"My limbs hurt."

I'm too tired to be creative. So, probably one of the most unoriginal and possible lamest things ever, I am stealing a line from myself. Yes, that's right. I just tweeted (?) "my limbs hurt." For anybody observant, this is my title. Nonetheless, this is very true (the hurting limbs thing), due to the fact that I have field hockey practice after school, every day. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not athletic in any way. (Seriously. I dropped gym as soon as I could.) This whole field hockey thing is quite the debascle (I'm thinking of a word, but I can't think of it. This is the closest thing I can get to it. Debate? Maybe, but it's too boring of a word.) Basically, I am forced onto a higher/ more intense team if I want to play, but that's a whole other, boring story... Anyyyywaayyys, the point is that: I am very sorry I haven't had time to post! Between field hockey and homework and eating and sleeping, I simply do not have time! This, honestly, saddens me :(

Anyways, please forgive me and here's Sunday's outfit :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Dress [worn as shirt] - thrifted <$1, Belt - thrifted $1, Shorts - Value Village $3, Tights - DIY, Shoes - Mum's)

This "shirt" is actually a "mini-dress." And this "mini-dress" was actually a long dress (literally - to the floor!) before I hemmed it. It's really fun, despite kind of gaudy and medieval. I say this because it's made of this sparkly gold fabric and black velvet. I was rubbing my stomach all day. I hope that's not weird.

I like wearing this ring too. I think the best thing about it is that people compliment it, unknowing that it's really Halloween costume jewelry that I bought at Value Village for $3. It also came with this brass knuckle ring that's kind of like "BAM." It's kind of awesome to tell them that.

(Ring - Value Village $3)

My weeks and weekends are getting pretty chaotic, but I'm always reading your comments and will respond as soon as possible! You can always follow me on twitter if you're interested in, um, my life? I guess? Seriously, I love my followers :) Mostly because I feel less of an idiot documenting the random thoughts of my life on a computer screen. twitter.com/girlwithebowtie
I'm the kind of loser that doesn't get a ton of emails. I was flabergasted when I opened my email and saw that I had some regarding my blog! Seriously ecstatic. You can always contact me there, too! (Wow. I feel like such an arrogant dork...)

On the arrogant dork thing, I might as well go all the way. "*siiighhh* It feels like it was just a few posts ago (maybe because it was? I don't know) when I was celebrating my 50 followers. Here I am at 75..." (Okay, enough of that mumbo-jumbo...) I'm seriously so excited! In celebration, I am opening up a question and answer. (Actually, I am opening one because I secretly always answer questions on blogs/ facebook in my head and I think that it is fun. But let's just ignore that minor detail.) I feel like I won't get a lot, but I want to get some questions so

Please ask me any questions for some good ole' Q&A!

Have a good week everybody! I hope I can post soon and look forward to visiting all your blogs! As usual, you guys rock my purple socks off. (I say that because I just bought colourful socks and I'm kind of excited for my uniform-filled week to be over...) Tata ladies and gents!


Sher said...

Wow, what a cool outfit! Love the DIY slashed tights!!

Couture Cookie said...

You wear high-waisted really, really well. Great styling!

Suzanne said...

that top is so nice! especially in combination with the shorts. lovely :)

Susan said...

Would love to see that dress in its entirity soon... Is it just me or is this its first appearance on the blog?

BTW, love your blog. And your smile. ;)


Eva Internazionale said...

I absolutely love how you wore the mini-dress.

Kate said...

Wow I love it! So different from the more girlie ones the slashed tights mkae it look so rock chick.

Kate x

Kate said...

Wow I love it! So different from the more girlie ones the slashed tights mkae it look so rock chick.

Kate x

daisychain said...

wow this is a fantastic outfit.

Penny said...

Question: when did you become interested in fashion? (: The outfit is great as usual.

olivias-pizzaz said...

Love your outfit its really cool! oh and great header too!

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

WOW seriously very adorable. Very balmain-ish top very jealous very very very very very jealous!

theTrendyDwarf said...

Who plays the piano? Hahahahaha! I had to ask it because I trained myself like 2 years ago to check out the background in pictures first and then the people in them...yeah, I know, weird! Woah! Sundays clothing? I don't blame you at all! You know the Kid Cudi post I did..yeah well I died(literally) the next day because I went to bed around 2 that day and partly(mostly) because of that post! I follow you on twitter! I can't help but still admire your ripped tights! LOL! That's hilarious..the ring thing! I would laugh if I complemented someone on something and they told me a funny story like that! I like the ring but the story behind it is so funny! You look Chinese or Japanese from the belt up..like one of those cool dresses originally made in China or Japan. I say China or Japan because I don't know which one, and I hate being ignorant and say something without knowing. First picture in my opinion is the absolute best!!! Thank's for the comment! It's good to know you check my blog out all the time! I do the same just as an FYI. I consider you more as a far away friend I have never met in my life but feel like I have at some point..hmmmm? My piano question was NOT my Q&A question. This is my Q&A question..Like around what age did you start to dress crazy and very unique like you do now? I have another Q&A question! What or who inspired to become a fashion blogger? Oh, by the way..I still want to know who plays the piano. (Thinking what else to say..) Oh, I know this is going to sound really creepy but I will just come out and say it..on twitter there is an option to follow people on twitter on your cell phone and I follow you on my phone just like a few others that I follow on my phone. So whenever you tweet after 12pm I get it on my phone...just letting you know.
check out my trendy blog!

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry about your sore limbs. i know how you feel. school has been keeping me from doing things on the internet. (i need to blog more often!!)

1. What got you into fashion
2. Favorite style icons and why
3. favorite fashion blogs and why
4. plans for the future
5. one country you'd love to go and live in
6. favorite designers and why
7. favorite food
8. favorite article of clothing that you own.
9. which fashion week would you love to be a part of.
10. the story behind your blog name.

keep me posted!


Tori said...

Great outfit! Love the shorts. =)

Gabby said...

Awesome thing with the long to mini dress tucked in to your shorts. Mika is actually coming to Vancouver on my B-Day! That would be an awesome present. That or the Micheal Jackson movie which is another story.


1. What is your favorite article of clothing
2. If you could have a celebs number, who would it be?
5. Top five people you would love to go on a date with (Not really a question)

Thanks for all the comments!


Britty said...

i love this it screams 80s =]

The Queen of Clearance said...

You do love vintage and thrifting! Those are two of my favorite things..plus clearance of course! I have another give away that you eligible for even if you are in canada! It is on my sidebar on the left hadn side on my blog a little of the ways down! If that one interest you, you can sign up for it! Plus I have another giveaway coming soon that you can partake in as well! No worries! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I looove yours!

Ruta said...

i love this outfit. umm ok questions...

why did you start blogging?
are you going to put up some more diy tutorials?

TearDrop. said...


jessica wu said...

do you know how much i am obsessing over your gold top right now@#$@#^6
its frickin amaaaazzzzingg. i love this outfit so much kisses to this


Fashion Pix said...

Great outfit, I love the shredded tights! And your house is beautiful!

Sophie said...
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Sophie said...

This is an other gorgeous outfit, i really like the top / dress and the DIY ripped tights looks amazing!
Oh i have a question for your Q and A- whats your favourite DIY piece of clothing? xo
ps yeah I wrote in the sand luckily the tide was quite far out!

FESI said...

You're great!

Erika said...

Ooh, Sunday's outfit may be my favorite of them all thus far - love the DIY, and the ring!

Question...what fashion trend can you absolutely not stand?

Adela said...

i love the 80's look! great top and i love the distressed cuffed shorts! =)


Penny said...

Ninth... I'm a youngster (:
Another question: what's your fashion pet peeve?

Anonymous said...

Cool photos! I love those shorts... they are awesome!

What's your favorite food?

UnoCosa said...

the top is very interesting .... and i also love the smiles and pink skinny belt .... and how creative you are to wear the dress as shirt :D, xoxo

Laura @ effluvia said...

nice top :) hehe, the fabric sounds interesting. Ring looks cool too!

Andie said...

i love your dress! its so gaudy and shiny and fits oh so nicely :)
and no its not weird rubbing your tummy, velvet soft...


Valeriesoh said...

omg darling, love your blog. you are too funny with your dress. I would totally rub my tummy cookie monster style.

has the people at value village petitioned to move you away as a steady fixture?

"Girl from aisle 2, please stop attacking the poor women who picked up that 50cents skull ring first. Back off"


Anna said...

Freakin EXCELLENT ring, girl, i love it. &i'll hop right on that q&a the second anyone asks me one (my mom always asks me what's the difference between facebook and myspace, if you wanna attack that one... lol.)!

Anonymous said...

nom nom nom i could eat you all up.
ok question:
If you were on some kinda island, and you could only take 3 people with you (famous, ofcourse) who would you chose?
p.s do you wana swap links? :D

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Glad I could be of assistance!

Patty Ann said...

i love your tights
the tears are really good!
i cant get mine to rip properly!
how did you do it???


Jowy said...

Loving the mini dress worn as shirt very creative and I looks fab!

One Love,

emily said...

ok, love love love the entire outfit!! the top thingie is so cool, and the belt is to die for. :) anyway, enough gushing. after much thought, here are my questions:

what are your favorite blogs?

what is your super-absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

what's your dream job?

and what movie could you watch again and again?

(ok, i know. pretty generic. lame. :p oh well...)

Zhcsyra hp said...

love with ur top nd denim shorts,.
awe tights at all !!

Anonymous said...

Are you Canadian? What sort of Camera do you use? Who takes the photos (very nice btw)?

Kristi Martin said...

nice top :) hehe, the fabric sounds interesting. Ring looks cool too!