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Eeek. Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. This is problematic. Not only for you guys (hullohhh, how do you go days without seeing my beautiful face? my melodic writing? pshhh...), but also for me. I have a billion things I've been meaning to post but OH SHEESH I HAVEN'T. Consequently, I have an accumulation of drafts eating at my computer screen and seeping into my brain and it will come and HAUNT YOU IN YOUR SLEEP. Mwahaha. (Sorry. This is symbolic of how I should get to sleep. I've been staring at the pixels on this screen for far too long.)

ANYWAYS. Apologies. I've been busy revamping my entire blog! Like it?! Just kidding. I know that there are hardly any changes. There are many things that could be put to blame for the changes - or lack thereof- but, ultimately, they point to the fact that I can't deal with technology for my life. Screw the tech era. I WANT TO DRAW MY BLOG LAYOUT AND MAKE IT POOF INTO REAL (tech) LIFE. Awshuckz.

So instead of revamping my entire blog (pft, makeover are, like, sewww overrated) (this is code for: HELP ME FOLKS!!!), I decided to revamp my header! Yay! Because I can deal with cutting and pasting and gluing and taking a picture of it and then posting it! And not only a picture of it, but also a video of it! As in, OH. Cool! A video of me making the header! How fun! (slight sarcasm, shh.) Enjoy! (P.S. Remember when I said I suck at technology? Hahhaah. The angle is awkward. And part of it is cut off. But it's the thought process that counts. Right...?)

oh HEY, new header! from quirky explosion on Vimeo.

I know what you're all thinking: "Lexy [your blog is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and oh, gosh, why would you want to revamp it?]" Well, to answer your question... I thought it'd be fun because QUIRKY EXPLOSION'S 2 year bloggerversary just passed! Eeek! We're growing old! See those wrinkles?! See them?! Of course you don't! It's a computer screen! It's flat! Oh, gosh. I almost tricked you there! I'm a kidder! (Seriously. Bed time. I should not even publish this post.)

All kidding aside (how awkward-teacher-speech-transition is that?), YOU GUYS ARE ALL THE BEST. Seriously. I'm trying to find the least generic way to tell you all that I started this blog with little expectations and I can't believe it's gotten this far... Hey, how was that? Hah.

I started blogging as an awkward, fashion-loving 15-year-old and now... well, now I'm just an awkward, fashion-loving, 17-year-old. But with 520+ of my CLOSEST FRIENDS JOINING THE RIDE. (seriously? where did you all come from? why are you all so awesome?) My blog has become my little love child. Which sounds a little silly, but I'd say it's true. I don't even want to calculate the number of hours I spend on this little thing each week. But hey, that's what you do for your [virtual] love children! ...Right?

I feel like QUIRKY EXPLOSION really has been instrumental in the growing up process. Blogging has undoubtedly helped me find and cherish and enjoy my wack-a-doodle style. In real life, I'm constantly inundated with raised eyebrows, eye rolls, and whispers. In virtual land, I'm fed enthusiastic compliments. Consequently, virtual world pplz .> real life pplz. i.e. I love you guys.

Blogging has pushed me to be more crazy with what I wear and, consequently, how I act, what choices I make, etc. It's given me an avenue to express myself. To write my thoughts (even though they can be really incoherent/ jumbled. exhibition RIGHT NOW). To share my creative doings. To prance in my kooky clothes. I'm the kind of girl that will spend an hour getting ready... just to walk the dog. Because it's FUN! And it's nice to meet other people who don't think it's that ludicrous!

It's also oodles of embarrassment FUN to go through old blog posts. Yes, they're cringe-worthy. Yes, it's there for the whole WORLD to see. But hey, it's life! We evolve, we grow, we change. And I think that I can, personally, look through my blog as a testament to all the growth that I've endured these past few years!

Blogging has been an awesome ride. And I certainly couldn't have done it WITH OUT YOU ALL. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. (Awwwww!) Seriously. You know how celebrities are like, "My fans are the best out there"? But they always say it with a fake smile and forced publicity? I am completely, totally, utterly genuine when I say that YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. I want personally crawl through my computer and hug all of you in real life and then take pictures and then blog about it. But. You know. Technology can be a bit restrictive, so can we please just have a \virtual hug\.

Thank you for scrolling through pictures. Thank you for actually reading what I write (maybe? do people actually read what I write? Anyone? ANYONE?) Thank you silent lurkers. Thank you COMMENTERS! I'm a total dork with comments. You'd think that you'd get used to comments after two years. Nope! I still have a huge grin and the desire to smooch all your cheeks after reading your comments. THANK YOU. Mwahhhh! *pull out the tissue, emotional sobs, etc* Anyways. I think I'm reaching Oscar-speech territory. This is a dangerous territory. So I'll just STOP.

(I intended to end the post there. You know SUDDENLY to emphasize the STOP. But I figured I could just tell you about my initial plans and then proceed to say: You all rock. Don't ever change.)

And to end this gushing post, here's some generic blogging questions that I've always been curious about:
1. How long do you spend on your blog each day/ week?
2. Favourite and least favourite thing about blogging?

P.S. If you're good at technology/ know how to resize the picture gadget in the sidebar then PLEASE DON'T BE SHY. Let me know! Legitimately! Message boards are not my friend. But you are!

P.P.S I'm a fail at social networking. That being said, HAI JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK! For exclusive videos and secret giveaways and gossip sessions and hot boyzzz! And, and, and! Okay. Possibly none of that. POSSIBLY ALL OF THAT. All I really know? It will be a good time (GT, if you will). So I'd really LIKE you if you could LIKE that page. Hah.
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Be said...

Oh. Yay. *virtual hug* :D :D
Okay, so Q1: Two days. Yup, only 2 days and that's why I'm always missing posts. Why? Because my internet at home sucks noodles and I have to go to the library *sigh* books? I'm in Heaven.

Q2: I love the thrill of having readers (like the explained). The thrill is huge and I feel like my readers are little pets. Selfish, creepy? I think not!
And what I hate about blogging? This keyboard!!!! (or more like #@$!@$$). I write my posts whilst at the library and the keyboard is horrid. I know it has nothing to do with blogging but I don't care. I hate this keyboard to death!!!!!!

Okay. Phew. Now that the exclamation marking is over I must say, awesome banner. Did you change your colours to blue, I can't remember but I love the colour blue. It feels so clean. The video didn't work for me but I saw the first bit just before you pulled out the "National Geographic" and I have to say you are not that much of a technological noob, I don't even know how to control my camera let alone alter the video to speed it up (but, hey, I'm learning.)

And finally (long comment, yikes) I've got an award for you at my blog. For being an ***AMAZING Blogger*** ;)


P.S. Heh heh heh. Imma go add you on Facebook, so if you mind any random Asian chick requesting to be your friend you know who it is ;)

Be said...

I want some corn....

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

you are so cool.
no hyperbole.


!♥ m i m i said...


Lexy, I'm proud of you.

Like, extremely proud, Mom-proud, tearing-up-proud. You are one awesome chick and I'm glad blogging has helped you develop your style, your personality, and your courage to wear the craziest colours and patterns with confidence and exuberance. (Exuberance? that's a word right? i hope so.. cuz that word just pops into my head whenever i see your outfits!!!) More exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!

Happy blogversary, and I will now go view that video :D

AND I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER. OKAY? And your layout is even more amazing now.


A said...

I LOVE how you revamped it! It was great before and now its even better!

Pop Champagne said...

nice new header! congrats on the quick layout fix it looks really nice :D

the fashion turd said...

new banner = yippeee dee dooooo! much more representative of 'you' i think...

i love blogging because it's a quick creative fix, i get to 'meet' lots of like minded people, share the things i like and get to be a right vain narcissistic bastard online!

I hate the 'follow me and il follow you' culture....just stop it! it's ridiculous and not what blogging is about

much love to you me dear


Anna said...

Hmm, well I don't post every day because I never have anything to say, but I'm usually on every day. Usually each of my blog posts take about an hour.

Hmm..my favorite thing about blogging is that I just get to be myself. It's great knowing that I can just act like myself and not be afraid that I'll be shunned. My least favorite thing is not having anything to say :P

Louise said...

You are so damn cool. The video was just too sweeeeeeet. Nicely done. I am a real fan of the new header. I mean, you always make such great headers and still you come up with something as nice (or nicer).

Congrats on your 2nd year! :D And yes, I am very glad to know your blog. Just visiting it makes me a little more quirky and wanting to do a little more daring style with my clothing.

To answer your questions well, eh, I really don't know. I started over, my past blog was 'blackbird', and now it's just the first few posts. But I'm getting excited in being energetic in posting so i'll come around. Favourite thing of blogging, maybe just to express yourself and the interaction with other people. Least favourite is when... hm, tricky. I think it is a pain to display my pictures on my blog in a right way.. but that'll be better one day. I hope.


Vivi said...

Congratulations on your 2nd bloggerversary. I started following you late '09. You're a fantastic young blogger!

Shoe said...

Happy Blogbirthday!! I love the new header! It looks great and there are so many things to love about a cute header.

When I'm properly blogging I probably spend several hours a week taking photos and writing content, but this week I have done nothing at all. Bad blogger!! Also I love the community and I don't like it when you're very tired and it occasionally feels obligatory...


haha to someone up there, yesss, my background used to be mellow yellow! GOOD EYE!

Thanks for all the comments! They were oodles of fun to read. Will respond soon! Pinky promise!

Mrs. April said...

I love your new header. I want your header and my header to make a beautiful baby.

duckalicious said...

congrats for your blogoversary, darling! xo