go love, take two.

Because I'm just so full of love?

Tim Burton. Who else? LOVE. (Subtle pun intended. As in, I love these. As well as, they are about love. Ooooh, look at my wittiness!)
EDIT: in response to some humorous - but inaccurate - comments, TIM BURTON is the genius behind the next three illustrations, NOT moi. Mine is the comparably lame one at the end :)
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Who's excited for Alice in Wonderland? Who who who? 3D is like a cherry on top of this sure-to-be amazingness. I'm very eager. Eeek.
In contrast, who saw Valentine's Day? Who who who? This movie appears to be. Um. Well, if you need 20 million stars to entice people, then really... But you know, could be/ have been amazing? (But, SERIOUSLY. Listing the celebrities takes half the trailer. HALF I TELL YOU, HALF. Why, oh why?)

My own Valentine's Day doodleage. Fun fact: this wasn't actually inspired by Tim Burton, as I saw 'em after. (Erm. Why would I post mine after his AMAZING illustrations? Completely different leagues. Tim Burton > Me. Like, Lizzie McGuire > Hannah Montana. Like, Canada > every other country. Mwahahha. Sorry. I felt the need to invoke some C-country spirit as my Olympic-watching has been limited to recaps on the radio. So unpatriotic. So.)

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So yeah. Spread the love, y'all.

And just for fun because I feel like sharin' it...
Current Minor Obsession:
Lookin' at middle aged/ elderly people and imagining them in high school. Who were their friends? Partiers? Socially awkward? Annoying? It's actually a tad of an unhealthy obsession. Now I'm imagining all my classmates as middle-aged and it's getting a little nostalgic, already. When will our last interaction be? Will they be successful? Is he going to end up on the streets? Settle just to settle? I'm definitely setting myself for a hardcore mid-life crisis. Yikes.

But man, I do not want to settle for mediocrity. Slash not accomplish what I want to and end up settling just for blah. One of my fears.
What are your thoughts on this?
Mediocrity? Dreams? Even middle-aged men (because... Just because)?

Erm, so anyways... Somehow I translated love into melancholy? Um. Sorry. GO LOVE. YAY! :D :D Insert peppy talk yadda-yadda.

Tehe. Anyways. Thanks for stopping by!
NYC post ASAP. (Don't get to excited. Bad blogger = Few pictures.)



B a la Moda said...

I am excited about it specially after seeing so many post with things inspired by the movie. I think about dreams. Is the best way to go!
B* a la Moda

mikaela said...

did you draw all of those pictures???

if you did, YOU ARE AMAZING!

seriously, those pictures are beatiful :)

and i am super excited for Alice in Wonderland, i'm probably gonna see it for my birthday. Johnny Depp= YUM

Diane said...

Haha, I'm always nostalgic, especially because I found out one of my high school colleagues is getting married (we're 22...) so... kind of sad, life it's passing by...

Love the illustrations!


Lexi Colby said...

great illustrations!

Ramona said...

Amazing drawings.Have fun in NYC Lexy and I know you're not a bad blogger, not at all so bring us many many photos!

Ramona said...

Oh forgot to emntion definitely dreams-I dream big!Without high prospects you can't have great achievements,right?
Love ya dolly!

Naka said...

great pictures and tehe i used to do that aswell and think if they were secretly a spy or a ninja it was funny making up stories when u jus saw random peron pass by about them


michelle_ said...

ahhh such cute illustrations lexy !
and ur doodlage actually amazed me ! i can never doodle that good . my doodles are pretty much the same the whole time ! my teacher said that graffiti art was definitely not my thing . hahahaha..

hope you've had a great valentines!

Georgie said...

Ooh I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland either! Btw love your artwork, I'm creative I just can't draw!!

betz said...

don't we all love tim burton? these illustrations are so great Lexy. I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland!!! =)


Gabby said...

I LOVE your pictures. So talented. And I'm probably going to see Valentine's Day with my friends. Fingers crossed for money well spent.


Friend in Fashion said...

Tim Burton is amazing, but for some reason always scares me a little bit?? Unsure why - haha!

Love your inspired illustraion - talented girl :)

Phyllis said...

i love reading your posts so much lexy- i.e. your > comparisons haha
and yes! ny pics soon pls =)

Ruta said...

I'm so so so excited. I really need to do an Alice inspired outfit post soon.

Sinclair said...

I love you blog! And your pictures are amazing.


olivias-pizzaz said...

I love tim burton!! and i aaam sooo excited for alice in wonderland!! seriously!!
good drawing at the end, you are very talented

Sarah said...

Love your pic! And I am soooooo excited for Alice in Wonderland, and I have been for about two years when I heard rumors about it! Your obsession sounds funny, I think I need to try that!

fadetoblack said...

yes i cannot wait for the movie!!!

The F Word Online said...

hey girl, sorry i've been mia - exams and vacays have been consuming my life for a little while. hahah these pictures are so cute, anddd i just saw the trailer for alice in wonderland. its going to be a good one ! im excited :D

xx lue

Denise said...

am always excited for Tim Burton's movies. He's brilliant.

Well i love the lame drawing in the end. hahahha. you're good.

I am Denise Katipunera

DaMnViXeN said...

your so funny, a splash of sunshine!

Erika said...

Did you just ask me if I'm excited for "Alice in Wonderland"? Are you CRAZY?! I'm counting down the days!!

And those drawings...did you do them? Lexy you are AMAZING!! :)

Britty said...

tim burton is so gangsta!

Urooba said...

LEXY, you're extremely talented!
And I don't just hand out compliments all willy-nilly.

fhen said...

i lvoe your illustrations!
and tim burton is genius
alice pleaseee!
have a great weekend

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

amazing illustrations (not just tim burton's but your too, of course)..LOL.

hmmm, people watching is one of my hobbies..i often wonder about their lives too...how they met, what they do for work...what they do at home.. etc. we're not weird are we???hehehe.

i used to be really worried about settling when i was your age..but then, as long as you go take risks and aim big, you will never settle...you're bound for great things lexi!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

emily kendall said...

love all the illustrations. and OMYGODI'MSOOOOEXCITEDFORALICEINWONDERLAND. that is all.

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