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Hey. I see you're drinking 1%. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole if you wanted... OH HEY. HOW YOU DOOOOIN'?

Yeah, that's right. LOOK AT THAT FLATTERY. You see, I thought if I flattered you guys silly then it would perhaps compensate for lack of posting as you'd be blushing like MAD right now. Am I right? Am I right? YEAH, I'M RIGHT. Hah!

Anyways, I have an excuse for not posting: 1) I JUST got home. (and I've been doing nothing since. So I should be updating. But that doesn't make sense if I labeled such a reason for an excuse. So therefore all these words are in brackets as a secondary issue and blah blah blah.) 2) MY STUPID COMPUTER DIED. For real. It doesn't turn on. And it makes a noise as though it's going to barf up all its contents. Damn. I gave that thing 4 years of my life. 4 YEARS. And how does it repay me?! I hope we can patch things up... Mac's the only mac out there for me. I can't see being with any other Mac at this point. It's all... too raw. But you know, things change. Humans and Macs go in different directions. Different paths. It's not fair. Life's not fair.

MOVING ON. (do you follow the MULTIPLE meanings of those words? Aw yeah.)

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As I've said, I just got home. Ish. A few days ago. In memory of Guatemala, I've decided to wear this mask (from Guatemala) whenever I go outside in public. My mummy says I'm special... HAH! FOOLED YA. I don't ACTUALLY wear this mask! (in public.) Only for pictures because I'm a poser like that. (But hey, I reck'n it'd be a good conversation starter, no?)
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The mask is just SO FLY (yeah, I never say fly. But GET IT?! Fly?! Birds?! Bird Mask?! I'm hilarious!) that my sister decided to take a selfie with it. Pffshh. Dork!
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In case you're super observant or a SPY KID (I put that in Caps to emphasize how ridiculous COOL it'd be if one my my readers' was a SPY KID. Aw yeah, childhood idols anyone? Anyone?!), then you would have perhaps realized I have ink on my wrist in a picture above the last. I got a tat. KIDDING. I have a newfound obsession with giving myself fake tattoos. Because, you know, I look cultural and artsy and stuff... I secretly want to be LA Ink. I also want to be an explorer. (But I might have just said the latter to tie into this picture. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.)
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ALSO, while we're onto close ups and such... MEET MY FAVOURITE SHOES FROM THE EIGHTH GRADE (aw, I sound so American... "The eighth grade.") Fun fact: I'm an extreme hoarder when it comes to clothing and shoes. As in, "Oh hey, I miiight wear that ugly vest with the Hannah Montana emblem one day. You simply NEVER KNOW." (This vest doesn't actually exist in my closet. It's merely an EXAMPLE. I swear!) And therefore my room is LITERALLY my closet. Literally. I have belts on the side of my bed. And I sleep over my sweaters and shorts. And Taylor Lautner. No, I'm kidding. That was a JOKE. Taylor Lauter? Psh. I'm OBVIOUSLY Team Edward! (That was also a joke. I hate Twilight. I'm just being, you know, CHEEKY and stuff. Giggle.)
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Anyways. Guatemala was oodles of fun. I'll post pictures soon. I like the word oodle.
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And doesn't it seem like the place where you'd meet a lot of interesting people. Like, "Oh yes. Whilst hostel-hopping (you know? Like club-hopping? But with HOSTELS? new term, boo yeah!), I met just THE most interesting people."
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But then, this got me thinking, well WHAT MAKES A PERSON INTERESTING?! I mean, we can obviously play the whole, "Well, EVERYONE'S interesting!" Which is true. But I'm talking about, you know, those people that you meet and you just thinking "WOW. I met this person and they were just SO interesting." Is it their stories? Their personality? Their viewpoint? It's almost like, to borrow a phrase from those amazing pieces of literature (aka TABLOIDS), there's a certain "IT Quality!" (You know, I've heard it through the grapevine that poor Brad as just simply lost it since being a father. (and now I sound like I'm talking about his virginity? Damn.))
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I must admit that I definitely use my clothing to convey being interesting. Like, "oh hey, I don't wear skinny jeans so I'm interesting! And really pretentious, apparently!" But, rest assured, I don't consider myself an interesting person. Not really. But then again, of COURSE everyone's interesting. I guess the beauty of the world is that no one's life can be replicated by another person: everyone undergoes different experiences and meets different people and endures different challenges that shape who they are and how they think and, yeah, it's all pretty interesting.
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^ Oh and by the way. BIRD'S EYE VIEW. BIRD MASK. GET IT.
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(Shirt - Thrifted $1, Shorts - Value Village/Thrifted $10, Hat - Value Village/Thrifted $3, Belts - Thrifted $1 each, Shoes - Aldo $15, Awesome Bird Mask - Guatemala, Jewelry - Assorted)

So, in conclusion, everyone's different. And here's what I want YOU to do.
Comment this:

(You fill in that blank.)
Plain and simple. Something interesting about you. I'm also going to assume that we're all going to sound rather pretentious, so do not fret. YOU ARE GOING TO SOUND PRETENTIOUS AND THAT'S OKAY. I like you and I want to know why you're interesting. (I last minute added the "I guess you could say" part because now we don't have to fret about sounding silly. BOO YEAH I'M CLEVER.)

I guess you could say I am interesting because I'm NOT your generic teenage girl. I don't believe in labels. I don't believe in conformity. Rather, I believe in being different and following dreams. And hell yeah, Imma do both. Worrrrrd. (I also pretend I'm gangstah.)



textual. contribute you all. (rhymes?!)

A few days - ahem, WEEKS (man, I've even had this post prepared for awhile now...) - ago, I posted this super awesome magazine and, to end the post, I posted my absolute favourite page of the entire magazine. Which is below. I suggest you read it, because that's what I'm surrounding this post on.
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Now, I don't usually ever (as in NEVER) do "all-word" posts, but I feel like this is an important topic. I'm kind of assuming that most of you have an interest in fashion as this is a fashion blog, and you probably have a fashion blog, and yeah, so I thought that this might be a good arena to discuss this subject of "fashion." I'll try to make it as coherent and eloquent as possible but, truth be told, I'm kind of between ideas and opinions and thoughts and rambles and I can't promise that those two adjectives will best describe my words. So warning?

When I read this page, I IMMEDIATELY agreed. Fashion absolutely has a tainted portrayal of the real world; the clothing is unaffordable, the sizes are unnatural, and fashion's overall portrayal of the world is incorrect. Absolutely. Without a doubt. Looking at magazines, now in particular, a lot of questions run through my head... Why don't I see normal people on the runway? Why are the pages in the magazines from a seemingly different world than my own?
It's really sad what fashion portrays. There's this tainted perception of beauty and what's "hot" and what's "in," warping people's mind on both beauty and the fashion industry, in general. And I disagree with this. Definitely. At risk at sounding like a five year old, the fashion industry needs to GROW up. We NEED to see different sizes and races and people. We NEED to see the real world, and not just this warped world of so-called "beauty."

But, then again, I don't think that fashion denies what it portrays. No one is like, "No, fashion depicts what life should be." No. I think that we can ALL recognize that the world isn't filled with size 0 white girls in thousands of dollars worth of clothing. I think the people in the industry recognize that fashion ISN'T reality. (I'm almost certain that Anna Wintour alluded/ said this in the September Issue, but I'm failing at finding a quote that encompasses this.) Ultimately, fashion - or at least how it's portrayed in the media, in the runway, in the industry - ISN'T real life. And perhaps that's the idea?

fashion SUPPOSED to reflect the real world? Is fashion supposed to be attainable? Or is fashion supposed to be an idea, a dream? Something to escape to?

I don't know; I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with these thoughts. These are just questions that are entering my mind. I guess the main concept that all of these ideas are kind of leading towards is WHAT IS FASHION SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU?

The answer to this question is pretty subjective - to be honest, I don't even have my own, full opinion constructed - but I'll try to examine it. I mean, from an industry's perspective (and I am in no way in the industry, so I guess that this is just an "outsider's" perspective), I would think that the main objective of fashion is to create a vision - it's a luxury, it's glamorous, it's something people are supposed to look at and WANT. (Again, insert Anna Wintour quote here.) Magazines put pretty people in pretty clothes with pretty words and when you see all if this you think, "Wow! I want that!" No, it's not realistic, nor attainable. But that's the idea. I mean, if it WAS attainable, if it WAS something you saw looking outside your front step, what would be the purpose of the magazine? What would it be presenting? After all, fashion is, ultimately, like any other industry - a business. To sell, to market, to manipulate. All in all, the fashion industry wants to create a vision that you WANT; not something that you already have.

Now, what is fashion supposed to give YOU, as a person? Like I said, this is obviously extremely subjective. It gives me something to get excited about, it gives me a mean of self expression... But, when I thought about it - I mean, really thought about what and why I love fashion - it kind all boils down into a simple idea: it's an "escape." When I look at a beautiful collection on style.com, flip through a fabulous editorial in NYLON, put on a eccentric outfit, or even write in my very own blog, I feel like I'm entering a different world. Not necessarily a world of "glamour" per say, but a world that's, well, different from what I'd see at a local mall. It's NOT real life. It's a whole new world. And THAT'S pretty damn cool. (Is that the trap of fashion? Is that what the industry is TRYING to do? Am I being lured in?)

So I guess this is kind of alluding towards the idea of fashion and what it does: which, in my opinion, is creating a vision, an escape. Something that IS different from real life. IS fashion supposed to be truth? About real life? Or is it supposed to be an image? A vision?

Now, I know that it sounds like I'm defending fashion, so I'll have you know that I am, in no way, agreeing with the fashion industry and it's portrayal of "beauty" and, as the magazine is alluding towards, life in general. Rather, I'm trying to generate an idea as to WHY this is going on. WHY fashion DOESN'T show "real life." And, in my opinion, the creation of luxury, image, and visions is why this goes on.

This isn't to say that I support all this. No. Definitely not. I remain true to my initial reaction to this page - utter agreement. To put it simply (my personal opinion, of course), FASHION NEEDS REVOLUTION. It needs to change its perception of the public - deciding what people should look like and the ideals of beauty - but, at the same time, the public also needs to change its perception of the industry. Because of these faults of fashion, the public has a very warped perception of the industry. And rightfully so. With skinny-minnies going down the runway and magazines flaunting all things "HOT," OF COURSE the public questions the industry and its morals and ideals alongside.

But, I think that the industry has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Fashion is everywhere. It really, really is. I know that I'm being very bias because I love fashion, but still. I'm kind of reiterating what I said in part of my speech here but, fashion is inescapable. To borrow a quote from Coco Chanel, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

I truly view fashion as art. Look at something like THIS and tell me that's not art. It's beautiful. But, because of how the fashion industry can portray itself in magazines - "Wear this!" "Ladies, look hot today!" 'That's so out!" "Lose your fat now!" - fashion gets the label of being frivolous, arrogant, and stupid. And sure, in some respects, perhaps caring about your appearance IS arrogant. Yes, we should be judged for WHO we are - our personality, our morals, our talent - not what we wear. But is that to say that we have to reject fashion? Yes, there is more to life than fashion. Absolutely. But is that to say that we can't ENJOY fashion? A powerful form of self-expression? The singular way in which you CAN express yourself, without even SPEAKING?

I guess I'm really just SICK of many aspects surrounding the fashion industry - both how it portrays people/beauty/fashion and, at the same time, how people portray IT. I was reading the comments on Fashionista regarding Vogue's September issue to feature a BLACK actress, Halle Barre. Despite the racial change - in which many people applauded as a refreshment from the generic blond/ "all american" actresses - people still indicated their need for CHANGE. The need for things to move forward. To refresh. To REVOLUTIONIZE.

Why DON'T we see more regular people on the covers of magazines? In runway shows? In magazine editorials? Sure, we're trying to maintain this image of "beauty" but, is that to say you and I - regular people - AREN'T beautiful? Isn't everyone beautiful? Fat, skinny, black, white? In some shape or form?

In a way, blogging is a step in this direction. To me, one of the most appealing things about blogs is that they are REAL people; real style, real clothes, real sizes, shapes, ethnicity. The phenomenon that blogging has created is INCREDIBLE. Real people! Why can't we see more real people in magazines? Why not some elderly rocking editorials more or some "fat" people on magazine covers once in awhile?

And why are we always labelling things in fashion? "Hot" "not" "in" "out." One thing that I find ironic is that, in general, we have the fashion industry mocking conformity - ha-ha, those kids in those hideous hollister mall assembles. Yet, at the same time, I can't help but to think that the fashion industry, too, looks like a sea of conformity. So much of what we see in magazines - the styling, the people, the labels - are THE SAME. (The model off duty rant is a whole other post...). Is it too scary to make the jump? Is sticking to what we know the safe bet?

I can't predict the future but maybe - just maybe - WE can be part of the generation that gives the fashion industry the push it needs. We don't have to reject the ideas that formulate the fashion industry in the first place - the vision, the dream... it should all stay, it needs to stay - but, while creating this dream, why not embrace the WORLD? Everything and everybody in it is so damn beautiful and can, surely, still create this beautiful vision and escape that is embodied in fashion. But instead of manipulating minds and gaining labels of arrogance and stupidity and creating this aura of exclusiveness, let's SHARE the love. Don't tell people what to wear. Don't tell people what's hot, what's not. For god's sake, stop taking every damn thing so seriously. Can we please just have some FUN with fashion?! OPEN people to new ideas! To embracing fashion, not rejecting it as arrogant! To recognize the ART behind it. The PASSION behind it. It's not stupid - it's pure LOVE for the subject that creates these kinds of things. But, while doing so, just inject some fun and lighten up.

I write all this and I dream all this because I love it so much. But, MAN, it drives me crazy sometimes.


Pheeeew! Enough from me. If you read all that, well, I give you a gold star because you're a winner. (That was weird.) But honestly, virtual high five, now? You're a trooper. Please, I'd LOVE to hear all your thoughts. So, without further ado...
Do you think the fashion industry is supposed to be a vision? Or should it be more attainable? Would you like to see more "real" people in magazines and on the runway? Or do you like the luxury and glamor presented? Do you think the industry conforms too much? Or do you think we criticize it too much? What does fashion give YOU?

Feel free to write a post in response or anything of that manner because I'd genuinely LOVE to hear your thoughts.


i cheated in grounders. DIDN'T YOU?!

SUPER QUICK NOT THAT EXCITING SCHEDULED OUTFIT POST. Oh wait, that's not enticing... AMAZING POST THAT YOU MUST CHECK OUT. (Oh wait, now you have your hopes up... SUPER QUICK NOT THAT EXCI-.... It's like a VICIOUS CYCLE of indecisiveness, I'm telling ya!)

Simple outfit because it was one of *THOSE* days. You know? Those days. (Okay, I'm not ACTUALLY expecting you guys to know what "those" entails. But if "Ah yes, THOSE sauna-esque melting in my seat and turning into that wicked witch in Wizard of Oz" was running through your head, then you DO know. Soul sistaaah! Or brothaaah!)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Go bows! Potential DIY?!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Go socks and sandals! I look like a dorky tourist! But I'm still out in Guatemala so that is a-okay! Okay?!
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(Shirt - Thailand, Skirt - Homemade, Belts - Thrifted, Bag - Peru, Shoes - Value Village, Socks - H&M)

That is all.
HOW YOU DOINNNN'? Tell me a joke! A pick up line! A pun!

Visits asap. Ish.

(P.S. Sorry for terrible photo quality.)


summer moleskins 1.0

SUMMER GOAL: To fill up one of these pages each day I'm home.
STATUS: This is why I hate goals. They are the source of my unhappiness. Kidding. I don't actually hate goals. And they don't actually lead me to unhappiness. And I haven't actually failed as much as one may imagine. For days in which I fail to fill in the page, I have often (meaning not always, so shushhhh on those ones) done TWO THE NEXT DAY. So, although I may be brain fried from not being in school, rest assured that I'm still knowledgeable in the area of mathematics and such statistics indicate that the sketches average out to be one per day and I'm STILL A WINNER.

June 27, 2010
Young lovers.
Did you have a young lover? I never did really. But I was looking through old pictures, and little me and little Patrick look pretty adorable in his red convertible car thingy that I never owned (but REALLY wanted to!), so I'm pretty sure we were fling-worthy.
young lovers

June 27, 2010.
Stripe types. [best if you zoom in - Click "All Sizes" on Flickr.]
Derived from a 60s ad. I must post pictures from my 60s ads book. I would potentially BUY into ads more if they were 60s-esque (hahahah, get my punny joke?!).
stripe types

June 28, 2010.
Poor, poor Piglet.
Kind of ironic, as it's actually Eeyore who I've always felt sorry for. I mean, who DOESN'T feel sorry for the poor guy?!
poor, poor piglet

June 29, 2010.

Uh, oh. There is no June 29, 2010. Moving on discretely...

June 30, 2010.
Shoe Fly.
I think I used all my wittiness up in this page. Hence why I can't think of something to say right now.
shoe fly
(I know I'm not ACTUALLY witty, but shh.)

YAY. Not sure if you guys enjoyed seeing these, but you'll be seeing more! Regardless of what YOU think! I don't care what you think! Y'all ain't important! Kidding! This is a scheduled post, and I have another scheduled post entitled "summer moleskins 2.0" so sad face. I CAN'T CONTROL THIS BLOG. IT'S POSTING WITHOUT MY DOING AND IT'S GETTING OUT OF HAND. SPPPOOOKYYY.

Talk to you all soon! Ish.


where did ya come from? where did ya go? where did ya come from COTTON EYE JOE?

GREETINGS FRIENDS AND EXTRA-TERRESTIALS. THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE. NO, NO IT'S NOT. BUT IT'D BE COOL IF IT WAS. BUT, HEY, SINCE I'VE LURED YOU IN, I'LL TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE THAT'S COOL... AS YOU READ THIS, I'M IN GUATEMALA! I'm writing this on the date of Saturday July 9, the day in which I'm leaving. Therefore, if I'm actually in Guatemala then I'm, like, psychic ZOMG. (Not ACTUALLY. It was planned! LOLZ, tricked yaaa! you so gullible!)

Airport outfit shots. This is completely vain, but my pet peeve is lazy airplane outfits. Comfort and laziness CAN coincide with decent dressing. PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one that thinks this! (Or am I the sole person bathing in utmost VANITY? "yes" is a definite possibility.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The humor in which me and my sister experienced whilst viewing these pictures is difficult to express, so I'll leave it at my favourite acronym LMAOWROFLWMSANOGWISFD (LaughingMyAssOfWhileRollingOntheFloorLaughingWithMySisterAndNooneGetsWhyItsSoFunny. Duh.)
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So funny that my sister SPECIFICALLY RAN UPSTAIRS, IRONED HER PLANE OUTFIT (dress on the plane sister? Really?) AND POPPED FOR THE PICTURES. (pfft, what a narcisstic dork!)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We call them "Pop Jump" pictures. It's all about the jump - but making it appear as though you just so happened to "pop". This is rather hard to enunciate? It's a VERY specific regime. I'd say that the "Pop Jump" very much rivals the Bend-N-Snap in terms of necessary precision. (I mean, just look at those extremely intensive and serious faces!) GIVE 'ER A GO? (But don't break your boyfriend's nose! LEGALLY BLOND REFERENCE AWYEAHTEENAGEGIRLSCHTUFF. Let's share our gossip!)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Close-ups of ma outfit.
Discrete pattern mixing. And colour mixing. I'm pretty sure this defies some of those stupid fashion "rules." (Fashion rules are, in my opinion, one of the SILLIEST things ever. So silly! Look at me, talking to you guys like you're five! This is cute.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I got this hat at one of the markets in Peru last year. It's absolutely GORGEOUS with all the hand-embroidery - you definitely don't see much of this in Canada. I don't wear it as much as I should, so thanks for reminding that I SHOULD.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And my luggage tag. Just because it kind of looks like me. Minus the bangs. And if the glasses were heart shaped. Plus a bit more hair. AND THEN WE'RE BASICALLY TWINS. It could practically DOUBLE as my passport! Snaaaap.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You have no idea how challenging it was to orchestrate the "Pop Jump" self timer with two people and suitcases. BUT IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS. So what if we're more jumpy than poppy? There's ALWAYS room for interpretation, my friends! That's the utmost BEAUTY of the pop jump. (Yes this contradicts my previous "ohhh yes, there's a VERY specific regime." Boy, was a pretentious! (YES, I'm trying to justify our lame pop-jumpiness but SHH.))
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Mimi's wearing: Dress - Zara, Shoes - Old Navy, Scarf - Thrifted)
(I'm wearing: Altered Thrifted Top $7, Altered Thrifted Shorts $3, Hat - Peru, Belt - Unknown, Socks - H&M, Shoes - Value Village $7)

(inaccurate. I'm Jamaican Chinese. My dad was born in Jamaica. He's Chinese though. But it sounds pretty rad mon.)

What is your ethnicity/background?! Also, I was watching 1 Girl and 5 Gays (DON'T JUDGE, IT'S PERFECT BACKGROUND NOISE TO DRAWING)(AND MTV'S THE ONLY CHANNEL WITH NEW SHOWS)(SO HAH) and one of the questions that came up was Are you racist if you refuse to date people of a certain race/ background/ ethnicity? Yes? No? Maybe so? I'm interested in what YOU think! On a semi-related note, I just ("just" being when I was home, so maybe not necessarily "just" when you read this) watched the documentary Prom Night in Mississipi, which was very interesting. Thought I'd throw that in there because you should consider watching it!

Okey dokey artichoke. Will visit your blogs soon! Ish.


life as of late

How dramatic does this title sound? If I weren't me, I would think that I was going through a mid-life crisis, so rest assured that that is NOT the case. (Also, on a side note, does anyone ever feel awkward typing "that that" together? I feel like it's wrong. *re-reads last sentence* Nope, that make sense. WEIRD.) I guess it could have also been titled "The Accumulation of Things You May or May Not Care About," but that's a little, er, not as allusive as "Life as of Late." Consequently, "The Accumulation of Things You May or May Not Care About" will have to serve as the sub-title. The by-line, if you will. Okay, PHEW.

Moving on. Here's just some random things that I've been meaning to share. Oh, and just for fact, this is a SCHEDULED POST. Is this eerie OR WHAT?! I hope you say "yes." Because if you say "no," then this potentially means that this schedule post did not, in fact, post. SO IT'S SCARY. I'm like Casper the friendly ghost! Oooh... (That was supposed to mimic eerie apprehension. Just by the way.)

I've been playing this 5.1 hour playlist all day, every day (almost literally) and I really like it. More summery and pumpy than the last and I guess that's appropriate as it's summer and it should, in fact, be summery and pumpy. So yay! Itunes also classified a good bulk of these artists/ songs as "singer/ songwriter." Which is fine and all. But it makes me feel like I'm 90 years old, so I think I'll invent a new genre entitled "unsaturated songs that should actually be popular." I'll post SOME of the songs. Check 'er out?

Crystalised - The xx
Small Things - The Audreys
You're Not Coming Home Tonight - First Aid Kit
Something Good Can Work - Two Door Cinema Club
Mango Tree - Angus & Julia Stone
How Low - Jose Gonzalez
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others - The Smiths
All I Have To Do Is Dream - The Everly Brothers
Bedouin Song - Lior
Zorbing - Stornoway
I Was a Teenage Anarchist - Against Me!
Always Like This - Bombay Bicycle Club
If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
No Surprise - Lightspeed Champion
Kiss Off - Violent Femmes
To Be Surprised - Sondre Lerche
Foundations - Kate Nash
Do You Realize - the Flaming Lips
Here Comes Your man - The Pixies
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

These are some of my besties. Check out their blogs! For real!
The Trendy Dwarf - "I like unicorns and so do little girls!"
six-twentytwo-onine - "YEAH UNICORN"
Studded Dreams - "you should really do some more unicorns, ahem, i mean, vlogs! ;)"
Sui Generis - "Unicornz ftw!"
Lunacy Fringe - "Your vlog definitely was both explosive and quirky (not unlike a unicorn) and I enjoyed every second of it!"
Unicorn + Tee -"ahem, unicorn. ;)"
Soy Confessions - "omfg i dreamt of a unicorn last night."
Dawley Style - "It's rare to find someone so awesome. almost as rare as seeing a unicorn. (eh eh? nice right?" Ed note: So sneaky! Like... SPU KIDS!
A Grunge Fairytale - "Remember that episode where lizzie [mcguire] had a unicorn on her sweater for picture day??" Ed note: YES I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT EPISODE. (you actually fooled me, I didn't even see unicorn at first haha.) But it was a hideous bright red sweater! And she was so grumpy in the episode! Haha. Aww. Memories.
Pandora's Closet - "you're hilarious, such a cute video (*cough*unicorn*cough)"
The Sweetest Escape - "oh oh oh unicorn! /i actually prefer Pegasus... oh well unicorn is cool too ;p"
Six Letter Daze - "No, that was not totally UNICORNS lame, I thought you were funny!"

ARE YOU CONFUSED?! Consider the following remedies 1) What's the common word between ALL these comments? or 2) Just check out the video. Towards the end. Phew.

First moleskin page of the summer! Done a few weeks ago. Don't know if you guys enjoy viewing these pages, but as I certainly hope so. Because they make up a handful of scheduled posts to come(by handful, I mean peace-fingers-full. By that, I mean two. GET IT?! Peace fingers = two. Ha-ha-ha. Okay Lexy, stop being so witty/clever/awesome. Kidding.)

Some sketches based off this random collage. Architectural city (cat) party as inspiration?

Some "BEFORE'S." You know? Like in magazines and (disturbing) makeover shows when they show that oh-so "ugly" BEFORE picture? Yeah? Yeah. Well, you'll see the "after" of these in posts to come! I've been hemming and altering like crazy.


In conlusion, this was a kind of an irrelevant post. But, hey! I'm irrelevant! Oh wait, that's a bad thing. I'm relevant! I'm really relevant! I'm not making sense! Er...
1. What music are YOU listening to?
2. For those who wanted more vlogs, OF WHAT? What should I vlog about?

3. What would you like to see more or less of on da blog? Suggestions? Changes? Parties animals?

Won't be able to respond to blogs in awhile (but I can't predict the future MAYBE I WILL RESPOND. But probably not.) But I WILL when I can! Kisses from (hopefully) Guatemala! :)
P.S. The whole "Scheduled Posts" thing is rather daunting. And eerie.


sparkly boyfriends are so overrated.

It's the awkward month in magazine land when they (who is "they"? I ponder) decide to merge the two months together and, consequently, one (being the consumer) is left magazine-less for this poor awkward month that is unfortunately deemed as too suckish for it's own glossy magazine. (Do you follow?!) And, in result, I have the tendency to peruse old magazines. It was during this very perusal in which my stubby fingers landed on this very editorial (note: I actually DO have very stubby fingers. I don't know if "stubby fingers" is a commonly used phrase... but if it is then I FIT IT. YEAH.). There was an undeniable attraction between myself and this editorial. My heart pounded, love bubbles popped in the air, and a faded bridal march played in the background. I knew that THIS was the moment. The moment in the movies. Cue the cheesy music and the streaming tears! If editorials had feelings, the chemistry would have been UNDENIABLE. (Side note: not actually.)
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(Teen Vogue March 2009)

Consequently, I decided to be all PROFESH (short for "professional." I'm so professional I say profesh. Rhetorical thinking makes "profesh" > "professional" in terms of being professional. I'm making no sense. I am aware of this matter. Yeaaaa!). In conclusion, SELF TIMER SHOTS + SCREEN SHOTS = PROFESH WITH SKILLZZZ. Bam!
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Having a "me" overload? Yes, probably. To break up the series of me, I present you my sister! McDonalds ad? I don't know, but I'm lovin' it. (GET IT GET IT GET IT?! LOVIN' IT? MCDONALDS? I'M PUNNY? YOU LIKE HAPPY MEALS TOO? Aw yeah!)
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CLOSE UP OF MY LOVER: (And by "lover," I am referring to the picture below. NOT my sister. Because that would be, well, OBVIOUSLY VERY VERY CREEPY.)
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I loved the neck-piece balloon majiger done up there, so I thought I'd be a follower - ahem, be INSPIRED - and replicate my own version. It's rather simplistic in concept. Execution, however, seemed to be challenging (how Project Runway am I?!) due to sewing rubber. But whatevaaa. Ta-da!
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I actually loved wearing this outfit. Supa fun. You see, I was originally going to wear a pink lace shirt with this skirt, along with pearls and other cliche stuff and it was pretty and whatever. But then I thought to myself, "this isn't really ME." So I decided to wear leopard prints because it truly allowed me to RELEASE MY INNER FIERCENESS (lies. except for the first part. I DID wear leopard print. Changed from what I was originally going to wear.) The moral of the story: wear whatevaaa you like. (Random link? Yes, I know. I like the video. And Daniel Vosovic. (BUSTED. I'm a major Project Runway groupie.))
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ALSO... I, personally, think this furry blue creature (being my bag) is pretty awesomical. (New word. Awesome + radical = awesomical. Use it. Make it work. Like Frindle. Childhood soul mates anyone, anyone?) Actually, speaking of childhood, this creature WAS from my childhood and you wouldn't believe it but I FOUND IT IN THE GIVING IT AWAY PILE (mind you, we give it away to Value Village, so I would have been able to retrieved it, but that's beyond the PRINCIPLE of the story).
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I conclusion, I saved this blue creature's life and it owes me. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I like this picture. I look like a clown. I was never fond of clowns.
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(Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - Thrifted <$1, Belts - Both thrifted $1, Necklace - DIY, Jewlery - Assorted, Shoes - Thrifted, Bag - unknown)

Sometimes I think it'd be really AWESOMICAL (come on people! Although, come to think of it, it kind of sounds like "economical," but that's awesomical (har-har) too.) if people dressed more like me wear I live. (What upppp girl at the doctor's in skinny jeans and brown hollister tee? I SAW YOU STARING AT ME.) But I also think that if everyone dressed like me wear I live, I'd feel less unique and special. (My mummy says I'm special!) In conclusion, trends suck and WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. If you want to mix prints (oh no!) or wear (god forbid!) black and brown, then by golly, JUST DO IT. (I need to stop with this random links.)
I'm pretty sure I could have a huge rant on the overuse of trends (um, hey there model of duty look, you rock those leggings as pants) and conformity (does EVERYONE conform in some way?), but I'm off to Guatemala for two weeks. I'm sharing this really exciting piece of information in midst of this rambling beacuse 1) 2% of readers will actually read this (SHOUT OUT! LUVZYA4EVA) and 2) this is good because I have awesome pop jumps (what's that? you ask. WAIT FOR IT I say) to post. And I suppose I'll add a 3) and say 3) I'll have posts, albeit not too spectacular, scheduled to post! Yay!

Do you ever feel like you stand out in what you wear? Do you ever tone down what you wear for certain circumstances?
I didn't REALLY address these questions, but I'm curious. But I'll address them with this sole sentence that summarizes the story of my life: I'm ALWAYS overdressed. I once tried to dress "normally" (hellooo black tights!) and I felt MORE awkward than otherwise. Apparently I'm vying to be Oprah so once again: wear whatever you want.


buster baxter went away, but he came back.

Here's something for you guys to know: I have the tendency to get VERY backtracked whilst blogging. I don't even plan on it. It just HAPPENS. This is somewhat relevant for "you guys to know" as, sigh, it has happened: I'm backtracked. This isn't really a big deal, except for the fact that these pictures are incredibly misleading. Why? 1) I'm wearing clothes clothes. 2) I'm outdoors. This only means one thing... they were taken when STEPPING OUTSIDE WASN'T LIKE A SAUNA. You have NO idea how envious I am of, um, myself. Just relaxing there. Outside. Without the heat enveloping me like, urm, [insert eloquent simile here.]

In conclusion, Canadian weather sucks. At least right now. Not when these pictures were taken... (which was awhile ago because, um, my pictures are like a bottle of wine and they get better with age. (Woah! GOOD ONE, Lexy! It just came to me! I'm so witty!) (Hey! I'm actually proud I didn't have to do the whole "[insert thing]" yet again. aw yeah!)) And some dot dot dots to smoothly transition to the set of pictures...

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Silly me, I thought that this very day was a "hot day" and I, consequently, resorted to my "hot day outfit." Read: layers of belts, pearls, and a hat as accessories. I was so naive. If only I knew decent clothes + outdoors = amazing day. Oh, I just can't help but cringe at that naivety.
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I've basically been cooped up in my house as of late (and I wish I was being dramatic when I say this. But I'm not. It really is true.). I guess the good news is that I've been sketching and sewing and stuff. All of which will EVENTUALLY make it on the blog. (CAPS emphasizes how I'm so very backtracked. Hey now, it's summer!)
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But, hey, at least I'm not a dog! Poor thing melting in her natural wool jacket. And, um, my hat?
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^Don't worry, we're not ACTUALLY animal abusers during the day. (Only at night.) (kidding...)

Anyways, enough about the weather and dogs and, uh, *cringes, is that all I've really talked about?!* Er, but who cares?! LOOK AT THESE AMAZING SHOES. They're of incredible vintage quality. Like, they're almost so flawless that I'm near the point of being concern. Near. I would have loved them in black and white, but I guess black and brown is quite dandy.
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The weather's supposed to stay sauna-esque for the next few days. (Yes, we're back to the weather.) So I'm REALLY hoping that the good ole' saying of "the weather man's always wrong" proves to be true.
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But, no complains! (OKAY MAYBE A FEW.) We're young! It's summer! Let's get crunnkkkkk. (Ew, did I just mimic a black eye pea?) (I take the last statement back.)
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(Dress - Altered Vintage Dress $10, Skirt - Pacific Mall $7.50, Hat - Value Village $3, Shoes - Vintage from the Kensington Market $30, Socks - AEO, Pink Belt - H&M, Blue Belt - Thrifted, Pearl Cluster - Vintage Belt, Long Pearl Necklace - Thailand.)

All in all, this has been a fairly self-indulgent post (and by that, I mean continuous weather rant. but, hey, what's new?). So to finish this bb (this is, I've discovered, the COOL way of saying "baby." I occassionally like to add an additional 'z' - bbz, if you will - for my own personal touch.), here's some questions for YOU!

1. How's the weather? (This is one of those conversation starters in which no one actually utilizes to start the conversation. But we ain't no one and you best let me know!)

2. Who knows about your blog?
Just curious.
Me? You want to know who knows about MY blog? Awe, you guys. (By "guys," I mean my imaginary friend that resides in my brain.) Only my sister, who doesn't actually read it. Or so she says. (OH AND HAI SISTER IF YOU'RE READING THIS NOW, YOU'RE A CREEPER! Go walk the dog! And do your chores! And wanna watch Disaster Date tonight?) Other than that, no one who I know in "real" life knows about my blog. I'm sure that people would be supportive of my blog and what not, but... Fashion and creativity is a medium that I'm very passionate about, and I kind of like keeping my blog amongst people whom share that similar passion. It's a nice escape and I feel that, if people knew, the personal element and the appealing escapism of the blog would fade. Also, I go to a really small school and I think that it'd be awkward if everyone knew about it. I cringe at the prospect of people reading my blog in, say, a math class. Outloud. (Ew, I hate when people read what I write outloud. Everything is SO much more awkward outloud. Can I get an ayyymen?)

Although, I've KIND OF decided that after I graduate, I'll go ahead and post it on my Facebook with a sneaky catch line (to be determined)(suggestions?), as I probably won't see half the people again. So, HEYYYY FUTURE EX-PEERS WHO'VE STALKED MY BLOG THIS FAR! Did you find this link on Facebook? Is it creepy that I'm thinking about YOU (yes, you!) a year before you know it? Well, YOU'RE creepy! You've stalked a year's worth of posts! But, I commend you! You must love me/ be really bored! Coolness! Send me a message! Unless you're not my ex-peer! And you didn't find me through Facebook! Yet, you've found me! That's awesome! Also a little creepy! How on earth did you find me! And did you stalk a ton of posts to get here! That's fun times! But you know, friends, followers and stalkers alike, I love you all! (Stalking is illegal.) (WOWZ MAJOR SHOUT OUTZ TODAY! And exclamation points! How EXCITING!)

Er, and anyways, backtracked... AND YOU?! Who knows about YOUR BLOG?