i feel like long titles look coolio with this layout but, in reality, i think "american boy" would cover this title just fine...

Oh, hey there friends! How are you?! I've got some exciting news - pictures from the park! OMGYAY! (I'm trying to get y'all excited as you'll likely be seeing this park a lot. My mum had this AWESOME idea that since we allegedly have "so much free time on our hands" (OKAY FINE WE KIND OF DO) that we walk the dog for her every evening! Wow! Yay! Fun!)

So, it's kind of a pain. But produces fun pictures. I guess. Played on the swings and playground because a) hey, it's fun and b) it matched my outfit! (wow, I sound like an idiot.) But really, it's very childhood reminiscence-y.

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I have really fond memories of the park (oh, look at us, all old and reminiscing our youth!). So many fun games. Like fish and shark. Basically we (being the children) were the "fish", while my dad was the "shark" (HAPPY FATHERS DAY!). Basically we won every time. Hehe. No, we didn't change the rules so the only option was us winning, pssssh...
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Not quite a shark nor a fish (ha-ha, good transition? Er...), here's my dog. As you can see by the intense running photos, it was a pretty physically demanding day at the park. But, hey, when you're beast like me, the running is the equivalent to, like, sleeping. ....er....

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RUN GURL RUN. Hey, now, I didn't get nominated for most improved athlete for nothing! (Bahahhaa. I'm very proud of this athletic-related accomplishment. I'm an ATHLETE! Look at me! I'm a big shot! I'm, like, um, insert big sport's name here.)
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The combination of the skirt and blouse reminds me of America. Hence the kind-of title. But, just for kicks, Go Canada! If you were in FIFA, I would cheer for you!* But you're not! But I live in ya, so you still rock! Yay!
*I probably wouldn't watch ya, but I'd be cheering in spirit
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Not much to say. Hope you're having an awesome summer. From me, and my friends... ;)
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(Navy blouse - Value Village $4, Yellow cardigan - Unknown, Skirt - Thrifted $5, Shoes - Value Village $10, Hat - Forever 21, Keychains as necklace - unknown)

Oh, P.S., I revived my Chictopia and Lookbook. Posting old looks. Go on and look at 'em, it'll be reminiscing and you'll sigh and maybe hold your heart and longingly stare at the photos (to come) and smile as you remember the good ole memories and um anyways... Oh and you'll hype and comment and whatever it is you're supposed to do to make me think I'm a big deal. Yay!


Jen said...

hahaha i love these pictures, especially of the one of you running. your outfit really does match the playground and i love it! especially that skirt with the awesome pattern. and your necklace is crazy, in the best possible way.

by the way i'm loving your new banner. the colors you used are awesomeeee :)

six-twentytwo-onine said...

i love this outfit and the necklace so weird but cool heheheh
love alisha

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Love this outfit, when I first saw it I thought it screamed fourth of july! And I think it's insanley adorable that you too noticed the play structure matched your outfit!

Krislyn said...

childlike innocence should never be forsaken, and you definitely keep it alive. i totally love you... you have a carefree aura.

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Can I say you're my favourite Asian?

Dang girl, I like this outfit, too. BUT THAT IS NO SURPRISE.

my e-mail:
(ssshhh, I made it in the 5th grade!)

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love the primary colour combo, the red skirt is my favourite, its just adorable.

Naka said...

i love the key chains and the outfit ^^ i miss parks :3

Georgie said...

Love your outfit, especially the hat! Love the keyring necklace my friend has those little voodoo doll things too, kinda cute for voodoo dolls haha

Sarah said...

Yay you remind me of America too! haha. The shots of you running are so awesome, and your DOG is adorable!

Melissa said...

awesome running photos! haha! its great to see bright sun hats, it makes me want one too!
your dog is TOO CUTE. :)

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

Reading this post made us smile! we love your use of color and your blazer/jacket is just soo preppy chic. Following now <3

Anonymous said...

the photo's are all very well taken. i have to say that my favorite ones are the blurred photo on the swing, the one of you running, and the one of you holding the ball. Oh wait plus the one of your dog! love em'. keep it up and come again soon.


Fifth Sparrow said...

I love all the colours in this outfit! And your photos are great, so lively! Cute blog! xx

Leah said...

I love your new layout. And the moving shots above are so fabulous. Love the colors of your outfit too. xoxo

kyki said...

Aw. You are too cute (and run like a beast). :) I'm jealous of your flip floppy hat. I need onneeee. <3

- xo, kyki


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

I love your outfit. THose mixed prints look so amazing.

These photos are so cute. I miss the park. I have so many amazing memories from days spent in the park.

Katie said...

these photos are so fun! i want to play but i have to sit at home and study chemistry :(
love the floppy red hat!

Stevia said...

love the running pic!

and it does give an American flag impression
with the red, blue, and white

love your red hat <3

the necklace is crazy quirky! ;)

love your blog so much
i linked you and follow you on google
care to do the same?
i would really appreciate it!


Ali said...

Ahh! These are such cute pictures, I love that dog and your athletic runningness. I likes that patterned blue shirt thing. ;D

Erika said...

Ohmigosh Lexy! Your new header; and your new layout; and that hat; and necklace...love, love, love!! :)

Adiel said...

I adore the mix of colors and prints in this outfit!

cody said...

haha love the freaky necklace.


S. said...

i'm a french girl and i don't have a very good language so if you understand that's great .

I love your look and your blog , of course BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST AMAZING !
Bye , and please don't forget to see my blog and tell me what do you think about :)

Thank's a lot , Xoxo Salt .

kyki said...

Aw. Thanks for the comment! :) You're too kind. (And your grammar is generally pretty awesome, so bonus points for you! Tee hee.)

Haha. If I blogged my playlist minus country it would be over four thousand songs long (I'm download obsessed)! But I'll definitely post a snippet in the near future. :)

Woah. I adore your intense hatred for the Biebster. He's compeltely revolting, I know. And I agree, it'd be nice to see some Canadian stars get "big" and NOT suck (nice try Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, and JB). Although, I do have to admit, I have a soft spot for Hedley and Marianas Trench.

Ps. Update more often! I heart your random awesomeness. <3

- xo, kyki


xshumzx said...

i LOVE the pics...i feel the need to hit up a park now =]

kumar said...

lovely post looks really awesome

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

I love the floppy hat, the outfit is fab (of course) and the photos are gorg!

duckalicious said...

great combo!

Mrs. April said...

These pictures look so fun. I think I need to get the hell out of the house now.