now that's dandy.

So. Once upon a time, I was studying for exams, very, very hard. Duh. And then OMG. All of a sudden I had a rebellious streak! Let's PROCRASTINATE a voice urged me in my head. It was a cool idea. I thought, "Hey, okay." And so, I did. Being a rebel and all. And that is how I landed upon this really rad magazine...


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The side spin says "arty farty fashion party yasmin le bon issue one." Um, awesome much?!

Not entirely sure what's up with this magazine. I think my friend gave it to me as part of the London College of Fashion information package. Which is amazing. Because it is, in fact, ENTIRELY STUDENT MADE. Because, honestly, the creativity and energy seriously EXPLODES from the page. I want to be in the pages! Pick me! Pick me!
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That's just a sneak peak. If you want to see the rest then, well, I'm not really sure what to do about that because this really did magically appear in my life one day. And if I knew how to access it YOU BECTHA I WOULD. But um check out the website I guess?!

And if you get your hands on Issue 2, send it to me I guess? And THIS magazine while you're at it? [see post below] If you're awesome? Thanks? I guess. (BUT REALLY THIS IS BECOMING OBSESSION OBSESSION OBSESSION. I WOULD LUV U 4EVAZ.)

See?! I'm obsessed. Look at me! I'm in my uniform! I should be studying! I'm not! SHBAM.
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*Disclaimer: don't be fooled by the blazer. It's my own. My uniform actually sucks and you can't really see it, so you're lucky....

I'm glad this is making my week a little better. That and my ridiculously childish nails. Seriously, since when did I become five and not know what colour to paint my nails?! (Though it was a little strategical. Bright, colourful nails = bright and colour during crappy exams? Yes.)

And, in finale, I have to share with you THE ABSOLUTE BEST PAGE OF THE MAGAZINE. I love all the fantastic photographs and colour and what not but THESE WORDS. Like, really. READ THEM and let them sink in. I honestly got shivers.
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Don't know if any of you guys read that, but if so, SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. I have lots too. But I'll save 'em for another post. As I may as well be a good student and *siiigh* study now.



Naka said...

nice mag and nice nails!! I love your glasses :3

April said...

lol i do that too when i can't decide which color to paint my nails!

also that magazine looks amazing. I think I agree with what's written in that last picture. And I think people recognize that there's too much of the same in the industry, which is why Beth Ditto was on the cover and why people go crazy over women with curves and why we celebrate different races, but I think these reactions to the 'whitewashed' fashion world are too self-conscious, which ultimately makes them too deliberate and fake. they're just trying to be seen as open to different colors, sizes and styles, but i think it's a superficial attempt. until the media puts in a genuine effort to change things, it'll be this way. i mean, wasn't it advertising/media that made pink a "girl" color and blue a "boy" color? and we will forever have that perception. everyone needs to embrace differences together in order for anything to change.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is...THAT WAS SO POWERFUL! like the words literally pulled me in. i also love the pictures.good job as always.


Ali said...

I love this post. And I want this magazine. That last picture is my favorite, for sure.

Samantha said...

I agree with what the magazine's saying, but I think... what makes fashion work is that the ideal is unattainable except by a select few. I think this is why personal style blogs have any kind of following, though, because people of COLOR and people who are fat or too skinny (is there such a thing anymore?) or short, or people who can't AFFORD designer clothes - get to see someone who looks like them rocking what they have. I mean, from what I can tell, there've been more Asian models sent down the runways lately because Asia is becoming the next arena for luxury spending (? Please, somebody correct me because I'm probably wrong or making too broad generalizations), and they're going to be the new audience to cater to... but isn't fashion about whatever the dominant culture deems worthy? I think fashion as an industry IS about "skinny white kids in expensive gear" (at this point in history), but fashion as an art form (what the magazine's talking about) is color/body/cash-blind. I mean, I think a lot of fashion is about appearing UNATTAINABLE, and those of us who can't do it with money try to do it with creativity, with how we put what we have together. (Which is not to say that people like Jane from Sea of Shoes have no style... but I'm sure there are plenty of people who can buy expensive clothes but have no idea what to do with them.)

I'm not sure where I was going with this comment, but I'm gonna stop now.

No, I'm not. I just had one more thought. Why is fashion largely a youthful pursuit? I mean, why are the models we see these fresh-faced young things? Has aging ever been desirable or fashionable?

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Oh wow. This magazine look amazing. Love it.

Are you planning to apply to fashion school?

Isabel said...

Dude, that looks funkin' amazing! I wanna read it!

Ally said...

Wicked book!



toxic disco boy said...

a lot has been said about fashion but for me it's just a self expression.

Georgie said...

That magazine looks awesome! Completely agree with the last pic.

Melissa said...

wooow! that magazine looks.awesome.
great post :D

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

WOW. I love all your opinions. You're all so freaking awesome.

I'll post some more coherent and relevant thoughts on this issue (?) later.

Thanks so much !

Jen said...

that book looks amazing (and a perfect way to procrastinate!) i love student made magazines or books of student art. i pretended to be interested in applying to an art school just to receive a HUGE free book of student artwork. they still think i'm applying....haha :P

Samantha said...

I want to leave another really long comment but I'll wait for your follow-up post. Were you thinking of the Juicy Couture ads? (Or did you mean runway? There've been a few, I think...)

LoadedCloset said...

Cute blog you got going on. I very much like :)

Stop by sometime, New Post up x

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

hahahaha, love how you started off with "once upon a time, i was studying..." because i can totally sympathise with you there :D

i've only ever seeen one photo from this magazine, but never got to see inside it! it looks amazing and the last page is EFFING. SPOT. ON. i agree 110% with it, and i'm glad they articulated it better than i ever could.

MisfitDog said...

Hi there. Do you know you can request the magazine online?


Mrs. April said...

That magazine is bitchin. I wasn't totally aware that fashion was so "white". But then again, I could really care less about all that high fashion bullshit, so I suppose I wouldn't notice, huh?