It wasn’t until I actually looked at these pictures when a marvelous realization came to mind. (“What?” you inquire.) The Sibling and I are both referencing the 70s! WOAH! CHECK OUT THAT GENE POOL OF SIMILARITIES! WHAT A COINKY DINK! (Coinky dink? Ahem. I promise you: I never say that in real life. Ever. I don’t know what’s gotten into me…) My sister’s sleeves just scream “70s,” while the print of my skirt is all “um, 70s disco partayyy, ANYONE?”

To be honest, the 70s isn’t a decade that I’ve given much thought. I fawn over the 60s… then I tend to fast-forward to the 80s. Nonetheless, there are some select memory packets that percolate when the decade comes to mind. For instance:
1. I totally had a 70s themed Bratz doll. Her name was Felicia (or something) and she had marvelous flippy hair. She came with flared jeans and a belly shirt. (In retrospect, those dolls are utterly horrendous. I'm a little embarrassed. For them, of course. Not the fact that I played with them up until seventh grade. NOPE NOT AT ALL.)
2. My sibling and I used to own a dandy Fisher Price tape machine. It was plastic. You could put a tape (aww, tapes!) in and record yourself. We would often team up with our childhood best friend to have some snazzy singing sessions. One of our favourite tunes was “Stayin’ Alive.” However, I must admit that, at the time, I didn’t realize we were singing “Ooh, ooh, oooh, ooh, stayin’ alive.” I was fully singing, “Oooh, ooh, ooh, oooh, stain glass.” Awk-ward.

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Once upon a time, Mimi bought this dress. Once upon a time, I was shocked. We both decided that this dress is completely out of her character. And that it desperately calls for some grass-woven headbands and dream catcher necklaces and maybe even a ukulele. Nonetheless, it’s cute.
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When I was eating breakfast, my mom excitedly informed me, “The weather is cool outside!” I felt like a child on Christmas: I was prancing and dancing and praising Hallelujah! Seriously. (If you lived in my region then YOU’D KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.) The weather here has been so humid; I take my animal for a pee, and come in looking like my dad when he drinks soup on a hot day (disgustingly and oddly sweaty). Pretty picture in your head? No. Now you understand my excitement at “weather” and “cool” in the same sentence. Unfortunately, that wasn’t QUITE the case, as my sweaty legs and body informed me. Ahem. Anyways, moral of the story is, “The weather is cool outside” should really be “the weather is cool outside relative to what it was earlier” i.e. you can tolerate outside only if you’re in the nude. In conclusion, Southern Ontarian weather ain't good times.
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#selfiesrock #thisweathersucks #wewillsuckitupforthesakeofbeingtotalcamwhores #WERENOTTWINS2every1asking
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(On Me (Lexy): Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Flashdance-esque Skirt - Homemade, Tights - Pacific Mall $5, Shoes - Salvation Army/ Thrifted $7, Belts - Thrifted $1 each, Bangles - H&M, Ring - Value Village, Balloon Bib - Homemade)
(On Mimi (younger sibling!): Dress - Topshop, Shoes - Iceland, Bag - Vintage Dooney&Bourke)

I love how distinct the fashions of past decades were. I adore pouring through coffee books and fawning over the goodies of the generations before me. I miss the days when people used to just dress up for the sake and fun of dressing up. I’m not dissing today's fashions, by any means. Today, there’s undoubtedly a huge amount of freedom and availability and equality that makes dressing up today oodles of fun, too. Maybe even more fun because we don’t have as many societal restrictions. Yet, the majority of people I encounter seem to be all drab and blah. That's okay, too, of course. Whatever rock your boat. But still, it makes me wonder what the streets would be like in the old days...

In conclusion, I’ve decided that my future boyfriend will wear bowties and suspenders. On a daily basis. Willingly. Because he’ll just be swell like that.

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What do you think of them fashions of today?


Paolina of Calur Villade said...

you live in southern ontario?? no way! so do I. I feel one day we will run into each other at a 50 per cent off value village sale soon. or half off thrifties sale (one coming up this week lol :O) i hope the weather is cool tomorrow like it was today. these are very cute outfits you two are rocking.


laura said...

You are the Empress of Color. I love that most of your stuffs is thrifted or made too!!! I mean, ahhhmayzballs, that you are, girlie. that you are.

and i say coinki-dink all the time. like, in real life. shmeriously.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

sojourned in style said...

the 70's is like prime era now. the rich colours and eccentric and rad prints. that skirt has an amazing print. and are those baloons pinned on the side? cause I like them oodles and oodles! I think them fashions of today are bit too calculated chic rather than truly having fun with clothes, but for the people that do have fun with it (like you) the result is marvelous.

Anna said...

Aaaahhh I love 70s style! You guys expressed it awesomely :D

I honestly don't like the styles of today too much. I feel like people focus too much on brand names than really expressing themselves stylistically. I mean, some people dress well, but I feel like it's too focused on what the models wear.

Anonymous said...

your style is very avante garde! i hope thats the right word. so funky so cool. love how you put worked the cheetah tights in their as well!

checkk out my style blog! :)

Mrs. April said...

I don't mean to be a traitor to my generation and all (I totally just quoted Clueless. You wouldn't believe how many times in my life I've done that. That movie is just, amazing. seriously.), but I feel like isn't really a staple style for the typical state of fashion today. I mean, really. Do you? Am I missing something? I don't know. But you two look adorable. I LOVE your sisters dress. That's something I'd snatch up in a second. But hey, it's nice to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. :)

michelle_ said...

is it me or did u change ur banner again ? lol.. or am i just being stupid ??

i love how u determined ur future boyfriend LOL.. i wish my guy would dress like that as well ! but he's actually the opposite of me ! dresses super-basic.. lol

www.glisters and blisters.com

Rimi said...

haha! in spite of the weather, you look faboosh.

And i agree with mrs. april. I think the style that defines our generation is merely a motley of styles past.


laniza said...

You and your sister look a lot alike--wow!! Cheetah makes everything better :)!

Audrey Allure said...

Fashion tends to repeat & pull from past decades so I'm loving that we get to relive some great fashion moments. Loving both of your outfits! That skirt is just divine.

Sabrina said...

You're so fabulously quirky, but you know that already. The mix of patterns and colours in your outfit is fantastic!


Pop Champagne said...

I love your green bag! and haha I totally have a Bratz doll.. I still have it, it's asian and her name is "Jade" on the box. it was one of the first asian barbies I've seen so I bought it haha I'm a dork

Clairedontcare said...

Gahhhh you are so cool. I love your outfit so much. That skirt is a physadelic 70s dream. I adore you tights and those shoes are to die for.
I have a love hate realtionship with fashion today.
I love certain aspects ofhow innvoative it can be and we can have alot of freedom with fashion today. However I feel like alot of people do not take the freedom what we can have today. Alot of people dress in the same time of fashions and they do not try to be themselves. They dont dress up for the sake of dressing up.

Louise said...

You will have a swell boyfriend I reckon! ;) - I love them fashions of you and your sister. You're so psychedelic and cool and 70s and awesome.

One question, will you ever sketch/draw again (and post it)? I kind of miss it... ;)

maphi said...

OOOOHHHH so i was right to think she was your lil sister looooooooool ill keep that in mind :D but you guys really look alike

i mean my sister and i dont look much a like ( shes lither than me and has a bigger head looooool )

but awww sorry bout the weather and you two sure look groovy ( will never use that in real life either ) looool xoxo

the fashion turd said...

most of them fashions of today bore me to death..we need more folks like you who can rock a balloon bi...wish i had thought of that, it's genius!

Sarah said...

I suppose I'm lucky to be able to still wear basically anything I want without getting too sweaty. Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pleased that the sun has finally shown up 'round Oregon.

By the way, you two do not look like twins. I can definitely tell you're related (...duh) but fear not! Your individuality is affirmed in my opinion. Luckily, you're both awesome. Maybe that's why people mix you up.

Anyway. When you find that boyfriend of yours, snap some shots of him. He sounds fancy. Haha. As for fashion today... I think we'll look back and think, "what the heck were people trying so hard for?" I feel like fashion is half reinventing/recycling old trends and half trying to make up new ones that are odd, strangely proportioned, or just... ugly. So maybe we'll look back, shake our heads, and happily pull back on our vintage 90s Cosby sweaters and multi-colored leggings.

Lydia said...

So cute. I love the flower appliques at your neckline!

Nieke said...

First, I love the shadows of the forest in the pictures. And the fact you're always getting away with all the prints and colors make me jealous. You look once again amazing.


CDG said...

The only thing I like about today's fashions is the avant garde futuristic thing some people are rocking. Too few people, unfortunately. And I used to complain incessantly about the fact that all the previous decades were so cool and feel that I was born in the wrong era. Now I realize that it is actually a blessing to have grown up during this generation because we have so much inspiration from the previous decades.
Anyways, I love both your and your sisters outfits and the balloon bib is epic as always. I also don't know how you could stand wearing tights but I'm glad you did because they're awesome.

Victoria said...

Love your brilliant style mix of patterns here! so brilliant!x

Marisa Noelle said...

Ooh baby, gotta love a man who wears bow ties and suspenders. Definitely an excellent prerequisite..hehe.

Anyways, I can't say enough about how freakin awesome you and your sis are. What style, what flair you both have!! Head to toe, both outfits are loverly. All the patterns and colors are like a festival to my eyes. I'm more of a 60s girl as well, but I do agree the 70s have some good moments as well. And...I had that same tape player!!! Wasn't it the best...it came with the little yellow blank tapes to record yourself. Ah, the good ol days!

Anisa Young said...

I loved your Iceland pictures! I really do actually want to visit there one day and your pictures just made it look even COOLER (HAHAH GET IT, ICE-LAND, COOLER? OK IM DONE) ANYWAYS! LOVE THE 70s! Especially this year when its all over EVERYWHERE! You gals do the decade well! I love your disco party outfit, you are by far the cuuuuutest little thing EVER! I SWOON I DIE! xxAnisa

Bonnie said...

Let's swap closets for a day and see what happens, mmmkay??? I think that would be a super fun idea.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love both your outfits. I always go through 70's obsession. Please look at my saved pictures on my computer for more info. Haha. But seriously, awesome outfits, especially like your balloon pin.

I hate what the "kids" are wearing. Crop tops and low rise jeans? Really? NO! It's crop tops and HIGH rise jeans. There you go kiddies. I dunno, I find that what's on the runways is a copy of what we had in the past, and everything that kids/teens wear is just a bad mix od different decades and their lack of knowledge that a bare midriff doesn't make you hot.

Anonymous said...

Ahh I love the colors and prints! very cool photos!

Miss Neira

Lyosha said...

what me to tell the trueth? I envy. I want your clothes!

as for today's fashion... I think now we came to the place where fashion is only in your heart. if you want todress up, no one will judge... and if you don't (for any matter - fun or else what) no body cares. That's the worst thing ever.

Inside and Outsde Blog

Black Pearls said...

Omg! I am totally in love with your style right now!! I wish I could dress like you because this is just freakin AWESOME!!! Your blog is just soo chic! I am definitely following you!! I totally have to put you up on my blog to show people what missing in fashion hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Loving this post!! you have such awesome style!! im glad i found your blog!


fransmiles said...

Both of those outfits are GORGEOUS. I want to steal every single item of clothing. And you're right that previous generations of fashion were so much more fun than mass fashion now, but I suppose we only see the highlights of those times, rather than what the vast majority were wearing.

Sabina said...

Bratz? Seriously? Any time I ever walked passed them I thought geez those dolls look like sluts. What mother would let their kids play with one? But then, that's probably what my mother thought when I wanted my Jem dolls.

Anyway love both these outfits! I'm especially a big fan of snow leopard.

Britty said...

hahah you made me laugh sorry i haven't been on your blog shit has been busy i hate it lol andyways i like the theme you and your sister are going for! i swear i;m going to stole your thights i just love them DAMNIT! HAH

Hello Naka said...

i lvoe your tights and your sisters bag and dress is so cool :3 I woudl totally wear them! and I don't really buy many clothes in the UK so i don't really follow the fashion :(


You both look amazing! How on earth do you pull off wearing animal print tights with all of those colors? Idk but you do AND well! You are super cute and I love your blog so much! Kiah

Magda said...

i lovee your blog¡¡ is very cool¡¡ kisses from Mexico :)

*Glam Chameleon* said...

My sweetie I LOVE LOVE LOVE all pics, that light & shade game in them, and your look!! Bag is fantastic!! Enjoy your weekend!:)

Sabrina said...

Amazing pictures and outfits dear! I'm impressed ;-) Enjoy your weekend ♥

Vivi said...

Fashions of today are just recycled fashions of yester years. The 70s era is huge right now but quite honestly, I don't care much for wide leg and flare jeans. Nor floppy hats.

Anywho, your balloon brooch is too cute. And, once again, I lovelovelove your sister's style. I want her bag.