so back when I was in high school...

LAUGHING OUT LOUD. So do you guys, like, remember when we were in high school? And we had that one thing... What was it? We thought it was a big deal? "P"-something? Oh, yeah... PROM! Hah. Ohhhh [insert melodramatic sigh] hiiiigh schoool.

So that was last week. It feels like forever ago! (I find myself thinking, "haha, remember high school, Lexy?" It's quite humorous/bizarre.) I was mentally musing about how cool it would be if my blog was a movie. And posts had trailers. And this post had a trailer. Just so I could insert a crapload of fabulous jargon to make me feel like a big deal and what not. In a really deep, manly voice. (That I obviously don't possess. But for the purpose of my happiness, please imagine that I do.) "The much anticipated PROM POST!" or "The wait is now OVER!" or simply "Dun, dun, dun...."

But, you know. I'm just some ex-high school student and here's some pictures and words from that prom thing...

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I sketched out the design and then my fabulous mother sewed it for me. It was a really idealistic process. I picked out the fabric, the design, etc... and then like a FAIRY MOTHER (haha, get it? Because she's my mother?) (awkward/unfunny joke) BAM! Out it came out! (hah. that also sounds like I'm describing an idealistic birth of a child. weird.) Just kidding. It was actually a long process of back and forth and titter and tatter...

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But BAM! The day before the big event (literally) out popped the dress! Ta-daaa... #mumsiesareawesome
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

See the lavender exploding from my legs? BEST. THING. EVER. This is the only part of the dress that wasn't made by mum. I bought this crinoline at the Kensington Market the weekend before and OH MY EEEEK. I feel like doctors should prescribe crinoline for patients in need of a dose of happiness. Seriously. You cannot be sad if you are wearing that. Point: I had exams that week. Ew. But then! Genius! I wore this around the house whilst reciting study notes! IT WAS AMAZING. (Except for the fact that I got a little distracted by excessive spinning. So yeah, it had to go. But the point is: HAPPY. Me. While STUDYING. This is an unknown combination. Unless, of course, you have CRINOLINE. Wahhh!)

Also, it's 60 yards of fabric. 60 YARDS. You could look up my skirt (in theory, of course) and all the goods would be hidden. Heck, I could stuff an entire WATERMELON up my skirt and no one would know. I'm feeling very passionate about this crinoline business and maybe that's a problem/ weird so maybe I'll stop, yeah...
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I also had an explosion of pleather flowers adorning, well, my entire body. I felt like spring time. It was wonderful.
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I couldn't find any shoes, so I ended up wearing these Fleuvogs. I've worn them to a billion other fancy shmancy events, but they're awesome. They have a fat heel, so spinning and dancing (see crinoline skirt) was not only a do-able, but an utter MUST.
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Here is my friend/ date. He got a lot of compliments on his bow tie and boutonniere (fancy word for flower thing boys wear). I would like to go down in history as being responsible for both those accessories. Yup, GURLZ RULEZ. The boutonniere story is actually quite funny:

(Evening before prom)

Friends: Blah blah blah corsage blah blah boutonniere blah blah buy blahhh
Me: WHAT? Are we supposed to buy the boys boutonnieres?!
Friend: Well, um, I think people usually coordinate it with their date...
Me: Aw, shucks.
Me: Date, I'm I supposed to buy you a boutonniere?
Date: Well, um, yeah...
Me: (mentally) @#*&^ awkward.
Fortunately, the perfect solution laid in the fact that I woke up early the next morning and a snip snip here, a glue glue there... and BAM. Lookin' all shmancy and matchy and date-like and what not.
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Here's the whole crew. By "whole crew," I am not referring to my closest friends or clique or anything. NO. Whole crew = entire grade. Plus their out-of-grade dates. Remember how my high school is nothing like the movies? SERIOUSLY. The picture below is a total testament to that as it contains MORE than my entire graduating class. MORE.
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The beautiful ladies! As someone that is always but ALWAYS overdressed, I get such a shot of adrenaline when I see everyone dressed up. I think that was my favourite part. The whole squeal/hug/OMGyouresoopretty thing. I can't believe I'm one of those people. I'm not even going to try to be nonchalant or hip; I totally AM one of those people.
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Here's me and the sibling. She's wearing my dress. She looks good with me. I'm such an airhead. I ensured my entire family was dressed to compliment what I was wearing. I mean... I'm not an airhead... I'm, um, responsible. I look in the future... plan out what... YEAH. Screw it. I wanted my pictures to look good. Therefore, Mimi's wearing lavender!

Together, my sister and I are the biggest Prom junkies ever! You know how you might skim through a few "PROM" albums that pop up on your Facebook news feed? Yeah? No. Not us. This "Prom Facebook stalking" is an event we bond over. Literally. Spent a few hours on a Saturday night staring at her computer. Conversation snidbits went along the lines of, "Ohhh, she knows a lot of people... she might have commented on someone's prom album! ...YES. She did! ...Aw yeah! Open profile!... Okay, let's stalk this random's prom photos!... And SHE commented on someone's Prom Album... Oooh..." We are the reasons why you should always be safe on Facebook. Privacy settings are a must. (Hi, have I mentioned that I have no life? Yeah. I have no life.)

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Overall, prom was a lot of fun. Okay. "A lot" might be an exaggeration. But it was fun. This dress is probably the best thing I've ever worn. EVER. And, surprisingly, I had zero sarcastic reactions. ZERO. I was so excited to mentally recall all the ridiculous/ hilarious comments that I usually get... But nadda! They were overwhelmingly positive. I guess people were intimidated. I mean... I obviously look super badass. I KILL YOU WITH MY FLOWERS. Mwahah.

It was a good evening to chat with some friends and take pretty pictures and to spin around a little too much. (SERIOUSLY GUYS. I would totally list crinoline as one of those "keys to happiness" things. Have you been feeling sad? Do you need something to lift you up? Then buy CRINOLINE!) The psychological effects of clothing is phenomenal.

I'm realizing that I've spent basically the entirety of this very lengthy post talking about my dress/ my date's outfit/ my sister's outfit/ my prom facebook obsession. And you know. Very little about "Prom" itself. Basically went like this: Preparty then Prom then After Party. Oh yeah. That's right! I just partied it up until the wee morning! Except for literally. Except for maybe not the "partied it up" part. My ride ended up staying at the After Party until 4AM. Huh. It was my very first and very last "dope" high school party. I'm actually really glad I went. It was a solid confirmation that I haven't been missing out on much by not going to these "dope" high school parties. It also confirmed my awkwardness, particularly around intoxicated teenagers. I honestly wanted to just sit on the side, be very passive, and watch everyone... so I did. It was entertaining, but I was over it after an hour and desperately wanted to sneak upstairs, find a TV, and sip hot chocolate. Unfortunately, that could be weird. So yeah. I'm, like, sewww over high school parties!

Anyways! This was one mouthful of a post! I hope you enjoyed these pictures! And if you read these words then, you know, PRAWPZ BRAH. (give me a virtual pound!)

How was your prom? What would be your ideal prom dress?
(OH EHM GEE. Can we please squeal over expensive, pretty dresses? Send me links! Descriptions! Floor plans! You bet I was one of those girls this prom season. What are you wearing? How are you doing your hair? Your nails? I'm such a prom nerd. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD END UP LIKE THISSSSS! waiiiilllll where did i go wronnggggg? I just get a rush at pretty, fancy things... I PROMISE I HAVE DEPTH. *Insert profound quote here to show my level of depth and stuff*)
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Anna said...

I actually love that dress! It's so cute, and so unique (and by unique, I don't mean that it's an ugly interesting kind of unique, but an "OH MY GOD THAT'S SO COOL" unique :D)
Hahaha I loved the boutonniere your date had. It matches so well :P
Here in NY state where I'm from, most girls wear like floor-length dresses, whereas in your pictures it looks like most had shorter dresses. Still cute though!
Next year for prom I really want like a floor-length pale pink/peach-ish kind of color because I found this amazing jewelry at this store New York & Company in that color. I can't find the link, but its like a layer of 3 necklaces with beads and a little fabric flower that connects them to one. So cute!
Here's a link to some dresses I love (but they're so damn expensive!):
http://www.promgirl.com/shop/dresses/viewitem-PD602418 (really love the pattern on this one!)
I'm so picky about dresses, I really have to love it! Wow, this turned out wayyy too long.

olivias-pizzaz said...

oooomg I loooove this post!!! Your dress is AMAZING! Like AMAAAAZING! I actually love it, its soo cool and your date was probs the most stylish guy there with that man flower thing whatever you call it! It is actually the best having it made isn't it! I got my grandma to make mine last year! You looks sooo incredible and I'm glad you had a good time :)!!


missy pig said...

you get to design your own prom dress! So unique and bootiful!
and..this is your whole grade? wow small school

Man thinking back to my high school (it's been a couple of years alrdy). I liked my dress but if I had the chance to design it myself would've been awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that is the prettiest and coolest and most unique and most adorable and most amazing dress I have ever seen in my entire life!!! LOVE IT!

-Katie, www.hazelandmare.com

laura said...

how awesome are you, really? I love your sketch! And your moxie! Also, how AWESOME IS YOUR MOM? She's got mad sewing skillz!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Style Porn said...

WTF, you designed your own prom dress?! Geez, I feel like my high school prom experience was so lame in comparison. Well, that's because it WAS lame, but I was pretty damn proud of my Betsey Johnson dress and weird hair. The year was 2001--people dressed funny then.

Anyhoo, congrats on graduation! Can't wait to see what your next plans are!

Krystel Beltran said...

This dress actually makes me want to go to prom. I' proabably spend most of it spinning around too, but if the dress is as beautiful( and fuuuuun) as yours then I wouldn't mind one bit. I love the fact that your entire dress is like this upside down awesomeness of a flower itself. You. Are. A. Genius.

Have some more fun with your crinoline! ☺

LyddieGal said...

awwww, you look so pretty! I love your prom dress, and I love that you wore a dress you designed yourself, you are so talented!1 You date's matching boutonniere is pretty awesome too.

I'm glad you got such a positive reception for the dress and that you had a great time at your prom!

I wore a lavender dress to my prom, but it had more rhinestones than crinoline.

Chic on the Cheap

Shelby said...

I can't believe your mom made that! You are so cool, and I think that you look the best out of everyone!

Prateeti said...

WOW! Awesome.

Jessica said...

first i saw the design of your prom dress i was like IT WOULD BE A SUPER COOL ONE AND TADAAAAA IT IS.
i've never seen dress like that. i mean, it's really extraordinary and unique. like yourself. it really mirrors you. and i extremely loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it. hahaha
lol about the crinoline thingy, but it extremely makes your dress more and more superb. ;)
super dress, charming you, it's perfect!! ;)
my prom? i wore pink princessa dress inherited from my mom hahaha
i'm kinda miss prom though


here's the post about it. it was like 2 years ago. the photos were in low quality hahaha

Nieke said...

Oh your dress is so amazing and pretty. It's super unique and looks amazing on you! Can't believe you and your mom made it yourselves. Your smile is super cute by the way, love the fact wearing a dress makes you so happy! The end of high school is so weird though!


April said...

you are amazing, as is that dress! holy schmizz! I hope you had an amazing night because as cliche as prom is, it's awesome :)


Ella said...

At my school prom was taken as a complete laugh and most people only went to be sarcastic...i wore dungarees and a tuu-tuu :L

Lydia said...

So cute and so you. I love all the layers underneath. This dress is amazing.

Megan Hattie said...

What an incredible dress! I love the skirt! such fun volume! And you're lucky your mom made it! amazing! I had an awesome prom dress senior year too but I spent tons of money on it from Nasty Gal... although I think it was worth it.

Thanks for your comment on my blog forever ago, I'm sorry it has taken so long to respond! But finally I've checked out your blog, and I love it! You seem really awesome and I love your writing. It's so nice to find blogs with a real voice. In conclusion, I'm following you :)

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

your sketch is extremely cute!! I am beginning to wonder if you're my twin, (except that you draw amazingly)....bec I also designed my prom dress and had my mom buy the fabrics...=) she can also sew but we chose not too...I love your design, its incredible!! thank you so much for voting, i saw you did on twitter=) kisses!

Sarah said...

You're dress is absolutely show-stopping. I love how dramatic it is with the full skirt and the freakin' fantastic flowers. My prom dress went a totally different route (I need to find photos of it) and was made out of black band tees. It basically was my ideal prom dress, so that's cool. Right?

My prom itself was... less than epic, I'll give it that. But I still had a good time and don't regret going (or having the dress made). Like I said, when I find photos, I'll show you. Promise. (:

Jennifer Fabulous said...

OMG that is the most KICK ASS prom dress EVER!! I'm freaking out right now! :P

I love your sketch and the dress in real life is gorgeous! Wow!

Angelica Ng said...

OMG Lexy! So this was the dress! It's so you, it's so perfect, and I have no doubt you were unique!!! 60 yards of fabric...oh my now that's a dream! You made my grad dress look boring beyond repair! :D


Hazel said...

Oh my! THAT DRESS! You, Lexy are such an inspiration. Seriously, my awe is so great that I have to go pick my jaw up from the floor in a minute. I think I'm just going to crawl into a pit of inadequacy now...

My prom's on Wednesday and like you, my friends and I aren't the type to attend "high school partays" and trash a friend's house while their parents frantically call 911. No siree! Our plan is to have a little picnic by the beach after prom and just sip on some wine perhaps. Then we're having a sleepover at a friend's place and watching indie movies into the early hours of dawn.


Chelsea Lane said...

virtual fist pound from Chelsea! seriously girl, I LOVE your prom look. this whole post makes me excited and smiley! I really like your date's cool square sunglasses. I like how they're super black and I can't see his eyes behind them. such a blocky statement.


!♥ m i m i said...

HOLYCRAP YOUR MOM MADE /THAT/?!!! WHAT!!! Umm, you guys should be a Mother-Daughter design team lol. I'm sure you could snatch up a reality TV show on MTV or something!!! Make lots of moola :D heheheh. You wear what you wear best. And that dress, is, the, BEST. I love the way you paired it up with the boots and socks, very original, very Lexy (even if the pair-up wasn't intentional :D). ALSOOOO would you like to design a dress for me?! LOLOL. I'm only kidding :P I think..

Ohhh as for the layout, it's nothing special! I use the easy-edit design your layout thing in the blogger dashboard.. I just happen to find good colour pairings I guess? Lolol. I honestly don't think my layout's that spectacular :3 There are a lot of bloggers who design their own layouts w/ their own HTML and CSS and erything and I'm just like "WOAH" you know?

I think your layout is amazing tho! Love the header (I bet you drew that :P you talented artist, you) and the colours are great.


K. said...

Wow! This dress is just suuuper pretty! And it totally suits you, but hey, it would be weird, if it wouldn't, since you designed it, right? :D Anyways, it's really gorgeous, i really love the puffy skirt!
As for my prom... well, I guess you already saw some photos on my blog. At first i sketched my dress and let my mom sew it, but she failed :D I think she's not as good in sewing as she was when i was little. But i already had this H&M dress since December, that i was saving up for prom, so i wore it and i was very happy i did. The prom itself was held at a fancy historical house in the middle of the old town, but i guess we were a bit too wild, since we got kicked out somewhere during 2 a.m. hahaha :D So then we just hung around in our dark city, ended up at a random house party and walked home at 6 a.m. I guess we looked pretty weird in our prom dresses in the morning to all these people, who were trying to get to work, but oh well... It was deffinetly a night to remember!

Anonymous said...

I see your huge smile there while attending that event :)
I adore your dress so much
You look beautiful also!
Have a fabulous and fashionably day for you, daling!

♥ sugarpuff ♥
Pinkie Anggia ☺

poet said...

That is such an awesome dress! And that crinoline is also great... I need to get one some day. I made my own prom dress years ago, and although it turned out less comfortable than I had hoped (because I was still rather inexpert at sewing stuff with corseting instead of straps), I liked the way it turned out.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

So cool! Your mother did a great job. But so do you! Your sketch is wonderful, you're very talented. I really like it x

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

My ideal prom dress if yours. I want it. Now just put it in a box and send it right over. haha. I'm joking, but I absolutely love it! And I think you and your date look so fabulous! I love love love how you to look. You guys look amazing!

Now time my rambling up there and you have a very long comment. :D


Meg said...

Hi! I followed the link over from Already Pretty and HAD to comment. I your dress to pieces. It is so gorgeous.

And I'll oblige you with my prom details: I bought my dress at the thrift store a little less than two weeks before prom. I had another dress already, but this one was prettier and actually suited me (shiny strapless lavender did not). It was homemade, chestnut brown raw silk, with a straight neckline and spaghetti straps. The skirt flared slightly and was somewhere between tiered and ruffled. I looooved it, and somehow managed to lose enough wight to wear it. It fit the day of prom ONLY, and has not fit any day before or since. I also lucked out, price-wise: the dress cost me $4.50. Five years later, I picked up my wedding dress at that same thrift store, but of course it was more expnsive: $9.50.

Anyway, back to prom. My best friend and I skipped class in the afternoon so she could do my hair, before she went off to have hers done. She curled it with a curling iron, because I had no clue how to do it, and I didn't want anything fancy. It looked cute.

I went and got my makeup done at the drug store - you buy the makeup suggested to you by the consultant, and then she works her magic and you have the makeup to recreate your prom face FOREVER (only don't do that - it's creepy). I wore eyeliner for the first time, and it HURT. I was hard to work with. I forgot to do my nails.

I looked pretty. :)

Anonymous said...

The sketch is amazing! People would probably buy your "sketches". I mean, it's just so detailed, and everything is... okay, enough rambling about that.
Your mom is SO NICE! Oh, I wish my mom could sew- or be willing to make me dresses. Sigh. I want it so badly. It's so poofy, it must be even more fun to wear than it is to look at! The best part is the purple thing, for sure. How long did it take your mom? I CAN'T GET OVER THIS. I see where you got your artistic side! It will be mine. It WILL.


Anonymous said...

The sketch is amazing! People would probably buy your "sketches". I mean, it's just so detailed, and everything is... okay, enough rambling about that.
Your mom is SO NICE! Oh, I wish my mom could sew- or be willing to make me dresses. Sigh. I want it so badly. It's so poofy, it must be even more fun to wear than it is to look at! The best part is the purple thing, for sure. How long did it take your mom? I CAN'T GET OVER THIS. I see where you got your artistic side! It will be mine. It WILL.


jess said...

It sounds like you had fun. The dress is so adorable and perfect for you. My prom dress was great. It was covered in feathers.

Marisa Noelle said...

I am blown away...truly, I have no words except...freaking awesome! A. I wish I had the talent to design a dress like that (or any dress for that matter) and b. this puts any prom dress out there to shame. You are amazing darling:)

suki pooki said...

Wow that dress your mom made is awesome and you look like you had soooo much fun at prom!!! Awesome! To be honest, one thing I would change about my prom is that I wish I didn't spend so much money on it! I wish I rented my dress instead of buying it etc. etc. but oh well what's done is done right? At least I have some pretty photos to look at! Now, are you ready for a taste of "adult" like?! hahahahaha

Melissa said...

thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing thats amazing!!!

i loove the layers underneath the skirt, you have an AWESOMEEEEE mum!!!

Rachel said...

gosh darn it, you are CUTE. that dress is totally adorable, obviously, but I also think your...excitement is sweet. I like the way you write, basically! and your dress is bomb...I made my prom dress too, a million years ago (well...four), with help from my rad grandma. it wasn't nearly as awesome as yours but I did have fun. I like it when people don't take prom too seriously and just have fun. we had a picnic in a park, played on swings, danced, and told scary stories while sitting outside looking at the stars. my friends are awesome like that.

Rachel said...

oh! I forgot to mention that your thoughts on crinolines are SO RIGHT. well, I don't have one YET but it is on my list of magic things that make me happy and I just haven't purchased one because I can't decide on a color. but seriously, every girl needs one.

Clairedontcare said...

You are super adorable. I love your dress its great!

Panda said...

Crazy dress! I love it!

Charlotte. said...

ahh your dress is amazing! love the sketch too.

Rio said...

That dress is waaaay too rad! I wish that my prom dress had been even half as awesome... I picked mine out at Macy's the day of the prom (ya, I'm a procrastinator!)! Glad you had fun!!!

rebecca said...

your mum is truly amazing!!! seriously, that dress is so, so cute, and you look adorable (: have you heard of a designer called luella? it kind of has echos of some of her collections in it.


Bonnie said...

Ohhhhh, prom.
My junior year prom was awesome.
My senior year prom was HELL. I shouldn't have even gone. But it was prom. So I had to ... Right?
BTW, I always wish that my blog was like a movie. I would obviously play myself and become a huge star.
That dress is AMAZEBALLS to the frickin' MAXXXXX.
I seriously cannot get over the amazingness of the design.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

A said...

Seriously the most amazing dress ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ah!

laniza said...

New follower here. Is it wrong to say that I really really really love your style?! More, please!!

Ag said...

I can't wait to have little ones and sew dresses for them like my mother did. but all before the age of 5 after that too much work! lol. Lovely lovely lovely dress!

thesselle said...

Girl, I have been laughing troughout the whole post.
"but the point is: HAPPY. Me. While STUDYING. This is an unknown combination. Unless, of course, you have CRINOLINE"
I fucking love you

PS the dress is ADORABLE

Anonymous said...

wow, you're quite talented! I love how you made the skirt SUPER puffy!

XO Sahra

Anonymous said...

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