and writing cheesy love letters in french is one of the best assignments. ever.

I hate excuses. Like, when people are like "well, I would've buuuutttttt...." It drives me crazy. Therefore, I will not excuse myself for not blogging because the internet didn't connect. Because I don't like excuses and that would be hypocritical. Wow, this is a negative way to start the post.

I mean, oh hhhhaaeyyyy girlz and boyz! Whhhatz up, lov-ahz?
(P.S. Story above? TRUE ONE.)

Outfit from awhile ago. Kind of reminds me of one I wore awhiler ago. Weird story (not really a story, a fact?): after blogging, I feel incredibly UNobligated to re-wear outfits. This is supremely dorky but I have a very big moment of "oh darnit. What if someone who reads my blog sees me in an outfit they've already seen?!" Which is incredibly unrealistic, but OH YOU BLOG. The things you do with my mind. Do you guys re-wear outfits? (this is a very shallow topic. Yes, I know. Don't insult it.)

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Recently been drawn towards the combination of more pastel colours and black accents. There's something a little glamorous (flouncyyy, flouncc-ayyy. Fergie-ferg reference anyone?) about it. I feel like it's a sign of dearspringtimepleasevisitmethanks.
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Details: this is essentially almost always - but not always always - the combination of bracelets/ rings I wear to school with my uniform. This vest is always a little bit of oohlala in ma life. And my tights are actually more violet, not gray.
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(Dress - Value village $15, Alpaca Vest - Peru $35, Skirt - Pacific Mall $7, Tights - H&M $12, Belt - Dad's, Jewelry - Assorted)

Generally speaking, I hate mainstream music. (Although I guess I'm listening to some mainstream stuff from back in the day. Currently infatuated with the likes of the Clash, the Modern Lovers, the Cure, and the Replacements). Something with the overplayed/ overhyped/ overprocessed thing about it. Or maybe because I feel like I'm super artsy going through my ipod and thinking "Hey, wow. I don't even know who this artist is. And I downloaded it." But um anyways, the point of the story is I currently have this song continuously stuck in my head.

WHY? Oh I don't know. MAYBE BECAUSE I'M GOING TO NYC THIS WEEKEND. (can I get an "EEEEK?") Totally a coinky-dink (yes, I used to say that when I was in grade 5. yes, I still say it now) that my long weekend falls on fashion week. I'm SO excited. Is anyone going to be there? Is anyone looking forward to fashion week? Is anyone going to invite me to some shows? (see how I drew you in by asking you some general questions before getting to what I really want? Media ploy. Yup, that's right. My blog is actually intended to manipulate with your minds. HAH!)

Um, anyways. Yeah. I'm excited (duh.) Since this post primarily consists of frothy subjects (like, does anyone, like, re-wear their, like, outfits? Oh wow. I just mocked myself?), I might as well continue on this road of sugar-coated vanity. Anyone have packing tips? There's the side of me that's like YOU SHOULD HAVE LOTS OF OUTFIT CHOICES as NYC is amazing and you must look amazing. And then there's the side that's like "Just pack two outfits and re-wear it." Oh wait, no. The latter is my mother. I'm going with rocking some outfits option. Any packing tips? I've been told to pack light. Darn.

Anyways, there's an enslew of vain, ahem fashion(-y-ish) questions. Here's one to break the ice(ish): what things are you looking forward to? It's always good to have something to look forward to to break from the repetitiveness of life!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I WILL visit blogs ay-sappp. Sorry that this has not been done for the past week. :/


Lexi Colby said...

i LOVE your outfit
and nyc! ah chictopia10!!!??? are u going?

Friend in Fashion said...

You layer like no other girl! NYC = amazing, I can't wait for my visit in April :)



Gabby said...

I definitely re-wear outfits but I try to avoid it. And.... CONGRATS ON NYC!!!! You should pack light because I have a feeling that you'll be buying more clothes in The Big Apple.


Jing said...

i love the layering of your outfit!totally goegeous!!!
wow.u're going to new york?i wanna come.hehe
that song of alicia and jay-z is love!

lovely blog,by the way.


Anonymous said...

pack versatile pieces. that way, you can just mix and match pieces! and have fun in NYC take lots of picturesss!

know what i'm looking forward to?: SPRING :D

Wendy said...

I kind of have to agree. Rewearing outfits has become a big turn off.

And luck you! NYC!

emily kendall said...

packing light=you can carry/wheel all your luggage yourself. ahhhh i'm so jealous. ;)

and i love all the colors of your outfit, they go together so well...

six-twentytwo-onine said...

oh btw pack heavy or light just pack warm... i live in nyc and darn the weather... welcome to nyc ... heheh i know its a little early but what the heck right?// btw love the outfit...

Noelle Chantal said...

oh i am so jealous!! have fun and in NYC! and i really love the layering you did in that outfit. all the textures and colors is just pretty :)

Nina said...

I love your outfit and I'm loving that combination of the pastel with the black. I love how you put colors in all your outfits!

Wow have fun in New York and I agree with one of the post above to bring things you can mix and match with everything.

Also I try not to wear outfits again especially if i have a picture in it. But if i do wear it again I try to change things up a little. :)

Diane said...

Hy, that's a great outfit, re-wear it if you love it too! :D

Have fun in NYC, can't wait to see photos from over there and pack all the things you want to, I mean, how often can you dress up for the big city?

Anyway, to answer your question, I look forward to moving to another country, in matters of life style :)


Urooba said...


LUCKY DUCK. Yeha, I still say that. ~:)

I have these "go-to" outfits that I throw on if I wake up, like, 15 minutes 'fore school starts. But usually, once I wear an outfit, I get bored with it.

And oooo, I went to Value Village's 50% off sale today---scored some major loot! :D

Nadia Kamballa said...

I love your outfit!! Whoa, you're going to NYC?? sounds fun.. I want to go there, too. Well, maybe someday :P


the style crusader said...

love the way these photos were taken. they look really beautiful. that is awesome that you are going to NY fashion week!! that is going to be amazing. xx

Kiki said...

Haha! I always get really paranoid that if I rewear an outfit I put on my blog, I'll run into one of my 35 followers on the street and they'll know that I don't have enough creativity to invent a new outfit every day! And I can't risk that!!

Love your whole outfit.. I've been wearing a lot of pastels lately too but SPRING AIN'T LISTENIN.

Have fun in NYC! x

Laura. said...

hey I only just saw that you have my blog in your sidebar from finding out traffic on google analytics!!!
So thanks so much :)

I love your outfit. Of course I wear outfits again.... if I have a favourite its always good to go back to it.
Your so lucky to be going to nyc when fashion week is on! Hope you get to some shows!


Jen said...

you look adorable in this outfit and i love love love love love how you layered everything! i'm guilty of rewearing outfits all the time haha, i just don't post them on my blog ;P

and that's SOOOO amazing that you're going to nyc this weekend! i might be stopping by nyc a few times this weekend so maybe i'll accidentally see you on the streets on one of my trips up there! haha :)

Jen said...

I always re-wear outfits! I do often wonder what my fellow bloggers must think of me, but if an outfit's working for you, why worry?

I just love the mix of greys/blues/lilacs in your outfit. Delightful!

Sarah said...

NYC is awesome, I was just there this weekend, unfortunately I never have time to go "shopping in the city" or whatever because it's generally for family.

The stores are extremely expensive, so if your looking for clothes to buy stick to more street vendors.

Oh and I totally repeat outfits, but then again I'm not a fashionista or anything :)

roxanne said...

pack light, bring an extra bag, and buy amazing things when you get there.

i'm such an enabler. have a wonderful time! btw, the outfit is very alice in wonderland updated. love.

Ali said...

Oh my god you're cute!
And I have been telling myself to make an Alice outfit sometime long ago, but now I really need to make it come true. :D

Can I wrap you up and take you with me in my pocket, pleaseee? I will be nice. n___n

Gizelle said...

i never would have thought about layering skirts...you look stunning in this outfit!

and yeah, i don't like excuses too..especially super obvious ones. i mean, if we badly want something, we have all the reasons..but if not, we have all the excuses...

have fun in NYC!


cameraholic said...

Another nice outfit you pulled off! <3 Can't wait for you to share about NYC. Have fun!!

visit and follow

Audrey Allure said...

i'll be at NYFW ! :) maybe i'll see you!

& i love that quote on your latest post, yay for girl power haha

Shop T.O. Live said...

I don't think I'm creative enough not to re-wear outfits - although, you probably are! But you shouldn't feel obligated to wear a new outfit everyday. Do what feels good to you, and your readers will continue to love you for it.


Nina said...

I think this is my most fave outfit of yours yet! Just lovely!

Leah said...

Have fun in NYC Lexy!

I love the big smiles that accompany this outfit. You are so cute. xoxo

Erika said...

For some reason I immediately think Alice in Wonderland when I look at these pictures. Could you be more adorable, Lexy?! Simple answer...NO!! And NYC...take me with you!! :)

Phyllis said...

yayyy NYC! will you be at chictopia10? hopefully i'll be able to meet you? =D
and great outfit
and i totally still say coinky-dink too. hahaa

betz said...

omg! i'm so excited for you. hope we could meet. as for the packing tips, don't ask me coz i'll say bring everything. i'm a terrible packer. i mean really, how could one survive without her entire closet? lol. well, it's a pain in the butt walking around the city now with all the icy sidewalks and melted snow... hope it gets better this weekend.


ANN said...

LUCKY. I want to go to NY so badly. Have fun!

Closet Full of Nothing said...

so cute!! love this outfit.. very alice in wonderland!

Have fun in nyc!!




Anonymous said...

Love this look cute, little Lexy!! I hope you have fun in NYC! Maybe I will run into you on the street! I live here :)

Meg said...

Cute outfit. You should sneak into some shows this weekend!

Joanne Faith said...

Your outfit is so Alice in Wonderland! I adore it, the photography is neat too.

Have a fabulous time in NYC lovely!


Anonymous said...

I love all the pretty chains!

p.s you got an award on my blog!

FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit!!! Very chic!!



The Urban Fashion Gal said...

I love that hair piece!

Andie said...

hey you look like alice!
and I WANNA GO TO NYC :(:(:(


Ruta said...

I am in love with this outfit. It's so quirky and fun. :)

szela said...

what a cute outfit!

ps. i re-wear outfits and sometimes blog the same outfits too.

pps. i love your chest of drawers in the 2nd photo!

beckyxoxo said...

Wow you look so so great ! I love the whole outfit , so lovely :) And you're going to NY ? Oh my I envy you ! Have fun there ! :D Happy val's day anyway ! <3

April said...

ah love this!! you have a great blog :]

Patty Ann said...

i like your hair piece!!!!!!

patty ann
AlphaBetaChic Blog

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I love your rings!