elle oh vee eeeeee.

I love smelling the roses.
I love eating the chocolate.
I love the big teddy bears.
Just kidding.

Wow . I'm such a poet; this is my freestyle poetry. Quite deep stuff, I know. I think it's very symbolic of, ermm, anyways. I basically don't really like Valentine's Day (I categorize it as "neutral," along with the likes of New Years, Birthdays, and, well, lots of holidays because I'm grinch). But, I thought I'd do a Valentines-y post because uhh... Go love! Woot, woot!

The artistic idea behind this picture was to invoke the image of a dead doll, representing umm... Um. Well, not actually. But let's pretend. Because then I succeeded. At looking like a dead doll, that is. So, yessss?
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Irony: this outfit was 100% NOT intended to be Valentine's-esque. (From last weekend, in fact.)
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And more irony? This heart on my face? NOT PLANNED. Unexciting story behind it: I was the volunteer for face painting and practiced on my face. I think it should be a new trend.
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Because I'm.... Fierce? Urhhh, don't answer that.
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Going for a fuzzy theme. Because it has to do with how Valentine's day invokes cuddles and um. OKAY FINE. This outfit/ shoot had no thought process behind it. I'm just trying to sound intellectual. JEEEEEZ.
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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - Vintage $3, Skirt - Homemade, Tights - Thrifted $7, Belt - Dad's, Jewelry - Assorted, Shoes - Old Navy)

Anyways, obviously I love Valentine's Day* (slash not really but shhh). I'll just say Happy Valentine's Day! And leave it at that. More Irony (because that seems to be the underlying them of this post): there will be a second part to this post because apparently I'm just full of love...

Thanks for stopping by!
Any great plans for YOUR Vday? (If you didn't guess, I didn't do much!)

*While I'm wishing y'all a happy Valentine Day, I might as well go for the: Happy Olympics begin (go Canada, ehh?!)! Happy NYFW begins (Favourite shows thus far?)! Happy Chinese New Years (Go red bags!)! Happy Family Day (Go Random Canadian Holidays!)! Happy Black History Month!
Pheeeew. I think that covers it all.


Friend in Fashion said...

You look fantastic - LOVE the two tone tights and the fabulous splashes of pink :)

mikaela said...

those tights are intense!

and i cant believe you made that skirt! :)

have you been watching the olympics???
i live in vancouver so i've pretty much been experiencing it first hand, it's crazy.

Diane said...

The looks are really fun and the first photo looks a lot like a dead doll :))

Anyway, I did the same thing, posted a look from Friday when I wore pink and black, even if I didn't do it like a Valentine's day thing..


English Rose ♥ said...

You look so fabulous - i loved everything


For so many reasons, i'm like the scrooge of Vday, not love because I love love just the one day you are supposed to celebrate it. Eugh.

Merci beaucoup for you sweet comment darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

very funny lexi! :D

i work for a canadian company and it's funny cuz like phils, they do have a lot of holidays! LOL. good for us then..we get time off from work.haha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Nadia Kamballa said...

Have I mentioned that I love your storytelling style?

Great pics, btw..


six-twentytwo-onine said...

a dead doll ...hehehhehee
well nice outfit and congrats on the win ,,, i mean the gold medal canada won ....love alisha

Georgie said...

Love the whole outfit, especially the two tone tights!

Naka said...

happy v day and great outfit especially the tights ^^

Devina said...

Loved your outfit...
You look so CHIC...

Ramona said...

You re sooo cute!I can say I hate V-Day but you make me like it!You look amazing with that pink heart painted on your cheek, the skirt is great you are oh so good at DIY stuff, love the two toned tights, love teh fuzzy pink thing.You are adorable doll!

Poppy said...

Those tights are great!

Wendy said...

Actually, I think the heart on your face is a legit idea. I might try that some time for a party or something.

Erika said...

I love you, I love you, I love you!

Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day, Lexy!! :)

Sarah said...

I love it I love it (the tights), and what the hay, your whole outfit! The holiday greetings made me smile ahaha :)

Jen said...

I love, love, LOVE this outfit! The two tone tights, the pink skirt, the fuzzy jumper, the painted heart! It's just so perfect for any time of year, never mind Valentine's Day!

Ali said...

Gasp! Amazing. :D I love those tights, they're downright fabulous!

Nina said...

Super cute outfit!!!

BTW I'm not sure if you've received this award yet. But i choose you for an award.


Fiona said...

Omg, I love everything about this!
Super cute!

the style crusader said...

these are soo cute!! love it! xx

Anonymous said...

i love the pink furry thing. and like i told you, valentine's? meeehhh, i'll pass. post a post about your trip to NYC!!! i'd love to hear about your crazy adventures :D

Flashes of Style said...

Awesome skirt! I looove the pink :)

michelle_ said...

hahahha at first i though this was ur valentine's outfit lexy ! hahahah..
i love the black fuzzy top thing ! the textue looks awesome..

and those tights . WOAH! totally in love with them ! i think i'll try wearing half black and half white tights to imitate those.. they're just too terrific !

i really missed blogging and checking on ur posts!

April said...

absolutely LOVE this post :)

Joanne Faith said...

I love these photos, even if you say there wasn't all that much thought! The necklaces look so nice and sparky against the top.

Happy valentines day xx

As a side note, comments weren't meant to be closed on my Body Shop post so thank you for unintentionally drawing my attention to it!


Diane said...

Thanks for the sweet comment :)


Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

You always take the cutest, quirkiest pictures. Love this!

RepublicOfChic said...

Haha, I love your narration! And love those tights, and those beads, the textures, the comment description, the roses are red poem. Phew, I think that covers it all :P

RepublicOfChic said...

Ps. You should try bloglovin again. You'd really love it! I'd totally follow you there too :)

GraceFace said...

I love these photos, even if there's no though process behind them, they're lovely :D

Mrs. April said...

Hi! New follower, just stopping by to say that skirt is bitchin'.

The end.

Leah said...

You are fabulous... I love the tights! And I love how you put everything together. Happy Tuesday! xoxo

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Hahaha, I love the pink overload, I too often overload on days that are not even Valentines.

roxanne said...

hahahah amazing. you are like cruella de vil's sugarcoated sweetheart niece right now.

Lexi Colby said...

these pictures are so cute! i love your outfit!

Audrey Allure said...

i love your outfit :)

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous, Lexy! I love your cute little cheek heart! Your blog is such a joy :)

emily kendall said...

ooh, i'm in luuuuuurve with those tights. ;) and i happen to love holidays (basically, they help make life more interesting, in my opinion), so happy valentine's day to you too! xoxo

ANN said...

Gosh I need a pair of two toned tights! I love the first picture haha.

Gabby said...

You're a huge coincidence are you? HAHA :) I really like the two tone legs and the face accessory. Hope your having a great time in NYC!


Anonymous said...

love the pink faux fur coat <3


erica said...

love the pinkness of it all!! your pictures look so fun :)


teri seaglass said...

WHAT. I wake up during ski week and click random blog names that I see- AND YOUR AMAZING BLOG comes up to greet me?!? Girly, I LOVE your DIY skirt! I also love the different textures in these pictures! Instant follow, girl!

teri at tintedseaglass.blogspot.com
PS I love your writing style.

Melissa~ said...

I love your thigts!!!
Great outfit!

Patty Ann said...

woowwwww cool picturesss i love the pink and white and black!!!

patty ann
AlphaBetaChic Blog

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

so pink...so valen ---- okay, okay so BARBIE. LOL. :D :D :D

kidding aside, you know how i always love your outfits...especially since you do so much layering! love layering cuz i can wear so many stuff...hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

so pink...so valen ---- okay, okay so BARBIE. LOL. :D :D :D

kidding aside, you know how i always love your outfits...especially since you do so much layering! love layering cuz i can wear so many stuff...hehe.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

I love this outfit! So cute, and the photography is great.