strawberry shortcake banana split

Welcome to another edition of a scheduled post! These freak me out. I feel slightly godly, like I'm capable of controlling the future or something. SHABAM! KAPOW! RAVEN! My pulse is racing, my adrenaline pumping, I'm dancing in the air, I'm... getting excited about scheduled posts? Awkward, as we all conclude "well, Lexy is a major dork."

Swift transition to outfit post, shall we?
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I love both of these prints dearly. It reminds me of childhood books and the likes, so it's fairly wonderful and dreamy and ooh la la-y. I love that feeling.
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We're interrupting the scheduled program to WORSHIP THIS BAG BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING. My mom kindly gifted it to me when I stumbled upon it at an outdoor art show in Toronto. By "I stumbled upon," I mean to say, "I started jumping up and down and squealing LOOK AT THESE BAGS THEY'RE SO COOL. LOOK AT THEM! MOOOM! LOOK!" Same thing, basically.
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Please look at my animal's face in the right picture. Her eyeball is about 3 millimeters away from popping at out of the socket and being shot like a cannon into space. It's hilarious. We have a great, loving, healthy relationship. Obviously.
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This outfit actually reminds me of the sixties. This is dandy as, hey, I adore the sixties! If I could go back an era, I think I would rewind to the sixties. It feels as though there was an incredible energy and spirit at that time. The kind of energy that I feel like we’re incapable of having in the future as we’ve entered a technological era and, well, revolutionary acts don’t really happen unless it involves phrases related to technology.

For instance, the whole “Ipad replacing print” thing? That type of revolution? Freaked the bejeezus out of me. I’m such an old grandma when it comes to technology, cursing it with my quivering fake teeth and slamming my cane on the ground (not actually). I know this is ironic as I have a blog and am engrossed in technology and what not but, meh. It really freaks me out.

Take Facebook. I’m very intrigued with Facbeook. Not addicted (thankfully!), just intrigued. They say that it makes us “more connected.” Sure, it does. If I want to, I can see where my friends from elementary school are going to university. What my camp friend from six years ago is doing this summer. In that shallow, vague, creepy way, yes, I am connected. But I think that it’s also very dangerous. People are beginning to replace virtual connections – messages via “wall-to-wall” – with real life conversations. And quite frankly, they’re nowhere near on the same level. It freaks me out. I just want to sip tea and talk about the weather with friends. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?

(Ohhhh, the irony! Do you kids want to like me on Facebook now?)

1. What era would YOU like to live in? 2. Thoughts on technology? Facebook? Connectivity? The future?

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(Shirt - Vintage $7, Shorts - homemade, Shoes - Value Village $7, Hat - Nepal, Gloves - Vintage $2, Hairbows - Lens Mills, Amazing Bag - Guy Incognito, Dog - Some Farm)


The Urban Fashion Gal said...

SUCH cute photos!!

Sarah said...

I'm gonna go ahead and stop telling you I like your daring patterns and cute accessories because I feel like a broken record. Assume I say that at the beginning of every comment, okay? Haha. I do have to say that bag is incredible, though. (:

I'm torn on my feelings about the internet and technology. On one hand, I am able to see that there are huge possibilities in the future and even now the things we can do are amazing (perfect example: I met you) but I hate how often people will send me a text or facebook message instead of calling me or trying to meet up face to face. Skype is incredible, but for maintaining my friendships with people who live half a world away, not for talking to people ten minutes from my house.

I think facebook is an interesting phenomenon, too, because it enables us to passively learn about others but removes the necessity of asking questions and getting to know people the old fashioned way. We are also way more comfortable with releasing our personal information (heck, I have photos of me online for literally the entire world to see) yet I think there is very little understanding of just how widespread our information really is.

If we proceed into a world where print is obsolete and it is easier to use technology than to actually see one another, I don't know that I will like the world in which I hypothetically live. I think we need to maintain a blended culture that appreciates both--our heritage is in print, not digital. I do find it interesting, though, that people are freaking out over studies that say the internet is changing our brains... yes. Duh. I bet the wheel did the same. And the printing press. And sliced bread. Just because our world is changing doesn't mean the sky is falling. I think the most important thing is to maintain genuine human connection. There's a reason skin-on-skin contact produces chemical reactions in our brain and help us bond from birth. We need other people physically and continually in order to fulfill our necessities are organisms.

Wow. I'm gonna go ahead and shut up, now.

Florence said...

OMG that bag shaped like a ball is amazing! I want it!
you're so quirky , I love it!

visit me!

dahhlayne said...

Wow. okay. well, my thoughts on Facebook is that yes, it does replace the idea of face-to-face conversation but I think Facebook is ideal for having some contact with people who are difficult to have that kind of communication with, especially if they don't have a webcam where I do have the chance to actually hear their voice and whatnot. I find Facebook ideal for even getting a vague idea of what some of my high school friends are doing, rather than completely being unaware of their whereabouts. It's also good just to have that connection through the internet as well, since that is how we spread information (good or bad,..eeks) and get to have connections with knowing other people and such. Yeah, I'm sleepy as I write this.

I may consider editing this when i'm more awake. haha


Stephi Dee said...

As usual, too cute! I love how you coordinated the bows with your gloves :]

And as for the era I'd like to live in, it'd probably be the '20s or '30s. I love the whole flapper look and how everything back then seemed like such an adventure! I think my idea of that time might be shaped a little too much by Fitzgerald novels though...

I have such a love/hate relationship with technology! I love being able to research things and learn new stuff all the time, but I'm totally with you on the fact that things such as Facebook are replacing real relationships. I loved being a kid and just showing up unannounced at peoples houses. I think slowly most people are becoming hermits because we no longer need to leave the house for anything. We can get groceries, entertainment and a false sense of connectivity all from out living rooms.

Stephi Dee

Vivi said...

I must sound like a broken record but your knack for mixing prints is amazing. Your dog looks absolutely terrified, by the way. And yes, the bag is pretty darn terrific.

The era I always fantasize about is the 70s. I'm slowly weaning myself off Facebook. I do like new technology, though. Hence my interest in Google+.

Be said...


(Look, I remembered her name. Aren't you proud of me? If I got her name wrong, however, can you just say nothing and save my pride and embarrassment?)

I adore that bag also. It's a wicked looking bag. Would I wear it around. Probably not. But that doesn't stop it's all out awesomeness.

So, if I were to live in an era eh? Probably the one now. Riiight now. Except I want to be born in 2000. So my age is easy to remember (not for ME. Der. I won't forget my age. I'm special.)

My thoughts on Technology? Well. I love it. You may not know this but I a confessed geek. I love computers and technological equipment and will stay up late at night, making up codes for my flash audio drive (don’t bother asking). I love Facebook, it’s a great way to keep in contact with my friends over my crazy schedule (not really. It’s quite plain actually).

I’m excited over the future to see how technology will expand and change. Although I dread the time when I will be a old granny and have no idea how to function their futuristic PC’s (can you image them. They’d probably be a monitor as thin as paper and a little hardrive for the actual computer).

I don’t want to be old and get left behind.

I still hate 3D though.

Be said...

Arg, another long comment. Sorry about that. At least I wasn't the only one ...

Anonymous said...

The future, no doubts. I've got an obsession for future-set books (preferably the post-apocalyptic ones where humankind screws up the whole earth), work out an time-machine theory and well I think it's all really interesting.

And as I think the future is quite exciting I guess it makes sense that the technology is already that far that.. that I, from the Netherlands, can talk to you, who's currently in Iceland! The generation who will reach age 200 is already born. In those 200 years, the generation that can be 1000 years will also live. Immortality isn't too far away. We're currently able to connect with the other side of the earth.. I'm sure it won't be too long before a couple of our kin will live on Mars, the moon or another planet..

ronan said...

really cute photos:) defo a quirky explosion ;)

in terms to what era, i guess i quite like how things are now :) xxx


rebecca said...

your bag is so amazing! and i've never done a scheduled post before. i don't trust technology (i'm amazed i've even worked out how to blog!)


20thCgirl said...

I'm so glad that someone else feels the same way as me about technology! Facebook is so shallow, it doesn't "connect" us at all apart from on a really superficial "ooh look I ate a tuna sandwich BREAKING NEWS" kinda way. Yay for good old fashioned face to face interaction!

Also if I had to pick it would have to be a cross between the 1920s/60s/80s!

Gazel M. said...

1. If it were PURELY for fashion, the 50s-60s. Obviously I wouldn't though because there's sexism and a lot of idiocy in that time. :p

2. I love technology. Without it we couldn't blog like this could we? But Facebook is becoming way too creepy.

Lovely outfit and my dog makes that kind of face, too.

Missy Daisy said...

Love, love, love this outfit <3


Louise said...

Bloody hell, you do look like a strawberry shortcake! :D You and you diggety-dawg look ccuuuuutte.

Thoughts on technology? Gasp. I hate cellphones. They cost to much and you're 'available' ALL THE TIME or someone gets pissed off you're not answering. Facebook? I am thinking of deleting it... or as far as I can deactivate my profile. And the future, well.. I hope someday there will by flying hover boards like in 'Back to the Future'. :')

Flow Disruption said...

I couldn't agree more! Too much technology freaks me out. The advantages are obvious, but it freaks me out when I see 2 friends sitting next to each other, texting each other rather than looking at each other and talking. It all just feels so ... inhumane. "Stay Monkey" by Julie Ruin is one of my favourite songs, because it explains how I feel about this perfectly. Awesome outfit, by the way! The colours are gorgeous. ;)

Chelsea Lane said...

ah I love this outfit! the colors are so perfect. those vintage gloves are to die for!


sojourned in style said...

this is simply adorably wonderful. these patterns were made for eachother and what a interstingly stunning bag. the bows in your hair are a nice touch and the dog adds further cuteness. technology kind of freaks me out too! nothing beats real life conversations, Facebook is a good medium for little stuff but leave the big stuff to real human connection.

*Glam Chameleon* said...

One more outfit of yours I adore my sweetie!!! That bag is really precious piece!!! But your best "accessory" is definitely the puppy!:)) Enjoy your weekend!!! Many many kisses!!

Rimi said...

eeps! gimme that purse *snatch*!

love the blog. love this look.

visit me!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love that hat and I'm probably slightly obsessed with it. It's amazing! My mom was looking at blogs with me the other day and she commented on how she thinks that you have the coolest style ever and she loves the bright clothes that you wear all the time! This outfit is amazing. Cute shorts!

Oh Facebook, I think that sometimes being too connected is a huge problem. I've gone through periods of time where I just want to delete facebook from my life but it's so complicated. Too much technology. I should have been born in te 1920's.

suki pooki said...

Amazing outfit as usual!!! I love the colours and omg that bag! It looks like something King Bowser would throw at Mario, of course which would inflict -50hp damage because of it's awesomeness but we all know Mario always wins in the end! <--lol nerd much HAHAHAHA Thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog about the bag! I really like how not many people have this bag due to it's high maintenance and the opening but Im glad I found a way around that even though it costed me 150$ more LOL!

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Oh wow, you look so adorable!
I can never decide what era I'd like to live in. Pretty much any era except this one right now. The 20's look pretty amazing!

Hazelnut said...

I can't really relate to the whole Facebook thing since I don't have one (surprise, surprise). Haha. I'm probably the only fifteen-year-old who doesn't have Facebook. :D

I think I'd like to live in the medieval ages. It sure sounds fun to go hunting and ride horses all day.

Audrey Allure said...

I love your whole outfit, you pull it off so well! That bag is so cute.

I think technology is great & it definitely helps do things a lot faster but I also prefer old-fashioned letters and phone calls.

Froso M. said...

I fell in love with your blog and style, you have to know!

Froso from Style Nirvana.

CatFatale said...

Aww this is very cute.. Love the outfit and the dog. Great blog :)

Cat Fatale

Girl about town.... said...

Firstly, I love your bag. Second the dog is just adorable. Thirdly, another amazing outfit! Do you ever have a dull day? (I'm thinking no!)

Girl about Town XxX

Eli said...

this is 70's housewife on acid!! love it!!

olivias-pizzaz said...

aaamzing outfit!!! and the shoes are awesome!!! ooh man don't even get me started about facebook...I could go on a huge rant! But basically I deleted my facebook last year and life is better without it!!

duckalicious said...

that bag is amezeballs - pun totally intended!

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh Lexy, I've had a blast of a time catching up on all your bright and cheery and colorful posts. Busy week here, I'm far behind in the blogosphere but eek, this 60's outfit of yours has me speechless! it's my favorite decade as well, I wish I could be transported back, just for day to see how it really was. (and to be swept of my feet by Don Draper...haha). Anyways, everything about your outfit is perfect. I'm loving the candy colors. You are too darling and I'm glad you had a wonderful time in Iceland. Your photos above are stunning!!