i make me LOL.

So for those of you who read my posts, you know a little about me. For example, I like to look back at childhood (see last post). The only thing better than looking back, is LOOKING back (practically literally). I'm doing a mural for school and blah blah blah, the moral of the story is I was looking at my old stuff. SO FUNNY. But I had to share this because it seems kind of appropriate for a "Fashion Blog" (which I feel is an overused term, but whatevezz. I'm guilty of having one.)

Dear Fashionistas,
From a young age I have always loved fashion and art. I think that these pieces proves this. Meet my fashion illustrations at age 9 (ish). I think that the design aesthetic really shows how I'm a true designer. I really hope that you can see that my designs are beautiful. I want to wear them ALL. And dress every celebrity in these outfits, too. I mean, they are just so beautiful. Let them speak for themselves.
XOXO Love,

I don't know what's better: the mid-rift checkered top, the asymmetrical pink bow top with matching bell-bottoms, or the fire-y outfit. They're all pretty hot.

^ Oh, and do you see the squiggly legs and short arms. SO BEAUTIFUL.

I am now getting technical. Please note that the models are now interacting. I think this really illustrates my drawing skills. Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL bridesmaid dresses (I believe they were) and HAIRSTYLES (those buns MUST be on the runways this fall).

^I'd really like the dress with the swirls and the slash down the middle for Prom. Okay. Thanks.

This is my personal favourite. Since it's all Photobooth-y and reversed, I will translate for you. The left chick is "Cool Dude" (I mean, obvz. Hot pink striped shirt with some belly. Mhmm, cool.), while the far right is a "School Geek" (poor thing, I even labelled her wedgie). And the chick in the middle in simple flares, layered shirts, and a tee that says cool? Well, she's "In Between." Never made the cut, poor girl.

So, as you guys can tell, I was very talented. I think that I will be producing this outfits, ASAP. I'd really like you all to pre-order them because I know they will all be a hit. Especially my mid-driff tops.**

I was tagged by theTrendyDwarf and Diane for the Happy award (YAY! Thanks guys; it made me HAPPY. Hahaha. Okay, not pun-ny.). I know I'm a fail at responding to tags, but I thought this would be fun to list some things that make me happy. I'm pretending I'm all quirky and such and avoiding cliches, so don't think I'm heartless for not including friends and family.
1. The above stuff.
2. Cheery old people.
3. Innocent questions by little kids.
4. Value Village 50% off sales.
5. Mean girls that you can look and be like "Um, you're dumb."
6. Talking to random people you'll probably never talk to again.
7. Subway cookies.
8. Laughing at my unathleticism.
9. Going to bed late and still having energy.
10. Magazines coming in my mailbox.

There's a million other things, but I'm limited to ten. So there they are. And it's really not super significant things that make me super happy. Because otherwise that's just sad. Just clearin' the air before I get some "zomgyoursoheartless" comment.

What things make YOU happy?!
Oh, and how many of you would like to pre-order some of my age 9 fashion designs? They will go fast, I warn ya! (like, duhhh.)**

Thanks so much for stopping by! I will respond to comments this weekend.

**Because I'm quite confident that someone will NOT read my words/ is very slow (no offense) and thus think I am being serious, I am typing this to say YOU CAN LAUGH AT MY "FASHION SKETCHES." I spent about 20 minutes doing so. THEY ARE NOT REAL. Well, they are. But not from present-day. If I get a "Nice drawings xx" I will LOL. And not with you, but AT you.. My little drawings suck. I mean, no. They're beautiful...


Gizelle said...

so hilarious!
well, if you think about it, at 9, you were indeed talented...i mean, assymetrical thingies...and bell-bottom white jeans were hot stuff back then! haha...:D

great post...made me smile! :D


Ali said...

Oh my goodness, these are funn! You make me want to go through my old drawings.. mine are just as uh, "amazing," haha! With names like "The Super BFF Heroes." Don't you love how we used to always label everything?

Nadia Kamballa said...

Haha!! For a nine year old, those sketches are not bad AT ALL.. they're actually really great.. So, why not produce them now?? :P


theTrendyDwarf said...

YOU make ME LOL! Hahahahahahahahahaha! But seriously. I like how I feel I can comment your blog anyway because we are just cool like that. I mean we are like friends...I think? Anyway, thank you for reposting my award! I like how you add your twist to it and ask your followers what makes them happy. I wish I had as many faithful followers that leave so many wonderful comments! Anyway, I remember I used to draw like that!...I still do. LOL! If that were your actual collection, I wouldn't buy it. "I mean, no." I would buy them. "They're beautiful..."
check out my trendy blog!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Midriff tops = the lame version of the cropped top. I can see it as a hit!

Diane said...

:)) I also did stuff like this when I was younger . It was so fun back then!

Anyway, you like some pretty weird stuff. I hate talking to people I will never talk again.:P

Have a super fun day


Lexi Colby said...

these are so cool! you did a really good job :)


Ms. Royal Reigns said...

I wanna find my old drawings! :o(

I'm dying over you actually labeling "wedgie". Poor girl geek, indeed. I guess @ the age of 9 you were honing your comedic skills, too. ;o)

B a la Moda said...

Hello! You are a true designer. OMG! The drawing are excellent for a 9 year old. Some cute tops and not out of fashion at all.

B* a la Moda

Naka said...

zomg great designs tehe my drawing hasnt changed much over the past couple of years :(

Velire said...

haha i love your posts, they always make me smile. hey i had sketches done too when i was young and i still believe that they will someday be in real form. :)

well when you do get those sketches made, please show us. I shall buy one or two maybe. :)

Olivia said...

your posts make me smile!

Adela said...

those drawings are so cute!!! =D


NikkiDee said...

nice drawings xx

haha just kidding. no i love them though, they are so cute! honestly, i might wear those crazy pink bell bottomy things. make me some! ;]

you're adorable and so is your nine year old self! that poor school geek with her wedgie :[

NikkiDee said...
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emily kendall said...

what? you mean i can't order bell bottoms for this spring?? you are one cruel girl, lexy, getting my hopes all up and such BEFORE SMASHING THEM INTO ITTY BITTY PIECES.


Wendy said...

Nice drawings xx!

Haha playing. I remember I did those when I was younger.

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

hehe, oh you guys...

Phyllis said...

youre so freaking cute. honestly. love your posts so much =) and subway cookies are so goooood lol

Anonymous said...

Lol :D You are so funny ! I laughed so hard at this post :D You have a great personality !

Joanne Faith said...

Oh dear, bell bottoms...!

I loved doing fashion sketches when I was younger, my friend and I used to full up pages with outfit sketches. I wonder why I lost it...


mila said...

The designs are awesome! If you think yours are bad, you should see MINE. ugh.

follow me?

fhen said...

these are cool!
i used to do some designs too when i was young
you will totally lol at mine seriously haha
by the way really love your last outfit post!

have a great week ahead

Jen said...

damn girl, your 9-year old self has got some talent. if i may, i'd like to place 3 orders of those gorgeous bell-bottoms with the matching pink top :)
haha you're so adorable, lexy. i love that you can laugh at yourself. and congrats on the happy award! i love cheery old people as well haha

Monique said...

Lovely designs!
I've tagged you on my blog..go check it out!


coldlight said...

ahh! those drawings are so cute. don't you just love looking back at stuff you wrote/drew when you were a kid and laughing at how silly everything is?? :P by the way... love your skirt in the last post <3

Ruta said...

Ahaha I used to do this all the time. It was one of my favourite things to do when I was little, drawing fashion designs I mean.

Penny said...

Hahaha at least you've gotten quite a bit better at art! My ability to draw hasn't really changed since I was eight :P

Erika said...

"Magazines coming in my mailbox." Oh, that is one of the most magical things to me. I adore your drawings - they're so cute. Far better than mine - I used to draw people with the biggest heads you would ever see!! :)

Elaine said...

LOL!! I think they are pretty good for a 9 year old! ;)


olivias-pizzaz said...

not gona lie i did the exact same thing still got them and they are all hideous haha

Kate said...

I thought the little drawings were really cute!

Kate xx

malou said...

Hey Lexy!

I left you an award on my blog. The Kreativ Award, all for you!

Love, Malou.

RepublicOfChic said...

You're so incredibly funny! :)

Love how you write and love your style :)

PS. Much admiration all the way from India! :)