I've seen the first Harry Potter movie! That's the extent of my relationship with Harry. Guilty. What? You're unfollowing me?

This was a fun outfit to wear. Fancy hair pieces and gloves make me feel like a fancy shmancy girl. Like, I should be sipping martinis and owning a Blackberry and gossiping on the set of Gossip Girl and swooshing my hair and partying with Paris and flashing my crotch and um, yeah. Of course, the fifty cents socks and orange skirt may detract from my inner socialite persona. But still. The principle's there.

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I got this headband for Christmas. AH IT IS BRILLIANT. I love it so much! I desperately wanted to wear it to school one day, but I foresaw the "omg you look like a duck" references, followed by a page 7 for "detracting from the integrity of the school's uniform." So I used my judgement and things. Ohhh, back in high school. (I think I've said that... way too many times. It just doesn't get old!)
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Biggest surprise of my life: my SIBLING made me this broach! It's awesome and so "me"! (Literally. It's my name. HAH.) She's also made me two other broaches! She's the best! She loves me so much! Just kidding. We both (the sibling and I) know that her creation of goodies for me is really code for "my mom thinks that the sibling has a newfound hobby and passion, though it's really just an excuse for her to hibernate in her room and watch Bones." She's even more of a homebody than I am. Whatever, I'm benefiting greatly from her addictive tendencies, so hollaaa! I support this motion!
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The debut of the ORANGE puffy skirt. I really wanted someone to comment something like, "Wow. That skirt makes me happy." and then I could be all, "then ORANGE you glad you saw it?! BAHAHHA. GET IT?!" At last, I didn't even leave the house that day (except to go driving with my mom. I made her nauseous. #icantdrive). This is probably a good thing for the sake of my dignity and ego and things.
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(Shirt - Thrifted $3, Skirt - Homemade, Socks - Dollarama $0.50, Shoes - Vintage $35, Headband - Ophelie Hats, Gloves - Vintage $2, Broach - Homemade via the Sibling)

Current musings. Skip over? Keep reading? Pop popcorn and enjoy the show?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about CREATING yourself.”

When I first heard this quote, my life changed. I stopped in my tracks. Took a deep breath. Reevaluated my life. And then, like magic, BAM! Transformation.

Kidding. That was supposed to be an intriguing lure, in a “Wow, Lexy, you are such a fascinating creature and I want to know more about where you’re going with this” kind of way. Or make me seem like a lunatic. Either or. The reality is, well, not that exciting. Rewind. When I first heard this quote, I tuned it out. This was my guidance counselor's mantra for my graduating class. I.e. it was blown up on a poster in the hallway with groovy flowers blossoming in the background so you automatically label it as “lame.”

But I’ve recently been pondering it and, well, heck, it’s so true. Throughout my life as a teeniebopper, teachers and parents and romantic comedies and clich├ęs and et cetera have shouted, loud and clear, the whole “be yourself” thing. Be yourself. Simple enough. Except for, you know, the minor fact of, oh, Hi, I’m a lost and moody teenager and, well, I don’t actually know myself very well, at all, so, um, how am I supposed to be myself when I don’t know who I am?!

Consequently, a viable solution isn’t about simply being yourself, but also looking ahead. Becoming yourself. Looking at the things that inspire you, that make you tick, that make you happy. Envisioning the person you want to be, the future that you want to have. And then BAM. Creating it! As a dreamer that spends a great deal of my time in my imaginative future, this concept strikes me as simply wonderful and feasible. After all, I’d like to think that life is more than soul-searching. It’s about evolution and growth. And always being a little dreamy so you can work towards those dreams and visions.

Obviously, I could go on and on about this quote. Weigh the pros and cons about creating oneself. Conduct a survey. Create an accompanying bar graph. Analyze results. Make a backboard. (Okay. I’m getting this confused with science fair.) But I think I’ll leave it for today. I think it just all goes back to the idea that we are in control of who are. We shouldn’t let seeming genes, or mental roadblocks, or society or whatever warp who we want to become. I’m sure we’ve all had instances of, “I would love to be that girl, but…” NO BUTS. We CAN be that girl.

That being said, No, I haven’t found myself, I haven’t created myself. I like to think I have a strong grasp of who I am and what I want. If I’m honest, I have no idea. Right now, I’m an extremely-giggly, overly-excited, socially-awkward seventeen year old mega-dreamer. Will I be the same when I’m thirty? Gosh, I hope not! I’m working on creating myself but the thing is, I’m not sure who I want to be. I have a lot to learn. I’m just going with the wave of my heart. Let’s see where this takes me?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about CREATING yourself.” What kind of person would YOU like to be? What characteristics, attributes, lifestyle, etc? Please allow yourself to be a little dreamy…

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P.S. So I'm off to, um, Iceland to day. You know, just a typical day trip and aldjlakjds SCREW IT! I'm going to Iceland! I'm so excited! Whenever people find this out, the response, 87% of the time, is along the lines of "WOW! I've ALWAYS wanted to go Iceland!" Iceland doesn't really strike me as travel cliche, so it leaves me giggling and tempted to call bluff. It's funny. I'm excited. I'll be gone for a week. Don't fret, I have posts sprinkled out for your enjoyment. It's funny how maintaining the blog is part of my pre-travel/ going away routine now...

Happy week, friends!



I can't believe you are only 17!! You are so mature and you are an amazing writer! You should seriously consider writing a book! Love your outfit. That skirt is so tangy and sweet!! Your sister is very talented! That broach is super cute! So in love with this blog...its like a box of chocolates...you never know what your gonna get when you bite into it!! muah

Duke of Deli Meats said...

Dude, I'm totally mad that you didn't go out there and really strut your stuff in that outfit.

LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW YOUR AWESOMENESS. That's what I like to do anyway. XD <3<3<3


Take me to Iceland with yoooou.

Narita said...

Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. That thing kinda shopped into me - even trough I've heard it for like, hundred times now but when you say it it's different right? - because I'm a bit stuck with myself, who I am and all the stuff. Coming down to your question: I DON'T KNOW! Really, I don't know who I want to be, I want to be kind but when I turn it, I really hate people who stay kind all the time. My geography teacher for example Me, feeling anything but happy: "mfnsdfioshf hi..." "Ah, there's Narita! We were missing you! Come and sit down... oh, you haven't got your books? No problem, lend mine!' etc etc in a really kind way, almost ADHD-hyper. Gets annoying. But if I could, I would be a lot more pretty and more talented. When I look at others (I know, thats bad and stuff) I'm always like 'Why. Am. I. Not. Like. Them.' but well I guess people think about me that way too. I'm good how I am. That's my answer to your question.

Amy said...

have fun in iceland!

ive honestly never heard that quote before, and i actually was a little confused.

i don't really have a plan of who I want to be right now, just a 15 year old student that likes to ski, watch tennis & play hockey. im obsessed with tv and makeup, although i would like to fix my eyebrows but i'm too scared of the pain. i play the violin and i want to practise more but i rarely have the motivation because my current teacher sucks.

i kind of know what I would like to be in the future though, heading off to university doing a course in business management but studying a class in linguistics or spanish. i would still travel the world, mainly go back and forth to america, one of my favourite places. become a woman in business management and strut my stuff in the city, haha.


Mita Adindayu said...

such a cute headband and skirt!

suki pooki said...

Whoaaa Iceland? I'd never think about going there! hahaha but make sure you tell us all about it! As for harry potter, Im a fan but I personally think the first movie is the best one! =D

P.s Your sister are so cute making you that broach! She sure know you will huh? =)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Amazing, as always. Have a blast! x hivenn

Hello Naka said...

yeah i wish i was going to iceland Xd hope ur having fun! and loving the brooch :3 and the skirt si amazing and i thoguht the headband was a crown XD

erm i think i would wish I was more intelligent at physics and maths XD and i could actually speak cantonese instead of bringing the asian race to shame XD

Vivi said...

I adore your orange orange skirt. It just made me smile. Which is weird because I'm not a fan of fruits.

Anonymous said...

I really, really flippin' love that orange skirt! Your fashion sense always reminds me of Claudia from the Babysitter's Club books... which you may not have read because they were popular when I was little and I am like 8 years older than you, hehe. But anyway, she was always my fashion icon when I was little because she always put together the coolest and most original outfits! You are so cute and sweet and this is an adorable post!

Sabina said...

I love the burlesque vibe of this outfit. That headband is great.

roxanne said...

i have only read one harry potter book and that's the extent of my relationship with that, so i feel you on that one.. people tend to look at me like i'm from a different planet when i drop that bomb on them.

have fun in iceland! i have definitely never thought of traveling there, but now that you mention it, it does sound pretty damn awesome.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

life really is about creating yourself. i think you are a great example of that--every post you write is like a new creation. you find the most intriguing pieces and display them in the most unique way.

i love your headband! and it doesn't matter to me that you haven't seen all the harry potters (lol); i still like your blog anyway! <3

maphi said...

have a great time in iceland !!!!

and the outfit is amazing like always :) xoxo

Lyosha said...

yay for the same feeling with harry potter!
love the orange and pink combo! you look charming as usual!

P.S. I want to eat you skirt - it looks delicios!

Inside nd Outside Blog

Jen said...

Lexy!! Lexy!! Lexy no!!
Not to go all super fan girl on you now, but....
Ok I'm finished.

But whoamagosh you're going to Iceland!!! Have fun!! I'm super super mega jealous!!!
And I love your outfit!! And that quote!!

sojourned in style said...

orange skirt- I've had this orange colour craze and that orange skirt is my dream! sisters that make things, if only my own sister could catch on, I want a name brooch! My list of what I plan on creating: ummmmm someone who can dress uninhibited by other people's comments, and in the longterm an editor with stable income if we want to get practical. Iceland? honestly when I read that I thought you were joking. But have fun !

CDG said...

Screw Gossip Girl and martinis, let's wear fancy hair pieces and gloves and have a tea party in the forest instead! :)
Your fearlessness with colors and prints is inspirational. For someone to dress as confidentially as you do, I think they have to have a fairly good grasp on who they are as a person. And hey, socially awkward seventeen year old mega-dreamer is totally awesome!!...No, I am not just saying that because I am a socially awkward sixteen year old dreamer...of course not...Love your orange skirt btw! :)

Anisa Young said...

LOVE YOUR BROOCH! Can sibling make me one too ;) Just a thought! YOUR SKIRT IS TOO SWEET...SWEET LIKE TANGERINES (Boy am I funny today!) OMG you are soo talented, I am entirely jelly! Have a blast at iceland! How amazing, get an elf tour please!

And I love that quote. I really do. I think it makes perfect sense that you're not finding youself, but creating it. Being a psych student, we actually talk about this stuff a lot and I believe that there is nothing to find, persay, but to make. We can be anything we'd like, our personalities and behaviors and likes and dislikes creates, and molds us into the people we are. It's not something you do, but something that happens to you. Or so I'd tricked myself into believing.


Ambre said...

wow, you just desribed in words what was going around in my head for days now.. thanks you! i needed to know i wasn't the only one going crazy about who i 'want' or 'need' to be. you are such a good writer, following (obviously).
have fun in iceland! :D
xx Ambre

lasophia said...

Your mantra is better than "Think 4.0" which was in my dorm hallway. Hated that place. Bunch of weirdos haha! Well I love your sister's hibernation art! that is awesome. Girl you are so crazy, I love it!


Marisa Noelle said...

Ok I am convinced this outfit needs to end up in a fashion magazine somewhere. This is my absolute favorite of yours to date!! The skirt, the blouse, the headband, the brooch (yeah your sis rocks!)..oh my gosh, I am in total swoon mode over here. Anyhoo, you are incredible Lexy...I swear you will be famous someday:)

Claire said...

This outfit is the GREATEST THING I'VE SEEN IN MONTHS. Where on earth does one get a skirt with oranges printed on it? AND THAT BROOCH! I want one. It's amazing.
You are incredible.

Flow Disruption said...

Oh my God, I love your personality. You crack me up. ;) That orange skirt is possibly the single coolest piece of clothing I've seen on Blogger. Period. It's awesome! I've only seen 2 Harry movies, so you're not alone. :)

Charlotte. said...

love the hairband, amazing! have fun in iceland (:

Maebe Isadora said...

oh wow! you are something girl! love all the colour!

Audrey Allure said...

Hope you have a great trip!
Love your outfit, I just adore the color combo.

Shoe said...

omg Amazing brooch and orange skirt!

Did you like the first movie? Don't feel to guilty, I personally don't think they're that great. (Now I wait for the rabid fans to hunt me down and kill me)

pixelhazard said...

I love that skirt and what a sweet gift that brooch is

Bright Green Laces

laniza said...

Two words: the skirt. *Swoon*

Pop Champagne said...

that orange skirt made me smile, what a fun idea for a pattern!

jess said...

The orange skirt is so fun. Have a great time in Iceland!

duckalicious said...

I loooooove this skirt! did you make it yourself? could you make one for me? =)

p.s. looking like a duck is like, an awesome thing!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Your skirt is so amazing!

fransmiles said...


And on an added note, that bit about creating yourself sounds a lot like what it says in The Secret :) And it's so true!!! It also makes living each day a little bit more interesting, seeing what you can be.