hearing hinder's "lips of an angel" makes me very nostalgic because it reminds me of awkward middle school slow dances, awww.

I have an I-think-it's-funny-but-maybe-you-had-to-be-there story to go with this title. Once upon a time, Lips of an Angel was randomly playing. (Very random, now that I think of it. That song is ancient.)
Me: Aw, this song makes me super nostalgic... they used to always play it as the last slow song at Middle School dances!
Friend: It makes me sick.
Me: Why?
Friend: Because it's about incest.
*Awkward Pause*
Me: Um. No it's not.
Friend: Yeah. Have you heard the lyrics? "My sister's in the next room, sometimes I wish she were you."
Me: Um. No. It's "my girlfriend's in the next room."
*Awkward Pause*

Yeah. I take that back. You definitely had to be there. But now this song makes me giggle, because of this. Don't you love when songs remind me of something or somewhere or someone or sometime? It's fabulous. (By the way, this friend also thought that Arthur was a freaking mouse even though the entire universe knows that he's an AARDVARK... A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K. Just saying.)

Er. ANYWAYS. *insert smooth transition here to counteract the awkwardness of that unfunny story* ... I thought I'd share my newest sewing concoctions!

1. A skirt. Specifically, A NON PUFFY SKIRT. WHAT IS THIS? BRANCHING OUT? DIVERSITY? I'm such a risk-taker, gosh! Pleats are much more unforgiving than just shoving an elastic at the waist. Especially as I became obsessed with matching the swirly pattern on the pleats of the skirt, hereby making the whole situation significantly more complicated. And then the whole, "Hey! You might as well handsew it all so there's no seams!" Bad idea. Whatever. It's in the past. It worked out. I am joyous!
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2. Yay! SHORTS. I was also tempted to make a puffy skirt out of this fabulous pattern. But mother dearest was all, "You make to many of those puffy skirts." I started to argue. But then... I really couldn't. A billion and two camel-toe problems later... ta-da!
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My brain seems to think that I know how to draft patterns. It is sadly mistaken. I have no idea what I'm doing and I DESPERATELY want to know. What I'm doing, that is. The whole sewing process generally takes a lot more frustration and pulling-my-hair-out feelings than necessary. It would be really magical to be able to be all, "SHABAM MAKE THIS!" and then OOF. It just POPS.

Unfortunately, that's apparently unrealistic or something. Until I can convince my sister to be an inventor and create a genius solution as such (PFT AS IF SHE'S SMART ENOUGH) (jokes, sibz), I definitely want to master the art of sewing, so concoctions can be made without huge reliance on Mr. Stitchripper. They'll call me "Magic Sewing Hands That Doesn't Need A Stitchripper EVER." Or not.

Nonetheless, I'm super content that creative juices have flowed back into my bloodstream. I've been waking up all, "AH! I DON'T HAVE TIME TO DO EVERYTHING!" which is, legitimately, one of my very favourite feelings to wake-up with! Seriously. It's bizarre. On days when I'm like, "Wow! I have nothing to do today!" It's more of an, "AGRH. I have NOTHING to do today." So this is good news. My bedroom floor - or lack thereof, harhar - is a testament of my creative gremlins. Or maybe just my inner pig. And this is just my bedroom floor.
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Shabam! Goodies to come. Outfit post soonsies. Pinky promise!

What's something that you'd like to learn more about or maybe even master?


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I want to knit. Haha, and embroider. I want to buy simple value village dresses and embroider them in amazing designs.

I love those shorts, I could never make anything like that.

BTW, those drawings below are so freaking fantastic. Sometimes I just click your "drawing" tab or w.e. it's called (too lazy to check) and I look at them all because they are so pretty!

lasophia said...

It's not our fault we were brought up on shows about teenage witches that can do everything with a point of a finger or some spells from their roomates/aunts. I'd prefer a talking cat. Im referring to Sabrina. While sewing is more of a headache than my first husband, it sure pays off when the end product is done. Yes, I'd like to learn to sew for reals.


Duke of Deli Meats said...

Hey, will you (have you) ever posted up tutorials about how to make these lovely skirts and shorts and whatnot?

I would LOVE to learn because I totally think that it's part of the secret to creating a more personal, unique, creative, (insert more fluffy, nice sounding words here) wardrobe!

Also, I have been currently playing violin and viola since 4th grade and while I can say that I am very good I want to be able to MASTER it. I want to be able to get my technique PERFECTED and be able to play in 5th position without having to worry about whether I'm tune or not.


Dee : D

Duke of Deli Meats said...



TOTALLY POSTING ANOTHER COMMENT BECAUSE YOU MENTION ARTHUR. And Arthur is a cartoon I adore and cartoons are part of my liiife

aaand i LOVED that episode. i still like to rap the spelling of aardvark.

yeah, i'm such a dork. 8D <333

Anisa Young said...

Teehee that story is definitely something me and my friends do all the time! Lyrics can be so tricky darn! But anyways, LOVING your DIY! OMG those floral shorts are freaking perfection! Can you make me a pair and fedex them asap? I'll love you forever! OH WAIT, I already do! ;)

Something I'd like to learn more about...hmm I would love to learn how to play the piano better! I used to play a lot when I was little but I hated being forced to practice, cause I'm a freaking free spirit ya dig? ahahaha But seriously, the piano is so beautiful, I wish I could master it!


Austere said...

Those shorts are ridiculously awesome! Many props for making them. I'd really like to learn an instrument. It's something I've always been jealous of my friends for being able to do but never had the time to learn.

Sabina said...

Wow you are incredibly talented. I've always found sewing difficult and take clothes in the most minor states of disrepair to the tailor. Because um... I ruin things.

So keep sewin' girl, you obviously have a gift. The swirls on the skirt flow beautifully from pleat to pleat and the floral shorts are just really cute!

And that's funny about mishearing the word in a song and thinking it's about incest. That reminds me for the longest time in the song Vogue, I thought Madonna was singing about gingivitis and not Ginger Rogers!

Megan Hattie said...

The skirt you made is super coooool! I really want to learn to sew better and actually be turning my ideas into real things, but for now in France I don't have the resources. Wahhhh

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Jason Laucht said...

haha i love ur header gurl! n ur blog of course!

Narita said...

You made some awesome stuff again... like always. I really want to start learning the basics of sewing - I can't - so I can make my own clothing too. And if it has to be something I already do: I would like to become a better songwriter.

Bonnie said...

I wish I could master anything because I really feel like I have no skills.

I totally see where "Lips of an Angel" would remind you of awkwardness. I always found the whole song to be awkward. It reminds me of spending endless nights with my high school boyfriend as we drove around in his shitty Lincoln Towncar thinking that we were totally cool.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Sasha said...

I thought the story was kind of funny but I've had similar things happen with my friends.

I've been meaning to improve my sewing skills but I just never get around to it (which my mom reminds me every chance she gets). I really love the shorts. The flowers are fantastic!

blorange dice said...

you are crazy, and i love it! er, quirky, i guess haha. i wish i could sew!! it would be so much fun to be able to make clothes. i also wish i was better at budgeting. /:

Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

I love this hanging in the air photos you have done. Good job with the sewing.
I am not sure I would have loved to know how to sew, cook and do ballet.

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

oh no...how insane the song interpretation was..haha. great sewing work! One of the things I want to do but never did!

Vivi said...

I want to learn/master making clothes. Any type, it doesn't matter.
You did a great job with the pleated skirt and floral shorts. And you lil' story in the beginning was funny.

Amy said...

that story made me giggle (:

i wish i could play guitar well, i've learnt and i know how to but I can never remember the chords and I can't strum very well

and it'd be awesome if covergirl sent you free stuff haha

sojourned in style said...

The title and story cracked my up, the slow dances are just as I remember them. that skirt is marvelous and those shorts are phenomanally awesome. I remember last summer when I vowed to hone my skills in sewing and failed horribly, the seamripper was my best friend. currently I wish I could paint my nails really awesomely.

Stephi Dee said...

As a fashion design student, let me tell you: EVERYONE needs a seamripper! Sure, we know how to draft patterns, but things get sewn wonky or something goes horribly wrong because you have literally not slept for 5 days straight and are on the verge of death. So yeah, hold on to Senor Seamripper, he is your friend.

Also, awesome job on those shorts! Shorts and pants are a pain in the ass, I have a tendency to avoid sewing them as much as possible!

I'd really love to get better at french! I plan on doing a series of 30 day self-improvement challenges and becoming fluent in french is something I plan on working on after my mom and I buy the Rosetta Stone program for Christmas.

xoStephi Dee