Dear Canada, I'm sorry I didn't do anything to celebrate your birthday. If it makes you feel better, I didn't do anything for mine... P.S. i luvz u.

So. It's pretty official. Whenever someone views my blog over the next day or two (until I update again) they will see that
1) My sister is the only one on this silly home page (can I get an "oh, haiiii gurl"?)
2) I apparently only make and dress and breathe and eat and sleep and snore and snort (okay, maybe just make and dress) pastels.
Consequently, this may lead you to believe that some android has taken over this blog from a galaxy far, far away. Therefore, to clear any rumors that may be circling around the world wide web HI GUYS IT'S STILL ME. Phew! Just to sort that out. (Pretty media saavy here, dealing with these wild rumors before they get outta hand. Ohhh, to be a public figure.)


Hi guys! Exciting post! I think! If you exclaimation marks, maybe you'll think it's super! duper! awesome! YAY! Anyways! I'll walk you through what I like to describe as "the accumulation of a few hours of summer boredom." Aw yeah, I just quoted myself.

Project #xx
a step-by-step exclusive view

1. INSPIRATION. Okay, I will admit that I kind of wish I had this cool mood board with a variety of exotic and culturally-sounding pieces of reference (ex. "ah, yes, the seafoam green was inspired from the images that I sourced from a Bulgarian magazine from the 1920s, in which..."). However, this hardcore GRANDMA* sweater inspired me, as I wanted to find a way to embellish it. (aka, boring grandma, not cool grandma sweater)

* And by "Grandma Sweater," it REALLY IS a grandma sweater! My Grandma got it as a gift and didn't like it and gave it to me! (...hm, what does that say about my style? Likes grandma sweaters that grandmas don't even like, check)

2. PROCESS. Found a pile of old fabrics that would go well with the sweater. Also decided not to actually sew ONTO the sweater, but make accessories to go with it.

3. FINAL PRODUCT! Took pictures on the whim. Because we have nothing better to do. And I wish I was kidding about that one. But I'm not. Therefore, expect more pictures of other things. Enjoy!

Accessories - Hand sewn by me (Lexy)
Model - Sister (Mimi)
Frosted: a mini collection of accessories
I called it "Frosted" because I thought it personified the underlying intentions of the pieces in that they were, um, OH SCREW THAT. I wanted to name it because it makes me seem like a professional so SHEESH.

a) Hairband
Frosted: Hairband

b) Broach
Frosted: Broach

3) Necklace
Frosted: Bib Necklace
Bib necklace

I had fun making these and hopefully you'll see more of it on the blog! Yo.
(I added the "yo" because I sound slightly pretentious. So it was to detract from the pretentious-ness.(?))

4?. REPEAT. Kind of. I mean, I WANT TO EMBELLISH THIS SKIRT NOW! A fantastic fake silk pink skirt that's a little, well, I've worn it once. But I like it. One of the first pieces I'd evahh thrifted. SHOUT OUTZ TO SWELL VINTAGE/ THRIFT SHOPS IN VANCOUVER! yeeee. But still, I'm in an embellishing (slash needtodostuffinmyfreetime) mood!

Closer look of things on my flickr. Yeah, I made a flickr. I'm pretty much on every social networking website thing out there. (Shameless self promotion: CHECK ME OUT here, here, here, here, et cetera.) If you're super keen, you can have an EARLY LOOK at the layout for the forest nymph shoot here. Will post them on my blog soon... but KEENERS I'm looking at you! Rep-rep-represennnnt.

█ ♥ █ Have a good day! █ ♥ █
(Happy Canada's day my Canadian bloggers! What did you do? I sang Kumbya and lit fireworks. Kidding. I didn't do anything. I did SO little that pretending that I sung Kumbya makes me feel cool. Oh snap.)

P.S. QUESTION: Do you guys want to me to post a tutorial on how to make the rosettes? (flower shape thing in the pieces.)

They're supa easy and supa fun! supa dupa! supa dupa! fo realz. I think I will! I mean, if you want...


Friend in Fashion said...

OMG! You are such a creative little thing - the necklace is beyond beautiful, you did a wonderful job, and the head-band too! I CAN'T WAIT to see how you tackle the skirt. Perhaps I'll have to buy the entire collection from you when you are done :)

Luv, Friend in Fashion

Hannah :0] said...

OMG, soooo creative!! Yes, yes, yes PLEEEEASE show me how to make the rosettes!


Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Um so tutorial? YESSSSSSSSSSSSS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
You should sell them, on etsy or something. Make some money off of them because they are supah dupa nice.

I pretty much have a box of stuff I need to embellish/finishing hemming. I get lazy hemming. In high school I decided to hem my kilt, took forever cause i kept getting bored.

Anyways, embellish away and show us your creations. I'm excited!!

Melissa said...

awesome rosettes!!! i LOVE the fraying on the brooch!

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

But hey, I had a legitimate excuse: I was packing for L.A. as that is where I'm headed in t-minus 8 hours, whoop whoop!

Omgoodness! I have a white grandma sweater that IS ACTUALLY FORM MY GRANDMA, too. AND I WEAR IT, TOO. whoa. coincidences!

Dang girl. Those accesories are absolutely stunning. Do do a tutorial (haha, doodoo).

And! I think YOU ARE SO SWELL for reading ALL my fb status updates form my last post. You get a prize! Urm, I'll get back to you on that? ;)

K. said...

Ooh, pleasepleaseplease make a tutorial! The rosettes look fab!

Naka said...

love the accessories ^^

Naka said...

love the accessories ^^

Naka said...

love the accessories ^^

English Rose ♥ said...

OMGGG - you are SO amazing Lexy!!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling, and for your lovely comment =]

Have a fabulous weekend!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Ali said...

Ahhh, such awesome spectacular little creations! I love them. :DD!

17 Hands High said...

These accessories you made are gorgeous! You take beautiful pictures! I really like your blog and how creative it is.

Anonymous said...

you.are.so.CREATIVE! i love it ha ha ha. keep it up! a tutorial would be F-R-E-S-H lol. :D come again soon.



Anonymous said...

Oh you are amazing. I thought I once heard (read) you talking about your "skillzz" (of course it's with double z and not just one s because that's just... well... ehr..) and I think you just are the most awesome person's I know... I mean.. you make INCREDIBLE nice ...(I almost wanted to say 'things' but that doesn't sound very cool, does it?) accesoires and blogs and... stuff (now I just had to say it) in your free time. And I would love to see a tutorial on how to make the rosettes because they look AWESOME. And I would love to visit Canada. People are so cool there.. and there's such lovely nature.. and there's ice hockey.. and... ehm... nice shops.. and muchos more. And I like it how you and your sister have names that count just 4 characters... the sister of Hello Kitty is also called Mimi.

And i'm sorry about my rambling.. I'm actually really tired and it's almost midnight. ANYWAY I love your blog and I'm happy you visited mine :)

Ali said...

8D!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who finds the slow death of sims to be quite.. pleasant.. ehehe e De~

but yeah, I'm a total people lover, too. Most of the time. I think. 8D

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i love your rosettes. they're perfect. wouldn't mind a tutorial.

p.s. i am going to feature you on my featured fashionista posts later this month! thanks for stopping by and showing your interest! :)

your sister looks great!


fashionjunkie said...

You MADE those?! I am so impressed, yes yes yes to the tutorial! Really gorgeous.


Leah said...

The DIY necklace is so pretty... you are such a talented and creative soul Lexy. Happy weekend! xoxo

Abi-Anne said...

Those are some sweet DIYs. Good on you!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do come by more often ;)

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

my favorite would have to be the necklace...it's amazing! i miss being young and having the time and strength to DIY...nowadays, i'm too tired (and my hands are trembling) to DIY..tried to embellish my white shirt the other week and i only got through to 4 sequins...i used to sequin my dresses really well and fast...

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

emily viveur said...

the accessories you made are so gorgeous and creative! i love them, especially the necklace.

Keepitrockkinn said...

I can't believe you made that ! It's so cool. I love it. Totally inspired me to DIY more stuff of mine.


Catherine said...

Those are so cool - I really enjoy the seafoam green color :) And I definitely relate to the mood board thing... I just have a lack of images!

CDG said...

OMG *Virtual high five* for being teens who would rather wear g-ma sweaters instead of hollister hoodies. These are amazing! Tutorial? (yes) Hell, you should just start selling them.
And thank you so much for helping me learn the lyrics to songs like "blah blah blah." I was having trouble with it because she doesn't sing many actual lyrics :/

Anastasia said...

perfect DIY! =D A tutorial sounds great =D

I'll start a boat hat factory! ;D Haha my boyfriend can even make ninja stars out of paper, that's so awesome! =D

The girl was yelling at me while I was sitting at the terrace of a restaurant! =O She was really THE typical girl to start a cat fight... orange skin, bleached blond hair and a piercing above the lip, only the 'handbag dog' was missing haha =D

fhen said...

lexyy i really love your diy!
awesome :))
by the way have just followed you on twitter dear
mine is @vheney

happy weekendd!!

kumar said...

nice picttures happy weekend

Audrey Allure said...

Such cute pieces, I love the headband!

Erika said...

Ah Lexy these pieces are GORG - and the title Frosted is absolute perfection! Can I please have just a pinch of your creativity? Love it!

And yes, yes, yes...you must post a tutorial for the rosettes!! :)

Sarah said...

wow, the little rosettes are so adorable! and you chose a great colour! very good talent to have- i'm envious! xx

knk said...

lxy looks great dear i like this post

happy weekend


♥ M i m i said...

ooh these rosette things are so adorableee

your sister too haha

i've linked you my love

and shame on you for not being canadian. jks. (:

Georgie said...

Great pics! I'm definately gonna find my Mum's sewing machine again and make pieces like them.

kyki said...

Oh my goodness! I feel so honored to be a "favorite" of someone so awesome, inspiring, funny, and random as you! *BLUSHIES* I'm for sure going to do another vlog as soon as I can, but right now I'm fighting a worsening lung infection and am not up to it (read: haven't changed in a day, am wearing my geek glasses and look like a cross between Hermione Granger in the first movie and whatserface from The Princess Diaries). BUTBUTBUT. Watch for it. >:)

Wow. You are super awesome at creating something beautiful out of something ordinary. My jaw hit the floor when I looked at these photos! ♥ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make more pretty things that I can drool over and wish I had a tenth of your skill to make! (Or something. That probably makes more sense in my head than it does in text format. .....*cough*.....)

& ALSO - If it's any consolation, I didn't do anything for Canada Day, either. I didn't even wear RED. BAD ME! :( (Actually, I lied. I went shopping. Tee hee. HOW VERY PATRIOTIC OF ME or something.)

- xo, kyki ♥


Andie said...

wow i love those "frosted" things, especially the necklace!

hurray for quotations!

and the rosettes are easy? but i thought you said "Rosettes = Good times (NOT!)"
thats right, i went there.
nah im kidding, just having mah fun with quotations (that one is really old), BUT PLEASE MAKE A TUTORIAL


AlvianaKalin said...

lovely collection..:)

Leia said...

Amazing photos! You are so creative! Wow!
Leia's Delights
P.S. following you now :)

diana! said...

great job!really love d frosted.what a lovely necklace n etc.

maggeygrace said...

These pictures are STUNNING. You are quite gorgeous!:) nothing wrong with wearing pastels over and over again if it works!

Désirée said...

love the broach and everything you did! do you sell them'?kiss