because if you can sing along, then it's so much funner!

Outfit from when knows when. Golly, time flies. This week has been a little insane, but I think insanity's good. It keeps things interesting. Spent this week working backstage at a play. I'm not *supposed* to (OMG, rebel much?!), but I like to peek from an inch-wide hole in the curtain and observe at the audience. Everyone else just lies around reading lines or murmuring amongst themselves, but I prefer to look at the audience and see the people, see what the response is. People are fascinating to me and it's sad how many people we see and how little we know about them.

Outfit from awhile back (deju vu! I said that before, oh snap! Snap! Snap!). The play has been fun to work on, but MAN - without the intention of sounding super arrogant - I've been stuck in all black outfits all week. SO WEIRD. An outer-body experience. ("Lexy, I've never seen you look so normal!" I take it as a compliment. Normal reads boring.)
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The snow has been INSANE around here. Yet, still no snow day. Canadian weather is such a let down, eh? (Ha-ha. Get it? Eh? Canada? Yeah. It's late, i'm allowed. To re-use unfunny jokes, that is. See previous posts about Olympics and what not wherever they are.)
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Oh, and by the wayyyy, Can I get a F? Can I get an I? Can I get and E? Can I get a R? Can I get a C? Can I get a E? What does that spell?!?! (I hope someone actually answers this. Typing all those letters was pretty exhaustin' for my fingertips.)
But yeah, top model here. I'd do Tyra proud, me thinks. (NOTE: sarcasm)
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Some awkward tights formula. Purple tights + Pink tights + Black net tights = Magic? Um, maybe not quite. More like, a scrunched up texture at the belly and lots of strange looks. But, you know, same thing?!
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Apparently "layering" was the theme of this outfit. Look at dem necklaces! Hey hoooo, whoopdeyyy woooahhh.
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(Dress - Vintage $15, Blazer - Value Village $7, Pink and Purple tights - H&M $5 each, Black tights - Winners $7, Shoes - Mum's, Belt - Dad's, Accessories - Assorted)

Going back to my beginning ramblings, I guess I can sometimes borderline on anti-social. I'm often so engrossed in observing people. What makes them tick? Their heart flutter? Their energy explode? I like to look inside cars and homes (BUT I'M NOT AN UBER CREEP, I PROMISE) and wonder "what are their lives like?" I guess there's that air of mystery to life and the people that you meet, but it also makes you wonder how many people you DON'T meet or know, just because you don't ever crossed paths. There are so many interesting people beyond the bubble of my daily life and I really wish I could meet them all. Ugh.

Wow. Such a profound post...

Any thoughts to add? Because I'll feel like less of a loser. I mean, no, commenting your opinion WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Leah said...

FIERCE... I love those silhouette shots. And your tights are so cool. Love the colors of your outfit too. Happy weekend Lexy! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love your tights! they are so awesome and the blazer is just so old fashioned chic! The entire outfit is just thumbs up!!!
thanks for commenting on my blog btw


olivias-pizzaz said...

fierce! :) aren't you cold in the snow? I don't knw what its like living in the snow in winter but i always imagined having to wear ski pants. guess not haha. Anyway love your outfit the black tights over the coloured ones are the coolest tights ever! and your blazer is awesome, you always have the coolest jackets!!

djhanq said...

cute dress :)
there's a new post here
tattoo freak
(follow my blog if u dont mind)
oxox :))

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit!!! U look stunning! xxx

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...


no, you're not a loser..
cuz i don't think i am...and i like to wonder about people's lives too..
just last week, i was sitting on this bench at the mall..and after looking at families walking..i realized that some husbands looked more pulled-together (physically) and some even with piercings to look younger..while the wives just looked plain dowdy! i vowed to look after myself and my style despite being married or having kids...LOL.

phew! such a long comment..can be made a post..hahaha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Nora said...

love the tight formula. look great. =))

kumar said...

beautiful out fit and pink and putple tights are superb, cool design

Malou said...

Woaaah, you're looking good. (:

Georgie said...

Awesome outfit! And the tights are fierce hahaha

Veren Lee said...


do u mind to exchange link with my blog, please ?

veren .a little princess.

EmbodyingFashion said...

Cute outfit, love ur tights :)

Diane said...

:)) I think you should study psychology or sociology! If you're passionate about this you could definitely be good at it!

And I love the way you put together the tights :D Great idea!

Have a fun day and thanks for your sweet comments!


Audrey Allure said...

Your dress is gorgeous, and such interesting tights - I love the pairing. Great shots!

Ali said...

I love all of your fun clothes that you find. Those tights are fabulous! I think they're amazing, at least. :) && Tyra would definitely be proud. You'd get her attention, heyy. ;D

English Rose ♥ said...


I lovelovelove the blazers and that blue dress!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

GraceFace said...

I'm the same, I always look in peoples windows when I'm passing by on the bus...I figure it's not stalkerish unless I take photos.

And the ka-boom element is pretty much why I love comics, I have a notebook I've covered with pretty stuff and right across the front is "BOOM!" cut out from a comic :D
wow, this is a long comment.

Panda said...

Tres Rad post as always,
REALLY loving that dress (:
Oh and thanks for the sweet comment!
Panda xx

Erika said...

FIERCE! And let me just say that no one is as fierce (or fearless) as you are when it comes to fashion, Lexy! Loving the style risks you take - you always look amazing!! :)

szela said...

i was gonna type "hahahahah" again but that would mean that my comments would always be starting with that. but seriously, you make me laugh every time. okok i'm rambling.

anyhoos, that's some super cool thing going on with your stockings/leggings! i likey. and that dress is gorgeous. oh you'd totally make Tyra proud. go girl! hehe =D

Jen said...

Love the dogtooth jacket and pop of pink around your neck! :)

Nathalie said...

such a cool outfit. I love to add a colourful tights underneath a patterned. The pattern of your dress really adds so much texture. Love it

six-twentytwo-onine said...

hey lexy .. did you get it???
and i love this dress... its perfect...

princesspolitico said...

that dress is sheer perfection! i'm such a fan of that 1980s aesthetic and you're pulling it off wonderfully. plus i'm really digging your two-tone tights :)


Anonymous said...

Those silhouette shots are incredible!! Girl you always look so good! Can you ever take a bad photo? You have such a great energy! Tyra would be so proud :) :)

Anonymous said...

Those silhouette shots are incredible!! Girl you always look so good! Can you ever take a bad photo? You have such a great energy! Tyra would be so proud :) :)

Lexi Colby said...

wow :) awesome outfit and those tights!!!

Fashion Therapist said...

I am in love with that dress. So cute!

Phyllis said...

FIERCE =) haha, love those shots, and your dress is amazing lexi!

Jen said...

FIERCE (although i think me saying what you spelled out probably lost it's effect after everyone else already did so...) :)
that vintage dress is gorgeous and i'm really loving your confidence with colors. having two different colored tights on is genius and i love it! i actually did it the other day when i was trying to figure out which color to wear but it was only by accident and i didn't stick with it :P
can't wait to see your next post!!!

blackecstasy said...

hey i always love ur writing and those stiletto and tights is FIERCE!!
keep inspiring yah..
have a nice day dear :)

yudia aiiu


fadetoblack said...

that blazer was $7 noway!! its perfect!!!

Calypso said...

Hey cute blog! following :-)
Love this outfit, that jackeet is awesome...
oooh i was wondering why one leg was darker than the other :-) Like the tights...

Love from Calypso


Melissa said...

I love the picture dear :)
and I love the blazers and that blue dress!! OMG!!

visit me dear xoxo http://www.mixmels.blogspot.com/

coolboy said...

love your out fit looks great

hey thanks for coomet


fhen said...

this outfit is rad!
love love love the tights


Shop T.O. Live said...

The top model pics are amazing, definitely fierce. I love how the necklace looks like it's glowing!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Adorable outfit! I love your coat and those tights are AMAZING!! xoxo

Victoire said...

I friggin love that blazer. This look is so adorable! And the name of your blog is awesome :)


Naka said...

great stuff :3 love the tights

7upkels said...

confession: i am obsessed with your style and fashion. i l-o-v-e it.

roxanne said...

haha you just pulled off some tights magic. i approve.

Ruta said...

I love your outfit. So bight and colourful. It definitely pops against all the white of the snow. Canadian weather is so unpredictable. It felt like spring last week, now it's like winter again. Too weird.

Ps. I took am fascinated by people. I really like observing people on the subway.

April said...

ahh i'm so beyond wowed by what you did with your tights! i don't think i could handle all that bunchiness! but damn girl, you're a genius.

Noelle Chantal said...

i love love the pattern on the tights!! and the accessories you wore -very you! love the kookiness and cuteness of this outfit. :)

michelle_ said...

you look like one fierce model in those silhouette shots lexy !
i love your 2 color tights very much !
i think i shall try laerying my tights as well but the last time i did that the tights that I layered over the other tights tore ! hahaha.. maybe i shouldnt put too much force on it next time..

B a la Moda said...

You are so funny! I like your experiment on how you mixed the tights. Fun! It works with the necklace and skirt.

B* a la Moda

heather said...

I love all of the little details in your outfit. and that coat!!! love


Gabby said...

HAHAHA! I'm working on a play too but on the costumes and we really need your sewing expertise for Athena. (It's a play about the Greek Gods) Hope yours and mine work out!

P.S. Another great outfit

Jing said...

i love the whole package.from blazer to tights to dress to shoes!amazing!!!!