fannee doodlee

I took these photos about two weeks ago. I. Yes, I. Meaning self timer. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if self timer shots are something to brag about. I'm pretty sure if you've mastered the art of self-timing, you've also mastered the art of narcissism. That could explain by utter love for all things shiny. (Because, you know, you can look at yourself in shiny things?) (Also, I've always wished I was a bird.) (Because, you know, birds like shiny things?) (IT MAKES SENSE, YOU'RE JUST CLOSED MINDED.) (Kidding! I take that back! We're still cool, right bro?!)
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It's freaky how quickly time has gone by. My backyard doesn't even look like this. I came home and my parents decided that we should have no grass. Really, it's all mulch now. Random? Yes. I should start a Facebook petition or something. Also, the leaves decided to change colours on me. Wouldn't it be fun if we could change colours?! Like Marty Wolf's character on Big Fat Liar? YES.
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Albeit being slightly weird, it's actually very fun/ a huge work out to prance around your backyard in man pants. I like man pants.
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I also like rings, but you guys should know that. If you didn't, NOW YOU DO. Gold star for learning something new each day! Aw shucks!
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You know the weather where it's on the brink of raining, but then it doesn't actually? Yeah, that was this day. The frogs seem to like it...
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(Pants - Value Village $4, Dress (worn as a shirt) - Vintage $7, Blazer - Thrifted $1, Belts - Thrifted $1 each, Shoes - Value Village $8, Ring - Thailand)

U feel like this post is kind of spiratic and unimaginative, but I think that that might be because it's 7:39 AM on a Monday morning and I am at school and I am, in fact, kind of spiratic and unimaginative. Yay for the blog reflecting my mood? Yay for being true to my mood? Yay for being at school early? NO.

Lately, I've been musing about life a little too much. I think it has something to do with being in grade twelve coupled with too much bus time for field hockey games, in which I usually just stare out the window and ponder over life. Which makes me sound like an extreme loser, so we can pretend I'm kidding if that makes you think I'm a cool cat. (I am, I am! Sam I am! Green eggs and ham! I am! I am! I AM COOL GUYS.)

Don't worry, I'm not constantly in a state of blah. It's the Monday morning blues. Hey, I HAVE AN IDEA. Pump me up. How? you may ask. Thank you for asking, I will answer, Just simply...
(If you can dream it, you can do it! Say with me guys! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it! Damn, I could so be your life coach...)


pocket full of sunshine

Sorry if updates are on the slow down, ho-down. (I think I'm quoting Miley Cyrus when I say this. Emphasis on "I think." But let's pretend that I don't know this. And that Miley Cyrus has no relevance to this post. Because, let's be frank, SHE DOESN'T. Okay. PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED. Lalala.) Let's blame the lack of updates on alien abductions because that's far more interesting then the truth of the twenty-four-seven schedule of school, field hockey, and homework I've been induced with. Kidding, that's not the truth. Really. You've gotta love those aliens.

Summer is a duration of beautiful things, such as time. And shorts. Actually, I'm still wearing shorts. Also, I like tights. Actually, I much prefer tights to plain-Jane shorts. So I'll take back my words and praise summer for it's seemingly endless amounts of TIME that it graces us. I miss it.

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Look at that come hither wink. Is it working? Do you want to come hither? I don't know what that even means but YES I CAN TELL IT'S WORKING. I'm a charming, charming girl.
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Look at me! I'm a mean, green, come-hither, jumping machine! This is revolutionary.
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Posts with content exceed random posts of apologies? Right? Right, you say. It's okay. We'll work on it. Er. Whatever, here's more content. "PLASTERCINE DOLLS VIA CHILDHOOD." Aw yeah, baby! Here's the back story: my cousins and I used to have the hugest infatuation with playing with dolls (like every other person on the planet. (ie every girl) (sneaky)). Here's the catch: we made them out of plastercine. I've got to tell you, OODLES OF FUN. These must be from age 12 or 13 or something?
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Playing with dolls at age 12 or 13? you ask. Why, yes. Yes, we were late bloomers. YES WE WERE RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. Yes, yes, yes!
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^ Can we please take a moment to admire my keen eye for proportion? Obviously minuscule legs and wonky arms were the cool thing back then. Envious? Duh.

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(Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Shorts - Thrifted $7, Belt - Pacific Mall $10, Shoes - Vintage $30, Hat - Value Village/ Thrifted, Socks - H&M, Orange Lipstick - Pretty Little Miss Make-up Set via childhood)

I hope you are all of a scrumptious time doing whatever you're doing. Don't mind the long periods of not updating. It merely means that the aliens have eaten my fingers off and I can no longer type and, consequently, typing with my toenails takes a smidgen longer...


p.s. Question of the day: If you were a verb, what would you be?

Someone asked me this a few days ago. I still don't have an answer...


my grandma is the bestest!

There's a few ways in which you can tell if you are situated on the oh so daunting BOTTOM OF THE SOCIAL PYRAMID (ie "Hi friends! Oh wait, I don't have friends!")...
1) If you consider your boogers your BFFS.
2) If you floss your teeth with your toenails.
3) If you stage fake photoshoots like some wannabe big shot

Fortunately, only one of the above signs has been proven true. It's true; floss has become far too inconvenient. Why floss and create waste when you can simply utilize the natural resource that's at your disposal? (I'm only kidding. Half kidding. No, fully kidding.) But, at last, I guess the faux photoshoot is a testament of my lack of friends and - ahem, I'M SO COOL.

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Not really sure what the theme was, but something along the lines of "WWLISYW?" (What Would Lexy In Sixty Years Wear?), so I guess it amounts to something along the lines of effortless-old-grandma-meets-cool-new-grandma-meets-explosion-of-colours-here-and-there. In more "fashion-y" terms, it was intended have a dark palette with pops of unexpected colours, coupled with clashing prints and textures. Aw yeah!

Stylist/ Photography - Me (Lexy)
Model/ Make-up - Sibling (Mimi)

Look 1: Playing with polka dots. I bought this skirt intending to chop 'er off, but now my sister has a weird attachment to it and, quite frankly, chopping it up could be concerning. (By "my sister," I may actually be referring to myself...)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Polka Dot Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - Value Village $3, Sweater - H&M, Vest (worn as scarf) - Peru, Hat - Thrifted, Shoes - Vintage)

Look 2: Beloved dress being worn as it's actually supposed to be worn - a SKIRT. And holy moly are the colours the same. Maybe they were designed by the same designer in the same collection? Maybe. But definitely not.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Skirt - Vintage $5, Sweater - Value Village $4, Flower Headband - New York, Tulle Headpiece - Homemade shenanagans)

Look 3: I'm obsessed with this look. She kind of looks like a psychedelic joker, but maybe because she is in real life... (Uh yeah, busted! That IS an invalid point.)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Vintage $35, Sweater - Dad's, Pants - Value Village $4, Polka Dot Shirt (worn as scarf) - Value Village $3, Pink Vest (worn as scarf) - Hong Kong, Hat - Thrifted)

In conclusion, I need friends.*
Hope you enjoyed!

*I really DO have friends. I don't know why I make continuous friend-less jokes. Maybe Seventeen should cover this. "You aren't confident with yourself! This is so normal! You DO have friends and you need a girls night out with lots of Zac Attack Efron! This is actually a secret sign that you love eating too many cheesies and you're an alien..."


one six

It's the end of the first week of school, so you guys are obviously expecting a very preppy and peppy post. Right? Because, you know, school is JUST SO EXCITING. Just SO MUCH FUN. I can't even CONTAIN all the excitement. Exclamation mark. (Lexy, this is the time in which you start utilizing said exclamation mark.) (!!!!) Luckily for you, it feels like I've been at school for weeks. As though it never even stopped. As though my entire life has simply been SCHOOL. And, undoubtedly, I'm just overjoyed at this prospect. (!!!)

No, no I'm not. The exclamation marks are misleading. (Stupid brackets.) (I didn't put the exclamation marks there for a reason.) (Don't you shush me.) (I'm not going to my room!) (Oh, I see what you did there.) (If you didn't see, I used said exclamation mark without extra prompting.) (!!!)

BAM. Outfit from awhile back. Swoosh! (Awkward sound effects lighten up the mood.) (So BAM! KAPOW! OINK OINK! balances out the BLAH! of this post.) (SHUSH! BLAH! is a sound effect.)

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These pictures decided to end up being very awkward.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Oodles of fun to wear prints. Simply OODLES.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shirt - Salvation Army $3, Skirt - Homemade, Shoes - Value Village $8, Purse - Value Village $8, Belt - Thrifted $1, Accessories - Assorted)

Apparently letters to your past self are a good mental stimulation thing. No, I made that up. But I'm sure it's true. Kind of true. I mean, that's kind of what Tonya (Raven's mom) from That's So Raven (5:05 mark) did. And if you're lost: 1) watch more Disney channel, 2) she wrote a mean letter but IT WAS ACCIDENTALLY SENT. Dun, dun, dun! (Yes, the "writing a letter" part is about the extent of which the two relate. But that's beside the point.)

It's usually written to your 16 year self. I'm 16, so this could be awkward...

Dear 16-year-old Lexy,
Hi. This is a little freaky, but it is the PRESENT talking to you. (I know, scary concept to grasp.) It's your last year of high school and even though it doesn't feel like it, I'm sure it will soon. Reality is starting to sink in, but don't lose hold of the things you want. And even if you don't or do know, keep your mind open. It's only one more goddamn year so make the best of it. Even if you want to hurl your insides at your classmates and peers. DON'T. You've known them for too long. Besides, you'll meet lots of people in the future, so stop drawing mustaches on their faces. (Kidding, I know you don't do that.) High school's only a tiny blip of your life. You have a lot to learn. And I can't tell you what that is because, hey, it's the present. And well, I can't predict the future. (In other words, I ain't no Raven.) But whatever. I'm on a high horse so just listen to this letter.
Keep perspective, dream big and have fun, girl!
P.S. This was fun and awkward!

I'd love to hear YOUR LETTERS to your 16 year old self! Or whatever age you'd most want to give advice, too.
(Me? My runner up age would be 13. Because, seriously, 13-year-olds have so much to learn/ ARE, LIKE, SOOO ANNOYING. For the record, I don't like Justin Beiber. Bieber. I don't know.)

Ready, Steady, Go!


where rainbows melt like lemon drops

At last, it's time to bid farewell to summer! That sounded slightly dramatic/ Shakespearean. Also slightly optimistic. So not what I was going for. Like, sooo not. Like, that's sooo not cool. (Like, I sound like I'm quoting something. But I'm not. Hey, original material! Even better!) Let me try again: SUMMER'S OVA THIS TOEDALLY SUXXX. Ah hah! Blunt with the touch of teenage charm...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This outfit was oodles of fun to wear, as I felt like a walking rainbow. And, in case you didn't know, that is the best kind of rainbow. Static rainbows are so 2007. Pfft, and you call yourself trendy? When pigs fly! When cows swim! When Lexy's a loser! Ha-ha! (The last one's the odd one out? DON'T SAY THAT.)
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Here's the sibling! You already know that! This is actually one of my favourite outfits of hers. I feel like I could attach awkward magazine phrases to it, such as "modern vintage!" and "casual girlie" - but that's, you know, awkward. So pretend that didn't happen. Here's the sibling!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm feeling uninspired today. I think it's due to that lingering cloud of school. (That last sentence also doubles as a non-funny inside joke with myself. It's cloudy outside! Now you're in on the joke! Can someone PLEASE comment "oh clouds! LOL" followed by "inside joke! You wouldn't get it, people that don't actually read what Lexy writes! Hahahh." This will cause insane jealousy from the outsiders.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See the sorrow in Daisy's eyes? It's the end of summer speaking. I'm telling ya, it gets everyone!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(On Me: Shirt - Salvation Army $3, Shorts - Salvation Army - $2, Bag - Value Village, Balloon Bib - Homemade, Shoes - Keds)
(On Sibling: Dress - Urban Outfitters, Jacket - Zara)

As I've alluded towards, the weather's taken one for the worst. (Okay, wow. I'm obviously, like, prepping myself for Drama Class.) (And I'm not even in drama!) Which is okay, I guess. Bad weather has actually resulted in a few projects that occurred on the whim due to not experiencing the great outdoors. Such as the little video below! This was actually supposed to be a tester, but I *improvised* and made it the real thing.
(See the utilization of *improvise*? I should be a Drama Star, I tell ya!) (You know? Because you IMPROVISE in drama?)

Nothing exciting occurs. HOWEVER, it's only ten seconds long. So if you watch it and hate it, I won't feel even a little bit guilty because what can you do in ten seconds? Nothing but WATCH THAT.

Song snidbit - HeyHiHello! - Don't Quit! Not Quite!

School starts in two days, which means days filled with inspiration, ideas, and lots more posts! Oh wait, I got myself confused with SUMMER. (see what I did there? An attempt at a humorous approach as a distraction from my bitterness?) What I said about school? It really will happen. On opposite day! (Who used to have opposite days? Not me! Kidding! I was exemplifying how opposite day works...)

Hope you're all soaking up your last days of sunshine and freedom!* Tell me funny first day stories!

*Yeah, I need to join drama. I'm a natural dramatic! Move over, Meryl!


the one with the sibling

(anyone catch my Friends' title reference? If so, LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS (haha, friends?!) AND DISCUSS ALL THE WITTINESS OF THE SHOW. But only up to Season 4. Because that's where I am. And if you spoil it then I'm afraid will no longer be best friends and you'll have to return the half of the virtual locket I gave you with the "B" engraved on it with tacky crystals. Got it?)

Oh hey. It's Me. But not really. It's actually Mimi. Okay, not yet. It's still Lexy. But the point is - IT WILL BE MIMI. By "Mimi," I am referring to my dog. JUST KIDDING. My dog can't type! Did I fool you? Duh. "Mimi" is, in fact, my Sibling or, as she is often referred to as, "The Sibling." She's fourteen years old and reluctantly takes my photos on her fancy shmancy camera. Enjoy viewing the words and photos of a new specimen that shares my blood and narcissism...


Greetings from the sibling. So, after ten minutes of deciding what to type as my second line, I have decided that I have nothing to say so I will move on to more constructive things. Like, my favie outfits:

This one is pretty wild for me, as it is PATTERNED!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Sweater - Hong Kong, Shorts - Sibling, Shoes - Old Navy)

‘Good things come to those who wait’ Because, I controlled myself and didn’t buy this jacket, and when I saw it again, it was on sale for more than half the price!! GREatttttttttttttttttttt story, would you like to hear it again?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Jacket - Zara, Top - Banana Republic, Shorts - Sibling, Shoes - Pacific Mall)

‘YAY, I found this entire outfit except for the shoes!!” - Sibling (Lexy)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shorts - Forever 21, Top - F21, Shoes - Old Navy, Bag - OMG OMG OMG Thrifted!!!!!!!!!!! Salvation Army)

Mimi in Pastelies!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shorts- French Connection, Shirt - Zara, Cadigan - French Connection)

Ruffles, Braids, Flowers, and More!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Cardigan - Anthropology, Shirt - Gap, Skirt - French Connection, Shoes - Pacific Mall)

Old Man Sweater!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Sweater - Front & Company, Dress - Front & Company, Shoes - Aldo, Bag - BCBG)

Inherited Red Short Shorts. While short shorts are not quite my thing, I HAD to wear them, as the girlie on my shirt is also wearing red short shorts. whoa, trippayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Come to think of it, I don’t wear this outfit very much, but that’s neither here nor there.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shorts - Forever 21, Top - Zara, Shoes - Keds)

Clearly me and the sibling have opposite styles. Thus, I will compare and contrast various aspects of said styles. So let me begin:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So there you have it! Just some little goodies for you to enjoy (my sis aided me in writing that line). Anyhow, I’m sorry that I am not very fun and exciting, but I would love to hear a comment from you guys!! (SCORE! My sister just said I can respond to any comments that I get!!!!!!!) SO yeah, that is me, Mimi, hehe, yipee okay, yeah, tootley poodle-y! :)


summer moleskins 3.0

I'm starting to think that, in retrospect, I should have spent more hours on *actual artwork* and less on doodles and shizz. But, at last, I present you... More doodles and shizzle!

July 6, 2010
High Expectations
Ah yes, the problem with blind dates... Have you guys ever been on a blind date? IF SO TELL ME THE GORY DETAILS.
high expectations
(Pencil, Ballpoint Pen, Pen & Ink)

July 7, 2010
Who's the looker with the beautiful eyes and pretty pucker? Oh wait, it's me! Oh, I'm Blushing! Oh, Lexy! How you flatter me! (Oh and, uh, by the way... I'm not actually conceited in real life.)

July 8th, 2010
Just do it
PROFESS YOUR LOVE PROFESS YOUR LOVE. (Hey Nike, you should hire me as your advertiser/ celebrity endorser!) (The only piece of Nike I own are $3 shorts from Value Village. Sports obviously are not my priority.) (But that's okay, STILL HIRE ME.)
just do it
(Marker, Pen and Ink, Oil Pastels, Magazines)

July 8th, 2010
Monsters are awesome possum, little boy. Yes, even the ones with lots of chest hair. Hey, DO NOT JUDGE MY MONSTER!
(Watercolours, Pen and Ink)

And that is all. How are you all today? Tell me your last embarrassing moment? Your favourite colour? I've had yogourt for breakfast every day this week! HAVE YOU?

P.S. Sibling's guest post will have her appearance very shortly.