only trouble is, gee whiz, I'm dreaming my life away...

I think this above tweet summarizes my summer days. Lonliness. Desolation. Unhappiness. Isolation.

OH SNAP. Fooled ya! Silly geese, I'm not lonely. Sure, I spend most of my days biking around and exploring the parks and buildings of my lame city by myself, but "being alone" is completly different from "being lonely"! I love being alone. Well, it's kind of weird because I love being around people, but I love being by myself around people? As apposed to being WITH a huge group of people? Does this even make sense? No? Yeah, thought no. Also, on the note of things that don't make sense/ you don't care about, I much enjoy being with one other person than a huge fiasco of people. Isn't that COOL?

Urm, JUST ENJOY THE PICTURES. From today's adventure!
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How else would I have stumbled on this lovely nook had I been out partaying with my friends? It was such a BEAUTIFUL DAY. I was so excited, I couldn't help but be narcissistic and take pictures of myself. I figured that my beauty matched the gorgeous environment (JOKINGJOKINGJOKING). But self-timers? I'm becoming a season pro, no?
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Oh, and um. Can we PLEASE collectively giggle as to how AWKWARD it would have been if someone had walked by at this point? (Though, come to think of it, it could have very well happened without my knowledge. hehehe. oh wait. ugh. nononono, thoughts: LEAVE. awkward self timers for me and my readers only.)
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But on the note of self-timing, can we PLEASE take a moment to admire my utmost skillzzz (triple 'z')? How else could I have managed to NOT focus on the bike? Pfft? Envy? Yeah, you know it...
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I had a pretty fabulous five hours outside and thrifting around (OH AND FUN FACT WHICH I ALSO TWEETED ABOUT: my town randomly has a hot dog vendor! Um, we are so the next New York City. Watch out world, our 100000 people will SMOOSH your 6.7 billion. Mwaha.) While people complain about being away from friends all summer, I think it's nice to have a break. I love 'em and all, but siiigh, I think it's important to find things that make YOU happy and learn how to please yourself. I really do not mind the break from somewhat social-normalcy to, well, not-as-normal-social-ness.

And, who needs to go to parties when you've got a PART-AYYY dangling off your neck? Am I right? Or am I right? I am RIGHT.
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(Blue Blouse - Thrifted <$1, Black and White Shirt - Value Village $3, Skirt - homemade, Shoes - Value Village $10, Jewelry - Assorted)
Anyways. If you are getting the notion that I'm a complete loner with no friends, SIGH, you caught me...

FOOLED YA. Again! I'm just a little over high school and I'm ready for a good two months off. Graduating to be a senior tomorrow! YOWZA. I'm so old.

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^^ Oh heiiii, guyz. Find me. Like where is Waldo. But WHERE IS LEXY. snnnap. (Found me yet?)

Have a good weekend! (Going to Toronto for a FRIEND's birthday! See, I have friends! I'm not lying! I promise! I promise! ...imaginary friends count as friends, right? Kidding. Again. I'm a HOOT. Man. I need to sleep.) I love summer and life. No complains here.

P.S. beautiful songs to go with some beautiful days (i was going to say "to go with my beauty" but I already used that joke. But then again, I'm just THAT beautiful? Jokes. Really, JOKES. Seriously, guys, don't think I'm some conceited loner guys OKAY. Still love me. OKAY.)? Anyways, here and here and here many more. I must post my new summer playlist. It's bomb. And I never say bomb.

P.S. Don't forget to ask me questions! Answering them in a few days in a form of a moving, talking picture. (Why didn't I just say VLOG?)



Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...



With each passing post, I fall in love just a little bit more.


Joanne Faith said...

I like spending time on my own too. Awesome. Did you set the camera up yourself for all of those? Skills!


Adiel said...

Great handiwork with that skirt. I adore it!

paper kites said...

I think you should do a post as a thrift store shopping guide. i'm planning to go to one in the summer and don't know what I should be looking for...and I totally get what you mean by being alone. just cuz you're surrounded by people doesn't mean you're less lonely. or vice versa.

Naka said...

love the photos especially the spot lexy ^^

Ali said...

I used to explore Mr. Forest, but then one day I saw a scary shadow in it andd :'( never went back, what if it was a monster? Probably just a dear, BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN THE LAUKNIS (lol murdered that) MONSTER.

Anyways. 8D I loves being alone, too! I think it's fun. You're definately become a self timer pro, do you have a tripod or just stick it on random objects (or a crappy homemade tripod, like me?).

I love your skirt and all your funkay jewelry. You look fantastic. ;D

Ali said...


Ali said...


Oh mann, sorry, I have to correct my post so everyone doesn't think I'm a terrible grammar woman.

Anonymous said...

wow! i love your photographs! they're really great for self timer's(they're amazing really). keep up your cool-bean photography skills lexy! i wish i could explore the forests and stuff...


Sarah said...

Lexy, your writing makes me laugh so much xD. But I couldn't help but "me-tooing" everything you wrote about being alone or with a small group cause it's true (for me).

PS I love the shots of your bicycle!

Leah said...

You are beautiful and you are not conceited... you are just a beautiful and honest girl. Congrats graduate!

Love the red and blue outfit... you look so happy!

Have a fabulous weekend Lexy! xoxo

CDG said...

I am also a narcissist and I HAVE been caught taking pictures of myself in public. Those people think I'm a crackhead wannabe model. And, I have decided to stalk you and steal your skirt because I'm too lazy/dont know how to make one like it.
I tend to ask innapropriate questions so I better not attempt that.

Melissa said...

i LOVE your skirt!! that bike is pretty awesome ;)

Tariro said...

hahaha i think its perfectly fine!
GREAT outfit!
Love your blog(:

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

LOVE YOUR NECKLACE!!!!! You look lovely. That little nook of the woods seems adorable and rathe magical. Seems like a nice place to sit and read.

I'd rather be alone too or with one other person. I'm not into big crowds.

Andie said...

im still in love with your skirt! and isnt fun being alone sometimes? you can totally do whatever you want and nobodys there to be all like "what are you doing..."
ofcourse there are still friends, right? i mean gosh that would suck there were none

and wooohoo go next new york city!! hahaha


LyddieGal said...

Looks like a fun adventure, and your bike is so awesome! I love the bell reflection.

I'm happy you don't need man to feel complete, it's a good attitude.

I do however, want a man. If you find any good ones, please send them my way.

Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

i totally feel you. i'm an introvert myself, and quite honestly, i am fine with it. being by yourself makes you realize so much more than being around people you can't relate. and why bother relate if there's really nothing there, you know what i mean?

well, anyways, i really like your bike. i don't own one, and even if i did, it wouldnt take me anywhere because it's hard to navigate.

enjoy your friend's party, and yes, imaginary friends DO count ;D


Olivia said...

i wish i was your best friend.

Audrey Allure said...

Great pictures!

I know what you mean, I also like being alone sometimes & I much prefer being with one or two people instead of a big crowd. Great necklace!

FashionJazz said...

Another stunning outfit! xxx

Karolina K. said...

What a lovely place and great pictures !
cute look :))

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

you've taken some wonderful photographs here. what a cute little bike too! and that necklace is a definite party. i get what you mean about love being alone...same here.


Georgie said...

Great pics!! I should go and take outfit post out here in the country but there are always old people walking their dogs.

six-twentytwo-onine said...

love this i am the same person.. i would rather be alone... in my case i think i am a loner heheheheh
anyways thanks for the comment and i love your skirts ....especially the home made.. i mean hand made ones hehehe
love alisha

Tori said...

I love these photos! I wish I had a forest near where I lived. Oh and that skirt is amazing!

Anonymous said...

totally loving it
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
if you’ve got a few seconds and like cute dresses, go to http://www.sway.com/acree and put in your email, it will make you a part of sway, who is launching their collection in the fall…and it sends me to vegas! i need a 1,000 girls to sign up before august, and it would mean the world to me, thanks!
keep up your awesome inspiration, i’ve linked you on my blog roll!


Katie said...

that tweet is possibly the epitome of my life.. im always going on adventures by myself! you're outfit is absolutely adorable. i love your blog!

Erika said...

Ummm...I so need your shoes and skirt. And imaginary friends? I'm guilty of having had a few myself as a child!

Post your summer playlist; I must hear anything that is described as being "bomb." :P

ARANXA. said...

your just too cool, im serious..that outfit is amazingly fun! haha

SomedayNewYorker said...

The shape of that skirt is adorable.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute outfit and pics! I love you paired blue and pink together, very cute!


Poppy said...

I really love the last photo !

I always enjoying reading your posts!

Following you on twitter now,


kyki said...

Cute, cute cuuuutteee! I am very envious of your shirt. It's BOMB (haha, I never say that either, but there's a first time for everything I guess). Also diggin the layout switcheroo.

Thanks for the well-wishings regarding school. Yuck. Summer is calling my name!

- xo


Lorena said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!
That skirt you are wearing is gorgeous and I love your picture setting... oh forests !! not that many left !

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

you should definitely relish that, 'conquer the world..' phase...i hope that you don't have it as hard as i do now...i loved the arts and wanted to take up fine arts in college...but was restricted by my parents to do so..i took up comp eng'g in a whim cuz it sounded stable..and now i'm stuck...hmmmm.

enough of the sad...your outfit is really awesome..love the shoulders and the fit of your skirt...and of course, the accessories too...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥