
Also, so happy royal wedding is over. If only tumblr would get over it, too. Bin Laden? I don't have anything to say either. My dad is talking enough for the both of us, as he is Mr. Uber-Republican-Knows-Everything-About Everything-Guy. Teen Mom? Couldn't tell you. Why people are obsessed with such truly sad human events, I will never know.

Victoria said...

I Love This Outfit So Much!!!!! One of my favorite i've seen :)

ANDDDD i'm only a junior but im getting scared for the future! I feel like AH senior years next year and then i have to figure out my life!!!! but then i just remember that even if i dont know what i want to do or if i do and fall flat on my face i can always come crawling back home!
ANyway, i'm sure your future is bright yadyayada and dont worry you'll be fine!

(oh and happy birthday daisy)

Marloes. said...

The skort is AWESOME!

Lyosha said...

I love your outfit and love the colour burst of it and... yes! I wanted to say you like spring in this clothes. But now I can't, you spoild my joy of writing it first :D
I adore your skirt/short/skort! it's so unexpected and fresh!

P.S. happy b-day Daisy! If she won't get it, you get it! have fun and injoy the weather!

maphi said...

im loving the outfit and the cute basket !!! xoxo

Jen Eat World said...

haha I think the foreign exchange student at my school is afraid of me too, because I always try to speak Mandarin to him... yeah...
don't worry about missing out high school experiences. You're not. you're IN high school... get it... logic... ok this is the end of this comment.

Hello Naka said...

how can it be?! the skorts are waay to deciveing the CIA going b chasing u:/ and i want ur legs they look so long and slender T_T

i hope u dont stress out too much on ur future. Im pretty sure some of my friends have had a nervous break down.

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love your outfit, and that skort is so incredible amazing!!!! It's so awesome. I miss skorts, I wish they made more of them.
Highschool was weird for me. My graduating glass was 500 people, and in high school I had frenemies, enemies, acquaintances, really good friends, best friends. I went to the school dances, the semi-formals, and the other random events. I did all the academic stuff that you could do. I mean, I never had the high school sweetheart, but I had enough failed crushes, which looking back now were even better.

Anyways, prom is overrated, although I think it depends on your school. My school was very big, so prom was the way it is in movies. i went to a completely cliche school to be honest. anyways, it is a fun night, nothing SUPER AMAZING, but it is rather fun to get dressed up and just have fun with your friends. I went with my friends, and I liked it better than if I had gone with a date. No obligation.

Anyways, can't wait to see your dress!!!

Nieke said...

I love all the colors in your posts, it's just so amazing and it makes it a joy to look at. Love the pictures as well. You've an amazing style. I'm your new follower!


Eli said...

I feel like if Dora the Explorer were a real person, she would approve of this outfit!

High school was never exciting for me, I went away for college and it was the best and most exciting thing I ever did with my life.

Prom was so whatever for me. I went with my girlfriends, wore a dress I bought for $1 at the swapmeet and had no expectations. And it turned out pretty fun.

The Cat Hag said...

Hehe your entries are always such a flood of colours and words, me likey!

And how cute are your sunnies la, I should get them too!

It's gonna be fun graduating that's for sure! But do enjoy your remaining days as much as you can, cos you definitely will look back and miss them so! ♥

The Cat Hag

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

...i did not realize at first that it was a skort until you turned around? I love the live movements in this posts(most of your posts)...and the blunt-ness? of determining your comments fr the real or fake...uhmmmmm....Hi to legs! i may feel a bit chilly for now....
p.s i like your poem and illustration, twins??lol! but noh, you are so good, can't even draw something like that....

suki pooki said...

Omg so many things running through my mind! Im just going to blurb them out! Yes I voted! yay! I feel like I did my part! As for highschool, it wasn't great for me and no "crazy dope partaaaays" for me either, anime fest and conventions? yup those were there hahaha, but lets not go there....prom? it was, food was nice, but over all, overrated and I regret spending so much on one PROM night, I will be much more wise on my wedding day. My dream wedding is at Disney world but I might just have to settle for honeymoon there. Happy birthday to your doggy, Daisy, give her a hug for me or two, I insist. Killer legs! Hot pink jacket loves and funky green hat loves! The blue gloves sort of reminds me of the ones at the dentist LOL sorry, it also reminds me I need to make my appointment for my cleaning *yikes* Spring needs to come faster!

MellJBrown said...

If you found Nancy Drew scary then you definitely don't want to be watching scre4m (I get a bit of a kick out of putting the 4 where the a should be. Gosh I'm so badass)
Emma Roberts is way more frightening in scre4m than she is in Nancy Drew (spoiler alert.)

Finishing school was amazing. I think you should just take as many risks as you can and do as many things that you will look back on and think "Oh gosh I'm so glad i was brave enough to get drunk at school/skip last period to sunbake in my bra accross the road/dress up as a boy and heckle the teachers behind my facade of masculine immaturity etc. etc."

Make it fun!

Kinda like Grease...

-m xx
(I leave huuuuuge comments, I'm sorry)


Haha, yes giggle is a strange word. Hadn't really thought of it before until I started repeating it. As for the outfit? So fun, fabulous, and beautifully styled. And aren't sunny days the best!? I'm always in a great mood.

As for prom. oops, I didn't go. As for graduating? SO great. I was so thrilled to be done with high school/university and just be out in the world exploring, learning, and growing!! It's the best. Hope you're having a super Wednesday. xx veronika

Lydia said...

I love this outfit!! You mix bright colors in such an awesome way!

Hello Naka said...

/reply/ i think u should leanr how to knit! u'll quickly over take me :p and also when i heard bin laden was dead i thought it was kinda joke. idk y though XD

Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh wow...prom time? can't wait to see what you'll wear. i do love your top and the unique design on that hat.

have fun in your last 46 days...seriously. just graduate and don't stress. no one cares about high school by the time you're 25, so just make the most of it and have a ton of fun!

Bonnie said...

I like your outfit! Those ambiguous comments bug me because you never know how to take them. It's like, um, thanks? I think? Maybe?

Congrats on almost being finished with high school! I hated those four years. I was one of those who had a miserable high school experience, and I was SO ready to move on to college.

My advice: Make good decisions. Be aware of everything all the time. Work hard, but make time for fun.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Alex said...

I LOOOOOOOVE this, you are like an eclectic "lady who lunches"! the freaking gloves and the little purse and hat, it's all so dainty, and if it were in a soft pink hue it would be very Jackie O. but like bloody fucking hell you would wear all one hue (which is one of many reasons for which I have ENDLESS respect for you!) you do it up your own way with a flurry of prints and colors and a SKORT. I doff my hat to you. that skort is so goddamn 90's, it's perfect. I guarantee you I had that same skort at the age of 11.

as for high school? fuck it. it sounds to me like you really did high school your own way, so really, what can you do? you can't have regrets if everything you did was in earnest and true to what you felt was right for you. I never partied, I did have a high school sweetheart for 6 years and dealt with tons of bitches, but whatever, if you can avoid the drama, you are a far better teenager than most of us.

as far as when you look back? again as long as everything you did was authentic to you, there's no need to worry. and if you do feel regret over anything going 'meh, I was in high school for Christ's sake' is a good way to get perspective. but, even though it seems so pivotal now, I graduated 7 years ago, and I don't think I think of or consider high school for any amount of time greater than a combined hour every month or two. it virtually never comes up because your present life just gets so full and busy and random.

also, as far as what you want to do with the rest of your life? who the fuck knows the weeks before graduating high school? no one. I was planning on being the first flat-chested Victoria's Secret model, and I had job offers to work in the soft-core porn business coming in left and right (totally random, but I was trusting and gave my number out to a lot of random people who saw me in a swimsuit), but what am I doing now? I'm working on my PhD in a quantum physics based-discipline of engineering. how completely polar opposite? life is weird and random and there is no way for you to accurately guess where the hell you're going to be. again, just do what you feel is right and I am reasonably certain that everything unfold in a manner far more exquisite and oddly perfect than anything you could EVER write on a line in your high school yearbook.

simplychic said...

so funky and cool!!!

Clare said...

You look awesome. 46 is my favorite number. My biggest piece of advice is that after high school life only gets better :)

Style, She Wrote said...

Best advice: Enjoy the present. I'm years out of HS (yarp!) and I wish I had enjoyed that time more when I was living it.

P.S.Sweet outfit (yet again)!
P.S.S. Thanks so much for your support. <3 xo stlye, she wrote

Sarah said...

Wow, there's a lot of text there and I don't know what to respond to first. Yikes. Here goes.

I didn't have any of the "high schooly" experiences, either. Still haven't been on a date or to a cuh-ray-zee partay. And it's still okay with me because the best thing about being at university now is that it is on my own terms and I am finally doing things I really, really enjoy. That crap about knowing what you want in a year is, well, crap. The whole point is you don't know but you get the chance to figure it out.

I don't regret anything I chose to do or not do, though I do think wistfully back and wonder what certain things would have been like. What's done is done and everything made me who I am. I went to a high school of more than 2,500 students and it still felt like I missed out on the "quintessential high school moments." I don't know that they even exist unless you actively try to make 'em happen.

Wow. This got out of hand very fast. I guess what I'm saying is at 20 years of age, I love every choice I've made and don't ever, for one second, want to go back to high school. When you've outgrown it, you've outgrown it. So power to you and plunge into whatever captures your interest with all your heart and soul. And brightly colored clothes.

Claire said...

love the outfit. yes, very springy...in a good way. the skort is awesome, and that pink jacket is beautiful!

hmm...advice. enjoy it. it goes by fast and then you'll find yourself 10+ years later trying to remember what it was like in high school. but it does just get better. and it's such an exciting time, cuz honestly, you can do and be anything! what a great place to be in life (but it does get better!!!)

oh, and Happy Birthday to your dog.

Eva Ana Kazić said...



oomph. said...

i love your knack for mixing things up! seriously. love. your. outfits.

live in the NOW. give everything you're doing 100%. don't worry about what others are doing...you're not missing out on anything. proms, cliques, dresses, friends seem like your universe right now, but these things are small when you think about the BIG picture. you are young, you have a lifetime of experiences ahead of you. ENJOY!!

thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!


Dodo said...

I never seen skorts before. They're pretty interesting! And it's amazing to see that you can sport so many colours in 1 outfit. Finally people who really understand colour!

Rand T said...

the shorts, the shirt and the so beautiful hair:) LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTT xx

M.Ersa Adiprasetya said...

love your outfits... love your bag.. and that's not fake.. i really love your outfits :)

i don't have any advice for you.. i just wish all the best for you and good luck for you.. keep spirit and don't be scare with future.. just worrying it's ok but don't be scared.. future don't bite! i'm going to university this year.. i little worry with it, baut it's gonna be okay i think..

yeah it's will be alright..

Dawn said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. I greatly appreciate it! I really enjoy yours, and will be following it! You remind me of my friend, Toast with Charmalade, who you might like as well.

Have fun with "prom stuff" and finishing out high school! I, too, went to a small school (there were 53 in my graduating class). You'll be happy in the end about not having quintessential moments, because the media just sensationalizes high school. For instance, kids in Hollywood movies ALWAYS go to those huge schools with fountains and outdoor walkways. And palm trees. And 10,000 students. ;)

One of the boys. said...

I love your style:D It's so unusual!

You can take a look at my blog ;)) www.cookthemale.com

laura said...

Like, Oh to the Em Gee. I lurve your skorts! I don't care what people say, they are super practical and comfy! I can jump around and frolic and crap without having to worry about my modesty. Seriously, Skorts need to come back!

And hahah, i laughed at that detail about vague compliments. After I started blogging, I now catch myself whenever I talk to people about what I think about their outfits, etc.

And advice? high school is small beans. I'm glad to read that you got so much out of it, but really, that's that. there's a whole lot of world out there, live it.

:) good luck!

Catwalk Criminal said...

Cool outfits, so colorful ♥

A said...

your look is entirely unique! its fun and vibrant and so different!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

WOWZA. Thanks for all the super long comments. You guys are like my guidance counselor - I LURVE THAT.

Best. Readers. EVER.

- Lexy

Be said...

Whoa only 46 days left? I have 53647 (note: I estimated that) so I have no idea what type of advice to give you so I'm not going to give you any.
Anyway, some people see the end of High School as the bridge into adulthood and that if you haven't planned what you're going to do when you cross that bridge it's going to crumble and you're going to die. But they're most likely wrong because the end of High School isn't doom where you're going to be on a slide for the rest of your life. There's still uni/college and plenty of time to organise yourself after that. You don't need to tie yourself down.
Looks like I gave you advice anyway. I hope you have a great time at your prom, can't wait to see your dress (you better show us your dresssss).
Hope you have a great day. Be.

FashionJazz said...

I love your shorts hun! Advice- enjoy it, you will never get your high school years back and have fun! Life is way to serious! :) XX

thefashionturd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the fashion turd said...


my interview with you...go look, now now now!!! x x x x

Audrey Allure said...

Really cute skort! I did actually scroll back up to see if it was a skirt or shorts haha.

My high school was really small too - we had about 110 in our graduating class - we didn't have football games or any of that. But prom was really fun since we all knew each other so well (we were all so close); it was just like hanging out with a bunch of friends :)

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

SKORTS!!!!! Plus look at the amazing flower print :o makes me wish it was summer in the 90's again!
I am joining you in the being confused about what to do next year, i'm leaving college in a couple of months, so confused!!
I'm sure you'll work something wonderful out though!

Medusa said...

Thanks for the comment,i love your blog! and i totally read all of that= i'm as cool as you.
I have the same prom thing going on atm, I'm making my own dress and i DONT NEED A MAN TO GO TO PROM. yeh, i'm going on my own. I rebel too. x

Medusa said...

Thanks for the comment,i love your blog! and i totally read all of that= i'm as cool as you.
I have the same prom thing going on atm, I'm making my own dress and i DONT NEED A MAN TO GO TO PROM. yeh, i'm going on my own. I rebel too. x

Shoe said...

Oh. My. God.... this is the cutest blog ever!! And SO much fun... I am amazed at your skort! I kept looking at it to try and figure out where the skirt part became shorts... haha!

My piece of advice would be (from someone who learned this the hard way) is that you should do something you really love, not something you're indifferent about because you feel like it's practical. :)

Claire said...


Lea said...

I think you must be the opposite of me, because I embrace the matchy-matchy. At least more than most other fashion bloggers.

You are so so silly :)

My advice for you with your last bit of high school--take lots of pictures. Skip class every once in a while. Don't left anything unsaid. My boyfriend and I got together the night before graduation. Because if you've got something to say and it goes the wrong way, chances are, you won't really even talk to that person anymore after high school.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

You are queen of print. x hivenn

Reckless Rekha. said...

You bag does look very swooshy swooshy! Love the brightness i recive from your blog. Lightens the mood so much <3

Ellinor Forje said...

You are having to much fun. Love the outfits! Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


Savannah Burton said...

Oohhh, gurrrl!! You is ready for spring! I missed your posts! You're such a happy person :) You brighten my day! I'm going through your archives to see what I missed out on!! Your outfits are always so happy as well. I'm back hopefully to stay and I hope we can talk some more! Perhaps a package exchange someday?

sojourned in style said...

exquisitely bright and poppy and quriky. the skort is um amazing. the bag has such movement. love. with your whole high schoool spiel, I hear you. the other day I said I might not go to prom and I was told there is something wrong with me. well there isn't anything wrong with me that I am aware of.... but I sometimes wonder about all these things I've failed to subscribe too it highschool and if 10 years will yield regret. for now I'm not going to and am not going to force myself for those reasons. and you shouldn't either!

Allie said...

You look so incredibly cute!

xo, Allie