hey now, hey now!

My list of fun things to do consists of pretty lame things. One of them is reminiscing the past. Not in the cheesy, "Oh man, it seems like it was just yesterday, I was frolicking in the gardens picking up rosebuds" (well. Okay. Maybe sometimes I have my cheesy moments. But I never did frolic about, I assure you.), but more of the technological/ developmental side? (I feel like there's a word for that. But I don't know it.) I think of my childhood (90s love child, boo yeah I sound cool!), and all the changes that I've had in my 16 years of life. Tapes to CDs to iTunes, VHS to DVD, film cameras to digital cameras to... WHAT IS NEXT? Hopefully not iPads because there's this awkward toobigtobeaphonetoosmalltobealaptop thing about them, in my non-technological opinion. But the point is, it's so crazy how time and technology flies by. I was bonding with the papa and watch Surrogates and I had this mini panic attack and it was kind of a "ZOMG WHAT WILL LIFE BE IN THE FUTURE?! WHAT WILL I BE DOING WHEN I'M OLD AND WRINKLY?" And then I'm still stuck on this 2084 assignment so my head keeps on spinning around (right round, when I goooo down townnnn. Sorry, that was unnecessary). So yeah. That is all. Basically, I think I'm going to hate technology.

I like gray days. Perfect lazy days because you feel obligated to be lazy and therefore you don't feel guilty for being lazy. Win-win.
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And on the note of technology and changes, what ever happened to mailing letters?! I used to be part of a sticker club (obviously, I was cool), where you'd send/ receive stickers to/ from your friends in the mail! The good ole' days. Now the only mail I get are magazine subscriptions and "Happy Birthday from your friends at the Orthodontist!" Real personal.
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Oh, and um FINALLY, the skirt that I meant to post a billion years ago is now being posted! A pain to make, but I'm satisfied so yay. Next time: 1) buy a dress form, 2) buy a pattern. The whole "winging it, pinning pins on your body and a ton of stitchrippin'" thing doesn't work real swell.
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Minus the sweater, I was basically a walking and talking DIY. So yay for self-promotion?
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(Sweater - Value Village $3.50, Shirt - DIY, Skirt - Homemade, Belt - Dad's, Tights - H&M $6, Shoes - Mum's, Jewelry - Assorted)

So for the 1% of you who potentially read my actual words of ramblings (don't worry, I still like you if you don't care about me on the inside. You only care for me on the outside. *Weeeep.*), I guess the moral of my ramblings is that I miss some elements of childhood. This includes: Barbies, Arthur, Barney, ZOOM, Flat Stanley, Bernstein Bears, Lizzie McGuire, calling my and my bffs (at the time) "the Puppy Pals," playing school with my sister and our stuffed animals, making plastercine dolls, painting the bathtub, making up stupid poems, getting loot bags at birthday parties, etc.

What do you miss from childhood?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been BUSY LIKE A BEE (props to everyone that got it right in the last post! Geniuses.). And to add onto that, my computer literally has NO space (something to do with 8000 photos, perhaps?), so I'm trying to burn it, but my computer keeps on throwing up the DVDs I insert. This wasn't even planned, but totally an exemplar of why technology is a pain in the bum. But I still love it. I mean, I wouldn't have "met" you all without it? AWWW, mussshyyyy.

Thanks for stopping by!


rekindled love with 8 simple rules. it's, like, really funny.

Adventure. I have this weird longing for adventure. Maybe it has something to do with everyone in my class's seeming obsession with the movie Up. I just saw it recently and let me say, it was sooooo stressful (and it takes a big person to admit when something is stressful. Well that's not actually how it goes, but let me just get narcisstic for a moment). Like, just as you think the cheesy Disney ending is going to come up... BAM! The evil robotic dogs come along! I was screaming at the TV. My sister says, "This was scarier than the Orphan." I don't doubt it. So yeah. That's my movie review. Urm, maybe I should stick to fashion. But while I'm on this movie note: I'd be so sick of this if it weren't so darn awesome (when I say people are obsessed with Up, I mean people are obsessed. I hear this practically daily.). Anyways, it's kind of amazing.

Watermelon outfit. It's not Christmas. The pinks just look red. But they're PINK. Not red. Just saying, in case that was your reaction.
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I guess I had a need to talk about Up not only because of my sudden longing for some kind of adventure, but something about the sunny sky reminds me of the movie...
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...But don't get mistaken. The weather was windy and FUH-reezing (the "fuh" emphasizes the coldness). Look at that wind bloooow (the quadruple "o" emphasizes the blow). I'm such a hair commercial: "Look guys! You can have luxurious hair, too. It's with the magic of Pantene." Or however it goes. Yes, I'm endorsing Pantene. No, I don't use Pantene.
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Brand new shoes, yiiipppeee! My cousin couldn't have put it better, so I shall quote her, "How did you not have these already?" I'd say I'm in love, but that's a little shallow. Props Value Village for another great find.
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(Blazers - Value Village $7, Pink shirt - Vintage $10, Skirt - Value Village $7, Tights - H&M $5, Belt - Thrifted $1, Bag - Value Village $7, Shoes - Value Village $10)
^ Can you tell that I love Value Village? Man, I'm thriftttayy.

And just because a healthy dose of Olsen indulgence never hurt anyone.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Weekends always seem to be like a blur. Something along the lines of creating posters for a where I volunteer, sifting through coffee books and tabloids (shh), figure drawing for three hours straight, extreme makeovers: home edition, and homework for classes that I don't even care about. Just a blur. I need adventure. Maybe I should learn to drive because I don't think biking's possible in snow.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to visit your blogs ASAP, but I'm currently B.Z.lykaB (decode that. Hardcore pointz if you do. Seriously, TRY IT. Dare you! HAH you're trapped).

What's the biggest adventure you've ever been on/ want to go on? Inspire me! ;)


jeepers should be my new favourite word. props to velma. i will recognize you upon whenever i use it.

I feel like every teenage blogger is starting their posts with "Sorry for not posting, but school..." Well GUESS WHAT? I will too. Except I won't. BECAUSE I'M DIFFERENT. (My mommy tells me this every day!)

But yeah. I don't have time to rock a full-on post today. But for any die-hard followers (um, probably myself, but whatevz. I'll spoil myself with my own post. Um. This is awkward.), here's a quick post for you! I just got into this thing I entitle "Moleskinnin' " because it sounds cool (not to say animal skinning is cool. Because it's NOT.) Apparently all the cool artsy fartsy kids do it. So I dove into peer pressure (not actually, I need to invest in some artsy friends.) So here's just a few pages from my pretty much brand new sketchbook. Ch-ch-chyeah.

1. First page. I think it says a lot about my immaturity. Ahem. I mean, sense of humour.
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But think about it. SOMEONE MUST HAVE FARTED. I'm kind of leaning towards the far right lady. Her face is a little too "I'm superior. I can't fart. I'm hiding it with looking superior." What do you think?!

2. Don't you hate this people? You are NOT the greatest thing on the face of earth.
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3. Guys, I'm telling ya - award winning advice, too! - don't ever wish to be an octopus. Just... just don't...
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That was a quickie. Legit (that's cool kid for legitimate) post this weekend - I'll visit your blogs then, too!

Happy Wednesday! (NOTE: I love Wednesdays because my school days are so easy today. But I hate Wednesday because it's like "ughhhh, I still have Thursday and Friday?!" Fun fact.)


at risk of sounding supremely mainstream... you're looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

What would the world be without quirks? As much as society pushes us to conform to one another - telling us what is beautiful, what is trendy, what is in - I think that it's the quirks, the off-beat stuff that make the world amazing. It'd be boring otherwise. Plus, they're hilar (that's cool kid talk for hilarious. GET WITH IT.). For example, when my dad gives out codes (ex. postal codes) on the phone he doesn't say the letters - he says a name corresponding to it. Point: instead of saying "The code is VLNLBG" (note: not an actual code of significance. Don't you go plotting against me. Insert evil face.), he barks at the phone, "Victor! Larry! Nigel! Bob! Greg!" Such a weird thing to do, but also funny. Um, probably one of those "youhadtobethere" stories. Because I was ROFL. (for real. I was on the floor. Laughing. And rolling? Okay, maybe not rolling.)

Pretty simple outfit. One of those "RUREADYYETZOMG?!HURRYUPLADY" outfits.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This had to be posted. Solely because I look like a bunny. If Macs had Paint (anyone know how to download Paint on a Macbook?! Send me a link?!), then I would totally draw bunny ears on me.
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Headband obsession continues. This one kind of looks like a diseased holly, and I enjoy it.
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Love this ring. My sister has a similar one in mint green, so I must plot a way to steal it/ wear it/ own it, without her knowledge. I ponder how this will be accomplished.
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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Dress - Vintage $15, Necklace - Aldo $10, Headband - Ophelie Hats, Ring - Pretty Chic)

Special thanks to everyone who has given me awards the past few months! I'm such an ungracious awardess (you know, like "host"-ess. But not.. ?) and haven't recognized them on my blog. So to you all - THANK YOU SO MUCH. It totally makes me feel special and smile on the inside. Anyways, I thought I'd share some of my own "quirks" (slash I'm not that interesting, so I'm really pushing for these ones).

- I strangely get along better and converse better with quiet people over loud people
- I get progressively boring after I meet someone. Like, I don't know what to say to you? This is awkward. I'm bored of you. You're probably bored of me. It's actually a rather unfortunate trait.
- At school dances (ha-ha, yeah. go spirit!), I often have to pretend I know the lyrics to the songs they're playing. I really need to gain knowledge about mainstream songs.
- I hate malls. Period.
- I love a good pun. Or a bad pun. Essentially all puns. Recently, my friend's jacket pocket broke and I called it a "RIP-OFF." Hahaha. Get it? I thought it was kind of hilarious. Kind of pleased with myself.
- I wish strangers would smile at me. Why are people so unfriendly these days ?
- I dislike American Apparel. I feel like I'm the only one.
- I secretly find Facebook notes incredibly fascinating. They give so much insight on people I don't even talk to. Is that weird? (Um, never mind. Don't answer that.)

Anything weird about you? A fun fact or two? What your kwurxzzzz? (aka, QUIRKS.)

Thanks so much to everyone stopping by! Big thanks to Style Fool for this supaaaa awesome featchaaaa. (Yes, I just created new blog slang). I'm so excited, thanks girl!

Happy ohmygosh-its-mid-January-already!

P.S. Nice to hear all of your thoughts on the last Haiti post. Regular posts are resuming (as you can tell), but still keep the victims on your mind.



I know that my blog is usually intended to be fun-loving: a happy little indulgence in your busy day. I had some fruitless thoughts prepared, some edited pictures to share, but those will just wait for a few days.

In my life, I really only have two basic goals:
1) To be successful doing something I love and
2) To help change the world into a better place, at least by a little bit.

Unless your completely ignorant, you must have heard about the
Haiti earthquake. This strikes me as a real tragedy. Having done volunteer work in the developing areas of Peru, I can only imagine the magnitude of the effect that a natural disaster could have on such a poor country.

I urge you to do something to help: my family is donating money through the Red Cross and I urge you to do the same. It doesn't have to be a lot. It can even be just $10. Even if you are not going to donate, at least keep these victims in your thoughts. Remember: they are just like you. They have a family to take care of. They require the same basic needs to survive. They just don't have the same privileges as you.

An injured carries his dead daughter after an earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 13, 2010. Source.

I think that it is incredible how the world is all working together to get as much relief as possible for this tragedy. Sometimes, it takes something horrible to bring the world together. We must hope for the best and do our part in trying to help these victims.

Please, take a moment from our materialistic and consumerism lives (I, too, am guilty as charged) to think about this world that seems so far away. Watch the news, make a donation. These are real people. They need help. Our help.

Regular posts will resume this weekend, but I think that it is important to recognize this tragedy in the world.

Share any of your thoughts below. Do not feel obligated to do so; only if you want to.

Is it just me, or do the members of the tech-savvy world (blogosphere, twitter, Facebook) seem as though they were more saddened by the news of Micheal Jackson's and Brittany Murphy's death? While their deaths were undoubtedly sad, this is tens of thousands lives we are talking about. Think about that.


because i love cheese strings.

2-0-8-4. What will be happening in twenty-eighty-four? Will the world be in that euphoric state of "I have a dream that..." and all that beautiful jazz? Or will we be all robotic, technology-addicted lunatics? I ask because I'm a very philosophical person, digging down into the pits of our universe to answer the questions that only few venture to discover. Slash, this is an English assignment (tee-hee, tricked ya?). And I'm interested in what you all had to say. I think it's a little disheartening to think about what the world might become: what inventions will sprout? What will the future people act like? Will we finally meet life on other planets? (The fact that we know like 0.0000000231% - note: not an actual statistic - of what we could about space is still super surprising to me. There are probably hundreds and thousands of other planets and other lives out there. I believe in aliens. Do you? Intense music fades in.)

Urm. Anyways, stuff you might actually care about. Exhibition: my outfit.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The weather has been going crazy. I've decided that snow only has two purposes: 1) Christmas, and 2) snow days. Since Christmas has passed, I expect the snow to pass... unless it decides to grant us with a snow day. Otherwise... Snow, it was nice to be acquainted with you, but now it's time for us to move on.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hairband fetish has continued. This one I got from Christmas, made by Ophelie Hats.
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It's kind of awkward, but that's why I love it. Don't they say that awkward things (me and the headband, that is) attract? No? Well they should.
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(Blazer - Value Village $7, Dress - Value Village $7, Belt - Thrifted $1, Tights - H&M $5, Necklace - Aldo $10, Headband - Ophelie Hats, Shoes - Mum's)

For all of those who have fabulous memory/ are my stalker (either or is pretty flattering and awesome), you may recall this work in progress that I posted a few months back. I was being all mysterious and allusive about the details (because I'm just so mysterious and allusive), but here's the finished product of the entire project!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Woohoo! It's for the cover of a Canadian Teen Artsy Fartsy Magazine and what not, by the name of What If. I highly doubt any of y'all are die-hard readers of such magazine (but you know, props if you are), so I thought I'd share.

Here's me arrogantly posting my little biography thing-y they included. Please skip the following paragraph if you don't want to know more about me. (I won't be offended. I wouldn't want to know about me either. Just kidding. I'm awesome. Just kidding. (Kristen Wiig SNL reference. Ish.))

Lexy -----, 16, is a grade 11 student at -------- school, living in ------, Ontario. From a young age, Lexy has always loved art and creativity. She would annually host art themed birthday parties, though she would often find herself being the only one engrossed in the craft, while the rest of her friends ditched her for her dress-up box and Barbies bin. As she grew older, her passion for the arts continued to flourish, particularly in the field of fashion. She loves reading NYLON, musing over McQueen, and finding quirky vintage finds. Aside from art and fashion, she loves to fill her time with traveling, sewing, doodling, people-watching, biking, and daydreaming. She also enjoys Reeses Pieces blizzards, cracking her back, and colourful tights. She wishes that she had a passion for reading and writing, as she believes that it would contribute in making her sound “artsy.”

This cover is inspired by the idea of “go” and following your dreams. Lexy believes that, too often, people approach their future too conventionally, rather than doing what they really want. She hopes that this cover encourages people to follow their dreams and to just go for it!
( 1. ---- = personal information. Because apparently you might stalk me. According to.. me.
2. Yes, I did have to write my own biography. Very awkward, indeed.)

Anyways. That is all. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
I'll visit blogs ASAP. I would tonight, but I have to get up early tomorrow, so I'm just going to hit the sack!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
How do you see the world in 20-84? I'm very curious!


i've always wondered what it'd be like to have a twin.

Two. Guess the significance of this number. Doo-doo-do-doo-do-dooo-dododo. (ahem, that's supposed to be the tune to jeopardy or what not that illustrates that time is ticking. You know? Kids used to always sing it in my gym class, back when I was young...um, anyways..) HAH, TIME'S UP. Two is the number of days I've been at school. So, I've determined that I'm basically the Grinch (NOTE: must think of a new adjective, as I've used this to describe myself far too much). Period. I realized that I didn't miss one element of school, even my friends. It was kind of a "HEYYY, Girrrl. How was your holidays?! Yeah? Yeah?! ... I could have gone another week without seeing you." I'm such a terrible person. I need to cherish my high school experience. Err, belated resolution?

This outfit may or may not have been influenced (like I actually don't know if it subconsciously was or not. I'm not teasing y'all.) by Zooey Deschanel via 500 Days of Summer. Eeek, she is so adorable.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wore this outfit shopping with my cousins at - drum roll - VALUE VILLAGE. I definitely converted them into VVLovahzz (new club name, super exclusive) as they, too, came home with a bag full of stuff. Oh, awkward story. I saw someone I knew there. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. It's always old people I'll never see again. I said hi. Granted she was shopping for a costume party and I was shopping for daily clothes. But still. Go Value Village!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Two new loves: crazy hairbands and pastel nail polish.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally, Me and Daisy/ Daisy and I (I never get it right!) wish you all a fabulous week.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Dress - Vintage $7, Cardigan - F21 $10, Belt - H&M $7, Headband - Le Chateau)

Ciao holidays! Come again soon, my dearest.
And that goes for you all too. Come again soon, that is! Because I rather enjoy all of you. A lot. But not in a creepy way. I'll visit your blogs asap, once time permits (a disadvantage of school). Have a stupendous (no, I never say that) week! :)
How has your week back to, well, whatever been?


whatever happened to the guy from art attack?

Two words: TIME FLIES.

Now you may think that I'm being all nostalgic and all "ahh, it seems like just yesterday I was watching Miley Cyrus on MTV's 2009 New Year countdown" (yes, that is how I celebrated 2009. I'm telling ya, I'm a party animal who just doesn't stop!) and here I am, a year later. Ohhh, sigh, pity me. And while it does seem like the year has gone by fast (doesn't it always?), I feel like I've also accomplished a lot. But, you should know upfront, I'm kind of the Grinch of New Years in that I don't really take to much time to reflect or make resolutions. To me, it's more of "Here's to a great year and continue to grow in the future!" Tomorrow is just another day and I don't need to wait a whole year to make new goals. I really need to up my New Year spirit, I reckon.

The "time flies" reference was more alluded towards the face that I'LL BE HEADING BACK TO SCHOOL IN A FEW DAYS. Reminiscent flashback: It seems like it was just yesterday when I said I'd be able to post more frequently, sew more, and have more DIYs. Oh, sigh. No worries, I have a few more things yet to share, such as a line-up of outfits (I'm a little behind!). Here's one of them:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fashionmatical (fashion + mathematical, ha-ha, get it?) equation of the day:
[(Lace leggings = Practically bare legs) + Winter] = (Bad Idea + Freezing)
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Brooch was a birthday gift from my sister. It's kind of a long story actually; something along the lines of me falling in love with it, unwilling to spend any more money and her pretending to go to the bathroom costing her the dignity of being accused of having bladder issues and, um,... anyways, the point of the story is: I like it.
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I have yet to share a close up picture of this fantastically awesome belt. I've wanted to a clear belt since I saw Lucy Liu's outfit in tabloids' "fashion face-offs" years ago. Granted, mine probably belonged to a child (given that it is tiny and has sparkles and crystals tackily embedded in it), but I still enjoy it.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally, here's my toast to the New Year!

(Blazer - Value Village $7, Shirt - Costa Blanca $3, Skirt - Homemade, Leggings - H&M $10, Shoes - Mums, Belt - Thrifted $1, Brooch - The Exhibition/ Gift, Jewelry - Assorted)

Despite my unspiritful qualities, I do hope you all have an amazing year and decade! Always look to the future and stay optimistic! (Kind of related note: how stupid does it sound to say things like "ah, yes, it was the summer of '10"? It just doesn't work.)

Thanks so much for stopping by!
How did you all spend the New Years? Any great resolutions you'd like to share?