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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Ginormous felt hat from Nepal)

I love this hat. It's so big and felt-y and uncomfortable and, thus, awesome. Just awesome. JUST SO AWESOME. Yeah. Wore it to Easter Dinner with the extended famjam. This resulted in very "hilarious" comments:
- "OOOh, you've got your EASTER BONNET on!!!"
- "We're fashionably late... but I can see you're very fashionable!"
My uncle got really attached to a running joke of the evening:
- "Oh, so you're attending the Royal Wedding..."
- "Whenever I see you, all I see is QUEEN."
- "Can I get anything special for the Royalty? No special needs?"

So, kids, throw on your fancy, schmancy hats and toast to the Easter Weekend! Or, if you don't celebrate Easter, then celebrate Sunday! The last day of the weekend! Or just wear your fancy shmancies err'day! Why not? Life's too short to save your hats for only Sunday Best.

How do people react to your outfits on the streets?
P.S. Actual outfit post soon. Very soon. Like, maybe tonight. Like, woooooah dude.


HF said...

That hat is awesome!

As to how people react on the streets, usually just staring quite hard and then pretending not to have been looking. I've had eye rolls too. And I'd like to be more of an eccentric dresser than I am now!

But in Central London anything goes. You have to love big cities. No weird looks there. :D

Jing said...

such pretty colors

Marisa Noelle said...

You are incredibly darling. That hat is amazing in every way!! As for people on the street...I usually get stares and the random compliment at times. Every so often people will gawk kind of strange, which always makes me laugh. Happy Easter!!

color shows said...

Awesome hat! You look adorable.

I'm an extremely boring dresser but I've still received some odd looks for some things I've worn. My entire family hates the bow tie necklace I just bought and I've had people gawk at my combo of polka dot tights and knee highs. I mean, if somebody basic like me gets stares, what do they do to anyone whose style is more eccentric? Jeez!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

loving the huge dramatic hat!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love your outfit!! I think it's amazing!

Haha I know people always give me weird looks, especially since I guess I overdress when I go to class, but hey jeans and tee isn't how I roll. Anyways, HAPPY EASTER!!! I love your hat.

betz said...

when i first saw your photos with the hat lexy, i thought... she must be in england!!! :) you look lovely. enjoy your tea... or whatever you are having :)

Empire State of Heart

FashionJazz said...

Loving your hat hun! U look super elegant and love the fact that you always wear, what you always want to wear :) Happy Easter xx

Mrs. April said...


I get stares. I just ignore them usually. If I'm in a really bad mood, I might yell "WHAT?!". If I'm in a really good mood, I'll stand up straight with my head held high and give a toosh a little extra shake when I pass them.

Sarah said...

One time I got told by my bus driver that I was "way too snazzy for the 'burbs." Which is kind of true, I guess. Haha. That hat is fun. Geez, did you come back with a ton of amazing stuff from Nepal, or what? That's a seriously fun hat.

I also wanted to let you know I gave you one of those "award" things on my blog. I won't be offended if you don't do it, but check it out here if you want.

Jess said...

Ohh a hat! Love hats on people, more people should wear them. The colour is great too! Very adorable.

Umm not too many reactions for my outfits, sometimes a few sideways glances. I am pretty boring though, nothing too out there.

Eli said...

Usually it is people that aren't very "fashionable" themselves that make these comments thinking they are being funny. I just ignore it and pretend it wasn't said, it's not funny anymore when no one says anything or makes no reaction.

I went to see a Balenciaga clothing exhibit that is here in San Francisco and the people there were making such awful comments and even laughing about the clothes. Just because it's not your style does not give you a reason to judge. But the same thing goes both ways.

sojourned in style said...

a regal hat indeed ;) love the colour, its a gorgeous piece. and the comments are well just pretty funny reactions.

Riumni | Rainbows Scapes♥ said...

Your hat is unique, like your personality. I'm same with those commentators above that I also get stare from some people who walkin around me and also raised their eyebrow. Those people may think something strange about our outfit but just keep walking straight confidently not care them ;)
I love every outfit you wear! Always eye-catching! <3


Stevia said...

your family is too funny!

I love the color of your hat! it's very bright and just very you ;)

looking forward to your outfit post!

hmm.. my sister is the only who is very vocal about everything I have on.. my mom only concerns is my shorts isn't too short! LOL
while my dad.. I doubt he barely notice what I'm wearing!
other family member seems to be just fine with my outfit! No strange comments so far..


LyddieGal said...

Yay, I love that hat! It adds so much spunk to the outfit, and goes perfectly with the red.

On the streets... a few weeks ago i was entering a store at the same time another woman was leaving - but then she doubled back to ask me where i'd gotten my shoes!

Chic on the Cheap

mandyface said...

You are the definition of adorbs. Srsly. Love it. ps- I like your title ;)

maphi said...

hahahahaha this is genius , advice taken :) xoxo

Gracie said...

ahhhh i love this outfit so much! this is what i'd love to wear but sometimes i feel more like blending in!

duckalicious said...

what a cool hat! and lippie, too. love the color combo of it all.

people's reactions to my outfits? well, I sometimes get looks and the facial expressions vary from approving to weirded out. I take it all as a compliment though!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

sooo pretty, Lex! great makeup.