Ole, ole, ole, ole.. feelin' hot, hot, hot!

How do you even spell "Ole"? (I actually used to hate the song. Back in the day, when I was young...)

For any of my amazing, observant blog readers who actually read my ramblings (NOTE: I love you guys immensly!), you may have recognized my adoration for the sun. I love waking up to sun pouring in my room, radiating its energy to make me feel happy. However, I have come to a newfound realization: the sun and I no longer have a great relationship. The sun makes going outdoors extremely difficult, unless it's early in the morning or late in the evening (or unless you like overheating/ sweating profusely). The sun also makes getting dressed in lovely layers a tad difficult. So, sun, I still love you but I'm looking forward to your heat to drop down a notch and I welcome the fall weather that you will provide.

With that said, I'm sorry for the boringness of my outfits. It's actually a little embarassing.

Wednesday's Outfit: Spent the day at Ikea. I didn't even realize how insanely amazing Ikea is until, well, then. Here's a few tips I'd like to share regarding your next trip to Ikea: 1) Have the Swedish meatballs and 2) Go to the warehouse, sit on a trolly, find a aisle where nobody is in, and have someone push you through that aisle at super speed. I seriously love that place, just because of those two reasons. And yeah, I'm redecorating/ decluttering my room, if you didn't catch my drift!

(Blazer - Thrifted / Value Village $7, Denim Shirt - Dress up box, Shorts - Value Village $4, Jewelry - Assortment)

I apologise for the boringness of the outfit. It became even more boring, as the day got hotter and I ended up taking off my blazer.

^ Typically attitude at Ikea. I'm acting really mature, I know.

New shoes, I feel like I'm reaching a sneaker fetish, which is really unusual/ unexpected for me!

(Shoes - Urban Outfitters $12)

Thursday's Outfit: Another hot day. Something I quickly threw on. I allegedly look "very 50s" according to my mum and - for once - I agree! (My mum has a tendency to use very weird descriptions.)

(Shirt/vest - Thrifted <$1, Belt - Thrifted $1, Skirt - Homemade, Shoes - Keds)

I love spinning. I love action shots...

... so much, that I got a little carried away. I kind of fell...

: who is still interested in a skirt tutorial? If I have a few takers, I will post one. I'm a tad lazy - ahem, realistic - to prepare one, though I will happily do so, if people are interested!

Shirt detailing. The "Hey Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind" seems a little cliche. Here's a better one: "Mickey Mouse Club, Mickey Mouse Club, he's the leader of the club that made for you and me... lalala." I forget the lyrics. I used to play it on the piano, once upon a time.

School is just around the corner. I am definitely, in no way, excited. This is probably a pessimistic approach and I should be circulating thoughts of "Oh goody, time to start fresh!" but, in reality, I just want summer to go on forever. Anyways, while I was pessimising (made-up word) about going back to school, I recognize some benefits. One of the most arrogant being that new T.V. shows are starting. I'm particularly excited for the return of Gossip Girl and Project Runway (I'm in Canada. I get PR, like 3 weeks late. I don't understand why. We're not in the artic or anything, people.)

My GG book collection that now sits above my bed is eagerly taunting my about the new season. Kind of. Not really, but I felt like taking a crappy photobooth picture :).

What shows are you guys looking forward to?
I'm actually very interested! Anyways, that is it! Goodbye :)

P.S. Thanks to all the commenters! And for those of you who shared the secret to big pictures - look out for bigger pictures soon, hopefully! Thanks.


UnoCosa said...

love love the pink skirt .... xoxo

Anna said...

I had my first kiss in ikea (: we were sitting on a couch and we went under a blanket and just.. kissed. hahahah. I love your new sneakers and the action shots! YAAAY!

oh, and by the way, I can't wait for GG3- new season = new outfits!

Cesc said...

Love your second outfit!

And you're right, the sun totally has its moments of suckiness =P


Suzanne said...

haha, you sould try ones, i totally love heels. and your disney dress! very cute :)

linaa, said...

:( baby i havent commented you in ages and when i realised that i wanted to cry - becuase i feel so emotional today.
anyway im kind of teary right now as i type this.
iw ant to tell you want a good friends youve been to me and how much i love you and how you should remind me more frequently to look at your blog. because i really like your blog!
i linked you in my list :D i hope that mkaes up a bit for my meanness.
sorrry :(
YOU LOOK so ralph lauren in that outfit and thats a good thing because ralphie is like my fave FAVE brand :D good job.
LOVE gossip girl too!!!!!!
im in australia. australias gay.
blogger friendss foreverrrr :D?

Jocelynne said...

You have absolutely NO idea how much I'm loving your blog right now! I just stumbled upon it, and I'm totally glad I did. I couldn't agree with you more about the whole sun thing, and I absolutely looove that shirt with the Mickey Mouse & friends detailing. Surprisingly, I've never been to Ikea, but you make it seem like so much fun, and I love looking at furniture and whatnot so I think a trip there will be coming soon for me. I'm also kind of excited for Gossip Girl, mainly because I love the fashion on the show. Ahh sorry for the super long comment, your post made me so excited! :) xxx

lisa + cathy said...

can i borrow your vest? wait can i have it? because i'm a lover of all things disney HAHAHAHA. its so cute, your so good at finding things at the thrift store. your second outfit mainly cost like 3 bucks which the equal price of a magazine LOL

Sara said...

i love your shoes in the first pics!i'm agree with u..whan it's too hot sometimes the outfits become boring!i love gossip girl too!


kisskiss sara

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Omgoodness your pink shorts are to die for! Theyre so lovely!!! Ps I love GG too :) Go Blaire Waldorf :) lol xx

Malena said...

It's spelled Ole with an accent on the e. :)
I really like your outfit today! Ikea is definitely a fun place.

Chloe T said...

Thanks so much for your comment! :)
Yeah, I pretty much love Portobello Market and it was so great - the dress is made of this lacy-ish material at the collar and hem, in the shape of loads of roses and the rest is in just a silky translucent material, with a slip under. :D
Haha, yeah I start on Monday, I'm kinda dreading it but yeah, I'm being way too pessimistic! (I like your "pessimising" word, btw!)

Sooo back to your blog, I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR OUTFITS. The bright pink bottoms on both outfits and the shirts and blazer!
Oh my and I love Ikea! Yes, I agree the Swedish meatballs, chips and gravy - then hot dogs and ice cream afterwards haha. The food completes Ikea, I reckon.

And OMG, I live in England so I get the shows soooo late, but I'm looking forward to GG and 90210, mainly! :DXxxx
Sorry about the major long comment!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love the meatballs at Ikea! It is always so busy though!

Cute outfit

<3 xxxx

Erika said...

Don't feel immature about the Ikea thing. I've been known to sit down on shelves at Target and Wal-Mart when I feel fatigue coming on - once one fell; much to the aggravation of a store employee! :)

Love your use of pink bottoms - skirt and shorts. Nothing makes the day better than a pop of pink! :)

theTrendyDwarf said...

I finally find some time to comment on your blog!! Ahh! Now that school started..time is limited and precious and very well appreciated when found! Talking about school...I saw you had pessimistic thought's of going back..and you just reminded me of my friends. This is them on the very first day of school when we haven't even started...were still in homeroom at 7:25 in the morning when we start. "I hate my life! Wow..this frickin sucks! School again?! Just shoot me!" I was like ummmm guys...this is only the first day..and technically it hasn't even started yet!! So in other words..go back to school confident and happy that your back! It's ok to get all mad and hate school during the school year when your piled up with homework and have 3 projects to do, but until then...chill out and love school! Your boring outfit...it's actually cool because it's different on you! Were so used to seeing you in crazy fun ensembles...this is a cool break and change! I LOVE Ikea too! It's so much fun there,and it's so big for extra fun! Funny thing is that when I was like 5or 6 or maybe even 7, I too had mickey mouse and the gang shirt! Just like yours, but I had my characters on the pocket of my shirt! It was my favorite shirt. I have an obsession with shoes too! LOVE THEM!!! I love yours actually. Is that splatter paint-ish shoes? Or what's the design? O.k. I feel like I am e-mailing the president of the United State right now, rather than feeling like I am commenting on a good friends blog! Oh and YAY! You did what I said you should do!...You GOT a Twitter!!

Little Clementine said...

I have all the Gossip Girl books above my desk too! I like both outfits a lot. Especially the blazer, button up, and pink shorts!

Anonymous said...

I do hope your had fun at Ikea! So jealous. You always look so adorable too! Love your style.

The style strutter said...

Love ur ikea outfit:)!! the 1st one has opened up in ireland so im gonna have to pay a visit soon... definatley gonna have a spin on the trolley:):):)!!
im also decluttering, its quite therapeutic actually:)!!

Anonymous said...

yes, i read all about your fascination for both the sun and ikea on twitter! i love your tweets, so don't give up on it :D

and no. your outfits aren't embarassing. and if i was with you in ikea, i wouldn't mind playing around lol.

i'm looking forward to GG and Glee! yayyyy

Naka said...

the questionaire is for my textiles cw :P

and i do love ur 2 tier skirt

and i wish I could have a trolley race XD

Penny said...

I'm still totally interested in the skirt tutorial... and what are you talking about? Hot pink shorts are hardly boring! (: Anyway, cute shots + outfits as always.

Caleb Poling said...

Haha, we would definitely by friends! I love gossip girl and all your blazers (:

Anonymous said...

omg the GG books haha i read those waaay before the show started, loved them! although i dont have as many books as you. cant wait for the new season to start though!!

mikaela said...

k, so i just had to point out that you have great legs!!!!!

sorry if that might seem a bit creepy, but they're really nice.

and i am very very very excited for Gossip Girl.
i just finished watching my season 1 box set ;)

and thank you for you comments, they're always appreciated

CC said...

Looking super-fab, darling!
I love how you have paired the bright pink skirt with more or less subdued tops. :)


Sang said...

love the color combination: pink skirt and blue shirt.
and i gotta tell ya, you have some pretty legs right there!!:]

Sophie said...

I really like your blazer, in your Wednesday outfit! I too love Ikea, i'm planning on a visit to get stuff for my new flat when i actually move in! The 50s style outfit is very cute as well. xo

Noa said...

oooh love your Disney vest!!

and the pink skirt is great as well!

Beki said...

How about the sun in the winter? it sparkles on the snow!!


emily said...

i'm interested in a skirt tutorial!!

and i looove ikea too, i was just there like last week. those swedes are so damn smart...

Patty Ann said...

Don't apologize for your outfits!!! They are NOT boring at all! i love them. the first one is so effortless chic! and the second one is sooooooo cute especially with the mickey mouse crew!!!
i love the sun too! but only on the wknds. during the week that means i have to get up early!!!

have you heard of the beautiful life??? that's waht i'm looking forward to most!!!



Brittany Leigh-Ann Baker said...

I want that vest ! <33

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...