crazee dayzeez

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Things that are currently crazy:
1) I am in KATHMANDU, NEPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and have been(unless I am, uh, not. This is a scheduled post. I am incredibly frightened of flying. I hope my fears do not prove to be rational. This could get awkward, folks)
2) Since starting my blog (June '09, babay), I have traveled to: Peru, Hong Kong/ Singapore/ Thailand, Guatemala, New York City, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver. Uh.... (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Now, I know that I don't usually blog about my travels. This is simply because I, uh, want to you know, maintain that reputation of mine. Yeah, you know. THAT reputation. When you all come on here and you just can't help but think, "AW MAN. Lexy! She's a cool cat! And she seems so mysterious! Ooooh." (Sirens will play, paralleling to my air of mystery.) So yeah. Sorry, kids. (Also, I'm extremely lazy and traveling and internet just don't coincide. So, hey! It's justified.) (Those seven words formed a beautiful rhyme scheme. Dream. Beam. I want ice cream.)

But, honestly. I am really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really lucky to have been able to travel as much as I do. It's such an incredible gift. Traveling is absolutely a passion of mine: I relish is discovery and exploring and the WORLD is the perfect backdrop for fueling this. I can't even describe my gratitude. (HIMUM&DAD.)(YOU DON'T READ MY BLOG) (*YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A 'BLOG IS') (SORRY I'M SHOUTING AT YOU.ISH.) (YEAH. I WILL STOP.)

Through all my travels, I've undoubtedly picked up little things here and there. But, to my surprise, I have never had an "OH MY WERD MY LIFE HAS CHANGED" immediately after returning into my home moment. This isn't a bad thing. Because traveling has changed me, just over an extended period of time. It's a part of me. As I think about it, traveling and seeing the world has formed a really big part of the core of my essence and view on life. I love life. I LOVE LIFE. For me, every day is just a marvelous gift. I'm so, so, so, so, so, so lucky. Just to be alive. To be free. To have opportunities.

Traveling has given me perspective. It's made me realize the insignificance of my problems. And about our global roles. And how lucky we are. It's also made me a dreamer. The world is so full of possibilities. When I'm trapped in my little bubble of life, sometimes I forget that this isn't all. I forget what's out there. THERE'S SO MUCH. I want to see it all, absorb it all. Life is about exploration and evolution and, for me, traveling is perfect for this.

In my life, I know that I definitely want to see the world. Not only see it, but LIVE IN IT. The travels that have resonated with me the most are Peru and Guatemala because they were not tour-based (hi, my mom is anal and we happen to rawkkkk the jam-packed tour-ing skillz) but volunteered based. At a school and at an orphanage. It's shocking how significant these trips were, even today. I have these kids faces and smiles permanently implemented in the back of my mind and it really makes me want to cry. It's heartbreaking. There's this sense of accomplishment, of helping others. But really? Did we help others? I come back to Canada and become swept into the complaints of high school and the addiction to the internet and the whines and cries and gahhhhh. The nature of traveling also gives me shivers: as much as I relish in them, it's like BAMGONE (the integration of two words in one emphasize the bamgone-ness. yup.) We return to society and we return to old traits. I guess that's also the nature of life: swept into society.

I don't know.

Nepal is of this similar v0lunteer-based nature. In addition to trekking lots and lots (so if mishaps regarding the plane doesn't occur, you can assure that I will fall off the mountain) (AH I AM KIDDING NO NO NO I AM NOT RAVEN THIS WILL NOT OCCUR), we will be volunteering at schools in rural villages. I've been looking forward to this trip since I was a young 'un and barely into the double digits in terms of age. So I will channel my inner 9-year-old and let out an EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK! (who am I kidding? This "eeeek-ing" is a normal occurrence of mine...)

Seriously. I am so sleep-deprived right now, but I could talk about traveling for eons and eons. Could. But won't. Because, yeah, I should probably sleep. But I should summarize this massive post that no one really read (except for -- oh hai stalker luvvvv ya xxxx) (this was the point where I was hoping the stalker would magically pop into my life and seductively say, "luvvvvvvvvv ya 2 babezzzz. here's chocolate."). But yesss. Traveling is incredible. I am so fucking lucky. We all are, actually. Being alive. Being able to type words an the screen and not being compensated. Being able to have a screen. Being able to have a home or a bed. A life.

For the day my parents' discover my blog (or what the word "blog" means, for the matter), I will be all cutsey and dedicate this blog post to them. Oh, so sentimental. (This counts for all your forgotten past birthday gifts. And all future ones. I'm such an angel daughter. Planning ahead, you know.)

So let's raise a virtual cheer? I hope you're all lifting your virtual glasses of bubbly. And by "bubbly" I mean sparkling apple juice, mmm.
To my mom and dad for not sending me to summer camps or buying expensive cottages by the muskoka! long plane rides prevail in incredible-ness. I am truly lucky and grateful.

FINALLY IN CONCLUSION, I will see all you munchkins in April! (WOOOOAH APRIL.) I hope you're all marvelous.

What are some of your traveling dreams or experiences or tell me a story or maybe we can just, like, chat?


i tried to do handstands for you

Story time, kids: Once upon a time, this weekend was rainy. All the snow had melted. Lexy thought to herself, "Well, hey, rain = melting snow = SPRING." Yesterday, it snowed. A lot. Canada needs summer time. The end.

Awesome story? No, not so much. (If you said "yes," you are wonderfully talented liar... I like you.) In conclusion, I got nostalgic for summer and did what EVERYONE, obviously, does: stalk old, narcissistic, summery photos of myself. Because, um, yeah. I like summer. I like myself. The combination of both in a 2d image is marvelous...

Resurrection of summer photos and thoughts and muses from a very obviously teenage girl in high school.
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"You're so nice." This is a phrase I've heard quite a bit in my lovely lifetime. I heard it the other day. Cool. Thanks, bro. When I was younger, I used to smile, chuckle a bit and outwardly relish in the compliment. Inwardly, a tension with my heart ensued: nice, in many ways, equates to boring. And, evidently, my life consisting of playing dress-up and shopping with old ladies and locking myself in my room to make crap is, pfft, soooo NOT boring.
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Today, this concept carries a different meaning. I'm not especially nice. I know it's not a "let's all eat cupcakes and play ukuleles around a fire" type of world (THAT WOULD BE AWESOME). However, I guess I can be perceived as "nice" because I don't bitch about other people. Period. Hi, welcome to my world and here's one of my biggest pet peeves: whiners. I hate when people whine about things. Especially other people. Seriously. I want to send you to MTV where all the over-dramatic and worthless thoughts inhabit.
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My lack of bitching about other people (LBAOP, if you will)(doesn't that sound like a 90s kid band? like, they should be on a tvo kids with big, colourful sweaters with "LBAOP" in huge, bubble letters? yeah?) doesn't derive from "being nice" or "wanting to be nice" or "wanting to be perceived as nice." Rather, it's because I simply DON'T CARE ENOUGH. (I'm a rebelllll!!!!)
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In my experience, gnawing on other people's flaws - or what is perceived as flaws - is absolutely useless. All that it results in is anger or rage or letting your happiness be manipulated by the actions of others. That is a very dangerous spot to be. Letting yourself be affected by others. For me, there are two ways to react to things: 1) channel your inner hippie and, like, d0000d just like it slide. like, totally. life's a maddd trip and just GET OVER IT or 2) actually DO something. Make a change. Confront a person or a issue. If you're going to complain, make a change! (When you chant that it your head a few times, it sounds really catchy and I'm basically Ghandi.) (Obviously, I am not.) Also, when you talk about others behind their back, you're not "standing up for yourself." You're weak.
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Basically, I'm not quite sure where this post is going. But I guess it's reflective of where I am. i.e. High school. Yeah. Clearly. I think I'm ready to leave. But before then, I guess I'll channel my inner Oprah (LEXY R U KIDDING ME? U R OPRAH) and tell you all: LIVE LOTS AND LOVE LOTS AND LOVE LIFE AND LIVE LIFE AND HOW MANY MORE COMBINATIONS CAN WE GET?! Basically, keep it wonderful. Smile at strangers.
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(Dress - Vintage $15, Blazer - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Skirt - Pacific Mall $7, Tights - H&M, Hat - Thailand, Shoes - Winners, Socks - aeo, Jewelry - Assorted)

What's the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for you?/ What's your most memorable conversation with a stranger?
(I have a growing infatuation with strangers. Please share any of your STRANGE stories. Hah. That was the worst wordplay ever slash what am I even saying?/ I want a watermelon...)


"thank you for holding. your patience is appreciated. the next available representative will help you momentarily."

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Oh, hi there. So do you remember how I possibly told you that I'd possibly post pictures of the play that I was possibly (definitely) designing costumes for? Possibly? (The use of the word "possibly" is a deliberate political move. In truth, I have no idea as to whether I possibly told you this or not. Thus, I'm channeling my inner politician and utilizing profound and manipulative rhetoric skillz. Hah!)

Um. So yeah. Last weekend (WOAH ONLY LAST WEEKEND SEEMS LIKE FOREVER AGO) was the play I was the costume designer for! I'm being technologically savvy and attempting a "click to read more" thing-majig (I'm a jack of all trades. A Renaissance Man, if you will.) (AH HISTORY ESSAY GO DIE IN A POT HOLE). So yeah. Continue if you want to be flooding with images of strangers in wack attire with black rectangles over their eyeballs...? I know. Intriguing...

Synopsis: Albeit being Shakespeare, the costumes were actually a significant part of the play. And supposed to be cool. WAIT WUT SIDE TRACK I KNOW. There's so much about a Shakespeare + fashion = equation cool that is seemingly incorrect. But, at last, life is full of wonderful surprises! Also, the play is hilarious (I KNOW ANOTHER SHOCKER CAN WE PLEASE GO CRAZY NOW) and it's basically about two sets of twins and mistaken identity dun dun dunnn.

So now that you're sufficiently intrigued/ confused... Enjoy...

CLICK THIS CRAFTILY ADDED BUTTON FOR MORE PHOTOS AND OTHER FUN STUFF! (woah, it's like a PUZZLE or a MAZE. Obviously, you will want to complete this labyrinth of fun stuff.)


blue skies are coming

Today was one of "those days." Those days? you ask. Why, yes I answer, a mischievous and all-knowing grin planted on my face. Ah, yes, thooose days you reply. We have a moment.

So yeah. You know. "Those days." Am I being annoying yet? (Yes, you answer.) (Silently, of course.) I felt very removed from everything. Not wanting to engage in anything. (They sometimes call it "anti-social." Me? Anti-social? Pfffft.) Just observing my surroundings, eavesdropping on conversations (slash, trying to block them out and take a nap. Which I successfully succeeded in doing during a class I actually enjoy. Whoops.) I don't know. Do you ever have those days? Where you, unintentionally, are really cynical of all your surroundings? That little voice was beating in my head, commenting on everything around me. It's a sign that 1) spring has to come 2) high school has to end 3) there are pots of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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This sweater is so marvelous. I like to think that it makes people happy. At least, it makes me happy. THAT'S ALL THAT COUNTS. Hello, kids section at Value Village. It's weirdly comforting knowing that some wack child's snotty and drool-y body inhabited this sweater before me. Actually. Now that I think of it... ew.Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
(Sweater - Value Village $3, Skirt - Homemade, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Salvation Army $8, Rings - Peru)

Half way through the week! And, um, hi there March! You certainly sprung up there, didn't you! Ah! Jolly good fun! I wish you all imaginary suns and blue skies and singing birdies!

What's been the highlight of your week thus far?