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Just kidding! I don't know what I'm saying. Theory: if I start of this post totally wack, you might think to yourself, "Well, golly, Lexy is simply cray-cray (read: crazy). She must be having a super wack-a-doodle summer filled with cray-crayness (read: craziness)!" To which I will chuckle to myself, as if I have a little fun secret, almost as though I am reaffirming what you have come to assume. (Rather than the reality of the fact that I've spent the past four days in a itsy room with fresh-faced 16-year-olds learning about vehicles and driving and also reaffirming my notion that I should never be allowed to drive since I know, um, nothing about driving. Driver's training. Yup. More on that later. Or maybe not.)

Instead, let's pretend I've been splashing in the sunlight and dancing with the flowers, shall we? We shall!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bought this _______ (I don't know it's technical name; cardigan, I suppose, but I feel like that name evokes grandma knitting and that I simply won't allow) earlier this summer. It's MARVELOUS. It's so light and airy and perfect to spin around and dance and act like a fairy in. Plus it's vibrant and summery and dreamy and, well, yeah. I quite enjoy it's presence in my life.
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The tag also claims it's Oscar de la Renta. I just thought that it was cool, bro.
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This little lad has been making an appearance in a lot of my outfits, as of late. He's a quirky little fellow. Pretty hardcore (note: ONE eyeball. Yikes!). He won't tell me how that happened, so I figure it's something madly intense. But he'll keep smiling through the pain of being half-blind. He's a kidder like that. A jokester, if you will. We get along great. (Side note: Sad that I treat my creepy keychains like they're my bff? A little... A lot.)
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(Dress - Vintage/ Stolen from my Mum, Cardigan thing - Vintage Oscar de la Renta $30, Shoes - Vintage $15, Belt - Thrifted $1, Jewelry - Gifted, Keychain fellow - cne)

Just because I feel like letting you all in on my irks and tummy-tossers, here's a deep one for you. It's really profound, mind-boggling, and dire. It leaves me unable to sleep, pulling out the roots of my hair and squeezing my eyeballs in utter horror. How can I solve it? I toss. I turn. I mutter. I sputter. Ready for it?! (You cry, "All aboard!" And then salute me. Just because I think that would be neat.) Alright. Here it is. My major irk. Problematic, earth-shattering, world spinning... When I get comments that are all, "NICE BLOG :) I'LL FOLLOW U IF U FOLLOW ME _____link." Ahhhhhh! #Ohtheproblemsoftheworld!

Joking. About the direness of this "problem," that is. As I know it's not really a problem - not even in the slightest. It's just a wee little irk. I'm feeling annoying, so I may as well translate my annoying energies into a rant about non-issues. It would probably be classified in the "Irk Archives" with, say, flies. You know. Like that one fly that buzzes around everywhere, but you can NEVER seem to locate it, only it's bzzzzzzing. And you try to swat it away and you maybe mumble some curse words all like MUTHERF@CKER Y CANT I GET U but, at the end of the day, it's like... "Meh." You know? Like that. So this is a meh problem. A temporary, momentous irk.

Do you find these styles of comments irking, too? For me, I think that blogging should always be about self-expression, sharing ideas, communication, having fun and all that jolly stuff. Sure, it's dandy to know that I have a party of awesome readers to accompany the ride (like, meh, whatevz) (OKAY, GUILTY: I dance a little whenever I get a new follower! A lot. I dance a lot. BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT.) Blogging isn't about numbers and followers and numbers of followers. It strikes me as silly when people try to do virtual bribery with followers. If I like your blog, if you're a loyal reader, etc... I'll follow you. If you leave me a generic comment... I won't even comment on your blog OOH WHAT NOW. Yup.

Recently, blogging has proven to be a strong medium for getting your face out there and maybe even achieving so-called "fame." Because of this, I feel like blogging has maybe gotten less organic and raw and heartfelt and that maybe people are just sticking to formulas that have been proven to equate to blogging success? Whatever that may be? What is "blogging success" anyways? I find the nature of blogging - and the newfound potential for "fame" that comes alongside - quite interesting. Ho hum.

Anyways. *End temporary irk rant and now we can pretend we talk about more worldly, profound things... politics, anyone?*

Thoughts? What are your blogging pet peeves?
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Anonymous said...

Ugh, I totally hear you, girl! I dislike those "Follow me and I'll follow you back" comments. Like, thanks, you pretty much just told me you have no interest in my writing whatsoever. i don't want to be just another notch on your bedpost, blogger! Hehe, you're so funny :)

You found vintage Oscar de la Renta for $30?! THAT IS BANANAS! Super cheerful as always!

Emma said...

I LOVE LOVE everything about this colorful look! The mix of prints is so happy! I think that blogging success is when you make friends and have people that actually read your blog and follow along because they like your blog. As far as the BIG success of being noticed by designers and getting freebies from Top Designers,,, I think that is reserved for bloggers that live in NYC. Bummer.

Tamara said...

I have two blogging pet peeves... the first is people who beg for votes. Constantly. Like it's cool if you want to mention a thing like oh hey I'm nominated for whatever feel free to vote for me but the every day asking for votes makes me insane.

The second one is people who apologize for not blogging, especially when that is all they ever post. I want to say "Look I don't care if you didn't blog for a month, I didn't even notice, please just be interesting ok thanks!"

I am pretty rude.

Also I love your outfits :D

A said...

Such cute pictures! Your energy is infectious!

Victoria said...

i always love reading your blog! you always have such wonderful things to say! I totally agree with you! I don't want people to follow me who dont trully like to read my blog :(

ANYWAY! lovely outfit, I think I might steal that cardigan thingy thing!


Genevieve said...

ahhh love your blog! thanks for the comment on mine and yes I do know what you mean about what some people would call a CARDIGAN. But that reminds us of grandma's. So we do not call it that. G x

Missy Daisy said...

This outfit is awesome! I love your blog <3


Melissa said...

Your '_______ 'is AWESOME! It looks like you had so much fun wearing it, and oscar de la renta for $30?! That is simply cray cray ;)

And I agree on 'I'l follow you if you follow me back' comments, I think blogging should be about posting what you find fun not just getting a lot of followers, and if I like a blog, I'll follow it!

fabulous post my lovely!!

Kitchit said...

That dress is divine!

Dominique B. said...

im in love with your long cardigan!! :P

Hazelnut said...

You always look like you're so full of energy in your photos. Rock on! LOL.

How do you do that? Seriously. How do you always manage to PULL OFF that bright colorful look? I'm jealous. If that was me, I'd look incredibly tacky. But you sure don't. :)

Girl about town.... said...

I love this look on you! Such beautiful retro prints, I'd kill to raid your closet!

I totally agree, I hate 'Hi I like your blog. Follow me and I'll follow you back ok?' Its weird!

Girl about Town Xxx

Oh to Be a Muse said...

i think everyone pretty much hates the "follow me, i'll follow you" comments--definitely a pet peeve.

i don't know where you find all these colorful pieces. i feel like i walk into a place and every item is grey, blue or black. you always find so much color. really, really, really love this dress!

maphi said...

love love love the outfit , bright and happy go lucky as always :D

oooh and the rant was lonnnnng but i love your blog and like to read every single stuff it it was no biggy looool

oooh gosh i have so many blogging pe peeve which also includes the follow me comment but if i start this comment will turn into a book ( not just a normal book , like a harry potter series fat bible sized book ) looool xoxo

FashionJazz said...

Ur blog posts always brighten up my day hun, seriously they are super bright and fun! I agree with u about the blogging peeves, I dont like to complain about anything, but yes that can get to me a bit as I am always genuine in my comments and my posts and I would expect people to be the same... Xx

Stephi Dee said...

Omg! I'm kind of in love with that oscar piece! Also your dress is a just a lottle bit (like 'a little bit', except the opposite) ADORABLE! Very Mod meets 70's psychedelia. And as always, I really admire the way you put crazy bright pieces together and pull it off so well. Definitely a little envious of your skills ;]

Ugh, Blogging pet peeves. Even though I know people blog for a variety of reasons, it bugs me when people do it solely to try and find some form of commercial success. All of my favorite blogs, big and small, revolve around creating a sense of community and connecting people with similar or maybe not-so-similar interests, exposure to new things, personal stories etc etc. I also really don't like regurgitated news about collections? Like I can looks at Betsey's new stuff anywhere online on my own. Don't create a post about a collection without having something to add please and thank you.

To end on a positive note, I've decided that we are going to be best friends. Oh yes, I can do that. And yes, it's a little creepy. But alas, what can you do? I super love all the personality you infuse into your blog, it's really refreshing and you are so hysterical. I get really excited when I check Bloglovin and see you have a post!

Stephi Dee

Sarah said...

I really don't appreciate comments that a.) prove someone didn't read my words; b.) are only about promoting someone else's blog/giveaway; c.) are of the "follow u follow me?" variety. I make an effort to prove I have read the words the blogger wrote and make a connection on a deeper level than, "ZOMG, ur hair is nice."

I'll be the first (or second, since you beat me to it) to admit that I love when someone else chooses to follow me, but it will never be because I asked for it, or because I "traded" a follow. If you ask me, that is making the value of a follower somehow diminished and where's the fun in that? My favorite thing so far has been the amazing people I've met that are geographically UBERfar from where I live, but I still feel that I'm getting the opportunity to know them, to make friends (d'aww). I don't tend to even look at the blogs of people who don't take ten extra seconds to look at what I am doing. I don't need people like that in my real life, so I don't need them in my digital life, either, ya know?

alannah. said...

hehe your jacket is soooooo bright! definitely lights up the day :) x


Stacey Kay said...

Lets talk about your outfit and how seriously fabulous it is. I'm always astounded at your ability to mix prints flawlessly yet so unexpectedly.


Stacey Kay
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Marisa Noelle said...

Oh Lexy!! The same comment thing irks me too. And it does seem I've been getting A lot of those lately! Arg. The best is when I'm on somebody else's blog and I see the same person leave the exact same comment for them. It then makes me wonder...a. why are they so desperate and b. if you're not truly interested in being apart of the blogger community, why are you blogging in the first place?

As for your outfit: it rocks my socks:) I love the explosion of bright colors and that cardi thing is perfection all around! The whole ensemble is so bright and cheery and making me smile. Makes me want to break out in song to Aerosmith's "Pink":)

Driving school...another layer in Hell I do think. Best wishes with that!! Oh and by the way...
I'll follow you if you follow me (hahahaha) You know I had just had to say that, right? :)

Have a fabulous weekend darling! xx Marisa

suki pooki said...

OMG! It bugs me to no end when ppl leave generic comments like that, especially ones that don't even relate to your blog! Well I guess that's better than hate comments, those hurt T_T

Honeslty, I love your lil creepy keychain, if he were mine I'd hang him over my bed so he keeps watch over the night monsters!

Amy said...

that outfit is soooo colourful its awesome! totally brightened my day, because today the weather sucks and its freezing and pouring down with rain.

and you are so much fun to read! irk, that sounds like a cool word. i really want to use it and wait for my friends to be like what? and i hate when people do follows for follows, its just stupid. and i usually check out who comments because i like finding new blogs.

and thanks for your awesome comment! i dance too when someone follows me, i dont think its because of the numbers, but more because of the fact that someone enjoys your stuff, thats what really does it for me. (:

and if you need any help just holla
and sorry for the super duper long comment


20thCgirl said...

I love how summery and 60s and just generally flowers-in-a-field-maaan this look is!

I totally agree about the "you follow me " etc comments, I've never asked for followers - funny thing is it seems to be a pet peeve for everyone so how come so many people do it ?! Perhaps only awesome people follow your blog.

Which is of course why I follow it ;)

Anita said...

Great photos :)

jamie-lee said...

girl look at you mixing prints like a pro!! Haha ahh mine is the comment I'll follow you if you follow me - so silly!

As for where I live, I live in New Zealand, it's winter here so not exactly the best weather. It was so lovely today (read; I wore no tights), but now as I sit in bed before sleep, the rain and wind is battering my windows lol.
Hope you had a great weekend x

My Style Canvas said...

This post is so funny... because it's TRUE! I get annoyed by those comments too. Though I completely understand wanting to expand your following--who doesn't?--there are more tactful ways of going about it then leaving some generic comment that was also probably left on 100 other blogs. Followed of course by follow me on Bloglovin. Follow me on Twitter. Check out my giveaway. Me me me ME ME ME!!!!!

That said (drumroll...) hope you and I can follow each other. Thanks for your comment, doll, which led me to your blog. Love your sense of humor and I'd like to follow you for that reason.

Also: Great pics. You obviously have a very colorful style and I like that you were smiling in all your photos.

My Style Canvas said...

This post is so funny... because it's TRUE! I get annoyed by those comments too. Though I completely understand wanting to expand your following--who doesn't?--there are more tactful ways of going about it then leaving some generic comment that was also probably left on 100 other blogs. Followed of course by follow me on Bloglovin. Follow me on Twitter. Check out my giveaway. Me me me ME ME ME!!!!!

That said (drumroll...) hope you and I can follow each other. Thanks for your comment, doll, which led me to your blog. Love your sense of humor and I'd like to follow you for that reason.

Also: Great pics. You obviously have a very colorful style and I like that you were smiling in all your photos.

Stef / Diversions said...

You look fantastic and I love your keychain guy :)

Those following-blackmail comments always annoy me a little too. Following others just to further your own blog is short sighted and just plain rude IMO.

Don't start up in third (that is if you drive manual/standard!) ;)

Danielle said...

Oooh I've just found your blog and it's so sweet! Your outfit is gorgeous, it's so bright and cheerful, I love it.


Megan Hattie said...

I love this post! You're just awwwesome. Firstly I dig your bright color prints and they way you combined 'em. Oscar de la Renta, oh la la! And I hate generic comments, so, so, much. Props to you for speaking out about them. Although the type of people who leave those comments, sadly, probably won't even read far enough down your blog to even see what you wrote. Sigh.

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Bonnie said...

How many ways can I agree with you until it is totally redundant?? THOSE COMMENTS PISS ME OFF. It seriously makes me want to reach through my MacBook Pro and strangle somebody. It shows that they didn't even look at your blog, and they are just trying to boost their own numbers. It's really funny when you visit their blog and see that it sucks so bad that it blows chunks. It's also really depressing when you see such a terrible blog have more followers than you, but at least you can rest easy knowing that they bribed every single one of them and that you are standing firm with your morals by not giving in.
That was a long rant of my own.

P.S. I lovelovleove this outfit and your adorable, infectious energy. You're super damn awesome, and I love you.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Hello Naka said...

i lvoe th flower photos and tehe i normal steal my mum's clothes too :p and i love the bracelets :3

yeah it annoys me alot when i get spam comments or just several links :/

Alyssa said...

Ahahaha you are so funny! Your blog is filled with such a fun and lively tone! I love it! I completely agree with you on people writing little, short comments on a post being a little irritable. However, it's cool for now since I appreciate whatever follower or comment I can get ha(I'm not saying you don't by the way haha). However, I don't see the harm in asking someone to follow back and such. I know that it may be hard to keep up with every follower and every thing you follow as well.

However, I appreciate loyal followers that actually like my blog and aren't just following me because I follow them. So I agree with you on that. Anyway, I feel that this comment is getting way too long so I'm going to cut it short ha!

Nice pictures! Good luck with driver's ed! I love the Oscar de la Renta "cardigan" :]

-The BF Mashup

Lalli Carvalho said...

Beautiful as always, is not it!
Hey, flower, hand me your email address. I want to do a little interviews with you, for my blog.


This outfit just makes me so so happy! Loving all the prints and colors! Kiah


btw..will you follow me!! LMAO and just kidding of course!! That is a total turn off! haha Kiah

Violet said...

omg i hate those comments too! you could at least say something about the post. God how rude

and ohh look at you! all fancy smacy with your Oscar de la Renta attire lol

Vi from Cali

sojourned in style said...

loving the bright mixes and the keychain that's your bff. I like to think inanimate objects are my friends too. that "cardigan" is superly, emphatically a gorgeous array of colour. thank you for bringing up the issue of extortion! I love how on duckalicious when you make a comment she stops the buck right there and just says it "don't give that follow you follow me crap, I don't do extortion." A comment only feels good when its genuine and they dont scroll down the page meaninglessly passing all content but familiar enough with it to say how "nice" it is.

Kristie Was Here said...

Blogging pet peeve: music that auto plays!!

I mean, I'm no fan of the whole I'll-give-you-a-generic-comment-so-you'll- want-to-be my-bloggy-friend, but I really can't stand the music in the background that plays each time you open a page. It makes it so I have to always have my volume on mute or embarrass myself while out amongst the coffee goers. It's also annoying if I'm already listening to music and I can't figure out which blog just tried to do a mash up of Taylor Swift and my Mumford & Sons. No beuno. I"m fine if I have the option to start the playlist, but I don't like the choice being taken from me. *getting off soap box*

*getting on box* Oh, and adds. Not a fan of pop up adds. Sidebar adds and the like are fine, but don't throw something up at me.

Now, all done. :)

Loving all the colors in your outfits (and personality). It seems like there's a lot of fun to be had here, so I'm going to stay and sit awhile. :)

Much love,