Forest Nymph 3.0

As I've described, summer thus far has been rather, well, laaaazzy. (Exaggerated letters is a meager attempt at personifying such laziness.) (But, hey, I went outside today! For a haircut! And I'm outside right now! Non-lazy points for me! Booo yeah!) But I've actually accomplished quite a few little projects here and there which will slowly trickle onto da blog for your viewing pleasure (brain freeze... where does the term "viewing pleasure" show up a lot? T.V. Shows? It really urks me when I say a term or quote something and I can't recall where it came from. HO HUM SOMETHING TO PONDER.) . One of these "little projects" includes a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF PHOTOSHOOTS with my sister. It's really hilarious. We look like such narcissists to the naked eye. I'd be scared of us. If I weren't, you know, us.

Er... Anyways! Before I show you some of the new things - another summer goal: photograph as many things I've sewn as I can - here's the final installation of our "forest nymph" shoot. Hope you enjoy!

Photography and Styling - Me (Lexy)
Model - Sister (Mimi)

Outfit 1
I'm a little over the "soft meets hard" look but, whatever, I'm a hypocrite and I present you the princess/rock look. (Aw yeah for hypocrisy!) On a sort of related note, I LOVE long gloves and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect white ones. (Find some? Send them to me? Love you? Love you.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sequin Dress worn as top - H&M, Seafoam Tutu - Homemade, Lilac tights - H&M, Socks - AEO, Shoes - Fleuvog Shoes, Jewelry - Assorted

Outfit 2:
Last set of photos. And, dundundundunnnn (it's supposed to be humming in a happy-suspense-with-the-final-sound-going-up, as opposed to humming in a scary-suspense-with-the-final-sound-going-down) as promised the fabulous Rodarte dress! I think that's all I need to say, really...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shaky effect was due to the weather going down, but I kind of like it. It reminds me of X-RAYS or ULTRASOUNDS. You probably thought that too. Obviously. (Okay FINE, it's kind of a weird thought. But THINK ABOUT IT.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Dress - Rodarte for Target, Floral Tights - F21, Shoes - Fleuvog Shoes, Hairband - Hong Kong)

Ta-da! ALL DONE! HAH. Just kidding! Kind of! I'll post the FINAL product in a day or two. "Final Product" includes the layout and jazz. It's pretty pyscedelic. So stay tuned! (Stay tuned? Really, Lexy? REALLY?)

While we're on commercial-isms (?) (refer to above "stay tuned"), you may want to, if you haven't already, check out the following! These pages are hot and exclusive! You cannot find them on ANY other blogs!*
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Thank you for choosing Quirky Explosion©! Feeding all of YOUR needs! Maybe we'll throw in a free, um, anyways... Until next time, this has been Lexy reporting from lala land!
(That was weird.)
(Speaking of weird, what's up with Taylor Momsen? Just ew.)
(Speaking of weird, what's up with the weather? Wonky weather leads to descreased in creative dressing, leading to decrease in outfit posts. WAIT DON'T FRET. There will be one soon! Very soon!)
(Speaking of weird... your face is weird. HAH.)


saw a boy with the bieber haircut to a tee. hair flip and all. i was embarassed for him... (oh yeah, VLOG.)

It was at debate as to how to commence this post. Should I be all "oooh" and allude to the mystery to come? (Ooh, alluring... What could it be? What is it? Ohhh, Lexy, she's SO mysterious and alluring and spy kids-y...) Or should I go with the, "HEY Y'ALLLZ IT'S MA VLOG" approach? I guess starting with this mini debate gave it all away, so I'm just going to go with the latter...

HEY Y'ALLLZ IT'S MA VLOG. Finally! I know! Are you excited! That should have been a question mark! Oh well! We're just TOO stoked! Yay! Yay!

Now, before we get started, here are a few things to note:
1) MY VOICE SOUNDS RASPY ("man like" would be the negative connotation) but here's why: I went to Wonderland yesterday and went on Behemoth three times... so hah! (FINE BUSTED, I FILMED THIS A WEEK AGO. My video/ radio voice is, for real, one of which I despise. It's very tween-boy-voice-cracking. I will never fulfill my dream of being Ryan Seacrest... Maaan.)
2) I sound like a fool and it's 13 minutes and I'm not going to force you all to watch it with a good sales line (Do you love Lexy?! Do you love this blog?! Then you'll LOVE this vlog! *Insert chime to accentuate the rhyme of blog and vlog*). But, at last, I know it's not the MOST exciting thing ever and I encourage you all to not feel pressured to watch it! Mkaaay.
3) Didn't answer ALL questions (sorry! *kisses*), but that is as I most likely answered them here or here and that would be why! If not, then ask again, and I will happily respond. Although, probably fortunately for you, not via video. Woot!

Uh, so I guess, uh, enjoy and, uh. *cringe, this is going to be bad.*

vlog attack from quirky explosion on Vimeo.

Phew! Done?! Okay. Instead of sounding insecure, I will confidently say: HEY GUYS! I'm SO funny! I'm hilarious! I think I'm hilarious! Wow! The best vlog you've ever seen?! Oh you're unfollowing me?! Ha-ha. Ohhh, you. Why would you do that?! You love me! I'm funny! I'm awesome! Right! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ohhh, look at us! All joyous and funny and happy and foolish and silly and slumber partying together! Ha-ha-ha! GTs all around! (Good times!)

*awkward pause.*

Um, anyways. HEY IF YOU HAVE A VLOG, SEND ME THE LINK! (This is a tad weird, but I actually really enjoy watching vlogs whilst doing pointless things.**)

**Example of pointless things. From early 2010. Summer goal: fill in one of these pages each day I'm home. Which I will be doing as soon as this post is completed. For real! (Oh, and isn't it convenient how I randomly chose the pages with writing + reflected photobooth = :/?)

^^Well, this is awkward...

^^OH NO. My buttox appears to be on FIRE!

Anyways, I believe this post accurately depicts the accumulation of many pointless aspects of my life that I so happen to enjoy.

And, before I forget and be all rude and such, I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL. Why? You may inquire. Well, to be quite frank and creepy, I love you all. Thank you for enduring my blog for a year - or a few months, or a week, or a day - I honestly appreciate all your thoughts. So thanks for continuously stopping by and making me feel special. :)

I'm definitely the kind of person that gets all dressed up - warning: cliche up ahead - with no place to go... or stays up late to sketch some pointless doodles in my sketch book (see above)... or spends days sewing crafty outfits ... or thrifts at smelly old lady stores... or religiously checks out clothes i'll never be able to afford ... or engrosses myself in this silly little thing we call "fashion"... and it's really exciting to think "Okay, well, sure that may seem a little pointless, but hey, it's what I LOVE and I have a place to share it!" I really look forward to posting all my thoughts and rambles and outfits and creations and I love hearing from you all. It's not that I'm exceptionally unique or different from the people in my life (you go gurl! wear that Hollister! ...ew. okay, well maybe not..), but it's that I have interests that not everyone shares and it's nice to have an arena to share it. I've found my people! (you! That's YOU!)

So, in conclusion, *virtual hugs* to you all and I hope you continue to stop by and make my days awesome!

(best blogging friends for lifeZ.)


he says I rather switch with you, you don't now hard it is to work from 9-5.

Hi friends! Let's all be a big cliche and make song lyrics our post titles, MMMKAY?! But I actually love this song and I'm going to be posting my playlist soon because I rather like it and I want to share my awesome music taste. (That was a joke. Okay, not very funny. But the point is I wasn't serious. SO GIVE ME A BREAK. OKAY?! JEEZ. Phew, sorry to lose my temper...)

Super quick post! This formulates my "go-to" outfit for the summer. I've probably worn it here before (INTENSE STAL- ahem - FOLLOWERS TELL ME IF THIS IS SO). The weather's been a little wonky, but it was a beautiful sunny day this very day so yay! (please, do applaud my fantastic rhymes). You'll be seeing more of this dress (well, it's actually a long vintage skirt) very soon (wink wink hint hint nudge nudge - my math teacher says this. OH NO. QUICK. MATH GO AWAY.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Dress - Vintage $5, Blouse - Winners $5, Jelly shoes - Aldo $10, Necklace - Forever 21)

I love the summer, but, at the same time, it also accentuates my lameness/ laziness/ lackness, er, anyways, i'll just go with et cetera, et cetera... There's this weird aura of WOW! DREAMS WILL COME TRUE THIS SUMMER! I'm going to fall in love and get tan and go to the beach and lose weight and travel to europe and sing kumbya by the campfire (actually, for the record, my summer plan is more like "aw yeee, i'm going to do cool stuff that have been accumulating throughout the year but OH SNAP what was that cool stuff again? whatever, Imma still do cool stuff") and somehow it gets pushed aside. It's ironic how summer days are the longest (I mean, in terms of sunlight) yet they GO BY SO QUICKLY.

For the record, I do have lazy bum tendancies, but I'm working on it. So far, I've been downtown multiple times, I've hemmed and altered four dresses, I've done a portrait for my papa for father's day, I've taken a thousand pictures (LITERALLY), I've done a messed up party cat collage which I actually like and I'll post, and I'm working on these shorts. WOW. Let's brag about our not so great accomplishments that make us feel good internally together shall we!


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I've actually been waking up with a mental agenda (organized, eh eh), so hopefully there'll be some awesome-ness to come!

(Oh and P.S. I'll post these AWESOME projects of mine stat! (emphasis on "awesome" emphasizes how it's not, in fact, all that awesome))
(P.P.S. This is the outfit I wore in my vlog. Slash on the same day I made my vlog. I made my vlog quite a few days ago. It's freaking 20 minutes long, so I'll have to try to cut it down or something. MAAAN. But DON'T YA WORRY, I don't have a 99% in media for nothing. (That's a lie. I don't have a 99%.) (I don't actually know what I have, but I'm pretty confident it's not a 99%)).

ALL IN ALL. Summer has been a little lazy but, HEY, it's summer and that's allowed and I don't feel too guilty for not being a "beach bum" or having a "hot summer fling" (thanks for the tips though, Seventeen! I WILL find myself a hottie and maybe practise some flirting techniques and look hot in my bikini next time I have a fun day of hottie hunting at the beach with my babes! Oh and I WILL tan with a heart shaped sticker so I have a cute heart shaped tan. Yes, yes! THANK YOU.)

Latah gatah.


i feel like long titles look coolio with this layout but, in reality, i think "american boy" would cover this title just fine...

Oh, hey there friends! How are you?! I've got some exciting news - pictures from the park! OMGYAY! (I'm trying to get y'all excited as you'll likely be seeing this park a lot. My mum had this AWESOME idea that since we allegedly have "so much free time on our hands" (OKAY FINE WE KIND OF DO) that we walk the dog for her every evening! Wow! Yay! Fun!)

So, it's kind of a pain. But produces fun pictures. I guess. Played on the swings and playground because a) hey, it's fun and b) it matched my outfit! (wow, I sound like an idiot.) But really, it's very childhood reminiscence-y.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I have really fond memories of the park (oh, look at us, all old and reminiscing our youth!). So many fun games. Like fish and shark. Basically we (being the children) were the "fish", while my dad was the "shark" (HAPPY FATHERS DAY!). Basically we won every time. Hehe. No, we didn't change the rules so the only option was us winning, pssssh...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not quite a shark nor a fish (ha-ha, good transition? Er...), here's my dog. As you can see by the intense running photos, it was a pretty physically demanding day at the park. But, hey, when you're beast like me, the running is the equivalent to, like, sleeping. ....er....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
RUN GURL RUN. Hey, now, I didn't get nominated for most improved athlete for nothing! (Bahahhaa. I'm very proud of this athletic-related accomplishment. I'm an ATHLETE! Look at me! I'm a big shot! I'm, like, um, insert big sport's name here.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The combination of the skirt and blouse reminds me of America. Hence the kind-of title. But, just for kicks, Go Canada! If you were in FIFA, I would cheer for you!* But you're not! But I live in ya, so you still rock! Yay!
*I probably wouldn't watch ya, but I'd be cheering in spirit
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not much to say. Hope you're having an awesome summer. From me, and my friends... ;)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Navy blouse - Value Village $4, Yellow cardigan - Unknown, Skirt - Thrifted $5, Shoes - Value Village $10, Hat - Forever 21, Keychains as necklace - unknown)

Oh, P.S., I revived my Chictopia and Lookbook. Posting old looks. Go on and look at 'em, it'll be reminiscing and you'll sigh and maybe hold your heart and longingly stare at the photos (to come) and smile as you remember the good ole memories and um anyways... Oh and you'll hype and comment and whatever it is you're supposed to do to make me think I'm a big deal. Yay!



NEW STUFF. Insert applause. (How unprofessional does "stuff" sound? I mean, new, ahem, graphical pixelation and er, yeah, whatever.)

Despite my lack of terminology, I'm pretty content with myself. Contrary to my very apparent intelligence in the field of computers (I know, "graphical pixelation" gave it ALL AWAY), I'm actually NOT as intellectually intelligent in this area as you may be led to believe.

And, er. Enough with trying to sound smart. It's SUMMER. (HAH, yes, an explanation as to why my intelligence may be lacking!) Er, ANWYAYS. New layout! Yippee! I've kind of realized that I've literally had the SAME LAYOUT since the very start of this blog (ONE YEAR AGO), so I thought I'd switch it up. Though, I'm not sure if I like this new one better than the old one. So I kind of kept the html stored, just in case I wanted to revise it. (Do I sound like a hoarder or WHAT?!)

BUT ON A NORMAL-ER NOTE. I've had this blog for a year! Woohoo! Pop the champagne? Get high on life? Party all night? Maybe just find old childhood party pictures with cone hats that no one wears any more? YES.

^ My sister's the face that you can see in the picture. On top of being incredibly intelligent, I am/was also very modest. I knew my beauty would shame all others and, consequently, I hid my face. To, you know, shield you from my beauty. Duh? Definitely wasn't a narcissist. (Coming from the girl that takes dozens pictures of herself and posts it on the internet to bathe in complements.)

WILL DO A VLOG. Maybe two, because I feel like, for the sake of attention spans, it would be best. But, in the mean time, I made a TIME LAPSE video for the header! I'm UNIMPRESSED with the video quality. I give that a thumbs down. But you get the gist through the blurs? (Grr.) But, yay, I figured out TIME LAPSE. So enjoy my technological skills!

time lapse - header. from quirky explosion on Vimeo.

Song: Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

It was actually really fun to make this video. If I can figure out how to get good quality videos (suggestions?) than I might make more.

So yeah. And that is all. Thanks for enduring all this blah from me. Will talk (TALK? Vlog? Ha-ha?) to you all soon!


P.S. Wow. This is an extremly selfish post. But, in my defense, I didn't do anything for my birthday... Yeah, that's... relevant...


only trouble is, gee whiz, I'm dreaming my life away...

I think this above tweet summarizes my summer days. Lonliness. Desolation. Unhappiness. Isolation.

OH SNAP. Fooled ya! Silly geese, I'm not lonely. Sure, I spend most of my days biking around and exploring the parks and buildings of my lame city by myself, but "being alone" is completly different from "being lonely"! I love being alone. Well, it's kind of weird because I love being around people, but I love being by myself around people? As apposed to being WITH a huge group of people? Does this even make sense? No? Yeah, thought no. Also, on the note of things that don't make sense/ you don't care about, I much enjoy being with one other person than a huge fiasco of people. Isn't that COOL?

Urm, JUST ENJOY THE PICTURES. From today's adventure!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
How else would I have stumbled on this lovely nook had I been out partaying with my friends? It was such a BEAUTIFUL DAY. I was so excited, I couldn't help but be narcissistic and take pictures of myself. I figured that my beauty matched the gorgeous environment (JOKINGJOKINGJOKING). But self-timers? I'm becoming a season pro, no?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Oh, and um. Can we PLEASE collectively giggle as to how AWKWARD it would have been if someone had walked by at this point? (Though, come to think of it, it could have very well happened without my knowledge. hehehe. oh wait. ugh. nononono, thoughts: LEAVE. awkward self timers for me and my readers only.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
But on the note of self-timing, can we PLEASE take a moment to admire my utmost skillzzz (triple 'z')? How else could I have managed to NOT focus on the bike? Pfft? Envy? Yeah, you know it...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had a pretty fabulous five hours outside and thrifting around (OH AND FUN FACT WHICH I ALSO TWEETED ABOUT: my town randomly has a hot dog vendor! Um, we are so the next New York City. Watch out world, our 100000 people will SMOOSH your 6.7 billion. Mwaha.) While people complain about being away from friends all summer, I think it's nice to have a break. I love 'em and all, but siiigh, I think it's important to find things that make YOU happy and learn how to please yourself. I really do not mind the break from somewhat social-normalcy to, well, not-as-normal-social-ness.

And, who needs to go to parties when you've got a PART-AYYY dangling off your neck? Am I right? Or am I right? I am RIGHT.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blue Blouse - Thrifted <$1, Black and White Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - homemade, Shoes - Value Village $10, Jewelry - Assorted)
Anyways. If you are getting the notion that I'm a complete loner with no friends, SIGH, you caught me...

FOOLED YA. Again! I'm just a little over high school and I'm ready for a good two months off. Graduating to be a senior tomorrow! YOWZA. I'm so old.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^^ Oh heiiii, guyz. Find me. Like where is Waldo. But WHERE IS LEXY. snnnap. (Found me yet?)

Have a good weekend! (Going to Toronto for a FRIEND's birthday! See, I have friends! I'm not lying! I promise! I promise! ...imaginary friends count as friends, right? Kidding. Again. I'm a HOOT. Man. I need to sleep.) I love summer and life. No complains here.

P.S. beautiful songs to go with some beautiful days (i was going to say "to go with my beauty" but I already used that joke. But then again, I'm just THAT beautiful? Jokes. Really, JOKES. Seriously, guys, don't think I'm some conceited loner guys OKAY. Still love me. OKAY.)? Anyways, here and here and here many more. I must post my new summer playlist. It's bomb. And I never say bomb.

P.S. Don't forget to ask me questions! Answering them in a few days in a form of a moving, talking picture. (Why didn't I just say VLOG?)



let's play concentration. you'll go first and i'll go second.

I guess you could say it was a typical Monday. Woke up at six am because, well, just because. Studied for a few hours. Wrote an exam. "An exam," being my final exam. Thus marking summer. And ate some reeses pieces blizzard and downloaded five hours worth of tunes.

You know, typical.

Oh, and somewhere along this not-so monumental day (UM HELLOOO SUMMER IS HERE), I decided to creep myself. AKA stalk some of my photobooth pictures. I had to go through thousands, cuz I'm so narcissistic. Jokes. I have like fifty photos from the last two years on there. I should probably take advantage of the super rad camera feature more, I reckon. Anyways, the whole point of this story is HOW COULD I NOT HAVE POSTED THESE VERY PHOTOS?!?!?!?! WOWZA...

AHHH! Do you see the joyous look that is present in all my pictures?! A Rodarte for Target dress!

You see, Canada is a silly country. We're a little behind. Like, we CANNOT watch Kell on Earth, it costs an additional $92 to SHIP a dress form from the States ($92! I can buy 13 blazers with that! Or 26 on a Value Village 50% off sale! I didn't buy the damn dress form!), annnd we don't have a Target!
Rodarte for Target? No Target? Predicament? I THINK YES. Solution? Well...

... THE FABULOUS ALISHA FROM SIX-TWENTYTWO-ONINE. (The caps were NECESSARY to emphasize her FABULOUSNESS.) I don't even think I have to say this, but I will anyways: She. Is. The. Sweetest. CHECK OUT HER BLOG. Thanks gurl! The next time you'll see this dress is, actually, on my sister in the next and final series of the Forest Nymph shoot. She loved it! (Almost dangerously. I sensed her desire to pry the dress from my very own nubby hands.)


And in somewhat related fashion (fashion, ha-ha), here's some more photobooth narcissism/ quick outfit post...

Really average outfit. Hence really lame photos. Normally I love bright colours from summer (and winter. And rain. And fall. And spring.), but a lazy Sunday and rainy weather was just calling for a subdued outfit.

But sometimes subdued outfits make it fun to wear prints fearlessly. Also makes me feel rather chilled and 90s and what not and why am I always referring to the 90s?

Old Lady (comes up from behind with massive shopping cart of Value Village goods) (Please imagine an adorable old lady with equally adorable voice alongside): Oh, honey! Now, you've just GOT to tell me. Did you... PAINT those flowers on those legs?!!?! [ed note: !!!!!!!HAHHAHA!!!!] Or are they PANTY HOSE?
Me: Hahahhahaaha. Nah, they're tights!
Old Lady: Oh, well, you can never tell with these things! Where did you get them?
Me: H&M blah blah blah insert rambles.
Old Lady: Wow! They're just LOVELY. Oh, you're so young! You should be wearing this things! Hahah. (Leaves)
Me (silently): PAINT MY LEGS?!?! Can you please be my grandma?!?!?! NOW?!?!

(Zebra Blouse - Thrifted <$1, Shorts - Value Village $3, Tights - H&M, Bangles - Assorted, Hat - Vintage $3, Shoes - Vintage)
I was also wearing this um KIND OF AMAZING VINTAGE CLONKIN SHOES. They are uber rad. Photobooth doesn't give it justice so, I'm not even going to try. THEY DESERVE PROPER RECOGNITION. So that concludes this.


GOING TO DO A VLOG for da bloggerversary. Took extrenuous amounts of efforts to think of a rhyme (reference to pic-cha). Consequently, I suggest you ask me some questions. You know, unless you want me to ramble on high school drama and boyzzzz and zomg who broke up wit whoz < / 3333. (Just kidding. I have no knowledge regarding high school gossip. Awe MAAAN. NOW I'LL NEVER BE COOL.) But really. Ask me ANYTHING. Be creative!
(Doesn't have to be fashion related. I mean, go ahead, ask me to dish the dramzzz. Gossip Girl style, obvz. It's how I roll...)


Happy Summer if it's, you know, summer!


(Additional smiley face emphasizes HAPPINESS OF SUMMER.)


last night i had the strangest dream, i sailed away to china, in a little boat to find ya, and you said you had to get your laundry cleaned

I enjoy people watching. I don't think that's weird. People are fascinating and if you asked me, "hey, if you could be invisible for a day, would you sit and eavesdrop on people ALL DAY LONG?" My response would be, um... YES, ABSOLUTELY.

One of my favourite people watching places is the Kensington Market in Toronto. It exudes, I don't know, something that's super raw and full of character. I feel like I'm in the 90s. Or something. I like it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^ Haha. I just realized that there are shoes swung over the telephone lines. A cop once told me (and my classmates - I wasn't just, like, chattin' it up with the cops) that shoes over telephone lines = weed. Oh brothaaa...

To be honest I didn't get my hands on too many pictures. Taking pictures in public with my shiny little pink digital camera is awkward. BUT THEY HAVE A BUBBLE MACHINE SO I THINK THAT'S ALL WE NEED TO SHOW IT'S AMAZINGNESS. Agreed?!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Like someone send that to me? Stat?

And we're back in my backyard. And we've got ourselves some self-timers...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Blazer - Value Village $6, Shirt - Value Village $3, Shorts - Old Navy $5, Shoes - Vintage $15, Belt - Thrifted $1, Jewelry - Assorted)

Hey. You look creative. Picture it all together? Boo yeahhh.

Summer is coming, contrary to what the rain/ sun might be telling us. (The combination of "rain" and "sun" illustrates the indecisiveness of the weather.). But still. It's SUMMER. Despite the weird weather. So I'm happy. And here's a sunny picture. Because sunny is happy. And happy is good.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(photograph - me)

ONE MORE DAY UNTIL FREEDOM. I'm so ecstatic. Literally went biking and was singing at the top of my lungs. (In my head, that is. I mean, the singing part. I really did go biking. And it was fantastic.)

Anyways. When summer rolls around, I hope to have more awesome things. Such as increased outfit posts, slash more posts in general, and more DIYs and SEWING. Yay! AND WOWZA. Seven days 'till my bloggerversary! (Embarrassing story: the red line went under "bloggerversary" indicating that it was spelt wrong, so I right-clicked it to check what I spelled wrong. OBVIOUSLY it's not a real word. Oh maaan... I'm a straight A student, I swear!)

Um, anwyways. WHAT SHOULD I DO FOR THIS MONUMENTAL EVENT? I'd bake a cake because that seems appropriately celebratory. But alast, I will not because, well, a) I can't bake and b) well yeah. I figure it might be fun to answer some questions or do a vlog (or maybe both? Together? Wow!), so ladies and gents if you have questions pertaining to anything ASK ME! Comment below! (DO IT DO IT DO IT DO- I mean, pft. Nonchalant. I don't really care. I like the aura of "mystery" and "je ne sais quoi" I radiate anyways... BUT REALLY PEEPZ.)

Thank you, thank you very much!

P.S. I was surprised by the number interesting comments on the last post! Didn't expect people to read it. I'll be posting an actual POST discussing (slash very likely rambling) very shortly.
P.P.S. the title of my post is from my childhood. I posted on my tumblr. Yes, I got tumblr. Yes, I'm officially a victim of the internet.
P.P.P.S. I'll use my sister's tripod next time...
P.P.P.P.S. That is all. So have a splendid weekend. I hope the sun treats you well.