lollipops make da world go round

Dear fashion,

Thank you for being an escape for this crazy thing we called life. I like you quite a bit. You are adventurous, fun, reliable, exciting, and fast-paced. You are very misjudged, but I see you for who you really are. Many people have a hard time understanding you. They shouldn't. They should have fun with you.

You rock,
Don't ever change.


I say this essentially every time I post a tag, but it's very much the truth: I am a tag fail. But I thought I'd post this one from TheTrendyDwarf because it's fun (he made it up!) and he's my buddy. Check out his blog! He's, like, the most frequent post-er ever so it's pretty rad.

Seven things j'adore about fashion:
1. People thinking I'm a lot more interesting then I actually am when they see my outfits. Because I'm actually rather boring. But people assume otherwise. (So, yes, I'm manipulating you all. HAH.)
2. Collections that make you stop and think "WOW. Fashion is art. You can't argue with that." (Alexander McQueen was the KING of this. R.I.P.)
3. The thrift/ vintage shop experience. Well-dressed male specimens at such shops are an added bonus.
4. Spending hours being incredibly engrossed in the world of fashion, whilst desperately seeking for a way to become a part of such world.
5. Bright tights that make people take a double glance.
6. Laughing at teenagers who have, somehow, fallen onto the bandwagon of trends and look silly because of it.
7. Actually having a passion and not stuck in a phase of "whatamigoingtodowithmylife?!"

(tell me! tell me! tell me!)

(sorry updates are on the slow-go this week - HEY, I WARNED YOU - but if you, say, follow my twitter, the common thread between this week's tweets is that I'm possibly the bitter-est tweeter ever. Hey, it's a busy week! Promise for a good outfit post this weekend. Pinky - yes, PINKY, this is getting serious! - promise. Wow, this is the longest body of words in brackets potentially ever.)

Thanks for stopping by! And sharing why you love fashion? (err, I think YES.)


theTrendyDwarf said...

Wow! Thank you for reposting my award. I was feeling like total FAILURE when I made this award because no one reposted it and I thought it was going to be a cool idea. Now you have my hopes up by a lot! You really are a cool blogger friend! I wish you lived closer so we could meet up sometime and be real life friends because that would be so cool! I have to say I agree with most of your seven reasons except 1 and 3 and 5. I don't dress as interesting as you(since I mainly dress like the male fashion shows I post on my blog) so I can't agree with this one. I can't agree with 3 because I haven't shopped at those places, but ever since I have been crazily obsessed in the fashion world I wish I shopped at those places in order to obtain something vintage! I certainly do not agree with 5 because I don't wear tights. Sorry. Lol! Thank you so much again for posting this!
check out my trendy blog!

Diane said...

I think what I most love about fashion is the way it helps us send a message to others and helps us understand what others are all about. that is in our case,because we can understand the language of clothing and accessorize . I guess that's it...:P


Leah said...

Lexy, love your seven things... so fun and so true. The first item made me laugh. You manipulating girl. hahaha! Happy Thursday! xoxo

Patty Ann said...

its so much fun to get dressed up! i love reading your seven things!

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Kasia said...

I don't know if it's about fashion or just dressing up, but I really like how clothes/accessories actually influence you, your mood, your confidence, and basically who you are. One day I'm a hopeless romantic and the next I'm a grunge, and the next I'm smart and elegant, and the next just cool and laid back. I can be everything, it's just a matter of what I put on in the morning.

TeenageDirtbag said...

And what would be that other ways? :D. I'm really curies :). And why I love fashion? I don't. I prefer give alll my love to myself and make myself beautiful with fashion:).

Sarah said...

It's not so much that I'm into what is fashionable more than I wear what I want because I like it. So I guess the reason I like fashion is because I can be myself with it or something along those lines ^_^

(always)alanna said...

love you're letter- love, love, love it.
and why do i love fashion? because i can express everything i've ever wanted to say to the world in the form of something beautiful.
lovee your blog- coming back soon!

Gabby said...

What I love about fashion is that you can make it your own. Fashion is anyone's and everyone's thing.

Hope you're having a great time in NYC!

Mrs. April said...

I can totally relate to #1. I often wear clothes that pretttty much shout "LOOK AT ME!" (um, but not in a slutty way. For some reason I felt like I really needed to point that out), but when people pay any attention to me I get kind of pissed off. :S

paper kites said...

oh my god your reference is Lizzie McGuire yearbook episode!!! Ethan Craft signed Lizzie's yearbook with that and she was, like, euphoric. used to love that show...good ol' family channel.

fashion lets me explore my personality.
although i don't have money, period, i love making my own clothes that no one else has ;)

my friends have started to notice i have a talent for memorizing every single item in their wardrobe and then reminding them of things in their closet.


Clau! said...

congrats for your award ñ_ñ

Audrey Allure said...

Congrats on the award, I agree with #2 and #6 haha :)

Morning Cloak said...

I love fashion because it's constantly changing, looking back and looking forward. Hilarious post by the way

fhen said...

there are a lot of reasons i love fashion
one of them is i totally agree that it is an art and it is one of the way to express myself

have a great weekend

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

I believe you and I love fashion for the exact same reasons.

beckyxoxo said...

Hey Lexy ! What a lovely post ! And I'm agree with you . I love fashion the way it is . No matter what people think , I'll still love fashion ! Haha . Hope you're having a nice weekend ! xoxo

Meg said...

Cute award! I love fashion because it's like necessary art. Because you can't run around naked (usually).

olivias-pizzaz said...

i agree with all of them sooo truee!!

olivias-pizzaz said...

i agree with all of them sooo truee!!