It’s been awhile. A long while. Yes. I know. But hi! How are you? I’m great, thank you for asking. Actually, I’m more than great. I’m FREAKING FANTASTIC. Because, you know, I’m now living in New York City. You know. Whatevz. Casual. No biggie. (Side note: ZOMG FREAK OUTZ DREAMZ REALLY DO COME TRUE!!!!). I’m here for school, learning about things I love. And every day is amazing and I feel so privileged and I really feel like I’m finally spending each day LIVING. It’s amazing.

Sorry, I haven’t really updated. At all. You see, this blog once acted as a (very important!) avenue for my creativity and colours, when they didn’t really have a place back in small-town, Ontario. But now that I’m here - NEW YORK CITY - I feel like I don’t need a place in the cyberspace. I have the streets, the city. You understand, right?

So... so long, for now. But who knows? Maybe I’ll be back. Maybe you’ll see me somewhere else! Until then, thanks for the ride!  I really do mean it. After being home for four weeks for winter break, I really don’t know what I would have done without this little blog thing. (Also, side note: I’m pretty sure that this page is reaching out to people beyond virtual friends, so hi, people I know in real life! This is sort of awkward and I’m semi-embarrassed, especially if you decide to trudge through and read all these past posts of my teenage awkwardness but, really, that's just embarrassing for you because it's indicative of your lack-of-life, so HA! you're the one that's lame <3>

Until next time... You’re all fantastic, intelligent, and individual creatures. Stay bright, stay marvelous and smile at strangers! Dare to dream, always.



P.S. Hey, it’s not completely over yet! I’ve just set out a brand new Facebook Page, where you can stalk the things I make. Like and share and all that jazz! :) See you there!
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