my dog hates the smell of anything citrus

Hi there, it’s almost the end of January. So yesterday, I ate celery sticks and – OH WAIIIIIIT.

Hi there, it’s almost the end of January. HI THERE, IT’S ALMOST THE END OF JANUARY! Um. What’s up, time flying? Do you want to, you know, stop flying?

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Here is a more “subtle” outfit. I actually felt very comfortable in it. Fun fact: when I was in grade 8, I literally ONLY bought neutrals. My motto was “Why buy colours when neutrals go with everything?” I blame Lexy, age 13, for my obnoxious desire for anything bright and colourful and, you know, obnoxious. (save for this outfit) (this is weird)
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I love how webby this sweater is. It's surprisingly warm. But then again, it's surprisingly not warm. I'm not really sure what that means. Basically, I hate winter.
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It's actually sunny today. I wore socks with my uniform instead of tights. The sun is very decieving. As the News Weather Girl said, "It's very sunny today." Me, "Yay." News Weather Girl, "Don't be deceived. It's freezing." Me, "I was deceived." Anyways. That story is irrelevant. Look, I have feathers on my head! Which reminds me of birds. Which reminds me of flying. Which reminds me of time flying. WOAH CIRCLE OF LIFE. (Refer to the start of this post.)
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(Dress - Value Village Kids $3, Pants - Value Village $6, Sweater - H&M, Shoes - Vintage $35, Socks - H&M, Jacket - Borrowed/stolen from the Sibling/ PMall, Feathers - Singapore)

I really can’t believe that it’s the end of January already. I feel like time is just tick-tocking away and it’s freaking me out. It scares me how moments and days and years all blend together – and will only continue to do so as I get older. I have a neighbour who always says to me, “I would KILL to be your age again.” I hate when people tell me this. I have teachers who always tell me, “High school… one of the greatest years of your life.” I hate when people tell me this. (I also find it hard to believe: bitchy girls and jerky guys? Um, this has been the time of my life? And I know that I’ll never feel this way before? I swear, this is trueeee? La di da di freaking daaa.)

A lot of people go into an “old people” slum where they settle for less and lose sight of what’s important. I pledge not to do this. I’ve started my list of “This I want to Do Before I die.” This is both exciting and depressing as death is not looking that far off. Oops, I’m kidding/ being dramatic. I meant to say twenty is not looking that far off. The list covers everything from volunteering in a developing country for 6 months to having a conversation entirely in French with an attractive French stranger. Young male. In Paris. I’m deep like that.

What are some of the things you want to do in your life?



Back story: my school is ridiculously small. We also have many bizarre traditions. Some of them or fun. Many are not. I'm on the fence about this one: senior speech. Just how it sounds. As a senior student, you essentially have to say a speech in front of the entire high school ("entire" may be misleading - like I said, my school is ridiculously small.) It's fun to get to know people. Until you're a senior and BAM IT'S YOUR TURN. Yesterday was my turn. (BAM.) Enjoy... (Enjoy is also misleading. If you actually read it all, then you're a supasupa star.)

NOTE: there are some awkward inside jokes, but you can just giggle along and pretend you're in the know. There also some awkward jokes in general that are merely funny in my head. They luckily won giggles due to the fact that teachers are all "gold star superstar LOLing at errthang" while minerninerz are all "im2kewl4skewl." (I didn't win giggle from dem minerz.)


When I asked everybody what I should write my speech on, I almost always had the same response: “You should do it on fashion!” And I immediately knew one thing: I was not going to write my speech on fashion. “I’m interesting,” I thought to myself, “I have a huge array of interests! In fact, I’m going crazy with all the things I could talk about! Psshhh.” Long story short, turns out I overestimated my level of interestingness. So, Hello, my name is Lexy and yes, my speech is on fashion. But don’t worry, this isn’t a speech trying to convince you all to become rainbow vomiting fashion drones worshipping Value Village like myself; it’s about beauty, growing up, and following dreams. Let’s get started.

A lot of people have that infamous story that ends in “And that is when I knew I was born to be __________.” I, however, do not. As much as I wish I could pinpoint a specific time in my life when my interest in fashion began, I honestly cannot. Perhaps it was at the age of 2, when I began to walk and talk and, most importantly, dress myself. Colourful concoctions quickly replaced my mother’s colour palette of all and only black, a colour depression for anyone, but especially for a poor, helpless baby that just wants to be cute and happy. In fact, I think that my obnoxiously colourful outfits of today might be a bit of infanthood revenge.
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Or perhaps it was at the age of seven when I was at play date with my bestie Claire and she showed me her new toy. It was plastic, pink, and I wanted it. It was an Easy-to-Sew! I was a jealous little girl and Claire already had an Easy-to-Bake so, naturally, I hated her a little bit.

Fortunately, Christmas rolled along and so did an Easy-to-Sew of my own. This was good news. I could now stop secretly hating Claire and start making things of my own. The first thing I made was a periwinkle dress with bright pink thread and “flower” detailing for my Groovy Girl, Josie Junkins who, according to me and my sister’s imaginations, was a Jewish rockstar in the band, Josie and the Pussycats and her dad, Jolly Junkins, owned candyland for all the other Groovy Girls to enjoy, including Celicia Sil whose mom was the president of Alaska!

Needless to say, growing up, I always had a passion for arts and creativity. As my grade 3 journal exclaimed, “My favourite subject is arts and crafts. I like it because artsy and craftsy.” The same journal also produced the question from my teacher, “Where do you see yourself in twenty years? What will you be doing?” My response at age 7? “I will be a fashion designer in New York.” Isn’t that crazy? Okay, that didn’t actually happen… But it’s not a far stretch from my original answer, “In twenty years, I would be living in Arkansas. I would. I don’t know what I would be doing…”

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Anyway. Just like my dreams and visions have clearly evolved over the years, so has my style. From my mother’s favourite choice of “all-black baby depression,” to “La Senza girl or the nude,” to “Neutrals go with everything!” to the eventual, “Every colour and every pattern and every texture and everything in between goes with everything” of today, I would definitely say that my style has developed and changed as much as I have.

Personally, I believe that fashion is a beautiful form of self-expression. As unfortunate as it is, we all do it: judge others simply by how they appear. It’s awful and it shouldn’t be done yet, we all do it. When I see “Hollister” plastered over your chest, I will label you as a conformist until I know you better. And I’m sorry.

Of course, I’m not one to judge. My shopping buddies include old ladies and teen moms and the occasional hipster at Value Village and my mantra is essentially, “if it’s weird and cheap… buy it!” I don’t know what people think when they see my colourful legs or ridiculous shoulder pads, but my parents’ reactions are generally a good example. I am constantly greeted with a once-over from my own mother and the classic “I think I’m so funny” mom smirk as she says, “Oh, yes… You know, your grandma had a shirt just like that when I was growing up! Ha-ha-ha. I mean it as a good thing.” Or my dad, who does his usual WWSACS? What would Stacy and Clinton say? This is a reference to the show, “What not to Wear.”

Regardless, I’ve grown into having a unique style and I hope it reflects my individuality and creativity. Furthermore, I’ve grown – as much as I HATE this phrase – to have a “passion for fashion.” I absolute love this medium with all my heart and it’s painful to see it treated as frivolous and ignorant. Agreed, fashion is not changing the world, saving lives, or promoting particularly good values. Agreed, it’s not conventional, stable, or “smart.” But I see it as an art form; it’s beautiful, wearable art. Fashion isn’t the generic clothing you see at the mall. Fashion is about colours, and patterns, and shapes, and textures, and creation, and individuality. It’s about beautifying the world through creativity and passion.

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Unlike other industries, nobody’s parents are begging their children to go into fashion. In fact, I think it is my lifelong love for arts, creation and fashion that has allowed my parents to be extremely supportive of my dreams and I am truly grateful. Even when my dad tries to lure me into studying sciences at university by claiming that he’ll let me sleep and study in our basement for a “very good price,” I know that he and my mom just want me to be happy. I am very grateful and love you guys so much.

There’s something about wanting something so badly that it’s scary to talk about for fear that it may not come true. That is like me and my dreams. But it’s even scarier thinking about not even going for it. I’m applying to schools I’ve wanted to go to since the start of high school. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on my portfolios and, one week today, they will have been sent in. It’s so surreal. It’s the biggest cliché of life, but extremely true: time flies. A look at one of my journal entries really shows this:

Tues, June 15th 04

Today was the last day of school AND lower school! My 2 years of LS at SJK (my school) has been so short. It has been a GREAT year, but I’ll miss all my teachers when I go to MS next year. I don’t think I’m ready!

Why I’m not ready:

1. New teachers

2. More homework

3. New part of school

4. More responsibility

5. I DON’T WANT TO GO !! [exclamation marks connected by a sad face]

I’m just not ready for Middle School. We’ll be the little fish in the big pond! [drawing of a little fish in a big pond] NO MS!! [sad face]

Wed, June 16th ’04 (Morn 7:20) *Note: Bless my little self for being up at 7AM on the first day of vacation

Dear Journal,

Last night I was thinking about some of the GOOD things about 6th grade.


1. I can start fresh (I can do that every year)

2. New teachers, new faves (yah right!)

3. New look? (No way!)

4. More/ New friends (HOORAY!)

5. I can use the vending machine (Yes!)

I’ve been writing for 7 minutes and I can’t think of anything else to write about…

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I’d say that my 9-year-old-self was really, very clueless except for the “time flying” implications. Change should not be feared, but embraced, as should the future. If there’s one thing that I hope you get from my senior speech, it has nothing to do with fashion. It has to do with the future. In twenty years, I don’t know where I’ll be; you might see me in a magazine, traveling the world, or starving on the streets begging for your pennies. Nonetheless, the prospect of doing something I love for the rest of my life is very exciting. I am confident that my love for arts and creativity will be eternal. Life can be exhausting, but ultimately, you are all so lucky to be here today, not just because you got listen to my great speech, but also because it means you are going to a great school with so many opportunities for a great future. If you have something you love, go for it. It might be a career, a hobby, an idea, a person. Don’t let others dictate your life; not your teachers, your family, your society. Do what YOU want. Life is too short to be asking “What if?”

And so, I hope you all have an amazing life filled with bright colours and big shoulder pads and even bigger dreams. I genuinely hope that all your dreams come true because I’m a cheesy colourful fashion-dreamer and a real believer in “If you can dream it! You can do it!” Thank you!

Har, har. So if you read all that, then we are officially internet best friends. As the fact that you read all that proves that 1) you have no life (this is not an insult; I, too, do not have a life) or 2) you really luvvv me and you and I are destined to be. Therefore, being internet besties is definitely probable. If you didn't read that then, WTF YOU HAVE A LIFE WUT IZ DIZ?!
Regardless, what I really want to know is:
What are YOUR passions?
I'm super passionate about passions. They make me coo like you're a baby. It's actually a little embarassing, on your part. (To, you know, be cooed at like a baby.) But really. Go on: give me a sentence, a blurb, a novel. I'll coo. GO.



I think my BFF (Best Foto Friend), the Wall, is a fair exemplar of how I've been bitten by the mid-winter blues. I could elaborate my point and express my utter frustration with the lack of snow days, but not lack of snow. I could also attempt a witty remark as to how vomit-inducing my random assemblage of prints is. And I could also include extensive commentary regarding my unhealthy obsession with blazers (OH HAI THAR TWO NEW ONES). But I think I will spare you all the boredom and, hopefully, send you all some energy during this time that I will now deem "Mid-Winter Blues." (Dun dun dun.)
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Sending you all bursts of eternal sunshine!
(That sounds like it could be a Skittles slogan. A career in advertising is looking very probable.)
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(Dress - PMall $15, Blazer - Value Village $7, Scarf - Gift, Tights - F21 $10, Boots - Zara)

I've been really busy. But the good kind of busy, I think. (Save for my Advanced Functions test. That test can GO ROT IN A HOLE. Along with my History Essay. It's okay. I give you two permission to GO ROT IN A HOLE. SCREW THAT, ALL YOU UNNECESSARY HOMEWORK, GO ROT IN A HOLE.) Anyways, sorry that blog updates have been and will continue to be lackluster. I debated doing something about that in a form of a New Years Goal, but I immediately knew that the likeliness of actual success was on the same line of me actually exercising, enjoying science, being a unicorn, marrying Joseph Gordon Levitt, etc, so I decided to spare myself any guilt that would come inevitable failure. Har, har. Sneaky feel-good tip. (I should write a self help book.)

What is something that can always make you happy?
Maybe in the form of a favourite Vimeo video? My newest obsession. OOH OR A VLOG DEDICATED TO ME. I LOVE VLOGS. I LOVE ME. THIS IS A GREAT SOLUTION TO MY MID-WINTER BLUES. Uh, just kidding. I don't actually wants a vlog about me... (By that, I mean, I really do. And now that the thought is engraved in my head, I hate you all until that happens.) (I'm kidding. I'm kidding about all of it.) (Except for maybe the make a vlog about me part.) (But I might be kidding...) (But I'm really not.)

P.S. I just realized that I was wearing a headband at the start of these photos. And then all of a sudden, it's gone. It's MAGIC! LOLZJKZ, WHEDDUP WHIPPING MY HAIR BACK OF FORTH? lolzcatzzzz.


rah rah oh la RAWR

As my infrequent outfit posting may allude to, OH HEY THERE I GO TO A SCHOOL WITH A UNIFORM. Phooey. It's actually not that bad; I save time in the morning and cherish normal clothing more ("normal," as in my regular clothing which is, you know, not all that "normal." Whatever "normal" is. I hate that concept. "Normal" doesn't exist.)

In conclusion, I wore this outfit yesterday at our beautiful Dress Down Day. Prior to leaving the house, I had the following conversation with the sibling:
Me: Is this outfit too weird for school?
Sibling: Yes.
Me: Oh, well, what should I mellow down? Like, what's so weird about?
Sibling: Well... people will probably be freaked out by your prints that don't match at all. And also your tights that are two different colours. And your sweater's really bright. And your bow tie is really large. Also, you're wearing two different belts.
Basically, she wants me to wear my green shoes and go in the nude. Granted, I went with my instincts and, you know, didn't.
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More than anything, dress down days have become extremely amusing. I want my own TV Show. It'd be like $#*!mydadsays. Except for $#*!mypeerssay. I love it. Oh hey, VH1/MTV (I figure those are the stations that are up for every/anything/terribleteevee), I'M HERE FOR YA.
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Some anecdotes from the day:
- "How do your tights work? I... I don't get it. Is there, like, two all bundled up?" x1000. This question was a regular occurrence.
- "Hah, you're wearing two belts because you're two fat."
- "I like your style. It's very... abstract and... artistic."
- "So, when you get ready, do you just, like, close your eyes and point to thing in your closet and throw them on? And since you have so much weird stuff, it actually works?"
- "Are those mutated Frankensteins on your dress?"
- "Nice work!" - My math teacher. Hahaha. She's my favourite/ I was so confused.
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Do you like my skirt? If you answered "yes," then LOLZCATZ I FOOLED YA. It's a DRESS. I am so cheeky/ why I found it necessary to put leopards with monsters is still unknown. Any theories? Made this skirt - ahem, DRESS - for an Athletic Banquet two years ago. I decided to revive these little monsters from under my bed. Just kidding. It wasn't under my bed. But it's a semi-funny (as in not really funny) play on life and how, you know, monsters live under the bed and what nawwwwt. hahaaaa.
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My shoes look like they're some frog's psychedelic tie-dye t-shirt from the hippie era but in shoe form. Yeah, I fooled you. They're wet! Oh, hey there winter and snow and please continue to melt. Or grant us a snow day. Your extreme coldness/ presence is unnecessary if you do not fulfill one of these requirements. AND SOON.
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(Sweater that's purple, but looks blue in the photos - Value Village $4, Shirt - Value Village $3, Monster dress/skirt - Homemade, Tights - Unknown, Bow Headband - Value Village $3, Tights - Unknown, Shoes - Thrifted/ Vintage $15)

I can't believe it's already been two weeks in 2011! Ayaaaah, I'm graduating this year! This is crazy. I want to give everyone I've ever met a ginormous hug (except for not really; I'm the least cuddly person you will ever meet. I wish it were socially acceptable to do that boyish fist pound thing with female friends; I reckon that would be a fun and simple greeting. Yo. Wheddup. Dawg.) I'm also becoming acutely aware of just how ridiculous high school is. There's so much hatin' and unnecessary drama between people. I guess that's what society gets for stuffing x number of people, all hormonal and angst-y and whatamidoingwithlife-y, into an enclosed setting. I'm excited for when I can act all high and mighty and be all "Ohhh, yes. When I was in high school..." (AHTHATISSOSOONCRAZAY.)

The best part of 2011 has been ______________. (Oh haiiii. See that blank. It's for YOU to fill out! I am so considerate of your interests. Bbzzz.)
Also, what is your definition of "normal"? (Because we're deep and profound beings.)



I write this to you all, snuggled in a polka dotted robe with the warmth of the fire beating on my back, at complete ease and serenity.

Except for my polka dotted robe is making me extremely hot, the fire is burning the bare flesh off my body so I'm currently all blood cells and muscles, and I have homework/essays/portfolios/university marks/ life to worry about. But still. One thing at a time, right friends? Recently read the quote, "Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it." - Groucho Marx. This is now taped on my mirror and I hope you all have a happy day. Oh, Happy Days! (Am I quoting a movie? I feel like I am. I'll pretend I am. An Indie movie, no less. That will give me "indie cred." Therefore, I am cool.)

Today's creative project. FINALLY GOT TO PHOTOGRAPHING MY COFFEE FILTER DRESS. Procrastination? I think I'll just go with the "Ah, I was waiting for zeee perfect vinterrr day." (That was supposed to mimic a French, ahem Francais, accent, thus successfully giving me that air of "je ne sais quoi." Har har.)

Coffee Filter Dress/ Styling/ Photography/ Some of the Make-Up - Me (Lexy)
Modeling/ Most of the Make-up - Sibling (Mimi)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We glitterfied her face. Any relationship to Ke$ha was purely coincidental and do not represent the views of those involved with the project. Rated E for Everyone! (That was supposed to mimic those "Viewer Disclaimer" things. If you didn't get that, then YOU'RE STUPID.)(I'm kidding. That was a joke. It was a defense mechanism for my lack of competence. I AM SORRY.)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Another disclaimer: I AM NOT AN EVIL SISTER I SWEAR. Sibling insisted she could go outside. Repeat, INSISTED. How's that for Canada, eh?
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I've been seeing a lot of pine trees outside of peoples' homes. It makes me sad. I feel like these poor trees were bread for just one purpose and, as soon as their purpose was served, BAM THEY'RE GONE. I'm sure that this could transcend itself into some life analogy, but that's not somewhere I want to venture towards. In conclusion, heinous, plastic Christmas trees FTW!
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Coffee Filter Dress - By me, more information here)

Hope you all enjoyed these Brrrreathtaking photos! (Brrreathtaking because "HOLY MOLY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. My breath is being taken away by Brrrs" not because they're, you know, "Breathtaking." There's a differrrrrence.) (The excessive rs = a failed attempt at emphasizing coldness.) Certainly a nice life break to take some photos. By "some" I really mean "300+" but, you know, same thing.

Sorry that comment responsiveness is on the low-down, hoe-down. Life is busy. But exciting. But busy, WOAH.
How are you all? If you could be an animal, what would it be?
(Life altering question, as per usual. I'm desperate to have you all RELEASE YOUR INNER BEAST. (like inner animal.) (like... never mind. Have a good day, my beasts xxx))


embodying ethics

You know how you sometimes stumble upon something and the only word that pops in your head is GENIUS? Yeah? Yeah. Well I present you THESE amazing creations that I so happened to stumbled upon which so happened to inflict such feelings of AW YEAH GENIUS. It's so incredible I want to pull out my hair. Just because that would really emphasize how incredible it is? Yeah.

Rohan Chhabra - "Embodying Ethics"

Cow Leg Trouser

Sheep Organ Bag

Tree Shadow Chair

Hunter Jacket

Photos: here and here

I know what you're thinking. It's GENIUS. And if you're not thinking that... then you have major issues. HAH. Kidding. Sort of. But really, I'm so enthralled with the, for lack of better word, AMAZINGNESS behind this - the concept, the message, the construction, the execution, sighhhh. If only I had even a millionth of the creativity and talent behind producing such pieces. Also, if only I owned that hunter jacket because who cares if I don't need my jacket to turn into a ram? NOW ALL JACKETS I OWN WILL ONLY APPEAR TO BE A MINOR BLIMP OF COOL IN COMPARISON TO A JACKET THAT TURNS TO A RAM. Yes, that required Caps.

On a deeper note beyond why rams + jackets > normal jacket (not that that's not valid because it MOST CERTAINLY IS), the message in which Chhabra explores in his works is really phenomenal. I'm very attracted to the exploration of greater ideas and concepts through design; a garment is MORE than a garment, so to speak. As he describes on his website, he has begun to "focus on designs ability to ask carefully crafted question than just provide solution/ solve problem. My recent work question ethics and allow design to deal with more complex and darker emotions."

Check out more of Rohan Chhabra. Especially the videos.


deux mille onze

Hey kids! Yeah. I think I'm entitled to call you all "kids" as it's a new year, a time for a change, a time... Yeah. I don't know... kids. Hah. (I think I'm cheeky. Please play along.)

Anyways, I hope you all had a smashin' New Year. Mine was. Smashin', that is. Spent the entire night partying away with a huge crew of people whilst doing shots into the early morning. And by "night," I mean "day." And by "partying away," I mean "feeling sick to my stomach. And head. And nostrils. And anywhere else that can feel sick." And by "huge crew of people," I mean "my sister." And by "doing shots into the early morning," I mean "half-falling asleep to Friends, whilst feverishly forcing myself to stay up for it was a New Year." All in all, it was a pretty hardcore New Year (as to be expected.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
To be honest, I never really bought into the whole "hype" of New Year. Like, BAM. Now that we have to awkwardly force our minds into writing "2011" onto our papers, life WILL CHANGE. It's so silly! People, EVERYDAY is a time for change. "New Years" is just a ridiculous umbrella label for it all.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I guess I'm the Grinch of New Years. Did I use this joke last year? Someone stalk my archives? Or maybe not, that could be embarrassing... I mean DON'T STALK MY ARCHIVES. This conversation never happened... I will send monsters to hide under your bed and scare the living daylights out of you! Mwahaha.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Gorgeous bracelet I got for Christmas. The white is eggshell. YES, THAT'S RIGHT. Eggshell! I want to eat it up. Except for 1) I don't like eating eggs and 2) I especially don't like eating egg...shells.
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Anyways, due to my NYINCH (New Year + Grinch = NYINCH) antics, I don't make New Year's resolutions. I don't really do anything. Ever. Not even a "Eh, I'll do the chores more." But this is a big year, so I figured some reflecting was in store. Therefore, I made some goals for the year (I'm a hugely goal-oriented person. I had 3 set for today. This is typical. This is a whole other post). There IS a difference. Resolutions are all, "Bettttch, you didn't run 10 miles each day, you suckaaa," whereas goals are all, "Well, good thing you tried. Gold star!" Personally, I enjoy setting myself up for pats on the back.
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However, I do genuinely hope to fulfill my goals for the year. I realize that they will (hopefully) evolve and develop over the year because THAT'S WHAT LIFE'S ALL ABOUT! Growing and evolving and dreaming and accomplishing. I'm also planning to start a list of "xnumber of things I want to do before 2012" (before we all reach our demise!)(that was a non-funny joke; I don't believe 2012 is particularly significant.) I'm always a little nervous about concrete goals, as failure is particularly evident (DIDN'T WERKKK OUT ERRDAY, as an example). In contrast, more abstract goals are measured by your smiles and your heart and are always there. I guess I like security and happy hearts?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - Thailand, Skirt - Homemade, Tights - H&M $18 (GASP I KNOW, EXPENSIVE. USED A GIFT CARD, PHEW), Shoes - Vintage $15, Jewelry - Assorted, Headband - Oh Dina!)

Overall, 2010 was an incredible year. I feel like I've accomplished many things; things that will not only look good on my resume but, MORE IMPORTANTLY (Warning: Oprah moment coming up), things that I genuinely love. I'm really working to centralize my life on things that I truly enjoy and I hope to continue to do so in 2011 and the rest of my life (AW SHUCKS).

In the end of the Grinch, does the Grinch become... un-Grinchish? I don't know. But, I'll become un-NYINCHish (remember? I am the New Year's Grinch?) and wish you all the HAPPIEST NEW YEAR OF YOUR LIFE. I hope all your dreams for the year comes true! 2011 has a lot in store. It will be crazy, stressful, scary, and exciting. I'm ready.

What are your 2011 plans/dreams/resolutions/goals/lifestory?
I genuinely want to know! Even though, I'm not a huge "resolutions" type of gal, I'm weirdly fascinated with others' resolutions. Therefore, DON'T BE SHY. OH YOU GUY(S). AND SHARE RESOLUTIONS. THIS IS A SOLUTION. (Worst rhyme attempt ever? Oh, you didn't even know I was trying to rhyme? I believe that answers my question...)

P.S. New header! Yay! Anyone able to guesstimate where it evolved from? Puts your SPY KIDZZZ SKILLZZZ to the test!

P.P.S. I'll let you in on a secret: A few weeks ago, I made a secret goal of reaching 400 followers by New Year (hollla, to fear of concrete goals) and WOAH IT HAPPENED. Thank you all SO much. I totally appreciate each and every one of you lil' munchkins and I would pinch your lil' cheeks if I could. And if that were socially acceptable. But since it's not... infinite gumdrops and rainbows and love is being sent your way!