Vee Vee

Today I went to Value Village. And spent freaking $120!!! Ahhh, can you believe it? Dropping that much money? During one little shopping stint? On granny attire? Ahhh! Money woes! Woe is me! OH WAIT. I just remembered! Oh, silly me! I didn't spend $120. My clothes were valued at $120. BUT, I only spent $60! Yup, that's right - Value Village has decided that I should be their model citizen and they're giving me free clothes!!!! Hah. How I wish... But still. Pretty much the next best thing AKA it was the Value Village 50% everything sale!!! AKA one-of-the-best-day-in-the-entire-duration-of-summertime-thus-far (the only other day that rivals today's awesomeness would be a Canada's Wonderland trip with the friends).

I'm so completely giddy that I've TWEETED and FACEBOOKED about how giddy I am! Yup. The whole world wide web just needed to know that my mannerisms have dropped any level of sophistication and have been replaced with the likes of a five year old child. Holla! I am now going to proceed to brag about the joys of consumerism.

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My personal process for thrifting involves:
1. Grabbing anything that catches my eyes. ANYTHING. As my personal chauffeur sibling demonstrates in the picture below, I am a fan of quantity. Hey, you never know what looks good until you try it on! I tend to gravitate towards anything with bright colours or funky prints (surprise!). I usually start with the blazer section. I don't know why, exactly, but it's my absolute favourite section and I wish it were named after me (or vice versa. as in, hi, my name is blazer. okay. maybe not...)
2. Trying things on. I try things on in bundles. I.e. skirts, then dresses, then shorts, etc. I keep piles of "nos" and "maybes". It's also a complete bonus if 1) I snag the giant dressing room for wheelchairs (i.e. eager shoppers like me who lug their whole ridiculous cart into room nevermind the crying babies and hunched elderly) or 2) I manage to convince my sister that shopping at smelly Value Village will be fun for her and she becomes extremely bored of clothing she abhors and she sorts my things out for me because it's more appealing than watching old men try on fedoras.
3. Elimination. Apparently I'm not very decisive. Somehow my maybe pile is continuously monstrous in comparison to the measly no pile. This is a problem. It helps to set up a budget (mine was $50). I always start with definite "yeses" and work from there. I know that I really love something if 1) I pretend that I already own it when I'm trying it on and imagine the many ways that I can rock it or 2) I start jumping up and down like a child and forget about a little thing some people call "dignity."
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Success? I'd say so! After a few hours of extreme grabbing, speedy trying things on and life-shattering decision making, I left the store skipping along, bellowing to all passerbyers, "VICTORY IS MINE MWAHAHA." Except for not really. But just for the record, yes, VICTORY IS MINE. Evil lolz.
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I know the suspense of "Eeeek, what's in the TWO GIANT BAGS?!?!" is tearing your heart into a billion pieces. I could let the blood ooze and hurt your intestines. But I am a nice person. Therefore, hey! Wanna see what I got? (I did this solely for the purpose of the blog. Psh. I never try things on a billion times and prance around the house in my new clothes immediately after I buy them. Psssh.)

1. The bottoms. Debating whether I want to hem up those wacky floral pants into shorts. Ho hum. (That's another thing I keep in mind when thrifting: how can this be altered? A bit of snipping and hemming can go a looooong way. All those os emphasize the loooooongness.)
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2. Tops. I decided I wanted to pick out a few tops for the summer. Five tops later... Oopsies! You should have seen my original pile of "maybe" tops. Actually. Maybe you shouldn't have. It was rather frightening. It could have exploded in your face.
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3. Blazers! AH I KNOW. I feel like I should back this picture up with a "forgive me father for I have sinned." For the record, YES, I am aware that it is the middle of the summer and my face basically melts off when I go outside. For the record, YES, I am aware that I have 20+ blazers already and my wardrobe legitimately cannot deal with more. But you. Yes, YOU. Are you aware of this? Blazers. 50% off. $3.50 each. (I CANT BE TAMED.) Please keep your fingers crossed for semi-chilly weather. There's a good chance that my over-eager self won't be able to resist not wearing these and, consequently, the probability of me toasting into a piece of coal is highly likely.
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Pheeeew! My dad asked me what I did this afternoon. My reply went along the lines of, "YAY VALUE -- ahem, doctors." He figured it out. "Why can't you be like your father? You don't need much! You don't get much! Ahh!" sighed my exasperated father. I pretended I needed to go pee.

Also, in case you were all, "So, Lexy... What were you WEARING?" do know that I've got you covered! As in, here are some photos. Cool beans. Shopping in separates is usually a good call, otherwise you might run into the unfortunate, "Hey sibling, look at this top I've tried on but, um, I was in a dress, so, like, um, I'm in my underwear and this top right now and uh..." It could get awkward.
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My mom kindly complimented me with a: "You look nice! I like your combination today. Sometimes it can be very, um... different." I'm not sure what to think of this, but I'll pretend that I don't know that it's mom-code for "you normally look like your spewing heinous colourful barf." Thanks, mom!
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(Shirt - Value Village/ Thrifted $3, Skirt - Homemade, Belt - Thrifted $1, Shoes - Vintage $15, Hat - Nepal, Bag - Nepal, Jewelry - Gifted, Two VV Shopping Bags Filled to the Brim - PRICELESS (unless you really had to put a number on it. then it would be $120. Kidding! $60. I love today.))

I hope you've all started your week smashingly! I, obviously, have. Have a sunny, warm week! Or a mildly chilly week if you have seven new blazers and desperately want to wear them! (Hypothetically, of course.)

Do you like to thrift? What has been your favourite thrifting experience/ find?
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LyddieGal said...

I've never taken home a haul that large during one thrifting stint. I totally get the blazer addiction too, and can't blame you for wanting so many!

Chic on the Cheap

Clairedontcare said...

I love love love thrifting. I usually alter the clothes majorly because everything is always huge. My favorite find was an amazing lace grandma top that i cut the sleeves off of but kept them so i can safety pin them back on for a gma gone wild look. I love your outfit your top and elephant bag is amazing. You always look adorable.

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely fantastic as always! I love how much happiness you can fit into a photo :)

Ps/ those finds are amazing!!!!


jamee dyches. said...

Hahahaha this is hilarious. I have the EXACT same thrift store shopping routine! Except I don't have a personal assistant! You're lucky, tell her thank you :)

Rand T said...

haha 120!!love your hat and shoes xx

Gazel M. said...

I LOVE value village haha I went to their sale today too. I got a vintage swimsuit (which I intend to sell), 1 cardigan and 2 oversized tops. :D

Louise said...

That picture with your sister behind the cart is hilarious!

And I completely dig the outfit! I kinda fell in love with the elephant bag. And your blouse is nice too, how i love bows...

*Glam Chameleon* said...

I didn't have the chance unfortunately to visit not even one thrift store and that makes me sad!:( But I loveeeeee everything u took- it's completely u, each piece!!! That orange blouse u're wearing is gorgeous!:)

Mrs. April said...

Dang lady! Those are some awesome finds. When ever I go shopping, I convince myself that as long as what I saved is equal to or more than what I spent, I'm all good. I don't know if that's really logical, but that's what I do. Pry to make myself feel better about spending money.

I've found some really, really awesome things thrifting. I got a Cecil McBee dress for only $16, and I got a pair of MissMe capris for only $10. They're normally well over $100! I think that with enough patience, you can really strike gold. :)

sacramento said...

I am soooooooo jaelous ( in a good way)No thrift stores in Spain, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
I feel my heart pumping at the sight of your photos.
When abroad I always go thrifting, and take, as you do, everything that catches my eye, there is always time to put it back if it doesn´t fit hehehehe.
Much love.

SunnyToast said...

Your really had a good time with your shopping.. I love thrifting If I'm with my girlfriends the fun and excitement of finding a great outfit is such a moment for our friendship:)

Megan Hattie said...

Whoaaaa you scored so many sick prints! Nice work! I love your outfit too, the elephant purse is blowing my mind and the orange blouse is adorable, and your shoes are groovy. you're great. This reminds me of when I used to go to Goodwill all of the time and use the same process. I wish they had Goodwill in France

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Deidra said...

I love how you and "sibling" are totally different types of beautiful. You are a bold, fun type, and she just has this vulnerable, totally lovely and sweet looking face. :)

Nieke said...

WOW so much stuff for so little money, that's quite amazing. I love how you always use to mix up all the colors and prints. Loving these pictures and your purchases.


Anonymous said...

wow, LOVE your bold outfit! and thrifting is one of my favorite pass times! I actually prefer to do it in suburban areas.
My favorite thrift find was a brand new (tags still on it) hot pink leather jacket for... $12.50!!!

XO Sahra

Lyosha said...

oh, I love those tios! I wish I had a thrifting store. A fine thrift store! Very happy for you and the discount! and I can't publish my comment without saying it: I LOVE YOUR HAT!!!!

Inside and Outside Blog


i love value village! looks like u found some great stuff! and awesome shoes btw

monster cakes said...

You look very bright and cheery. I dig it. And I might have to steal that plaid blazer from you. My favorite thrifting find? Hmmm... I got a plaid Michael Kors pencil skirt for $10. Score!

Flow Disruption said...

I love your style of writing! You had me laughin' out loud the whole time. ;) And I'm seriously diggin' the "granny attire". The outfit you have on is the best, though. The colours and shoes are brilliant! :)

Eli said...

ooh I'm loving your new blog design progress. Looks great!!

I bet you could have totally spent more too, I really love thrift stores like this. Our Value Villages are called Savers over here but they just done have anything good anymore!

Also just want to say how amazing your prom dress turned out. you looked so pretty :)

Lydia said...

Great finds! I need to go thrifting soon. And I'm dying over that elephant bag.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly- that is a mountain of amazing things!! You will be happy you got those blazers because cool weather is right around the corner :) We have a Value Village here too, and I LOVE their 50% off sales! I have gotten tap shoes for $2, an awesome coat for $9, and a whole box of umbrellas for $12. I go through a lot of umbrellas because i always leave them in bars. And I love your enthusiasm! It shines through in your photos and makes me smile!

!♥ m i m i said...


We have GOTTA go thrifting together. I thrift exactly the same way as you heheh. My friends get annoyed. Cuz it takes me like an hour to sort through everything and decide which things I'll buy and which things were just an impulsive lusting-for. I like a lot of the things you got here! Of course, the prints ahhh. Your VV is a lot better than ours = = But hey, I live in a tiny town off of the fringes of Vancouver lolol. Like.. srs fringes.

When can we meet up?! LOLOL.

Ummm yeah I'm being serious. I live in Langley currently, but will be moving into Van/Kits soon for uni! PLEASE whenever you're here, contact me so we can do all the bloggery things that bloggers do when they.. meet up.


Jen said...

Oh my gosh Value Village looks amazing!!! WHY DON'T WE HAVE THESE IN AMERICA????? :D
Thank you for the thrifting tips, I'm not usually a good thrifter, but the other day I found this awesome sweater t-shirt thing. I'm proud of myself.

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

Hi Lexy, I haven't thrifted for awhile now, but i got a whole bunch of clothes lately fr the church sale! I saved up for it too much that i only spent 50% of my budget=( I don't know which part of America is Jen (above) bec we also have VV here in USA. and about vancouver in my blog, it was Vancouver Washington, not BC.hehe.also im in OR not in Canada.=) Thank you so much for voting for me! p.s I don't understand how the sponsoring works? and Im thinking to exchange likes" with you on FB. will check your fb tomorrow. don't forget to like me back when ive done so , k's?* loved your lil elephant purse!

Roma said...

AAAAAAAAAH!!! you look freaky fabulous ;0! I love your elephant bag and I wish I had a better thrifting outlet. I went into manhattan in novemeber and found this store that Courtney love used to haunt in the 90's I bought the most amazing 50's era giant marilyn monroe tutu. It is the best thing I own, no joke.

jess said...

My thirfting routine is similar. I haven't been too lucky lately.


OMG I soooooooooooooo need to hit up a Value Village!! You got some amazing things! How fabulous are those floral capri's and that pink and black dotted blazer!! WOW!! Loving that orange pussy bow shirt you are wearing with the pink skirt...sensational! Kiah

Stevia said...

I wonder where would I be without thrifting. I love the fact that it's secondhand. As weird as it is..
Your blazers are all "Lexy" ;)

And my mom is like that too sometimes
she can compliment me all day one time
and next day she'll be like "what are you wearing?"


michelle_ said...

i cant wait for you to wear them out ;) ps congrats for your etsy shop as well ! gonna make a litttle visit to it asap :D

hope you're having a good summer lexy !

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

i was not allowed to go to the VV sale this month on a count of I have way to many clothes already. I made a deal with my mom that I have to get rid of an article of clothing for each article of clothing I buy. My best thrift buy was and Issey Miyake skirt that i found from VV that was only 3 bucks!!!!!!!! i died

thanks for your lovely comment!

check me out!


Bella said...

OHMYGOD. I just discovered your blog and it rocks. RADNESS. Your use of color in that outfit is epic. ACE.



Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Thrifting is truly one of my favorite hobbies! I've found great blazers and shirts when I go! :D You are seriously quirky and uber cute :) I love your picks, they are so bright and happy like you :D

April said...

lol love itttttttt


DailyGlamour said...

pop color !!!!

duckalicious said...

first things first, I ADORE your outfit here!

as far as you thrifting process is concerned, mine is exactly the same! pile up a shitload of stuff, try it on and keep the pieces I absolutely adore (and sometimes also those that are dirt cheap and have potential).

aaaand I just tweeted (twitted?) you (to you, at you?). I call it multiplatforming, some call it schizophrenic. =D

duckalicious said...

I knew I'd forget something. the pink polka dot blazer - me wantz!

Tiffany said...

loving the colors here!!! and that elephant bag is TOO cute