"aside from your weird socks, your outfit is actually... nice" - my mom

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"All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the morning to find it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they dream with open eyes, and make the come true."
- D.H. Lawrence

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(Dress - Vintage/ Iceland, Shoes - Vintage $15, Purple Sock - H&M, Pink Sock - Dollarama, Hat - Nepal)

Dreams: exciting and scary.
Chasing dreams: even more exciting and even more scary.
dlakjsldj EEEK. The future is exciting but so scary what am I doing with my life I just want to eat celery just kidding celery is mediocre. (mini reeses pieces cups, on the other hand, are extraordinary.)
Really, I just want my dreams to come true. And that's scary. But exciting.

This is the shortest blog post in my entire existence.
What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?

P.S. I'm off to Alberta tomorrow! Small-town Alberta! Small-town country Alberta! Lots of fun? ahem, um, anyways... It's a family thing, so heck, IT IS LOTS OF FUN. Big Asian family and uncles and aunts and grandma and cousins and little cousins and ME OH MY. It will be good to be with the family and get my head out of the future for a little while. Aside from family shtuff, there's literally NOTHING to do there. So I'm quite confident that blogging schedule won't be far from normal. Hello Starbucks-and-over-priced-food-and-drinks-but-free-wi-fi. Hello.
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^^Yeah. Sometimes I feel bad for what my sister and I put our dog through...


Natalie Leung said...

hahah, fantastic dress! love the colours. and your socks are awesome, despite what your mom thinks. my biggest risk so far, well this year, is resigning from my fashion job this week. :/


Anna said...

I LOVE THE DRESS! Seriously, its beautiful. Haha, I can tell you love that hat, it's not the first time I've seen you wear it in your pictures, right? :D

Hm..biggest risk? Texting this guy I liked for a long time and telling him I liked him. Yeah, lame I know :P

Mrs. April said...

I love how colorful your dress is! Gahahhahah your dog is so cute! She knows you guys love her, so she puts up with the shenanigans. haha.

K. said...

Haha, you're really crazy (in a good way) :D But I like it, that you have the guts to be different and wear different socks if you feel like it!
Biggest risk so far... I can only think about one thing and that's a decision I have to make during this week - should I got to the university in Denmark and face the weird language, new people and surroundings and sadly, the financial difficulties (since living Denmark is a bit expensive) OR stay safely at home, live with my parents and go to the local university. Which would be okay too, but come on, that is so... meh :D I want excitement, but I'm not sure, if I can handle it... So yeah, not sure about taking that risk.

Jessica said...

you're the only one i know could pull out that lovely dress ;) ;)
biggest risk?? well, i don't remember as i'm a person who tend to forget the past easily and see the future HIHIHI.
anw, have fun in Alberta! (though i actually don't know where it is)
~ :D ;D

suki pooki said...

If our dogs met, your dog would be laughing hysterically at my dog dressed in his stripped shirt and blue overalls (of course this would've been when he was still here with us but no biggy, I'll just put the shirt over his lil urn =D) o0o0o Alberta! You'll be so close to me! (sort of hahaha) ahhh yes, the huge asian families, uncle 1, uncle 2, uncle 3...uncle...whatshisname?! LOL That's how I feel with my fam, I know it's not very respectful but sometimes my mind does some very bad things! Your outfit is lovely as always!

ronan said...

love this outfit! especially love the pattern on your dress, you're so bright :) love it! your dog is so so cute, i want one! :P haha, your mums comment is funny! :)
and the biggest risk i've taken is probably opting t start at a new school where i don't know anyone :)xxx


Nieke said...

LOVE the dress, so happy and cute. Amazing outfit once again.


!♥ m i m i said...

I like your mismatched socks ^-^ A group of my friends and I vowed never to wear matchy-matchy socks for a year. I never made it but my friends all did. They still don't wear matched up socks! <3 em.

Pineapple dress...?

Pineapple dress?!!!!!!!


This outfit will be deemed, "The Pineapple" from now on, much like how Mike is "The Situation" from Jersey Shore (never watched it, just watched promos of it and they annoyed the hell out of me).

I love it :D

Have fun in smalltown Alberta!!!!!!! COME TO LANGLEY, BC!!!!! Jokes :P


Pearl Westwood said...

Your mom is so funny!

Charlotte. said...

THAT FRUIT PRINT IS AMAZING! seriously, amazing.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

oh your pup is so cute! a bichon right? that's really funny what your mom said. i do love this dress on you Lexy!

Poppy. said...
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Poppy. said...

That dress is really lovely! And the socks match if your eyes are closed and that's really what matters here. =]

Biggest risk is every time I have my scissors in my hand and decide to cut my hair. =] Joke though, I'm good at DIY haircuts. Hmm...picking a college to go to knowing very little about it, at all. Best risk ever though! I love it!


sojourned in style said...

This is the greatest post title ever! I like your prettiful dress and the fact that it has assortments of fruit on it. I am obsessing with this quote, I like its intersting take on dreamers. The biggest risk I've ever taken...probably when I first wore my grungy boots to school, I got some weird stares. have fun with the family, family gatherings are just the best :)

Jaz said...

Omgg your dog is soo pretty! I love your style, real quirky and totally funky. I've just started a blog, please have a look when you can and follow me. There are interesting posts on the way and I want to get his show on the road. I really value any comments. Thanks x


Courtney said...

The title of this post made me giggle, bless ya! That dress is gorgeous, so vibrant and eyecatching! xx

20thCgirl said...

You always think of the best questions to ask!

The biggest risk I've ever taken was to leave a very prestigious institution, where I was miserable, to study what I've always wanted to study. A very big gamble, but I got a place on the exact course I wanted too so it paid off :)

Bonnie said...

The quote from your mom literally made me laugh out loud. Bahahahahaaha. I love your mom!

Your outfit is super cute. I love the use of colors, and I love the dress, and I love your weird socks, and I love your crazy shoes, and I love your puppy butt.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Britty said...

hah your dog is fashionable!!! i love your dress sooo lol crazy!
anywho, i was( and still is) nevous about my future I wanted my dream to come ture too but i'm still scared but happy

Be said...

Before I go to ramble about my love of dreaming both day and night and I nod respectably at your daring outfit I must say:

I am not a risk taker.

I don’t really come across any paths that cause me to take a large risk, so you can’t exactly blame me for being a risk taker. And I’d have to say the biggest risk I take is putting my body through harm and expect it to deal with it, get over it and heal it.

(Note: I’m not Emo. I don’t cut myself because I’m depressed. I cut myself by accident or because I’m trying to do something reckless and stupid, like seeing if I can break a piece of wood with my fists).

When I’m sick I take a million medicine tablets at the same time and ask what they are later (somewhat true), I jump into things without thinking it through and usually come away injured (true, although this hardly happens because I don’t get the chance to do this because I don’t go outside. Ever [I do go outside. But not to the *shudders* beach]). I break glass and then sweep it all into my hands and when I get cut I don’t ponder on the bacteria that may be on that glass or how sweeping glass into your hands isn’t very smart.

Maybe I’m just not a smart person and I’m taking this question as a quiz on my intelligence, but my risk would be hurting myself and not caring about the consequences.

c: I’m quite proud of my answer, now I can identify myself as a mild risk taker.


And now I will nod respectfully at your clothes and ramble about dreaming.

Marisa Noelle said...

Have fun on your trip Lexy!! Gotta love family vacations! Your quote is hilarious. My mom has said similar little lines many times...hehe. Of course your dress is a spectacular explosion of color and way delicious print. Thanks for your funny comment...you always make me laugh. As for the video vlog, I am so darn shy...I don't know if I could ever muster of the courage to make one:)

FashionJazz said...

Enjoy ur trip hun! Love your dress :) xxx

michelle_ said...

oh god.. YOUR DRESS IS FRIGGING COOLIOOSSS !! and i love how the socks compliment the whole look beautifully...

i agree with that quote you posted up.. yes dreams can be exciting and crazy.. it's good and yet it's bad because sometimes it leads to alot of disappointments (sadly...)

have fun during ur family vacay love <3

www.glisters and blisters.com

Anonymous said...

Such a cute dress!!! I love it! And the socks just add even more adorableness. And the puppy adds EVEN MORE adorableness. Can I adopt you as my canadian little sister? ;)

Have fun on your Alberta adventures!

jess said...

I love the print on your dress. I think the biggest risk I've taken is to delay college for a year.


That dress is fabulous darling! I am over here drooling!! WOW!! The print and the colors are amazing!! You are just too too cute! Your puppy is a little diva! haha Kiah

Lydia said...

That dress is gorg!!! And I love the title of this post. Hilarious.

Hello Naka said...

your dog is still fluffy as ever! and i lvoe your dress it looks so colourful!

olivias-pizzaz said...

Ahhh I love your dress so so so much! and cuute dog too :)

Florence said...

OMG REALLY ? I secretly blast Hairspray OST and dance too! When I'm down! We're the same!

Gorgeous dress :D

Thanks for your last comment on my post, I'm sorry for this late late reply!

Do visit me if you have time :)


Vivi said...

Your dress is so much fun! I can't stop looking at it. I'm not a fan of fruits but I am a fan of your dress. The quote you wrote just resonated with me. I am a huge dreamer and like you said, sometimes it exciting and other times, it down right frightening. Meanwhile, I'm sure your dog knows there's no harm in looking cute and fashionable.

Stevia said...

Have fun in alberta
The pinneaple dress is so you!
Whatever your dreams are, I am sure you will reach for it with all your might, Lexy :)

LOL. Your dog is too cute

http://escapesweetest.blogspot.com in lberta!

*Glam Chameleon* said...

OMG your mum is getting "softer"!:Dlol U look soooooo cute, love that tutti frutty dress!:))) Enjoy your day,kiss!!!!

Shoe said...

Hahaha oh the poor dog... Great great dress and full skirt!!! <3

Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful dress; I love the polka dot nails!

shooting star said...

hey i really dunno whats the most dangerous thing i have done !!! maybe its yet to be done!!!

love your pout most in the last pic!!

Sabrina said...

Haha, that sounds like something my mom would say too! Small town Canada, huh. I feel like you need to move to the city and find the rest of us quirky dressers ;)


Claire said...

Oooh, pineapple dress perfection! I understand what you're saying about dreams... I get so freaked out when it comes to thinking/working towards the future (in both a good and bad way).
Have fun in alberta! Haha

Black Pearls said...

ahahah great blog post I love it.. and i love your outfit tooo very chic my friend!!!
xoxo asiahlynn

Anisa Young said...

GAH YOU ARE THE MOST COLORFULLY AWESOME PERSON EVAAA! LETS BE BLOGGER BFFS KK? OKAY! And hmm, the biggest risk in my life is the one I haven't taken yet. I've decided to forgo graduate school like I thought I wanted to do, and pursue something in the fashion world. Who knows what'll happen in the next couple years or in the years to come, I just want to do something I love and won't regret. xxAnisa

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love that dress. Such a beautiful pattern! BUt I think those socks just make the outfit even better!!! So awesome.
You need to come to Toronto so we can go shopping. I love you thrifting skills.

I think the biggest risk I took was quitting a job after two days and being on the verge of not having any job for the summer which would have sucked because that would have meant no money for me.

Ok. I know it's not that big of a risk but at my age I think it was.

thefashionturd said...

juicy and fruity and yum! .nice camp dog!

Zoe said...

I think your blog is my favorite one out there... I love everything you wear. You are such an individual and you are SO CREATIVE. I smile every time I read your blog. :)

Sabrina said...


TheMadTwins said...

This dress is fabulous! Wow, I'm so in love with it!
And love your two socks who are in two different colors :)
Cute nails as well ^-^


t said...

Cute dress!


Austere said...

I've definitely gotten that comment from my mom before, haha! Great print on the dress, your dog matches you so well!

Pop Champagne said...

your dress is soo pretty! and haha about the dog, I do that to my rabbit sometimes too!

Abi said...

A few things:
You dog looks beyond adorable. Pink bow and all. As long as its not a full on pink bodysuit, I think we're in the clear.

Your dress is a burst of yummy fruity goodness. The fact that it twirls like so? Even better!

Love that quote by D.H. Lawrence. Dreaming with open eyes really is the best. My biggest risk? Travelling miles across the pond to Toronto for University. AS IF there were no other universities. But its all payed off as I made some terrific friends here and I consider it home now :)

Risks...you gotta love 'em, you gotta take 'em.

roxanne said...

well aren't you just an acid neon dream?? this outfit made me squint a little, and i mean that in the best way - i mean, you have to squint to look into the sun, too, but that's just because it's frickin brilliant.

i'm so glad you like the flight attendant collages! it took an obscene amount of time to piece those babies together, but i actually thought of you when it posted. i was like, "these colors are beyondddddd, who would appreciate this? lexy!!" confirmed.

also confirmed? yes, i work at stylelikeu, and it's SUCH a treat to hear that you're a fan!! and yes (cringe!), that's me in the jane belfry second skin - that happened at the last minute totally unplanned and i wanted nothing less than to participate, but i'm glad i did. it was a good time and jane is a sweetheart, so it ended up being a lot of fun. i really hope we can meet up sometime and talk alllll about it - have fun in alberta!

Shelby said...

this is such a cute dress. i love it so much!

The GUILTY HYENA said...

They should be no rule's to wearing socks! I've worn mine different colored and patterned done it plenty and deliberately.

Hmm some could call it a risk I would like to think it as a possibility or a opportunity.

Jamal said...

Beautiful dress; I love the polka dot nails!

Anonymous said...

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