the teacher said, that's no fair, give him back his underwear!

So *pretend that we were previously conversing so this interrogative introduction seems natural* when you lovely children get dressed in the morning (or afternoon, whatever your fancy), what do you envision? Do you dress according to mood? According to time? According to character? According to wildlife creatures?

Me? (Oh, look at you, friendly butterfly, reciprocating my inquisitions and jazz...) I'm not sure. I usually find something I want to wear and incorporate it into my outfit. Vrrrm - it acts like an "engine", if you will. You know, like check out this awesome BULL NECKLACE (refer to last outfit post) or et cetera et cetera. I also keep in mind where I'm going and how I want to portray myself. I know that sounds dumb. But it's true. If I'm going to school, I'll refrain from wearing my sparkly blazer (for now...). If I'm going to the mall, I always throw on skinny jeans and Uggs. Kidding. The latter was a (poor) joke. I will never do that. NEVER. (I know it's all about the "never say never." But screw that. NEVER. EVER EVER WAH WAH.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Anyhow, that lengthy and aw-you're-pretending-it-was-interesting introduction was to feed you with more uninteresting news - which is, BAM, you guessed it! The origins of my outfit! Cool beans? Not really. But for some reason, I had this whole character stemmed up in my mind. Like, I rarely wear long skirts. So I felt rather sophisticated. Maybe a little too sophisticated. So BAM. In came the weird key chain in the hair. And multiple bows. And cat eye glasses with no frames (yup, I'm a fraud.) And leather gloves. And yeah.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPicBasically, at the end of this process, I decidedly created a new character for myself. Perhaps a product of a Tim Burton illustration, if you will. If anyone asked me what my profession was, I would cackle out a, "I'm a teacher... for the garten of kinders (kindergartens)." And from there, I would proceed into a sly smile that would suggest that maybe, just maybe, I'm not quite what I seem. Which is true. For I am not any kindergarten teacher, but I'm one that feeds children delicious rodents and gremlins that shrinks them to minis in my ploy to conquer the world! MWAHHAHAHHAHA!!!!
(Sadly, no one asked my what I did for a living. I think we all missed out.) (Not that I can cackle... Obviously the only thing holding me back from executing this brilliant vision of mine...)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
MUSES (you have permission to fast forward, friends):

It was a fun day (in my head). I like how fashion is about dressing up. I like how it's about creating a persona. Okay, not necessarily a kooky gremlin-infested teacher every time. But I think there's always something. Outfits that have some thought behind it have a subconscious representation of an element of you, an element you want to personify for the day. (Me thinks.) Maybe a more happy, or more rocker, or more creative, or, gosh, more confident version of yourself. I like that daily transformation. It's a secret power to control. Kapow!

And I know that we shouldn't judge people for what they wear. But let's face it. We do. I love people. I believe in people. I believe in inner beauty. Yadda, yadda. But, hey, if I see you for twenty seconds, I'm not looking into your personality and see your angelic interior radiate. I'm looking at your exterior: what you look like, what you're wearing, how you carry yourself. We all do. Bam! You just passed me. I judged you! Bam! There's another! I judged you, too! I sound like such a turd face. But don't lie to me, you do that, too. Maybe in the pits of your mind where all the badness lies... But you judge. Maybe something as innocent as, "Oh, she must take really good care of her health" to something as low as, "I would never talk to that person." You judge. Hey, me too. (shh, we're all well-trained angelcakes, so know one should no this)

I think clothes have a life of their own. It sounds ridiculous. But they have a personality. And, somehow, this personality becomes a part of you - or at least the day you're wearing it. I'm intrigued about how clothes play into your personality and how your personality plays into your clothes. For me, I find that they kind of feed off each other. It's neat.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to get at with these scattered muses or what point I'm trying to make or if I'm just infested with the Monday-blahs. I guess maybe it's that I don't mind being judged for my clothes, because I think they accurately represent who I am. At least for that day.

I guess I was feeling a little kooky and creative this day.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Skirt - Vintage $5, Blazer - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Tights - H&M $5, Shoes - Value Village/ Thrifted $7, Belt - Pacific Mall, Bow in Hair - Unknown, Keychain - CNE, Glasses with sunglasses lens popped out - F21)

1. What rumbles through your mind when you get ready in the morning?
2. Clothing + Judgment + Personality...? Thoughts? (I don't know how to word this question, so I turned to my good ole' friend, arithmetic! Refer to the long blurb above and share your thoughts if you desire to be lured into my blah bubbles of thinking.)


Claire said...

so cool!

~ x♥x♥ :)
~ x♥x♥ :)
~ x♥x♥ :)

theTrendyDwarf said...

I love the bow and I definitely love the blazer! I love all the colors and despite the mixing of prints and colors you still manage to pull off this look. I also really really love the glasses...lol! So creative! Especially that glass design is very hard to rock BUT it fits you and your personality VERY WELL.
Check out my trendy blog!

By Sara Romero said...

Thanks so much for stopping by. I love new readers, really puts a smile on my face. Hehe you are so silly!! i love the bright colors and you pull this look off so well!


pixelhazard said...

I definately dress according to mood and occasion!
Work = boring unless i've been deprived of a night out on the town, then I dress to the nines just for fun
friends = crazy stuff, comfort and colour. If they are crazy friends, I automatically push the boundaries,

Seeing my Guy = flirty and girls.

so funny how expressive clothes can be

love the jumping & keychain

Bright Green Laces

Claire said...

i think my fave color combo ever is purple and red. i tried to pull it off today but didn't have the right red piece, so i changed :(

i'm loving these pictures! you liked my balloons, but i love these! and those glasses are so fabulous. you look awesome!

Claire @

SABINNA and DAVID said...

u look absolutely gorgeous!!! and the combination of the background and your colourful outfit is so so cool!!

xx, Sabinna and David


Mila said...

Wow amazing colors,love it.

uhooi said...

nice look,,,

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Audrey Allure said...

Love that new character, it's so cute! As for me, I usually pick out an outfit the night before since I don't usually have the time to work on my outfit in the mornings :)


Thank you so much for your lovely words on my bloggy, SO nice to hear. And I'm loving your fun mix of elements here, great colour pairings, and that yellow belt is beyond adorable. SO great to meet your blog!! xx veronika

Hanna said...

you loook so awesome! love the pics! your blazer is so fab and I totally love your yellow glasses!!

Codeine said...

You are so wild , so I love it !
good job

Missy Daisy said...

LOVE your colourful style! I follow you !


Jen Eat World said...

I love your philosophy about clothes having a life of their own!!!
Nothing really rumbles through my head when I get dressed in the morning except what the weather is and what I should wear for it... yeah, my morning brain is probably more practical than fashionable :(
Thank you for your super-nice comment!!!!!!!!

sojourned in style said...

I was going to call this outfit quirky but your name is quirky explosion and that ah kind of a given... you totally embody fashion being dress-up, and not always kind of creepy schoool teachers. you dress up in the best ways possible using colour, pattern and other clothing adjectives to full potential. you give my creativity a kick in the but!

Eli said...

this actually really looks like the little grandma you in the post before! (clothes wise, not age wise)

It's really easy to judge others on their clothes...everyone does it to some point, whether you're old or young. I've worked with the public for the last five years of my life and you have to realize that there are more to others than their clothes. I've seen people wearing the most awful or cheap things, or things you would never ever be caught dead wearing yourself. but most of the times if you get to speak to them you will see that they really are no different. Some days you need remind yourself of this. But also not be so hard on yourself for having a little laugh.

A said...

I just loove your blog! I can't say it enough-its so entertaining and you are so cute! I love your quirky style!

Alyssa said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! come bay again!

as for your questions. most recently i've been dressing for the weather. it's been really fickle lately that it's hard to get into a single mindset as to what to wear. it'll be 90 degrees and sunny one day and then 65 and cloudy another.

i think clothing says a lot about a person's personality. i don't think they would dress a certain way without it having to do with a part of themselves. fashion is a form of self expression. i try not to judge people based on what they're wearing i would like to get to know them first, but i do admit that there are times when i do judge them based on what they wear because i believe that what they wear ties into their personality.

hope that makes sense! =D

suki pooki said...

I LOVE that lil tim burton inspired clown head, love love love, I love creepy things even though I appear to be the compelte opposite, I live in the extremes LOL I always wished they would make a more "adult" versioned of Alice in Wonderland, that'd be super neat =D

I completely agree when you say that we DO judge people from the exterior to an extent! If you don't want people to think you're a slob then don't dress like one! Given, everyone has their off days but don't make those into a habit! And sometimes I think "school" is not an excuse, I always make sure Im presentable at school, sure I don't do the whole "shebang" but at least I don't look sloppy!

Oh and don't worry about being intimidated in MAC I think they train their SA's to be like that. I never understand why they hired such scary SA's because I surely don't want to go into a store and feel like Im not welcomed in there or not "cool" enough!!!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love the clash, i am always loving a clash.. what a color combination: the blue, yellow and red looks smashing. that belt is simple divine and i really really want that. it looks perfect with the jacket. but oh i am in love with the iron shoes, brings back memories!!!

when i get ready: or it is a disaster or i know perfectly well what it is going to be!!!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

love the clash, i am always loving a clash.. what a color combination: the blue, yellow and red looks smashing. that belt is simple divine and i really really want that. it looks perfect with the jacket. but oh i am in love with the iron shoes, brings back memories!!!

when i get ready: or it is a disaster or i know perfectly well what it is going to be!!!

Lady Moriarty said...

OMG , you're style is so unique, I love this ! You're a precious young lady ^^

See U and following (hell yeah !)

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahh, i love your blog so much :D those creepers are amazing and i love your little jester friend hanging off your bow!!

Ashley said...

Wow, lady...you are super adorable! I love how much you use color! I need to start reading your blog and taking notes! And those glasses? Yes, please.


Sarah said...

Once again, this is blowing my mind. Love all of the fun you have with colour and fashion!


Roma said...

UM OKAY. you have officialy the best outfits evvverrr. I love your kooky style and your glasses and creepers and omg fan girl attack. I am really working on my conifedence and trying to not let people get in my head. My clothes are my personality people in my shit town need to get that in your head. oh and i really really like as well. loll

The Cat Hag said...

Sweetie, I think you are absolutely fabulous, I love this outfit!!!

You really remind me of some of the Prada campaigns, different ones all rolled into one!

Love the shoes that look like this season's Prada creepers, and how adorable is your keychain?!!! I would love for it to be a necklace and wear it everywhere!!

I hope you are having a good weekend, I am gonna go out to grab lunch and hit the shops soon, Happy Easter!!! :)

The Cat Hag

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

baha! best rhyme everrrrrrrrrr!!!!! perfect way to begin this post.

you know what, i usually lay my stuff out at night for fear the "what do i wear's" hit me like a ton o' bricks. and then it's by feeling and insp. i've got a secret stash of folders on my computer with outfits i love and go to it whenever i'm stuck. helps a ton! you on the other hand don't seem to ever be stuck, your ensembles are the funnest creations i've ever laid my peepers on! def no exception to this rule for the outfit shown here. all out awesomeness!!!

i see the TB influence, he'd be stoked with what you've come up with. you're such a creative spirit, in your outer and inner realms. killer combo.

best line in the world: "It was a fun day (in my head)" yup, that's a keeper. ♥

isis said...

thank you so much for your lovely comment!
love this, your outfits are so cute and you look like you are having a blast! it makes me happy just looking.

LyddieGal said...

I usually have to get dressed according to the weather, especially when that weather involves precipitation.
And if I'm going to work, because then I can't be as whimsical a dresser as you are. But that would be so fun!

Chic on the Cheap

K. said...

Each morning is really different for me - sometimes i have to dress according to the weather (if it's -20 celsius outside i won't even look towards skirts and t-shirts!). On the other hand i'm quite moody and sometimes i want to be a fashionista and wear my best clothes, the next day i might think "ohh, who cares" and wear just something casual and comfy.
Though i agree, that practically everyone of us judges other people by their appearance and well, clothes are a part of it. For some, it's all about the labels - which i personally find very sad. I myself have a sharp eye for details and colors - i love it when a person has interesting clothes or there's just somekind of harmony in the whole outfit. And of course, i always notice if the person feels comfortable in its outfit! And i don't think it's bad to judge other by what they wear, nor shallow - dressing well and taking care of oneself shows respect towards others also!

michelle_ said...

purple and red are soooo good together here !
lol.. i love how ure being honest here about how we judge through people's outfit.. and yess it is true ! first impression is kinda everything these days (like it or not)

and yes.. your clothes tell you what you're like :) for me, my clothes reflect on my mood.. and yes, my clothes also accurately represent myself :) every morning i pick up whatever piece i feel like wearing, and work from there.. if im pretty happy, id want to wear something bright but if im lazy, i'll put on something simple.. and my love for heels kinda represent how i love glamorous things i guess. :D

ohh and my pictures are all self timered :D
thanks lexxyy !

Clare said...

You are the sweetest thing! I love those glasses and all of awesome colorful looks. Ugh I just LOVE your style!

Reckless Rekha. said...

Your leather gloves are awh-some! You look lovely as usual <3

Anisa said...

I totally understand what you mean, it's impossible to NOT judge people based on their appearances. Love at first sight? Completely based on looks and appearances, it's inevitable. Why else would the clothing, fashion and cosmetic industry be making so much bank now? People want to appear the best that they can possibly look so other people will judge them well.

I love clothes. I do. They're my favorite things in the world. Shallow? Maybs, but it's something that allows you to show the world how you want them to see you, seeing as the rest of us, our bodies and looks, are due to genetics, we had no say. I love getting dressed up, it's just me. I understand people who are not into this kind of things as well.

In the mornings? I think about how my life SUCKS because I'm up WAY to early with WAY too little sleep. It's a viciously sad cycle.

LOVE your outfit! Your so freaking daring girl! I love it, I absolutely adore it! Never ever NEVER lose this quality about yourself, you're such an original, cannot be replaced ;) Your posts always put a huge smile on my face!


Bonnie said...

Your outfit is completely amaze-balls. I'm loving your crazy-ass style.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Angelica Ng said...

Fashion is mode of expression, and that's one thing that I love about fashion. You can give so many different messages with fashion. And, uh, skinny jeans and UGGS just say "I'm ok with looking sloppy" (glad you would never!)...just saying. And I love Tim Burton (ok, and Johnny Depp even more), but ya.


Sarah said...

This morning? I am surprised I managed to get myself dressed, to be honest. Usually, I want to strike a balance between quirky accents and clean lines. I like mod fashion but I also really like punk/rock looks. And then other things catch my fancy, too, and I just don't know what to do. I think my style is working on evolving (like from charmander to charmeleon) so I'm just letting it happen.

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

those glasses are soo cute, i did'nt know they had it at F21, im probably outdated now haha! the bows and the freaky hair tie is sooo cute , full of fun outfit!! I was flattered when you asked if I can draw you, you have such wide imaginations...and yes I can do that, just send me a pic in my e-mail...=) this is the first time drawing request , gives me an idea** and I choose PERSONALITY when i dress up=)

Riumni | Rainbows Scapes♥ said...

I love your outfit! Fantastic color-blocking. Your glasses make all more chic
And I absolutely agree with you! I love this blog at first sight


Rand T said...

I L O V E your shoesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!erm the momen i wake up a voice shouts "F*** IT WHY AM I AWAK" I then go hrough the things i need to do which i end up not doing...xx

HF said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog!
It's so weird- I've loved your blog for a while just never commented! Aw. Meant a lot to read your comment. Thank you!

And as always, outfit = fantastic. :D

Adelina said...

lovely style, nice colour blocking. great blog :)

Oh to Be a Muse said...

you must be like the absolute best thrift store shopper in the world. i honestly don't know where you find this stuff--but it's pretty awesome. that bow/chain thing reminds me of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

love your quirky appeal luv!

thesselle said...

plus I LOVE your style girl.



Sweet said...

aww I just miss visiting your colorful world Lexy dear...and everything in this outfit is outstanding...how can you get great items like this??? you are definitely a great thrift shopper!!! mwuah!!!


Izumihiiiflower said...

this is so electric <3


Anonymous said...

Hi, lovely outfit. So bright, so many colours. I especially like your glasses, belt and shoes. They complete your look! greetings christin x

Kenny said...

I love your outfit! Fantastic color-blocking. Your glasses make all more chic And I absolutely agree with you! I love this blog at first sight <3 xoxo RainbowScapes♥