Artsy, fartsy, what's this party?

I have this weird need to talk about "awkwardness" in this post. Which is, in itself, a very awkward topic. I don't even know where this need derived from. I guess I've been having an awkward day. Do you ever have those? Like, when you just feel.. awkward?

*Awkward Pause*

Um, anyways, now that that's over with - I'm sorry I haven't been able to post! I would have loved to, but I don't have anything to post! *Evil glare at uniform* I'm kind of at loss of what to be posting besides outfit posts, and I thought I'd experiment by posting "art". (This isn't really what I'd qualify as art. Just summer projects..) So... enjoy? :)

1. I'm such a humanitarian that I joined the Human Rights Committee. Haha. But really. I'm pretty excited and we started watching a movie called "Darfur Now" which is really shocking and it really got me thinking. I did this "piece of 'art'"in the summer, but I might do more like this out of inspiration...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. Flipping through old magazines. I was inspired.
Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
Skin and bones is really attractive.. no?

3. Current project that I'm working on. It's a definite WIP (Work in Process, come on people! Get with the abbreviations!). It's based off the idea of "Go!" and following your dreams and so forth. I'm really excited about it and I'll give you more details about the actual project soon enough!
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Work in Progress

So, I realize that this is a fashion blog and that my amateur "art" (those quotations are really, very, necessary) is probably not all that exciting!

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But it's something that I enjoy! And if you, you know, had mild enjoyment scrolling through these three projects, then I'll happily post more of my other projects that I did this summer. Just say so!

Outfit posts, very soon, I hope! *fingers crossed*

What are your favourite hobbies? And, do you have any other ideas for my blog? I'm a little desperate, my friends! Oh, and I was serious when I was asking, do you ever just feel... awkward? Questions galore! I'm curious!


Anonymous said...

OOH ! I love your artwork !
My favourite hobbies are Dancing Ballet , and shopping !
Hm, other ideas for you blog. . . Maybe just stick to what your doing in your posts. Pictures of your outfits and your artistic drawings.
Love it !

Beki said...

WOW!! Those are really well done!


Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty, these are amazing. You are so talented. Please show us more of your work. It really is delightful!

Gabby said...

Okay, first I was jealous of your clothing and now I'm jealous of your artistic side.

I can get very awkward indeed. I get up one morning and everything is just weird/awkward.

I think you should just stick to what your doing. I mean it's gotten you HOW many followers?


Jacqueline said...

I love your artwork. It is your blog so you can do whatever you want. I like what you do now! Art and fashion is always good =)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Anna said...

CRAPPPPPPPPP i love your artwork, such nice work. It's hard to think about it but I actually learned about the Darfur crisis in 6th grade... it's still going on? gross.

Emily said...

I am so jealous that you can draw anything other than stick figures.


Emma said...

wow love love love the art!

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous. Live lovely!

Valencia Lia said...

Girl,what are you talking about ?!! I love your drawings so so much!
You surely can draw really well,so envious of you !!

My hobbies are hmmm shopping and blogging ! Ohhhh and I hope to start flying tooo,like small planes. heeeee

Anonymous said...

oh my, go and see orphan immediantly. ive watched it. its good, not scary just good and a bit cringey

lisa + cathy said...

whoa. can i sit next to you in art class? my favourite one is the one in progress. its pretty inspiring and i love the water colour element of it. show us your uniform! i dont know but some uniforms can be pretty adorable, i just love going past different school uniforms for some reason.

Marmelindela said...

Wow! Really cool. That hand is sooooooooooo very brilliantly drawn!

The style strutter said...

Your artwork is great:)!!! its so interesting, definatley post more about it!


daisychain said...

these are amazing.

Marian said...

love these honey,especially your current projects!

Erika said...

Your Work in Progress is simply magical - I absolutely adore the colors and the subject matter - it's just gorgeous!

My favorite hobbies are so incredibly introverted...reading, writing, surfing the net. Oh, I am so the classic case of an introvert - how tragic. And awkward? Please, I spend more than half my life feeling awkward. :)

Jocelynne said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! I love your artwork, you are so creative. I can't wait to see what your WIP turns out to look like. I'm sure it'll be amazing. Thanks for your sweet comments :)

Couture Cookie said...

You are so talented! I esp love the third piece.

Penny said...

Love the second piece. And I think you should try music perhaps? Like a playlist post (:

Martynique said...

omg! amazing drawings!

Olivia said...

wow. You're amazing at drawing and I really don't think the quotations on art are needed. This is definitely art. Oh and I did enjoy scrolling through the post. Please post more!
-Olivia ♥

Anonymous said...

wow! great artwork :D

jessica wu said...

these are so beautiful, love the idea of the first one. your work is not at all amateur :D


Little Clementine said...

I think your art is awesome! Ten times better than mine.

My favorite hobbies include dancing, blogging, reading, photographing, and dreaming! Oh and of course I've mastered procrastinating!

Michael said...

I agree, flipping through my old magazine colelction always tugs on my inspiration.

Britty said...

the picture it like you had fun and i never get awkward i dont think so!

Anonymous said...

i love these! especially the first one, you're a terrific ilustrator.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Wow you should have started posting your artwork a lot sooner. You are very talented! I love all your work. :)

nameeee here!? said...

lovely blog ♥


Sophie said...

Your art work is lovely. I think you should post more pictures of more art. I really like the one in progress! xo

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

Wow these are actually really powerful, you must post more of them!
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Phyllis said...

i love your artwork! excited to see more =)

Brad Paige said...

Wow Love this very interesting!!


Louie in Wonderland said...

AWESOME!! You're really good! I wish I could do art like that! And I would be happy to see more of your works! :)
Sincerely Louie, Ciao! :)

Carrie said...

Great post! Love your artwork. You're very talented. I really like the last project you're working on. It's a brilliant concept and I love your work with water colours. Keep it up and I would love to see more post from you about your projects and artwork!


Valeriesoh said...

I love your artsy creative-ness! you are super talented!!

cureious, wondering have you planned your halloween costume yet?

Patty Ann said...

hahahhaa omggg yes awkward definitely!!!! i love ballet, and organizing my closet repeatedly, i finish organizing and then take it all apart and do it all over again
just so that i can look at all my clothes hahahahaha
i think you should put up more of your art and tell us the inspiration behind it!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your environmentally friendly (repurposed!)yet ethetically pleasing style!
Your art is absolutely wonderful. I'm inspired!