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For a lot of people, a "fashion risk" would involve wearing an assortment of barf-inducing colourful explosions. For me, it's quite the contrary. As in, OH HI LEXY IS WEARING, um, TWO COLOURS? (yes, black and white are shades.) (did you ever have that incident as a child where you'd be all, "so, what's your favourite colour?" and someone would respond all, "black," and you'd be all, "BUT BLACK IS NOT A COLOUR, IT'S A SHADE." Your face would be red with horror, yet you'd also have a huge smile plastered on your face as you'd be beaming with pride upon realizing this person's uneducated error, thus you felt incredibly intelligent and Mary-Kate and Ashley circa Amazing Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley. You know? Maybe I was just a weird/ obnoxious child. Probably.)

So, yeah. IN CONCLUSION, I temporarily gave this (relatively speaking) minimalistic look a "go" as a stab at my own fashion risk. It's weird - I always feel a little incomplete without a party of colours blinding all innocent bystanders. But I think it brings out another side of me. Plus, the dandy thing about reducing colour is that it upduces (you know, the opposite of reduce) (busted: made-up word) the concentration of patterns. And I love patterns, so this is solid. Hah. Get it. Solid. Well, it's nothing really to "get." Except for patterns and solids are, like, opposites. Bahaha! Hilarious! (Wow. I need to sleep...)

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Again. OBSESSED WITH SOCKS. These ones are particularly awesome because the lace allows breathing space for my sweaty piggy toes. I've also decided that HEY IF THERE ARE ANY STORES THAT SELL SOCKS/ TIGHTS, WHY HAVEN'T YOU GIVEN ME FREE THINGS ALREADY?! I will be very enthusiastic!!! (note the multiple exclamation points. yeah.) And wear them all the time! And name drop you whenever people comment on the gloriousness of my fancy feet! Go free socks!
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Oh... and you like my headband? Really? ... oh... You want it yourself? Aw well, *Lexy awkwardly giggles and blushes and* OH WAIT! OH SNAP! OH CRACKLE! OH POP! You CAN have this headband! ...Why? Because I'm selling it on ETSY, of course! We erupt in a fit of giggles before you proceed to purchase this marvel for yourself.

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Click the photo below to be led to this EXACT SAME HEADBAND IN MY SHOP. Snazzy how that works eh!
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Here is my fabulous elephant bag. I am trying to come up with a name for him. For some reason, "Eli" (pronounce EE-LIE) keeps coming to mind. But I feel like that might be a little five year old of me. You know? Eli the elephant? Really? Like my bunny named, um, bunny? Or my bear named, um, bear-bear? Or my blanket named, um, blankie? Yeah. My teacher's report card comment said that I was "creative dynamo." YUP. I've obviously fulfilled that title!
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(Blazer - Vintage $1, Shirt - Value Village/ thrifted $3, Skort - Thrifted $5, Shoes - Vintage $15, Socks - Thrifted $5, Ring - Gift, Eli the Elephant Bag - Nepal, Headband - homemade)

Summer is the perfect time for fashion risks! I don't know why. I feel like that's a saying or something. But I'm going for it! I hope you're all wearing weird attire that brings out another side of your personality. And makes you want to dance in. Clothes should always make you want to dance.

What's the last "fashion risk" you took?
(and if you don't remember - tsk, tsk. that's tomorrow's task!)
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Bonnie said...

I mean that in the most complimentary way. You look totally professional as opposed to the crazy colors that you normally wear. It's a totally different look for you, and you look gorgeous!!! I love that you mix up your style like this. It keeps people guessing, right???

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Victoria said...

Ahhh i want that bag!!! You look stunning, even if you're not all colory :)

aaaannndd the other day I was really tired and wore jeans and a t-shirt out. That was something i told myself i would never do! It made me look like everyone around me! eep.

Violet said...

love the mix of patterns... and yes risk during the summer are always perfect and if someone call you out on something bad you came blame it on the heat waves messing with you brain lol

Vi from Cali

Emma said...

I LOVE that little handbag! So Cute!

char said...

your blog is fantastic.

dahhlayne said...

Hmm, I'm trying to remember the last fashion risk I had...oh goodness, this is more about comfort, I guess. But I have this absolutely gorgeous white vintage dress which has little wires that poke at my skin inside it and oh my goodness, I wanted to wear it so bad, and by the time I took it off after the event I was attending was over, I ended with red marks all over my body.

Don't worry. I have sweaty feet too. Sometimes they get sweaty when I'm cold...which can be kinda awkward.


pixelhazard said...

I love those socks. Hmm fashion risk huh? I'm always dressed a little nuts. I'd say a tutu skirt at aged 25 is pretty risky

Bright Green Laces

jamie-lee said...

LOVE - you're mixing patterns girl you look great. HAHA and omg I am still so tempted to say that when someone says black is their fave colour.

My last fashion risk? I think wearing pants!

!♥ m i m i said...

Urghh I want the old Lexy back.

JOKES! I like the different "minimalist" persona you are trying on today (tho I'm not sure if this outfit actually counts as minimalist for the average person lololol). Also, it's good to wear different styles -- all in the name of "finding our true identity(s) (<-ughh the plural doesn't work here)".

Uhhh fashion risk?




Actually.. hmm.. I guess a sheer blouse overtop of my bra lololol. People are so easily offended in this little town of mine ><

Krystel said...

Lately, I've been thinking about that. Summer risks, that is. I like to believe that I don't give much of a care as to what other think of me, but it isn't truly until I am alone that I can let my "freak flag fly". I take people's opinions too seriously to allow myself to really get out there. Summer is the best time for me and crazy dress-ups (even though they end in heaps of sweaty, glittery messes).

Lexy, as cheesy it may sound, you inspire me.

The GUILTY HYENA said...

You know what Lexy?.., So refreshing to see someone not spooked when wearing various colors. Though you changed the approach for this outfit, which looks equally delightful.

I mean as the saying 'Why so serious?' When the person feels comfortable with what they're wearing, then in my eyes no one can ever look crazy. Unless there naked!! :)

My fashion risk would be a wearing a Crop Top, only because I haven't toned my stomach!! ;)

Glad that you stumbled across my blog, so I could discover yours! :)

Panda said...

You really made a great job with your headbands! And I love your Eli Elephant bag! ;)

Lydia said...

Those little socks really transform the whole look of your shoes. Need some.

Eli said...

I think the fun thing about fashion is stepping out of your comfort zone box and try lots of different things!

You know the funny thing about your elephant. My name is Elizabeth but my nickname has always been Eli, so they used to taunt me and call me ELIphant to make me mad when I was little :)

Flow Disruption said...

I'm diggin' the simple colours! I'm a colour lover as well, but it can be nice to change it up and feel a little different. Makes life a tad more interesting. ;) I have to admit, though, as much as I love EVERYTHING, my favourite things are the nails and purse. Awesome! :)

jess said...

Your elephant bag is the greatest thing ever!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you upduced those patterns together! It looks chic yet still super interesting!

I just love your positive and creative attitude that you always share in your posts- it makes me so happy!

As for the elephant name... hmmm... how about... ummmm.... Stringbean. Because he's green. And elephants and stringbeans are the exact opposites, size-wise. :)

Shoe said...

Lexy you look great!!! Even in "monochrome"... your elephant bag is SUPER cute!!!

The last fashion risk I took was probably wearing a bright yellow ruffly dress, but I got a lot of compliments :P

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

cutie , this is refreshing to have some lighter colors on you....i mean it in a good way=) I missed a lot of your posts, you blogged more often I bet since school's done? I love the blue blog, the puppy one, they're all cool!! My fb is on the left side of my blog..u should scrapbook, it's addicting but relaxing way of making fun memories=)

olivias-pizzaz said...

I love the light pastels colours it looks wonderful!! and the hint of lime green is perfection! Also yeees sooocks! Love the socks!!


!♥ m i m i said...


So.. umm.. yup.

That's all.


There's a $25 giveaway to Apothica (an online cosmetics boutique) on my blog so check it out! YEAH! /ethusiasm

sojourned in style said...

although more neutral shades your still quirky :) love the lace socks and your jacket is ahmazing! the elephant bag is pretty awesome and of course your headband!

Stephi Dee said...

Cute cute cute! Mixing patterns is tons of fun! And you still maintain your quirky look without all the colors so go you! Yeah high-five!

Also, I was the kid that got really angry when people said that black and white weren't colors! I thought that black and white felt left out from the color club when people would say that so I always got super defensive about it. I also buy things from the clearance bins on the way out of stores because I don't want those items to feel 'rejected'. I blame Toy Story for this complex.

And I've been totally drooling over that bag! I'd name him Esteban (Es- teh - bahn).

Stephi Dee

Vivi said...

I love this look on you! It's sorta muted in terms of color but still has your pizzazz. Once again, you just have this knack for mixing prints.

Anonymous said...

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