You asked... I answered!

This title almost made me laugh out loud, because it's so cheesy. I didn't want to go with the generic "Q&A" and this is my attempt at being unique. Anyways, if you didn't get that... Yay! Question and Answer time!

When did you become interested in fashion?
I like to pretend that I’ve always had an interest in fashion. Like, “yeah, I’ve always known. Ever since I loved playing with dolls, playing dress-up, and making clothes on my easy-to-sew…” But that’s probably me just being a little girl. But, let me just say that I don’t remember ever not loving clothes, art, and fashion!

Around what age did you start to dress crazy and very unique like you do now?
I think my style is very evolving. I went through this horrid phase in grade 7 where I wore all American Eagle and leggings, and pretty much what everyone else was wearing… But in grade 8, I think my style started to evolve. Believe it or not, I went through this huge boho phase and would only wear and buy browns and neutrals! But I definitely started dressing differently then and it’s progressively changing.

What or who inspired to become a fashion blogger?
I’d been reading fashion blogs for a long time; probably about six months before I even started my blog. But I never had the guts or time to start one, especially because I was wearing a uniform (as I do now) five days a week! Finally, when summer came, I was like “Well, I’ve always wanted to and I don’t have a uniform, sooooo…” And that’s the story.

Who plays the piano?
Haha. My sister. My dad and I are ex-piano players.

Favorite style icons and why?
I always have and will love the Olsen twins. I loved them when I was little (Um, The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, anyone? Olsen and Olsen Agency? Two of a Kind?)…And I love how they dress now. I don’t think that I necessarily model my outfits after them, but I definitely admire their risk-taking! I also love Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf. I love Blair Waldorf.

They used to be such cutie-patuties!

Favorite fashion blogs and why?
I read a lot of fashion blogs. The popular ones, like Sea of Shoes, Fashion Toast, The Stylish Wanderer, Karla’s Closet, Hand it over… Blogs you guys probably read too! I don’t know if they’re my favourite, but I always check them out, probably out of habit. Lala the Art Geek is hilarious, too. And Flying the Kite is always a sweet read. And I like reading your guys’ blogs, too!

Plans for the future?
New York City + Fashion = The current dream. We will see :)

One country you'd love to go and live in.
I love to travel. But to actually live in? Hmm… Probably a country in Europe, like France or Italy. There’s something really quaint about Europe. Europeans are so cute!

Favorite designers and why?
I love Rodarte, McQueen, Preen… I think they are very innovative and prove that fashion is art. And Marc Jacobs is a genius. Enough said.

Favorite food?
I love food! (I’m such a fatty!) But I’m always down for Italian – Pizza, Pasta, Ice Cream! Love it all.

What is your super-absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Tough one. It always changes. But I love to eat oatmeal (but I have to be in the mood)..

Favorite article of clothing that you own?
I don’t know if I have a favourite article of clothing. I’m not too attached to my clothes (or so I like to believe). But right now I’m really into my pleather patchwork vest from Peru. I like how it can spice up an outfit and is really versatile. I've definitely worn it lots of times on this blog!

Which fashion week would you love to be a part of?
I’m down for any fashion week. Seriously, I allow you to invite me to any.

The story behind your blog name.
Haha, I actually have to think about this.
Once upon a time there was a girl name Lexy. She loved fashion and had to wear a uniform to school. She was sad. She always gets in trouble at school for breaking the dress code. This is as she always wears jewelry and bowties. The end.
And that’s how my name came about!

Attempt to take a picture of a typical bowtie on the car ride to school. Fail.

If you could have a celebs number, who would it be?
Mary-Kate Olsen, though I’d probably be too intimidated to talk to her! (Plus, I don’t think she’d be all that approachable, to be honest…)

Top five people you would love to go on a date with.
Michael Cera, Jon Heder, Obamaaaa!, Mary-Kate Olsen (Wow, I sound like such a stalker), Ellen Degenres
Note: not so much date, but meet
Note 2: This may not be possible. Ever.

Which 3 people would you want to be stuck on an island with? (famous, of course)
The three Jonas Brothers. Solely for the purpose of their 09283013 billion female stalkers/ fans who would notice them missing and ensure that we were rescued. Oh snap, I’m smart.

Are you going to put up some more diy tutorials?
Would you like more DIY tutorials? :) If so, for what? (Who’s asking the questions, now! Haha.)

What’s your favourite DIY piece of clothing?
Hmm… Good one. I have a lot of failure DIY that I don’t really wear, but then again, there’s a lot that I do like and wear. I think the DIY that I’ve made the most use out of are my puffy skirts. But the DIY I’m most proud about (though I haven’t even worn it yet!) is my denim jacket.

What fashion trend can you absolutely not stand?
I’ve never seen anyone rock the crocs. And trust me, I’ve seen a lot of crocs in my day.

What's your fashion pet peeve?
Clads of teenagers dressing the exact same. Need I say more?

What's the difference between facebook and myspace?
Myspace is, like, sooo three years ago. Haha. But really.

What is your favourite store to shop at?
Value Village, thrifting, vintage… I also like to check out the clearance at H&M and Winners… And lust over the unaffordable clothing at Urban Outfitters. (Question: why do magazines always refer to UO as affordable? Like, “[insert name] is just like us. She loves the good bargains at UO.” Uh, I wish…)

Do your friends know about your blog???
Nah, I kind of like having it to myself!

Do you prefer heels or flats?? If heels, how high of a heel would you wear??
Flats, definitely. I only wear heels for special occasions. I’m definitely very much into comfort and I lack the skills and ability to teeter on heels! But sometimes I see really pretty shoes and my first thought is always “I wish I wore heels.”

Where would you like to live in the further?
There’s many places I’d like to visit, but I don’t know if I’d like to live there! In Canada, I’d love to live in Vancouver. In America, I’d love to live in New York. And overseas, I’d love to live in Europe!

I know you wanted to be Lizzie McGuire, but who would you be now?
Oh, god. That’s a tough one. To be honest, I can’t think of anyone I’d like to be. Just myself. Hahaha.

What's a perfect day like for you?
Some kind of adventure, with a lot of laughing, friends, and family. And food. Oh, and roller coasters and amusement parks always make any day perfect!

Note: If you ever go to Toronto, you must go on the Behemoth! Any readers done so?

What movie could you watch again and again?
Little Miss Sunshine. I love it so much, it's insane. Among others, but definitely my favourite!

Who is the biggest influence in your life?

To be honest, I don’t even know. I’m influenced by many things and people – people I see, people I know, people I read about… I’m always inspired by people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and people who help others; I think that’s the best kind of people.

Thank you to everyone for asking me questions! It makes me happy, for real!
I know that I have a tendency to ramble on things people don't really care about... which is, essentially, what this entire post is. So, therefore, you must not fear as I have a quick outfit post...

This was on Tuesday, a dress down day. I always stand out, mainly because everyone is clad in skinnies and AA t-shirts. Which, you know, is awesome...? My art teacher claims that I am "Degrassi, circa 1993" so I will just leave the description at that.

(Blazer - VV $7, Shirt - California $15, Belt - H&M, Shorts - VV $3, Socks - H&M $2, Shoes - Thrifted $34)
Note: My socks are actually purple. I don't know why, but purple has a tendency to not photograph well on my camera!

Thanks so much for stopping by, of course! And to all the commenters. You are all amazing and you have no idea how much I enjoy reading them as soon as I get home from school! :) Checking out your blogs very soon.

Now, I'm switching it up and I have 2 questions for anyone out there:
1) Who knows about your blog?
2) What's the best image hosting site? As you guys can probably tell, all my pictures load really slow and I'm a tad concerned. If your answer is Photobucket, then how do I get an account? I'm always unvalid to get one and I don't know why! What are your secrets? (Wow. That's like five questions in one!)

Haha. Okay. Thank you all so much! :)


Anonymous said...

Fabulous post!! I loved getting to know you better through your blog!

Anonymous said...

i love this post! thanks for answering my questions. maybe i should do this for my blog soon. i like you matched that mustard yellow blazer with denim shorts!

and yeah, forget about this generation's youth. they know nothing about style :D

Jocelynne said...

I live in Toronto! Haha I've rode the Behemoth tonssss of times it's seriously no big deal. Once, I rode it when it was raining and it was awesome, even though the speed of the ride + rain felt like someone was shooting needles at me LOL!

1) a couple of my friends know about my blog, maybe 1 or 2?
2) I use tinypic.com for photos, photobucket is apparently really annoying for some people because the bandwidth exceeds/resets and sometimes your pictures don't show

Anyways, it was nice learning some more about you! x

Anna said...

"I always stand out, mainly because everyone is clad in skinnies and AA t-shirts. Which, you know, is awesome...?" WAY TO MAKE MY DAY, I ACTUALLY LOVE THAT STATEMENT SO MUCH...

1) Only one of my "friends" knows about my blog, and it's because she also has one and I came across it by accident and we sort of discovered eachother and were like ZOMGZ YOU HAVE A BLOG and there we were. Other than that, nobody does. I like sort of having my own world outside my usual life.

2) I use photobucket- just sign up with an email address you'll remember and you should have no problem. Tinypic is good too, but I use photobucket primarily. For easy thumbnails and stuff though, try Imageshack.us. whew!

Valeriesoh said...

lol. I imagine you toppling over old woman in their walkers. shessh... you should get suspended.

1) no one knows about my blog. :(
2) I am computer illiterate. it's an effort to post these pictures as it is.

that demin jacket... hmmmm.... i want one:)its so my style!

Anonymous said...

I am, and probabaly always will be, in this 'country grandma boho' phase. Where I only buy neutrals, that are flowy and look like a grandma would rock them.

It's horrid, but it's me.

Lizabeth xoxo

Couture Cookie said...

Fun read! It feels like I almost know you now. :)

Zhcsyra hp said...

omg.,.love ur shoes nd that yellow cardigan,floral shirt <333

Sophie said...

This is a lovely post. I loved reading all your answers to the questions..and thanks for answering mine! That denim jacket is gorgeous. Oh and love the tuesday outfit, the mustard blazer is amazing!xo

Marmelindela said...

That was interesting. I'm doing a Q&A post myself, I hope to get as many questions as you did. And I still really love that amazing jacket!

Andie said...

love your answers and that DIY jacket (use it already or ill find a way to steal it with my awesome mental powers)! and i totally dont understand how UO is affordable, whenever i go to america (cuz theres none here in the philippines), i always make a stop there, but the only thing i end up buying are pretty notebooks that i dont even use because everything is just so expensive!! (and truly outrageous!)

daisychain said...

fantastic answers! hurrah for loving food.

Suzanne said...

so much fun reading! why do you keep your blog to yourself? it's such a shame, it's lovely! and indeed you can be very proud of your denim jacket, 'cause it's lovely! nice story about the uniform... my life would be such much less fun when i'd need to wear a uniform :(. and hey, i think lizzy mcguire is really cool too! xd


Kate said...

Another great post - I love the Gossip Girl fashion sense too. By the way if I ever get famous I am going to hire you as a stylist. (Don't get hopes up though I have no discernable talent sadly)

Kate x

Naka said...

great post ^^

i love ur blog and ur fashion sense

Becca Joy said...

Just wanted to say I think you're my favourite blogger, I loved reading your interview, especially because I went through that american eagle and boho phase (I got rid of a lot of clothes when I got into high school :X)

When ever I go to Canada's Wonderland I'm way to afraid to go on the behemoth so I stand in line with my friends and jump over the fence just before the stairs, I'm a total wimp when it comes to rides!

I love your outfit, the colours make me think of fall (the best season) and your boots are awesome!

To answer your questions, my friends and family know about my blog, I'm not so good at keeping my own secrets, also I use flikr for image hosting its super easy and you can edit photo's and stuff.


p.s that was probably the longest comment I've ever written, hopefully I don't come off sounding crazed or something

Anonymous said...

aww cute jacket :)
and i haven't told my friends about my blog as well hehe

Brad Paige said...

Great post i love your blog, ive been reading for a while and im very i mpressed by your clothes and your posts i will deff keep coming back and viewing keep blogging!!

Here is a link to mine, i have some pretty interesting fashion illustrations and interviews with new up and coming male models! so take a look and if u feel inclined comment


Dreamy said...

aw cute outfit!

Phyllis said...

great post and i love your shoes! hmm.. i use photobucket, although i dont really think/know if it's the best out there... more like i'm too lazy to try them all out. that's weird that youre invalid tho -i'm pretty sure i just clicked "sign up" or something =/ sorry i couldnt help!

Gabby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabby said...

1. Awesome Q&A! 2. Love UO but it is expensive 3. My friends love AA but I'm just like "What's so nice about it?"
4. Awesome Outfit!!!

My friends, mom, dad, sister, YOU, and people who comment know about my blog.

Maybe lie about your age to get an account at Photobucket. If you really want one.


A Decadent Thing said...

fab post darling!

yesssss UO is in no way affordable for me. No Uo stores over here, but I like to browse online... the shoes are to.die.for. I host images at tinypic.com- it works so well for me (:

and yes, i wear mostly flats, but i always wish i wore heels more often hehheh.

who knows me blog? I guess the most exciting thing for me was when Rumi commented on one of my posts. Totally made my day hahaha. and yeah, like you, I check out some blogs everyday, but maybe out of habit too. They're awesome all the same though. (like yours :p)


Talisa said...

Amazing Outfit :) I love it!!

Brittany Leigh-Ann Baker said...

ADORABLE POST! Argghh, I just love your blog so much ! One of my favourites for sure :)And you denim jacket is AH MAZING! :D <333


Erika said...

Ooh, I so love this post. Your answers are fabulous. And I remember Olsen and Olsen Mystery Agency - "we'll solve any crime by dinnertime!" I adored that. Secretly, I still do! :)

To answer your questions:

1) My mom and sister know about my blog; aside from them, only a handful of people whom I know in the real world are aware of it.

2) I've always used Photobucket for my image hosting, as well; though I've never had a problem with it. Not sure why it's listing you as invalid... :/

Ramona said...

I have accidentaly eneterd your blog and raeding your post really made my day!You have great sense of style and of humour as well.I'm already in love with your blog doll!


Martynique said...

i love your hair

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Amusing answers I'm d=so glad you did this!

Ashley said...

Wow that denim jacket is amazing I love it!! And yes, I've ridden the Behemoth...insanity i loved that too.


Anonymous said...

I love this! Thankies for sharing.
You're totally cute! >_<

1)A couple of people know about my blog, though it says that 260 people have viewed my profile.
2)I just download the pictures from my camera to my computer and then load them like that! It doesn't take long.


Dylana said...

Great interview! You have such great style!


Mila said...

Yaaaaaaaay,great post!I love knowing more about my dear bloggers :)

Stevie said...

That denim DIY jacket is A.mazing! very well done.

emily said...

love the desert island question. you are too smart, girl! ;)

Louie in Wonderland said...

OMG! We have so much in common jajaja Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen fan, I was an Olsen's twin freak. And her shows, you reminded me, I was watching So Little Time the other day and Winning London too. I would love to live in Europe too, I dream of an apartment in Paris or London someday, and Vancouver is beautiful, I've never been there but I've seen lots of pictures and film settings. Oh and Italian cuisine is the best, I'm such a freak of it that I have books of Italian recipes.Oh and that DIY denim jacket is AWESOME!!!And I know what you mean with everybody wearing the same thing, over here everybody looks at me like a freak just because I'm not another fashion clone jejejeje. Oh, and UO is really expensive, where I live we don't have one, but I've seen their website and, gosh I don't know why Teen Vogue says they're ''affordable'' . I'm crazy to see Little Miss Sunshine but my internet is so slow that I never get to finish it. I wanted to be Lizzie TOO! She was so cool (I had a crush on Gordo jajajja) And one more thing, Your outfit is AWESOME, LOVE the blazer and the shoes. You have an incredible style, you should be a fashion designer or stylist! :)
P.S: Sorry for the testament, is that I got so excited.
Sincerely Louie, Ciao! :)

Valencia Lia said...

Thanks so much for your well wishes ! I'm back and feeling way fine now.

Really enjoyed this Q&A post :) Always so lovely to know more about another blogger <3

And I totally agree on the one celeb number to have ! I would want Mary-Kate too,I'll have to put her on speed dial !! heeee

Adore your high waist denim cutoffs in your outfit and that blazer ! You go girl !

luccie said...

just come across your blog and I love, love, love it.
that DIY your outfit for school - the colours, high waisted denim, floral, that blazer - yes please!
+ that DIY jacket is heaps cool.
++ jonas brothers comment - very smart ;)

Patty Ann said...

awesomeeeeeee diy jacket
loved reading your q&a!!


Anonymous said...

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