Forest Nymph 3.0

As I've described, summer thus far has been rather, well, laaaazzy. (Exaggerated letters is a meager attempt at personifying such laziness.) (But, hey, I went outside today! For a haircut! And I'm outside right now! Non-lazy points for me! Booo yeah!) But I've actually accomplished quite a few little projects here and there which will slowly trickle onto da blog for your viewing pleasure (brain freeze... where does the term "viewing pleasure" show up a lot? T.V. Shows? It really urks me when I say a term or quote something and I can't recall where it came from. HO HUM SOMETHING TO PONDER.) . One of these "little projects" includes a RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF PHOTOSHOOTS with my sister. It's really hilarious. We look like such narcissists to the naked eye. I'd be scared of us. If I weren't, you know, us.

Er... Anyways! Before I show you some of the new things - another summer goal: photograph as many things I've sewn as I can - here's the final installation of our "forest nymph" shoot. Hope you enjoy!

Photography and Styling - Me (Lexy)
Model - Sister (Mimi)

Outfit 1
I'm a little over the "soft meets hard" look but, whatever, I'm a hypocrite and I present you the princess/rock look. (Aw yeah for hypocrisy!) On a sort of related note, I LOVE long gloves and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect white ones. (Find some? Send them to me? Love you? Love you.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Sequin Dress worn as top - H&M, Seafoam Tutu - Homemade, Lilac tights - H&M, Socks - AEO, Shoes - Fleuvog Shoes, Jewelry - Assorted

Outfit 2:
Last set of photos. And, dundundundunnnn (it's supposed to be humming in a happy-suspense-with-the-final-sound-going-up, as opposed to humming in a scary-suspense-with-the-final-sound-going-down) as promised the fabulous Rodarte dress! I think that's all I need to say, really...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shaky effect was due to the weather going down, but I kind of like it. It reminds me of X-RAYS or ULTRASOUNDS. You probably thought that too. Obviously. (Okay FINE, it's kind of a weird thought. But THINK ABOUT IT.)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Dress - Rodarte for Target, Floral Tights - F21, Shoes - Fleuvog Shoes, Hairband - Hong Kong)

Ta-da! ALL DONE! HAH. Just kidding! Kind of! I'll post the FINAL product in a day or two. "Final Product" includes the layout and jazz. It's pretty pyscedelic. So stay tuned! (Stay tuned? Really, Lexy? REALLY?)

While we're on commercial-isms (?) (refer to above "stay tuned"), you may want to, if you haven't already, check out the following! These pages are hot and exclusive! You cannot find them on ANY other blogs!*
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Thank you for choosing Quirky Explosion©! Feeding all of YOUR needs! Maybe we'll throw in a free, um, anyways... Until next time, this has been Lexy reporting from lala land!
(That was weird.)
(Speaking of weird, what's up with Taylor Momsen? Just ew.)
(Speaking of weird, what's up with the weather? Wonky weather leads to descreased in creative dressing, leading to decrease in outfit posts. WAIT DON'T FRET. There will be one soon! Very soon!)
(Speaking of weird... your face is weird. HAH.)


six-twentytwo-onine said...

nice lexy ...noow i will try to wear mine too hehehe
love alisha and the wall is not mine hehehehe

♥Mimi said...

lovely photoshoot :D

your sis is so cute haha

woah taylor momsen.
i kinda like it. she's still edgy.
i kinda wanna wear lingerie out. well.. maybe not. but she rocks it.

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love the shaky photos the best. THey add a wonderful mystical feeling to everything. Gorgeous photography. HOpe to see more

TM is always weird. I miss how she used to look.

Rebekah.N said...

Anyone need any graphic design or blog design hit me up rebekah.newby@gmail.com

Ali said...

Ahhhh! I always love these. So happy. <3

Ally said...

super cute!
love love the styling.
you should open a stylist account on model mayhem. its international.
I'm on there!


FashionJazz said...

STunning photo shoot!! Love the styling! xxxx

kyki said...

...I thought of X-rays and ultrasounds too. So don't worry. We're either both completely nutters, or totally sane. Either way. :/ Awesome photos!

WTF is wrong with Taylor. I mean, really. REALLY. REALLY REALLY REALLY? Really.

(Yeah, that's the only comeback I have right now. It's 2:30am.)

- xo, kyki ♥


Naka said...

great photos ^^

April said...

as always, love the photoshoots!! :D they're gorgeous

Melissa said...

i love the netting tutu skirt in the 1st outfit!! lovely photos!

Anastasia said...

Your blog is soooo cute! These pictures are beautiful! =D

Following! ^^


Wardrobe Wars said...

The styling is really great and the setting for the photographs is wonderful - I love forest type shoots! I am so jealous that you have the Rodarte dress!! Being from Ireland it obviously was never available here (like so many other things!) but that did not stop me lusting over it every chance I got!
Your sister looks really cute - not in a baby way, in a fun young fresh way.
Thanks so joining our thread on Chictopia - the blog directory and for checking out our blog.
Fifi & Niamh


Anonymous said...

mmmk like i said in the tweet, your vlog was a-dork-able haha I MEAN ADORABLE! and you answered my questions WOOO.

your sister looks a lot like you, let me tell you that. the dresses are just so pretty and the backdrop adds an effect!

i have a giveaway on my blog, you should check it out! http://styleraiders.com :D

p.s. taylor momsen, keepin' in klaaaasssy mmhhm

Anonymous said...

LOVELY! lovely as always. the pictures are always better and better everytime. keep it up!



Fifth Sparrow said...

These are gorgeous! I love the "shaky" effect, so spooky and perfect with the dress!

Sarah said...

I really love the first photo a lot, and I want to see your new hair cut!

vecha ♥ said...

i love your photos! :D

Abi-Anne said...

Beautiful photos! Love the dresses too; very soft and feminine, yet a contrast to the 'dark' background. Love it! Ha!


Hannah :0] said...

Those photos ares so...inexplicable! Gorgeous. Come check out my bloggie for a surprise!


La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

These photos are magical!! Love this photoshoot! I love long gloves as well, they are so stylish!!

I agree - Taylor Momsen used to be so cute and now she just looks confused.

Jen said...

yay for another amazing set of photos! i always love the shots you take of your sister (i just spelled it syster...i think i'm still tired from my afternoon nap). :)

Impossibly Perfect said...

aww she is so adorable! love the pics.

Charlotte. said...

ohhh i love the second set of photographs! (:

Agathe said...

Hello !
Just found your blog, and also, I am really, really in love with the first outftit ! <3 !!

Come visit me sometimes ;)