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I like to reminisce a lot. About childhood, about youthhood, about freshmanhood, about summerhood, about robinhood (lolz, see how I just threw that in thar?!). So, my friends, let us all join hands and reminisce about something that is dear to us both. Something that we both treasure in our hearts. Something by the name of "LEXY'S OLD POSTS." (tee-hee.)

SHBAM! *Cue the gray swirly flashback effect* Enter April 11, 2011. Lexy buys new winter coats. Lexy says (and I quote), "I thought I’d share these jackets because, well, quite frankly, I hope that you DON’T see them in outfits soon."

Well, guess what? Yup, you got it! You're seeing one in an outfit! Why? Because the weather here is silly, of course! I always thought the whole "April showers" thing was a goofy myth, like Santa Clause and vegetables becoming good when you grow up. Nope. It's been cold and gray and rainy for 92.18% of April thus far. Oh, goodie. So in came this jacket. Also, a lot of primary colours. And a sunhat. This was my ode to nice weather. (Which did, by the way, grant us its presence halfway through the day! I'm the weather god! Duh! The end.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yippee! Wore this outfit whilst shopping at the Kensington Market in Toronto. Basically an accumulation of attractively dressed people and attractive vintage clothing and the likes alongside. It's a win. (My sister took all these stalker shots of me. I mean, no... I had paparazzi following me! It's ridiculous! I try to go to an inconspicuous place! And they still find me! Pfftttt. I just want to be a normal girrrllll! Why me? Whyyyy? Britney shares my soul.)Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Found my sister's style in vintage form. She tried it on. She refused. Bummer.
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I love the atmosphere of Vintage shopping. It's so fun discovering new goods. And I feel like there's this sense of togetherness amongst people. Like, "Oh? You like smelly, tattered gems, too?" INSTANT BFFS. It's a rather joyous time. But I must be completely honest: I'm fairly reluctant to buy things unless 1) They're from the $5 rack or 2) I absolutely won't find it at Value Village/ Salvation Army/ Goodwill, and thus I can splurge and venture into the double digits. (GAH I BOUGHT A DRESS FOR $30 THIS WEEKEND!&@#$ SUCH A RARITY OF SPENDING.) Sometimes I think "Vintage" is just a fancy term for tattered clothes. Seriously. Some of that shiz I can find at Value Village for a third of the price. But, you know, overall = I enjoy the process.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I matched the graffiti. So, naturally, I had my sister - ahem, paparazzi - stalk me there. I feel like I undercelebrated the coolness of this fact... I MATCH THE GRAFFITI THEREFORE I ROCK!!!!! Seriously. I ROCK!!!! I get way too overexcited about things.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Trench - Value Village $10, Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - Thrifted $1, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Value Village $7, Hat - Nepal, AwesomeFurryBagThatLooksLikeMyDog- Gift)

Anyways. I hope you all enjoyed this post and what not. It was a fun day. I like being in big cities. I like being in Vintage markets. I like the atmosphere of being with other people who, you know, kind of just get it. I feel like when I'm in malls or at schools or walking my dog or whatever you can do in suburbia, people are very, "WTF? SHE'S WEARING A FELT HAT IN APRIL?!" Then there are people who are like, "nice hat" or *gasp* don't even take notice! It's actually lovely.

Also, I just watched Arthur's It's Only Rock n' Roll. I really thought you should all know that because, well, it's only the greatest film of all time.

I liked the comments formulating in the post below, so I'm going to be a repeat offender (SAY WHAT?! I AM SO REBEL.) (Yes, "Rebel," just became an adjective. I'M JUST THAT REBEL.)
1) How do people react to your outfits on the streets?
Also, fill in the blank:
2) I feel most confident when ___________________.

P.S. I'm heading off to Washington D.C. tomorrow for my Senior Trip (53 more dayzzz till I graduate!!!!! pft, not that I've been counting for the last three months or anything...). I'm really proud to be graduating and jazz. But I'm more proud that I fit A WEEK'S WORTH OF STUFF INTO ONE TINY CARRY-ON SIZE BAG. Seriously. I'm feelin' so boss right now. I'm da champ. Bro. (The bro was burped out. Like "buhrooooo." This emphasizes my bossness/champness.) Um, basically. I'll see you all in a handful of days. Smooches!


Alex said...

that hat is really too cute. also, sorry you have to wear the jacket, but oh my GOODNESS it looks perfect with that shirt and skirt. I love how you brazenly mix patterns and it always looks wonderful... I'm jealous. also, I love the print on the skirt! have fun in D.C.!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

the weather in Belgium is extremely hot for the time of the year, so no showers here. anyway i love your colorful outfit and i am so jealous of that hat. what a color and what a shape. fabulous with your red coat. the blue skirt looks amazing and i love the movement and the print. but still in love with the shoes!!

A said...

I just love your take on fashion!!!!

1)They usually stare, sometimes smile and then they say " you look like you're having fun" and they write me off as a teenager.

2) I feel most confident when I'm acting insane.

simplychic said...

loving all the color :)

One of the boys. said...

Great outfit, and colourness. The red coat and purple dress. love it!

Vivi said...

I like the pairing of the black/white blouse with blue/white midi skirt. Nice.

Oooh. DC. I hope you have a great time in my city.

Melina said...

love your outfit! looks like so much fun!

Lyosha said...

oh my god! This outfit is so very sweet! I just opened your blog and bursts with colour and cuteness! lovey style!

Missy Daisy said...

THANKS for your comment !! <3 I love your blog too :)


Lady Moriarty said...

Ooooh this is such an amazing crazy outfit, I love it

See U !

pixelhazard said...

Oh cute hat, cute jacket, cute bag.

When people see me on the street they ask me if my school had a dress up day or If I'm off to a fancy dress party. Sometimes It's fun to stare in confusion and say "um...no this is how I always dress"

I feel most confident when I'm comfortable and feeling cute

Bright Green Laces

Hello Naka said...

i love ur hat! its so cute like the rest of ur outfit and i love the paparazzi shots :p the shoes look amazing! and i feel most confident with agroup of lolitas or with ryan XD

Rosa Pel said...

u have an original style i like it !


Love this! And your new adjective... you are just too fabulous! Such a fantastic mix of patterns & colours and the hat is SO cute. As for peoples reaction? Sometimes there is starring, oops. Most confident? When I'm dressed for myself and true to my own sense of style. Happy Monday. xx veronika

Nieke said...

I love all these colors! Such a happy outfit which is perfect for the summer! Love it.


Melody said...

OMG YOU BLEND IN TO THE BACKGROUND :D :D :D hahaha And those shoessssssss are absolutely love <3

and yes people stare at me when I wear my own style xP hahahaha. But mehhhhhhhh :P


Reckless Rekha. said...

The graffti was so made for you. Amazing pictures you look adorable <3

The Cat Hag said...

I am really digging your dressing, you wear all the loud colors so perfectly!

Nobody else in the world could do that but you!! ♥♥

Hehe anyways my BF is severely allergic to my cat too, so I bought purifiers to lessen the impact. ;)

The Cat Hag

Audrey Allure said...

Great photos with the graffiti behind you - the coat is in such a beautiful color!

Sometimes, people stop to compliment my outfits or they stare as they walk by. I feel most confident when I'm in a good mood :)

Roma said...

I'm such a fart! I haven't commented in two posts! Durf! You are sooo luckky you have such awesome vintage stuff near by! On that rack of dresses i spotted a siick blue dress. Very Courtney love. Oh! I love your hat it looks sooo yummy

Bonnie said...

I think you have the cutest, most fun style EVER. I instantly want to be your friend.

I am so jealous that you can thrift and go vintage shopping. I am way too snobby and paranoid to do this. I'm afraid of finding shirts with stains and stuff.

1. My style isn't anything spectacular. I just wear nice, pretty things. That's it. Usually, when I walk past, I get a, "Daaaaaamn, girl." But that's only because I am friggin' hot.

2. I feel most confident when I am at the gym. Duh.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Clare said...

You are crazy adorable with your little hat and jacket! And WOOOOP graduation! Hooow exciting!!

and thank you so much for the wedding congrats! I am SOOO excited!

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

im in the quirky world!lol!!wow...i love the colors it flies me to the planet of wonderland!you are funny too!....i love vintage shopping so much!!...isn't it nice to have a sister taking photos? 1. my friends says, my outfit looks gorgeous! or looks great as always, but i don't know what stranger people thinks when i walk, i am not conscious anymore unlike the highschool days....2. when i have a blush on...=)

Claire said...

girl, i LOVE your bold style. you mix colors and prints fabulously. and what a fun shop you went to! seriously, you look great and i adore that fuzzy bag you're holding!

i have no idea what random peeps think of my outfits. i'm not sure i really care. but i do feel really good when people compliment me on something!


MellJBrown said...

Thanks so much for the comment!
I find with my nailpolish, there's probably only 6 or so colours on high rotation and the rest just gather dust.

You sort of remind me of jess from jezzlovesfred.com
You should definitely go check out her blog if you havent!

-m xx

Katie said...

these pictures are so colorful! and i am obsessed with your bag. "its so fluffy!"

Oh to Be a Muse said...

this looks like such a great place to shop, especially for you. i am loving all the color in this outfit--a true ode to the eventual nice weather!

FashionJazz said...

Your colourful outfits always brighten up my day hun xx

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Have an awesome time on your trip!!

ANd I love your outfit! It's so funky. Especially that trench. Such an amazing colour!!!

PLease keep wearing that hat. I had a dream about hats and your hat was in my dream. I think its a sign that I need to acquire more hats.

suki pooki said...

I think the graffiti is also sharing you excitement as the lil chick in the picture seems far too happy! lol Im loving the colour you put into your outfit!!! I'd agree not too many have the spirit to pull this off so KUDOS to you but Im sure it's because of your fabulous style =) When the weather gets better my friend's taking me on my ever first vintage shopping date, I will be breaking my vintage virginity! =D

As for the april showers thing, it better bring may flowers!!!!! It rains for 3/4 the year here in Vancity and Im definitely ready for some sunshine!!!

I also remember having fake tea parties when I was younger, except they often constituted with stuffed animals or a very reluctant sibling hahahaha and yes, I used water for "tea" and even put gummy candies into the water and made my sister eat/drink it, she got a tummy ache after =P

Thanks for the luck on my exams, I'll be needing it! One more and then Im free!!!!

Have fun in D.C!!! How did you manage to fit everything into a carry on?! When I travel I use a HUGE suitcase, my carry on AND a partial fraction (a large one) of my bf's suitcase! Luckily, he doesn't seem to need much stuff even when we travel for 10+ days hahahaha

michelle_ said...

sooooo colorful, yet so lively , cheerful, and fabulous !
seriously i think id look like a _____________ (fill in the blank there) if i wore this.. but you certainly looks really vibrant and young !!

have fun at DC ! pretty sure you'll have tons of fun ! and good luck with the graduation soon :)

thesselle said...

Love your outfit.

How do people react to my outfits on the streets?
they fucking stare.
Sometimes I feel like screaming out because of it.
But I feel confident when I'm wearing yellow.

Becca Joy said...

I get what you mean about going to big cities and feeling like you can wear ANYTHING, because no matter what there is always someone crazier then you haha. I do love your red coat :)

Have fun in D.C!!

LyddieGal said...

I think hunting for vintage gems can be fun too, but I do hate those days when you come home empty handed.

Chic on the Cheap

Rand T said...

am not even joking but you look AMAZING i love it all!!xx

Maddalena said...


Perversely Perfect said...

Love this post. That's one hell of a coat you got there.


love your header btw.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i can't see your photo with the office internet speed but i'll comment to answer the question:

1) i'm not such a style risk taker like you but 4 out of 10 times, people stare at what i'm wearing and look confused especially when i wear my wedge booties or turbans...haha!

2) i feel most confident when i'm wearing a full dress or skirt and heels..<3

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Alex said...

so I've already commented, but I wanted to let you know, because I love the SHIT out of EVERYTHING YOU WEAR, and do and say, you're pretty all around awesome, I gave you an award on my blaaaaahg. no pressure to do any of the stuff it requires, but just wanted to let you know :)

Agustina Selviana said...

you look adorableeeee <3 i love those photos!

xx, Selvi

Lydia said...

You look fabulous.

1. Sometimes they double-take if I'm wearing something particularly crazy, but mostly they ignore me.

2. I feel most confident in a bikini, with a stellar tan.

Chelsea Lane said...

I LOVE that orange hat <3 this vintage shop looks like a WONDERLAND of loveliness! and robinhood after freshmanhood made me laugh out loud!


Stevia said...

Lexy! You TOTALLY match the graffiti!

Your hat would definitely give you a seat on Will&Kate wedding ;)

I gave you an award
Cause.. Well.. You rock!
Please come and pick it up!


Style, She Wrote said...

Free food is the best! And I feel most confident when I hit the gym and drinks lots of water! My body runs at its best and that just feels great. Have a wonderful weekend. xo style, she wrote

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

That graffitied wall is the perfect backdrop for your outfits! You should've somehow taken it home with you!! I love the photo where your looking through all those dresses too, i love seeing photos of rails of vintage clothes. I love imagining what those dresses look like when you pull them out, they all look so wonderful!