food for thought..

because i can only tweet 140 characters...

"The one I always think about is the thinking man's sex symbol. Women as a gender are more complex, layered, and interesting than men, I personally find. A beautiful girl is a beautiful girl, but a beautiful girl with brains is a lethal combination."

- Prabal Gurung

Woohoo, girl power!

Isn't it so much fun discovering more about people? I love unlayering the layers and learning unexpected things about people I hardly know. Intelligence almost always triumphs. That and good charisma and good energy. Ironically, I'm more intrigued by "quiet" people - quiet people usually have a lot to say; they just don't buy into that high school bullcrap. I love to talk to people I never talk to. Much more talking with most of my friends.

Shucks, is that weird?