My dental hygenist resembled Perez Hilton

Another rainy day. Yay? I'm getting used to these days. I decided to dress bright to pretend that it was sunny and summery. Even though it wasn't. At all.

(Necklace - Forever 21 $12, Floral Dress - Thrifted $5, Purple Blouse - Value Village/ Vintage $6, Tights - H&M $6, Shoes - Aldo $10)

^ This necklace is so much fun! I love Forever 21 if not only for this piece.

For any body who actually reads what I write (you guys are the best!!), here are some of my DIY/ Sewing I've done the past two, rainy, dreary days that I promised to post..

The classic puffy skirt.. but with embellishments!

^ Details - the skirt looks really awkward on the hanger. And the pictures kind of suck. Whoops. But you get the idea!

DIY Shirts - Taken from plain, white Hanes Ts.

Shirt 1)

^ See the second black, lighter line? Not supposed to be there, but it's washable marker so it'll come off!

Shirt 2)

^Skeleton fun!

These shirts were so much fun to make! Definitely something worth a try. Um, except, you may want to actually follow the direction for the dye and wear gloves. Otherwise your hands change race. After thorough washing..

The song "Bruises" is running through my head whenever I look at them.. I'm permanently black and blue, I'm permanently black and blue for youuuuu. Moral of the story: wear gloves!

Once again, for any of my readers who actually read my monsterous and, admittedly, awkward posts (once again, you all rock!), I am going to Peru for 3 weeks! Therefore, there will be no updates until July 20th-ish. Anyways, I am doing volunteer work for Peru's Challenge - I'm really excited to be emerged in a new country with a totally different culture from mine. I will post pictures and updates when I get home! Leaving tomorrow - Happy Canada's Day all fellow Canadians!

Quite proud - everything for three weeks in a little suitcase! :)

Anyways, thank you SO much for coming. Please comment and I will definitely get back to you all as soon as I come back. Have a lovely summer (or at least a few weeks in July)! Sending sunny days and happiness your way with my super powers. Hopefully. :)


That 70's .. Post

This probably got me a lot of weird looks. Yay.

(Blue Dress - Liz Claiborne/ Value Village $10, Skirt - homemade)

Jealous of my "disco" moves? Yes, I know you are. It's okay, I would be too. Pretty skilled. But, whatever..

(Belt - Stolen from Mum. Bracelet - H&M $4)

I'm pretty sure these are my new favourite shoes - their so bright and fun! Like.. a clown.

(Shoes- thifted/ Kensington Market $15)

Yet another rainy day. Grr. Actually, no. It wasn't that bad - spent most of the afternoon doing some sewing and DIY shirts. I'll post them tomorrow! Highlight of the day: discovered a thrift shop with ridiculously low prices. I kind of bought 8 belts. But they were only $1 each! Also, sunglasses for $0.50! Cha-ching. Score.

Have a great day everyone! Thanks for stopping by :)


Zellers is like Wal-Mart... but with less stuff..

Trend: Whenever I post pictures of the lovely weather, the following day is rainy and gloomy.
Example: Today.

Trend: Boyfriend jeans.
Example: Today.

Due to the gray skies and water spitting from the clouds, my outfit is rather monotone/ not very bright. Despite the cool weather, I decided that this was an oppourtunity to wear the clothing that had been tucked away until cold weather is SUPPOSED to come around (ie. not the summer).

(Blazer - Vintage/ Value Village $6, Shirt - Value Village $3, Jeans - Value Village $6)
Note: This are legit boy jeans. Went to the male section and tried to discretely take them without getting any strange looks. Failed.

I'm attempting to emulate "boyfriend"/male concept of the jeans in my photos. I don't know why, but I decided to go for the "gangstah" boyfriend. Hence, my poses. "I'm a gangstah, I'm a straight up G, the gangstah life is da life for me" was running through my head. Actually, no. I was rappin' out loud. I think it'd be fun to be a gangster. Though I'd probably be more of a Taylor Swift via thug story. But, you know, whatever. I'm still pretty dope... Whatevzz dawg..

(Shoes - Mum's old shoes)
I used to think these shoes were the most atrocious things to set on this planet.. I've grown to like them.

(Belt - Stolen from Dad, Gold chain (attached to belt) - from old shorts)
(Necklaces - Top to Bottom - Value Village $2, Flea Market $10, Winners $10 (belt worn as necklace))

Perhaps it was the Flea Market Clock Necklace that triggered the gangster 'tude.. Flava Flav anyone? (NOTE: I do not watch his show, I promise. It was just on the plane and nothing else was on!! It was one time only!)

He's saying "Gurrrl, if you can wear a clock like me, then you're gangstah too!"
Aww, thanks Flava Flav!

Um, moving on to somewhat more relevant things.. Thanks for all your nice comments - glad you like my skirt. Someone mentioned I should sell them. Question: Would you buy them? - Different colours/ patterns/ details? At what price? Please respond :)

Three more days until I go to Peru! 'Ight, peace fellaa homie G bloggahzz,

Girl with da Gangstah 'ttude.

P.S. Rainy weather officially makes me crazzzy. Erm, I'm sorry.


Buh-Buh-Buh-Buh I'm Lovin it.

Buh-buh-buh-buh-buhhhhhh. (Note: this is supposed to be the Macdonald's theme song tune.) Remember, back in the day, when it was terribly clever and catchy to sing "Buh-buh-buh-buh-buhh, I'm hatin' it" to the commercial? Like, you would erupt in hysterics? Yes, no, maybe so? Or maybe I was just a strange child.. Uh, yeah, probably.

Anyways, average outfit = quick post..

(Purple blouse - Value Village $6, Belt - Value Village $4, Skirt - Homemade, Shoes - Value Village $7)

(Necklace - Value Village $2, Rings - Le chateau $3, Suzy Sheer $2, Bracelet - Suzy Sheer $2)
I don't know why my blouse turns up blue in these pictures. It actually purple, like this. oh well, just *use your imagination.*

Mr. Sun-sun has definitely made an appearance here. Hope he's been your way, too!

Edit: Yes, these are my pictures. I pretend I can take pictures, but I know I suck! I envy those who are able to capture beautiful pictures!!

Thanks for coming by! I will be checking your lovely blogs very soon. Until then, have a fabulous day!


The Jonas Brothers were in my dream yesterday. How embarassing.

Don't you guys love those outfits that make you feel like you take on another persona? I sure do - I felt like this hard-core rock chick in this outfit - note: so not like me! (Second note: why do I always begin my posts with questions? I do not know.)

^ That giant reflection on the sequin is real. That's what attracted me to this picture. Not my expression so much, really.. at all.

(Sequin dress: vintage/ value village $12, denim shirt - dress-up box/ mum's?, pink cardigan - forever 21 $6, belt - dad's, sunglasses - value village $2, jewelry - assortment)

Woohoo! Lot's of different materials.. fun, fun..

Light denim; pink cotton and pearls; black sequins, lace, and beads

Went to value village and picked up these sunglasses right before I was about to pay..

Actually, I picked up a lot of other things at Value Village - totaling to $36! Ahh, how I love it there. There were so many elderly ladies there (more than usual), as it was Seniors-get-20%-off-day. Gotta love the seniors :) Anyways, I'm excited to wear them! (After thorough cleaning, undoubtedly.)

Unrelated: Yay, this is my seventh post, I believe! :) Thanks again (are you getting sick of my thanks yet? - hope not!) for coming. I really, really, really appreciate it. I'm glad I've been able to update everyday. Anyways, the point is that I am leaving for Peru for volunteer work very soon for three weeks. Therefore, no updates during that duration. Just a head's up. You know, if you care..

Okay, have a lovely weekend! Sending happy vibes and good weather your way (hopefully)!

P.S. Thanks for all your nice comments on my previous post. For all of you who liked the puffy skirts, let me tell you that it's super easy to sew and takes less than 2 hours so I highly reccomend you give it a try! Warning: they're super addictive. How else would I end up with 7? (I made my seventh this morning, with the disco ball fabric I posted earlier)


Sew what?!

Do you ever have those days where you feel like doing absolutely nothing except lounge in your pajamas, have some hot chocolate and read a book? Well, I've never actually had one of those days, per say, but I woke up to clouds this morning and decided it was a lazy day.

Kind of ironic that yesterday I posted pictures of the sunny weather here! *sigh* Don't you love the ever-changing Canadian weather? ..Yeah, me neither.

Anyways, I spent most of the day (well, half, because I decided to sleep in late and thus wasted the morning) sewing. Actually, the power went out for about an hour, so I stopped sewing then too. And I stopped for dinner and lunch... Still, I did quite a bit of sewing..

I finished up these bright harem pants. I'm thinkin' that I should have stuck with basic black, but you never know when your in a mood for bright, red pants! ..Right? :) They're really comfy. My sister calls them "poop pants." I don't know how much use they'll get, but they were pretty fun to make!

I also whipped up that puffy Ronald Macdonald-and-nameless-friends skirt!

I'm somewhat addicted to making these skirts (I think I've worn them in most of my outfit posts already!). I've made six in the past month and I bought fabric for two more! Anyways, I figure I'll get so sick of making them, that I won't make anymore. Trust me, it's reallllyy addicting!

Here's a dress I sewed a few months ago:

Denim and Tulle. The tulle's like a sea foam/ mint green. Inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker's Oscar dress.

Rosettes = Good times (NOT!)

I've never actually worn this dress. Anyone want to invite me to a nice, fancy party? ...Really? ...Aww, you're so nice! Thanks for the invite.
(Yes, I just had a conversation with my imaginary friend. Jealous? You wish you talked to imaginary friends!)

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed! I know I'm no pro sewer, so please do not critisize my lack of skills! Please and thank-you.

Lastly, thanks again (I know I say this every time, but you have no idea!) to all my lovely commenters, especially those who come back and comment again :) Special shoutout to thetrendydwarf because he always leaves lovely comments - check out his blog! And shoutout to anyone else who has commented. You all rock! Oh, and to my 11 followers! YAY - you guys rock, of course!

Have a lovely evening :)

P.S. Any Project Runway fans out there? I am! America, Australia, Canada (started Philippines, and the British version but never finished).. Anyways, I'm watching Project Runway Canada Season 2 right now. Sonny is so adorable! But don't tell me what happens, I haven't finished! I don't know why this tidbit of information has been shared to you all, it seemed relevant.. in some way.. maybe.. okay.. bye..