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Grr, I'm beyond exhausted, so I'll keep this short and sweet. (Pft, who am I kidding? I never keep it short and I ain't sweet.) (Ye boi, datz to sai i am a bad ASS.) (But that's so far from being relevant to anything right now/ true.) Anyways. Grr, I'm beyond exhausted. Yet, I have oodles left to do! It's quite pathetic, actually. I was bumming around all afternoon. I'm trying to think of anything significant that I accomplished, or even did. The only thing that comes to mind is buying a bike lock. (Yup, life of a PARTY.) Then, at 11pm, it occurred to me: OH GOSH, NO, I HAVE TO MAKE 20 TEACHER CARDS FOR TOMORROW. With heartfelt messages inside! EEEK. Insert mini-freakout and stuff. So that's what I've been doing. Because I'm a sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda caring student like that! (Also, amidst what SHOULD BE a rapid fire of card creating and filling, I'm getting really distracted by PROM PICTURES on Facebook. This is a problem. I have a back story to this. Maybe I'll share it later.)

Basically. Um, here is an outfit post, no profound thoughts attached.
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(Jacket/ Blazer - Thrifted/ Value Village $7, Shirt - Singapore, Skirt - Value Village $3, Hat - Nepal, Bag - Mom's, Flower Ring - Gifted, Shoes - Vintage $15, Belt - Thrifted $1)

And oh gosh. I am officially GRADUATING tomorrow. These past few weeks have been a series of lasts. Like, oh hollaaa "Last high school classes EVER!" or "Last set of high school exams EVER!" (which you've all joyously read about if you haven't stopped reading my nostalgic/bitter-sweet musings) (don't blame you if you have.) (stopped reading my nostalgic/bitter-sweet musings that is). But tomorrow is when it's officially over. When I'm officially done high school. DONE HIGH SCHOOL. This is so wild.

My thoughts I currently up in the air. I spent a really, really long time writing about them in my journal. (Yes, I write a thorough journal. And I write a blog. Seriously, folks. We've gone over this before: I have no life.) I think bitter-sweet would be the word(s) best associated with graduating. Except for maybe in a different order. I'm feeling very sweet-bitter. (i.e. sweet. and bitter. but more sweet than bitter.) I want to elaborate more. But I know that, once I commence, I will not stop. And this is not good for my eyeballs, beauty sleep, or cards that I'm desperately trying to write in for my teachers.

Therefore. Tomorrow. I will be DONE HIGH SCHOOL. This is so wild. The end. (My thoughts towards this will remain UNHEARD OF. because I'm mysterious and stuff and stuff like that.)
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How did you feel after YOU graduated high school?

Unless, you haven't. (OOOH AWKWARD!)(not really) In which case, How are you enjoying high school?

P.S. Prom was really fun. Excited to share pictures soon. Are you excited to see them? Is that desperate to ask? Totally is. It's like me asking, "Am I fat?" Speaking of which, Am I fat? LOLZ JUST KIDDING NOT ASKING ANY OF THOSE QUESTIONS. Sorry. Please excuse me. I sometimes pretend I'm funny. (Also, this confirms that I need to sleep. Like. Now.)
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Tami said...

graduating hs! woooooot. hahah, get some sleep though, girl! i loved loved loved your vlog btw in the last post. it was so cutesy and adorable-ly! (: haha, can't wait for the next post, and have a relaxing summer!

xoxo tami at tamijam.blogspot.com

theTrendyDwarf said...

I didn't even know you were graduating HS! Congratulations! Sadly I have one year left BUT that's not important. I love these pictures so much! I also love that you are using your moms bag. LOL! I love the pink DB jacket! I also love the neon green hat. By the way...about the Bruins post...I don't watch sports and certainly not hockey BUT I decided I would make that final game my first time ever watching hockey since my home team was playing. Also...I will take your ideas for the videos and see what I do. I am still developing every possible idea for videos and will soon narrow all of them down. BUT you will see quite a few very soon!
Check out my trendy blog!

Be said...

Oooh whooo whoooo!
I'm looking foward to seeing those photos, just because I want to see what you wore, because I know that it would be something estactic! (know is code word for "assuming").

Question: For your graduation do you wear those awesome robes with the hat that you toss up in the air and everything... (just curious. I WANT one of those hats).

And Answer: (To your question). I am NOT AT ALL liking High School. Although I'm not yet ready to leave High School yet and have to *gulp* plan forward. Naah, I just don't want to have to do my HSC and apply for Uni and all. Studying and I are known enemies. Haha.

Lovely flowers. And if you ever wake up and wonder where your hair went you know who took it ;)

Gracie said...

ooh what a cool spot, you always look so colourful!

sacramento said...

You are such a wonderful inspiration, my beautiful pink girl.

rebecca said...

i love your coat so, so much! and it's a scary thought to think you're done with school, but it's so good at the same time (:


LyddieGal said...

After graduation HS, I think I was partly relieved and mostly confused. With no future plans. Still none... I am a failure.
I'm sure you've got things all planned out and are ready for what comes next, and I'm sure you will go out there and be amazing.
Anyone with lime green nails is surely going to be amazing.

Chic on the Cheap

Dawn said...

The day before I graduated high school, I felt much the same way you did. However, the day afterward, I felt no different. I didn't feel that I had reached a milestone, accomplished anything, or had made an unforgettable memory. To this day, I do not remember physically walking across the stage, shaking hands, and receiving my diploma. In fact, I do not remember that day at all; it's the little things you'll remember--the times you had with your friends, the things you did on weekends, the inside jokes. You won't forget those, and those are the things about which you'll reminiscence. Does that make sense? I'm even doing the same thing now, after graduating college. I remember my graduation better, sure--but I already miss the late-nights with my friends.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much exactly the same age as you, although I live in England and so still have one year left of sixth form, before I can officially leave high school forever and ever and ever. When I DO graduate however, I imagine that I'll be screaming/crying hysterically with happiness for a good few weeks.
I love your blazer! & your nails look fantastic. xx

Nieke said...

I love your outfit once again! Just watched your vlog in the post bellow. You're not awkward at all, I started vlogging a couple of weeks ago and it's super weird for me. My first language isn't English so I really have to get used to the talking. (yeah that's weird)
BUT I was one of that weirdos on High School as well when I get older I didn't care anymore and now on collage everyone just accept me the way I am. PLUS I think it's so cool you don't wear brands.
And CONGRATULATIONS on graduating. We don't really have highschool here, it's just called differently and stuff. But I was SO happy when I finished it and finally was able to chose something I really liked and wanted.
You're amazing!


20thCgirl said...

I love the prints in that outfit! Very summery/joyous/colourful!

When I left High School it was all a mixture of OMG YAY and SHIIIIT THIS IS WEIRD. But I think in England its a bit different because High School ends at 16, doesn't it end at 18 in America?

Lydia said...

OMG how pretty are these pics in front of that gorgeous green wall of leaves!!!

Ali said...

I am so excited to see prom pictures! I had a dream just last night that I was at a high school formal (we call it a formal in australia). I had a red dress. I LOVED finishing school because for about a month it was just this ongoing celebration of 'OMG WE'RE FINISHING SOON!' except we didn't say OMG because I'm old and we didn't say stuff like that back then. well we did on MSN but not in real life. ha, MSN.
It was such a good time, all summery and happy. of course after all those last month/last week/last day celebrations we had to go home and study for three weeks before our exams... then more celebrating when they were done! I remember spending the entire day before my last exam sitting in the park with my friends because it was my friend's birthday and we were determined to not let exams ruin it! then about half an hour after my last exam I locked up my house and moved to another city - my parents had already moved everything, my dad was already living in the new place and it was just my mum and I sleeping on the floor in an empty house for two weeks waiting for me to be finished with my exams! Oh and I just remembered the morning before my first exam my mum took me out for breakfast and I thought that was really cool. I'd never even been out for breakfast before let alone on a SCHOOL DAY (shut up I lived in the country).
oh wow what a long ramble you've inspired! I loved school and finishing was so much fun... I hope you're taking LOTS of photos, I did and I'm so glad I have them!

Isabel Spectre said...

lol! you are funny. High school graduation is good, like you said nostalgic, but it is nice to be done! I also really like your outfit, super cute nails, and I like the combo of your blouse and skirt :)

*Glam Chameleon* said...

Hello my inspirational and happy sunshine!!!:) First of all congrats on graduation, and secondly I loveeee u in pink!!:) And I love your new bag!;)

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the fashion turd said...

well done. you are officially an old lady now, you dont just dress like one! haaa haaaaaaaa!....enjoy the summer etc etc...you going off to university afterwards? do you call it university, ah no grad school yes?? xxx

Sarah said...

Hey, brightly colored lady, you look awesome as always. In answer to your last question, it was not how I expected when I graduated high school. First of all, I went to a school where my graduating class was supposed to be over 900 people if they all made it through the four years, so while I knew of most of the seniors, I didn't really know or want to know most of them.

Beyond that, I was also not into most of the "cool" things, so most of them couldn't be bothered to know me until in my senior year when I was in charge of the Battle of the Bands, I was on the school announcements every day, and had lost weight. It was a weird year because of all the fakeness popping up around me.

Finally, I didn't leave and go off to college, I am going local. A lot of people left for state schools and have since returned for cost reasons, so with the exception of maybe two people who still are far away, my core of people I want to be close to are literally near me. More than anything, I was ready to go actually find challenges, though I do miss one particular group of friends I thought I had in high school. (It turns out I was only part of the group out of convenience).

Okay. Bam. I need to stop writing. Haha.

Sasha said...

I wish I would look so happy and fresh when I am freaking exhausted! :D I hope you manadged those 20 cards and I sooooooo excited to see your dress. Just because your style is so individual, I can't even start imagining how it will look like! :)


I am in love with that pink blazer girl! You look so cute! Love that green nail polish! Kiah

cheryl said...

you are adorable! i love all of the colors!


Anonymous said...

As usual, I'm commenting, mostly just to say hi, because I don't have much to say.
But congrats on graduating! I'm only thirteen so I still have a long way to go, but I'm counting down the days! (Not really. I'm kind of pathetic, but not that pathetic.) I love your nails, too!
Is Value Village in Canada only? I've never seen one but you always seem to get the coolest stuff from there!

therubylotus.wordpress.com (pleeease blogroll me?)

Anonymous said...

As usual, I'm commenting, mostly just to say hi, because I don't have much to say.
But congrats on graduating! I'm only thirteen so I still have a long way to go, but I'm counting down the days! (Not really. I'm kind of pathetic, but not that pathetic.) I love your nails, too!
Is Value Village in Canada only? I've never seen one but you always seem to get the coolest stuff from there!

therubylotus.wordpress.com (pleeease blogroll me?)

Emilija said...

So lovely!

Would you mind checking out my blog, and maybe follow/comment it? :)


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

These photos are SO much fun! I love your coat and hat and pretty much everything else as well!

Laura said...

I remember when I graduated it was so freeing and wonderful! High school was behind me!! Now I am plodding/making/winding my way through college and it's so nice yet long and annoying but i love it all the same.

Loving your outfit the medley of colors and patterns makes my heart sing!!!!

I can so relate to the what have I done with my time I should have gotten everything done moments i have them and regret them and learn from them...

A said...

Ah! Will you never cease to inspire me with all those bright colors!

Lexy of BeautyFash said...

Hi Lexy, I'm Lexy!!! :)

Love this fun and colorful outfit, you are so adorable!

NRC♥ said...

Well done on graduating!
I like the way that backdrop makes your outfit pop!
Awesome Blazer!

Shoe said...

Great outfit as usual!! Congratulations on graduating... and I hear you on the journal thing... I keep a detailed journal too. I love hearing people talk about their journal obsessions... maybe it's the nerd in me kicking in!

Savannah Burton said...

fruit/flower skirt AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! You are my hero

le sorelle said...

You are hilarious! I love this post - and your outfit! It's so sunny and colorful and happy! And how amazing that you're graduating?! You have killer style for a high school senior.

My graduation was a super-happy time and I was so happy to be DONE (also a little sad, but more super-happy!) And NO, you're not fat AT ALL, but you are funny! ;)

Thanks for visiting us! Your blog is lovely - we're now happily following! :)

sorelle in style

April said...

Graduating high school was AWESOME, and even better was the summer that followed and then COLLEGE. seriously, the year you graduate from high school is the best year of your life. so many awesome things happen!

also i love that you dress like a crazy old lady, it's fantastic :)



Great Pic´s . Love the colour-blocking. greetz from germany Denise.

Wheeler said...

ooh what a cool spot, you always look so colourful!