i've always wondered what it'd be like to have a twin.

Two. Guess the significance of this number. Doo-doo-do-doo-do-dooo-dododo. (ahem, that's supposed to be the tune to jeopardy or what not that illustrates that time is ticking. You know? Kids used to always sing it in my gym class, back when I was young...um, anyways..) HAH, TIME'S UP. Two is the number of days I've been at school. So, I've determined that I'm basically the Grinch (NOTE: must think of a new adjective, as I've used this to describe myself far too much). Period. I realized that I didn't miss one element of school, even my friends. It was kind of a "HEYYY, Girrrl. How was your holidays?! Yeah? Yeah?! ... I could have gone another week without seeing you." I'm such a terrible person. I need to cherish my high school experience. Err, belated resolution?

This outfit may or may not have been influenced (like I actually don't know if it subconsciously was or not. I'm not teasing y'all.) by Zooey Deschanel via 500 Days of Summer. Eeek, she is so adorable.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wore this outfit shopping with my cousins at - drum roll - VALUE VILLAGE. I definitely converted them into VVLovahzz (new club name, super exclusive) as they, too, came home with a bag full of stuff. Oh, awkward story. I saw someone I knew there. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. It's always old people I'll never see again. I said hi. Granted she was shopping for a costume party and I was shopping for daily clothes. But still. Go Value Village!

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Two new loves: crazy hairbands and pastel nail polish.
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Finally, Me and Daisy/ Daisy and I (I never get it right!) wish you all a fabulous week.
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(Dress - Vintage $7, Cardigan - F21 $10, Belt - H&M $7, Headband - Le Chateau)

Ciao holidays! Come again soon, my dearest.
And that goes for you all too. Come again soon, that is! Because I rather enjoy all of you. A lot. But not in a creepy way. I'll visit your blogs asap, once time permits (a disadvantage of school). Have a stupendous (no, I never say that) week! :)
How has your week back to, well, whatever been?


six-twentytwo-onine said...

i love this outfit..can u plz check out my blog and give me some feedback thanks a lot

Gabby said...

Zooey Deschanel. Nice choice. And I didn't know you had a dog, who is one of the most adorable dogs I've seen.

I guess school's been okay. Being put into the advanced math group equals to more homework than needed in the first week of school.


Friend in Fashion said...

oooh - the dress is so cute! Love the nails as well :)


Carolyn @ The Daydreamer said...

You look awesome! I love Zooey Deschanel as do I love your outfit :)

Where do you live? It's always snowing, haha

mikaela said...

awww this outfit is absolutely adorable. very summerish and colourful, even thought it's winter ;)

yeah, i love zooey deschanel! she's wonderful.

Gizelle said...

i adore zooey..and all the roles she portrays! :D

gorgeous cardigan..love the pearls on it!

ANN said...

Haha I've been hearing a lot about Zooey & 500 Days of Summer a LOT lately. Weird, considering that movie came out months ago :P Anyway, I love your dress! The design & colors are so cute :)

Emma said...

love the florals and I'm wearing the SAME colour nail polish as you right now!! pastels rule!


Jen said...

that dress is perfect with that belt you're wearing. this is such a cute outfit (and i have still yet to see 500 days of summer. i love zooey in that video you linked haha)
it's never fun to go back to school no matter what. luckily i still have a little over a week :)

Nadia Kamballa said...

What a lovely dress!! Love ur headband, too..


Diane said...

Hy! Your dress is lovely!

And trust me, you should enjoy your high school years ;) Anyway you will remember it as a great period of your life.

Your dog is a sweetie!


Rica said...

so how's school lexy? geez, i might sound like your mom, but you know what i can relate to you. although i don't go to school anymore, but still i hate to go back to work, and i can spend another week again without missing it.lol.

so your outfit is just so adorable. i like how you put your outfit together, the pink cardigan and your flowery dress. and your bracelets kinda match your pearled cardigan? and i want that headband!

sassy rica ^_^

Joanne Faith said...

The headband is seriously cute, and I love the pearls. Pretty as hell! :)

& btw I feel that way half sometimes too, 'yeah...could have gone another week.' Eheeehheh, highschool was kinda boring!


Suzanne said...

cute dress and cardigan!

Jen said...

500 Days of Summer is SUCH a stylish film! I love the tea dresses, cardigans, cute pumps, dresses... in fact, EVERYTHING Zooey wears. And you pull it off so well! Gorgeous.

Andie said...

love your cardigan
and yeah i can never get that me/i thing right either...


Adela said...

i love that pearl-embellished cardigan and the headband and jewelry! very retro glam! =)


Anonymous said...

This outfit is adorable!

betz said...

Lexy, this dress is so pretty! and your smile lights up my day. you are so sweet.


Penny said...

Zooey is one of my idols... nice choice of song :) The cardigan is just beyond adorable, and the belt is too cute!
School is the slowest when you've just returned from vacation! Hang in there! :)

Sarah said...

Adorable dress and um a huge "yep yep yep" to the headbands/nail polish!

my favorite colour is shiny said...

lovely outfit! and i l o v e zooey. shes beautiful. im a twin! and i also have twin brothers aswell. so yeah. xo

Leah said...

Lexy, I love your dress and that headband is so fab. Oh I wish I can have outfit posts in the snow like you do.

Fashion Therapist said...

I love that dress. I wish we had a Value Village in Chicago, but we don't :(

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i lover dress, perfect outfit!

Anonymous said...

Love your outfit lexy! And I love crazy headbands too!! So cute!

I hope school gets better, lovely!

The Owl's Closet said...

such a cute outfit especially the dress:D ive been wanting to see 500 days of summer! i agree, zooey is just so adorable:) thank u for ur sweet comment and for dropping by my blog:D


Patty Ann said...

hiiii i love your hair piece and your puppy is sooooooo cute. i can't believe its snowing!!! that looks like so much fun!


Erika said...

Oh, Zooey Deschanel is a favorite of mine, as well - she's so adorable! Your style does remind me a bit of hers! Love it!! :)

Meg said...

Oh my gosh, I love your dress! I really need to see 500 days of summer!

Diane said...

Thanks for the sweet comment :D

Have a lovely day,


Anonymous said...

gorgeous darling
love it, beautiful inspiration
i really love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments


Aimee said...

i love your headband and the dress is so cute!


The F Word Online said...

haha ive wondered what it'd be like having a twin as well. love the photos ! the floral is cute and so is your puppy !

xx lue

anna bu said...

flowers in the snow!LOVEEEE

Phyllis said...

gorgeous colors hun, love the outfit - and cute nail polish too!
are you back at school already? =/ winter breaks always fly by huh

Denise said...

i love your dress!


I am Denise Katipunera

F i K a said...

you look soo cute! I love your outfit, esp the pink pastel cardi :)

and the headpiece is sooo stunning!! really adore it :D

Marla Singer said...

i love Zooey! i'm a crazy fan of 500 days of summer! beautiful dress, dear <33

Erin said...

You look super cute! The dress is so youthful! I absolutely LOVE that headband!

Ramona said...

Love the cardigan is so feminine!I must confess I've developed an obsession for hairbands and headbands and yours it's lovely!I've awarded you on my blog-So check it out!Goodluck for school!

xo, Alexi said...

haha that was a cute awkward story. also, i read your old blog post about why you changed your name and puffy was the first rapper who changed his name a lot that i thought of.

and that belt is awesome.

Britty said...

ohh goodness your so funny i wish i was your best freind!

I love it It looking like some Zooey would wear! your dog is cute

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Yay Zooey Deschanel, so very vintagey cute. I am an advid vv shopper, and I buy costumes to live in. :)

DIANA DYE said...

Well hello my quirky friend love this post hands down!and we all feel like that sometimes don't worry!! i love this post( wait i said that already) but it's true it has a fantastic outfit the perfect print and love the tights and love the hair accessory and i love Daisy!! what more can i wish for oh yes your dress hahahah! no am only joking have a brilliant day darling! oh and thanks for the lovely comment and for visiting!

The Owl Diary said...

absolutely adorable outfit. & i, too, love funky hairbands. i'm addicted, in fact.

michelle_ said...


but its not the only cute thing in the photo, you look cute as well Lexy ! i love that you're wearing florals in winter . its sooo beautiful..

thanks for the sweet comments dear :D
loved this post very much .
thanks for sharing..

visit / comment / follow me back at..

the style crusader said...

this outfit is so perfect! the fabric on the dress reminds me of the brady bunch but you made it look so modern! you should definitely be a stylist! i am always amazing how you transform items (that most of us would probably wouldn't know what to do with) into amazing outfits. love it, as always! xx

Melissa~ said...

Love your dress and your hair accesorie.
Great outfit.
thanks for your comment!

fhen said...

really love this outfit! so pretty :)

Poppy said...

Lovely photos! Cute dress !

Ruta said...

I wish I owned this outfit. It's gorgeous.

haha, high school, I don't miss anyone from high school.

NBeteck said...

everything here is so soft and sweet. bravo!

lisa + cathy said...

omgosh lexy, you know how i always wanted to go shopping in value village because you always find amazing stufffffff, well we've got here too but its called 'savers' AHAHAHAHA
enjoy school missy, youth is like the best time of your life

beckyxoxo said...

Wow Lexy that dress is beautiful ! Also love the cardigan and headband too ! In love with any kind of headbands right now x) Your puppy is so cute awwww ! Have a nice weekend !

Ali said...

I totally thought your dog was a scarf for a minute there. I wanted that scarf, if so! XD

Anonymous said...

I love your headband and your dress ! :)

Have a great weekend !

Anonymous said...

okay lexy, yes, i think we've both kind of established the fact that we might've been twins in the past life. but having a sister 11 months younger than you is kind of the same as having a twin, AND IT IS ABSOLUTE HELL...well, not all the time :)

and like i said, i ADMIRE how you can withstand snow. i did it for the first time, AND I DON'T THINK I'LL DO IT AGAIN!

your dog and your hair is lovely. i wish i can curl my hair.

kay, i'll stop now, before i go on again. til next post!

ARANXA. said...

i love your dress, and your blog AMAZING!!

Monique said...

I totally love this outfit! So romantic and sweet! The cardigan..the dress..everything! I just don't know how you manage to create such great outfits with a low budget..you're amazing!

Have a great week !


Naka said...

omg i got similiar colour nails varnish ^^

ahmi-ahmi said...

so fun and flirty!

i especially love the nail color :)!!

Plumley said...

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